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Guess How Much CO2 Humanity Contributes to “Global Warming”?

Environment |  | You would think manmade CO2 output levels must be sky-high, given all the relentless guilt-tripping propaganda we are fed about how humanity is the cause of global warming. The agenda to push AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or manmade global warming started around the 1980s and has been gaining momentum for decades, fooling many people along the way. Yet, ...Read More »

We Are Witnessing The Most Destructive Fire In The History Of California, And “Devil Winds” Threaten To Make Things Even Worse

Environment |  | California has been absolutely devastated by horrific wildfires in recent years, but the state has never seen anything quite like this.  At this moment, three major wildfires are raging, and the Camp Fire in Butte County is already officially the most destructive wildfire in California history.  Thousands of firefighters are desperately trying to contain this ...Read More »

America’s Worst Ever Ecological Disaster?

Environment |  | Frequent oil spills, GMO seeds, chemical, and other toxins poison planet earth worldwide – humanity’s survival threatened by ecocide or nuclear war. BP’s 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill was considered the world’s most disastrous marine incident of its kind. Millions of barrels of toxic hydrocarbons devastated large parts of the gulf, harming ...Read More »

What is a Bioeconomy and What is Done With it?

Environment |  | (The Real Agenda News) The bioeconomy encompasses all sectors and systems that are based on biological resources. The European Union includes agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and bioenergy in this area, including the management of organic waste. Thus understood, bioeconomy totals an annual volume of about 2 billion euros and 18 million jobs; besides being a ...Read More »

Total Planetary Collapse: The World’s Vertebrate Population Has Fallen By An Average Of 60 Percent Since 1970

Environment |  | The clock is ticking for humanity, and it is not just because our financial system is heading for the biggest implosion that any of us have ever seen.  The truth is that we are literally running out of everything.  We will not have enough oil to meet our energy needs long before we get to the ...Read More »

How to Survive an Earthquake

Environment |  | If you were caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake – the kind that takes down buildings and buckles roads – would you know what to do? I’m not talking about a minor temblor that shakes a glass off the counter and sends it to shatter on the floor. I’m talking about The ...Read More »

Tornadoes, Extreme Weather Develop in Red States on Eve of 2018 Midterms

Environment |  | Over the past several days Meteorologists are reporting an increased likelihood of tornadoes developing in the Mississippi River Delta area and Lower Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. These are (perhaps coincidentally) the “Red” states that turned out heavily to elect Donald Trump the 45th US President in 2016. The states include areas of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, ...Read More »

European Scientists Warn about America’s Spread of GMO Viruses

Environment |  | Four teams of US scientists are said to be investigating the use of genetically modified viruses to alter the DNA in crops. Their main tool to propagate the viruses is various insect species that are also genetically modified. The official objective, according to the program financed by the US military, is to protect the crops ...Read More »

California Hit By 39 Earthquakes Within 24 Hours As Scientists Warn Of “Movement Along The San Andreas Fault”

Environment |  | A series of large earthquakes has rattled California over the last 24 hours, and scientists are telling us that the shaking was the result of “movement along the San Andreas Fault system”.  In recent months there has been an alarming amount of seismic activity all along “the Ring of Fire”, and there have been times when ...Read More »

Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability (VIDEO)

Environment |  | Bayer greedily bought and swallowed the ‘poison pill’ of Monsanto without considering its true liability. Fifty-seven billion Euros of market cap down the drain later, now their headache is taking on epic proportions… Growing uncertainty about whether San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos would rule in favor or against Bayer’s appeal of the Monsanto Cancer ...Read More »

Why Is The Mainstream Media Telling Us That A Giant West Coast Tsunami “Might Hit Without Warning”?

Environment |  | Could you imagine the immense devastation that would take place if a giant wall of water 80 feet high slammed into the west coast of the United States?  It may not happen today or tomorrow, but scientists assure us that it will definitely happen one day, and at this point we are completely and utterly ...Read More »

Is Yellowstone Going To Erupt? New Geysers Are Erupting And “Debris And Rocks” Are Being Hurled Into The Sky…

Environment |  | I watch Yellowstone very closely, because an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano could end life as we know it in America in a single moment.  A full-blown eruption of Yellowstone could potentially dump a suffocating layer of volcanic ash that is at least 10 feet deep on almost the entire country, and it would instantly ...Read More »

The Venezuelan Environmental Tragedy You Don’t Know About

Environment |  | (The Real Agenda News) In a country plunged into a deep social, economic and political crisis, little attention has been paid to the mineral exploitation of 111,843 square kilometers. Venezuela extracts oil since the 1910s, when its exploitation became more profitable than coffee and cocoa. All national development projects and income depend on energy resources ...Read More »

Is a Grand Solar Minimum Something We Should Worry About? Is Another “Little Ice Age” Approaching?

Environment |  | You may have recently heard the term grand solar minimum and Maunder minimum bandied around by the media lately, but what the heck are they talking about? And should we be worried about another Little Ice Age approaching? Well, there are two types of solar minimum. One of them ordinarily happens about every eleven years. In ...Read More »

Climate Chaos: Following Record Heat This Summer, Experts Are Predicting There Will Be A Nightmarishly Cold Winter

Environment |  | For most of this summer, much of the U.S. has been hit by historic heatwaves, crippling drought and unprecedented wildfires.  But if the long-term forecasts that I am about to share with you are accurate, this winter could be bitterly, bitterly cold.  The sun appears to be entering into a period of early hibernation, and ...Read More »

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