BAE Systems Plan Directed Energy Weapons And Drones That Divide To Conquer (VIDEOS)

Today, BAE Systems announced some of their plans for the future including 3D printed drones, directed energy weapons, and.a modular drone called the Transformer because it can fly as a single unit or divide into three separate crafts. BAE describes the drone as follows: The Transformer is a flexible aircraft system that combines smaller jets

California Man Uses Surveillance Drone To Keep An Eye On Cops From Above (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Police Department is waiting for approval before it begins using a pair of recently acquired unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor events in Southern California, but a local man has already beaten them to the punch. Forty-two-year-old Daniel Saulmon of Torrance, CA has been using a camera-equipped drone of his own during the

The Past And Future Of Drones In The U.S. (Infographic)

Source: CriminalJusticeDegreeHub.com The Past and Future of Drones in the U.S. Americans have a long love affair with aviation, so why should unmanned aviation be any different? Truth is, it probably won’t be, as tens of thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, will launch into the skies over the U.S. in the

US Drone Pilots Are ‘Stressed’ And ‘Demoralized’ – Official Report

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a scathing report detailing the Air Force’s mismanagement of its active-duty drone pilots, who are responsible for the most demanding and deadly missions in the entire US military. US senators asked the GAO to investigate how the Air Force treated its pilots back in 2012, following previous

"Within Ten Years" - All Countries Will Have Weaponized Drones: Report

Update on the global drone arms race. It has been predicted that the development of drone surveillance by the U.S. would spark a global race to develop new drone capabilities, leading to a potentially dystopian future of drone wars where combat and even assassinations can be performed by fleets of insect-like microbots. The Washington Post

Senate Agrees To Keep Obama's Drone Program Secret

The Senate has quietly stripped a provision from an intelligence bill that would have required President Obama to make public each year the number of people killed or injured in targeted killing operations in Pakistan and other countries where the United States uses lethal force. The move highlights the continued resistance inside the government about

US Unleashed Three Days Of Drone Strikes On Yemen, 55 Killed

Dozens are reportedly dead in Yemen, including at least three civilians, as the result of a series of drone strikes that started in the southern part of the country on Saturday and was alleged to still be occurring two days later. By noontime in Washington, DC on Monday, the Associated Press reported that 55 Al-Qaeda militants

U.S. Drone Strike Kills New Zealander, Australian In Yemen

New Zealand PM describes strike that killed men allegedly associated with Al-Qaeda as ‘legitimate’ New Zealand and Australia were drawn into the global debate on drone strikes Wednesday after confirming that a citizen from each country had been killed in U.S. strikes in Yemen. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said the men were killed along with

Google Beats Facebook To Acquire Solar Drone Company

As you will read below, I had previously reported on Facebook's interest in Titan Aerospace, a solar drone company that could presumably facilitate a truly World Wide Web that would cover the globe with a blanket of aerial communication. It now appears that Google has taken the lead, purchasing the company for what some speculate

Droning On: The Rise Of Remote Piloted Flying (Infographic)

Source: SecurityDegreeHub.com In Kathleen Ann Goonan’s 1994 science fiction/ nanopunk novel “Queen City Jazz”, she introduced enormous bio-engineered bees that “fertilized” giant nanotech flowers on tops of highrise buildings with data. While we’re not at the the “bio-nan” stage where organisms are enhanced with nanotech, there are studies in progress in which bees and possibly

China Begins Openly Using Drones To Spray Chemtrails

The Chinese government is openly spraying chemtrails with drones to “reduce pollution” CHINA (INTELLIHUB) — It has been well reported that China’s cities have some of the worst pollution problems in the world, with smog so thick that it is hard to see through. The Chinese government’s solution is actually to use drones that will

American Citizens: New Targets Of The Drone War

President Obama’s drone policy is back in the news again, as he is reportedly mulling over killing another American citizen abroad via a drone strike. The issue of a President ordering the assassination of a US citizen first hit the presses when Obama authorized a targeted strike against US- born Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki. The ACLU attempted to derail

Dragonfly: World's Smallest Autonomous Drone Takes Flight

The mimicking of nature heralds a new focus in the development of drones.  While DARPA and their contractors have been working on true nano surveillance with biological components, it is the modeling of insects that is currently being released to the public. Recently we have seen Robobee take flight as a possible replacement for our

New Snowden Docs Confirm NSA's Role In Drone Killings

While the world is rightly concerned about the wholesale dragnet spying of citizens across the planet, another program has emerged which shows how "intelligence" gathered by the National Security Agency (NSA) is being used in a lethal manner. Leaked documents from Edward Snowden in October revealed a secret unit of the NSA that was designed

Obama's Kill List

Obama heads an administration Murder, Inc. agenda. He appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. He targets anyone, anywhere for any reason or none at all. US citizens are vulnerable like foreign nationals. Murdering them in cold blood is one Obama signature away. Drones are his weapon of choice. They're instruments of state terror. They target

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