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The CIA Can Now Order Drone Strikes Without Pentagon Approval

Drones |  | By: Ben Sullivan, Motherboard | President Trump is widening the CIA’s remit on targeted killing. Last November, Motherboard asked how President Trump would handle the legacy of his predecessor’s drone program. Much was unclear, but four months later, we have our answer: America’s remote killing strategy is only intensifying. Trump has given unprecedented power to the ...Read More »

US Terror-Bombs Yemen

Drones |  | Drone terror-bombings began in Yemen under Bush/Cheney, continued under Obama, now under Trump, Saudi Arabia involved as a convenient US proxy. On January 29, a deadly US special forces raid on a Yemeni village massacred at least two dozen civilians, achieving nothing but deaths and destruction. Days later, Trump press secretary Sean Spicer lied, claiming ...Read More »

An Empire Of Drones And Robots

Drones |  | Is there any doubt that America’s foreign policy, based upon maintaining a global empire, actually makes us less safe? The misgiving is that such intercession has any actual benefits to the citizens of the country. What once was a respected leadership role of non-interventionism in international affairs, has become a dominating imperium for worldwide control ...Read More »

New Obama Executive Order Allows For U.N. And Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens (VIDEO)

Drones |  | By: The Voice of Reason | What if I told you that on July 1, 2016, for the first time in U.S. history, President Obama signed an executive order that allows for the US military to use force against American citizens? Well, he did, and just so there’s no confusion or anyone whining about “conspiracy,” here’s a ...Read More »

Sanitized US Drone Report

Drones |  |   US administration and congressional news releases reflecting badly on official policies most often occur at low news consumption periods. Late last Friday, the Obama administration chose the start of the July 4 holiday weekend to release its sanitized drone report, an exercise in deception – when few people were paying attention. It’s not worth ...Read More »

This US Army Chaplain Just Stood Up To The American “Empire”

Drones |  | By: Michaela Whitton, The Anti-Media | A U.S. Army Reserve chaplain has resigned in opposition to U.S. policies on nuclear weapons, militarized drones, and preemptive war. In a letter to President Obama, Captain Christopher John Antal stated he can no longer serve as a chaplain for an “empire.” From September 2012 to February 2013, Antal ...Read More »

John O. Brennan: CIA Drone Director

Drones |  | “The men and women of the CIA are a national treasure.”John O. Brennan Well, Barak Obama got his wish on the second try. With the confirmation of John Owen Brennan by the Senate, the CIA has a new director from their own ranks. “Brennan’s 25 years with the CIA included work as a Near East and South ...Read More »

The US Government Just Killed 150 People In A Country That They Aren’t Even At War With

Drones |  | By: John Vibes, True Activist | This week, the US government used drones and airstrikes to fire missiles and drop bombs in a country that they aren’t at war with, killing at least 150 people. This act of aggression took place in Somalia, where the US military regularly stages drone strikes and other attacks, despite ...Read More »

The Pentagon Just Admitted It’s Been Deploying Military Drones Over The US To Spy On Americans

Drones |  | By: Matt Agorist, Free Thought Project | Washington D.C. — Under a Freedom of Information Act request, a Pentagon inspector general made public a report last week, admitting to the use of drones to spy on U.S. citizens. The missions were non-military in nature, meaning they were used for domestic spying purposes. Naturally, the Pentagon ...Read More »

NYT Endorses Murder By Drones

Drones |  | The Times consistently reaches for and achieves new lows in deplorable reporting, including giving unindicted US war criminals feature op-ed space. Obama-authorized drone warfare is cold-blooded murder by any standard – nonbelligerent men, women and children the vast majority of casualties, so-called high-profile targets a tiny, insignificant percent of victims killed or injured. Official US ...Read More »

Downing A Drone To Protect Privacy Is Now Officially Labeled “Criminal Mischief”

Drones |  | By: Joe Wright, Activist Post | As hobby drones continue to proliferate across the United States and commercial applications rise, the rules about drone use remain murky, as do the penalties for downing them if you feel your privacy is being threatened. So far we have seen a push by the FAA to impose mandatory ...Read More »

Court: Obama Can Continue Assassination Program In Secret, Even Against Americans

Drones |  | By: Derrick Broze, Anti-Media | A federal appeals court has upheld the Obama administration’s secrecy surrounding the controversial targeted assassination program. Washington D.C. — While much of the media has focused on the recent violence in Paris, Georgia, and San Bernardino, as well as the escalating conflicts in Iraq and Syria, another profound and troubling ...Read More »

"Numbing And Horrible": Former Drone Operator Brandon Bryant On His Haunting First Kill (VIDEO)

Drones |  | Former Air Force pilot Brandon Bryant is one of the the first U.S. drone operators to speak out against President Obama’s global assassination program. Bryant served as a sensor operator for the Predator program from 2007 to 2011, manning the camera on the unmanned aerial vehicles that carried out attacks overseas. After he left active ...Read More »

Engineers Develop Sonar Navigation, Mapping System For Drones

Drones |  | By: Mike Wooten, Tech Swarm | Researchers at the University of Georgia are working to bring a new level of precision to the navigation systems used to guide drones. The work is supported through a contract with Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest energy companies, which plans to use unmanned aircraft to enhance safety ...Read More »

DARPA's Autonomous Microdrones Designed To Patrol Inside Houses (VIDEOS)

Drones |  | By: Nicholas West | Techswarm – As drone expert, P.W. Singer said, “At this point, it doesn’t really matter if you are against the technology, because it’s coming.” According to Singer, “The miniaturization of drones is where it really gets interesting. You can use these things anywhere, put them anyplace, and the target will never even ...Read More »

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