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Eat Organic to Limit Toxic Pesticide Exposure

Environment |  | Although they are extremely toxic, organophosphate pesticides remain some of the most commonly used insecticides today. A variety of fruits and vegetables are regularly treated with organophosphates, including green beans, apples, grapes, and peaches. The Dangers of Organophosphate Pesticides This highly toxic type of pesticide has been linked to numerous health problems, including reduced testosterone, ...Read More »

Trump’s EPA Chief Begins Rolling Back Obama’s Methane Emission Rule

Environment |  | Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt said Wednesday that the agency will repeal the Obama administration’s rules limiting methane gas emissions.The move would roll back regulations meant to drastically curb methane emissions from new oil and gas wells. Its stated purpose is to reduce the effects such emissions have on climate change — scientists ...Read More »

By 2020 Two-Thirds Of Wild Animals Will Have Been Wiped Out Over A 50 Year Period As Mass Die-Offs Accelerate All Over The Planet

Environment |  | It has been called “the long extinction”.  Our planet is in the process of dying, and as you will see below, this process of death and destruction appears to be accelerating.  According to a report that was put out by the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London, the number of wild animals ...Read More »

Monsanto Troubles in St. Louis

Environment |  | (Organic Consumers Association) Is it any wonder Monsanto wants to hire a journalist to help improve its image (i.e. spread false facts)? The Biotech Bully is facing a raft of bad press—again. Here’s the latest. 1. OCA, Beyond Pesticides sue Monsanto. This week, we teamed up with Beyond Pesticides to sue St. Louis, Mo.-based Monsanto ...Read More »

Study Exposes the Folly of Fracking

Environment |  | It’s been said that the human race is the only race where most of the participants can’t afford shoes and just as many don’t even have access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, that’s not just a clever anecdote, it’s true. More than 20% of the world’s population does not have access to suitable drinking water ...Read More »

Study Shows Babies Are Born Polluted

Environment |  | Back in 2010, a report by the President’s Cancer Panel called for a change in the regulation of chemicals produced by industry. Why? Because a study had found that babies were polluted at birth [1]. Before they even had the privilege of joining the physical world, the unborn were found to be affected by the ...Read More »

Open-air Genocide in China

Environment |  | (The Real Agenda News) Industrial pollution from factories kills more than 100,000 people a year. The convenience enjoyed by the western world comes at a heavy price. That price is high levels of environmental pollution that in China alone costs the lives of tens of thousands of people. Both workers and people who live near ...Read More »

Trump Ends Obama’s ‘Environmental Policy’

Environment |  | By: The Real Agenda | • The former president sought to limit the amount of carbon emissions in the name of saving the world from catastrophic climate change. • Obama warned that he would end coal production with the stroke of his pen. Climate is not changing, it is being changed to accommodate the decarbonisation policy that ...Read More »

Can a Parent’s Job Raise Risk of Birth Defects in Baby?

Environment |  | We know that what a mother eats affects her unborn children, and we are beginning to realize that what mothers and fathers do long before conception can affect the health and life of their children as well. But, can a parent’s job affect their unborn child? Research suggests it may [1]. Occupational Hazards Matter It’s ...Read More »

Is There Lead in Your Water?

Environment |  | If nothing else, the water disaster in Flint, Michigan proved that we can’t just accept it when officials claim that a water source is safe for drinking and cooking. This terrible lesson has been repeated in many municipalities across the country, and the takeaway is undeniable. If you want to be sure that your tap water ...Read More »

Roundup 'Weed Killer' Threatens Coral Reefs, Persists In Seawater

Environment |  | The coral reefs are dying and the seas are increasingly depleted of sea life. Could Roundup ‘weed killer’ be partially to blame? A highly concerning study published in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin indicates that the world’s most popular herbicide glyphosate (aka Roundup), used primarily in GM agriculture, is particularly resistant to biodegradation in coral ...Read More »

Scientists Warn That The Coming California Megaquake Could Plunge Large Portions Of The State Into The Ocean

Environment |  | Over the years, many people have been shown that someday a giant earthquake will cause significant portions of California to fall into the ocean. But up until now, most scientists have disputed the idea that this could ever actually happen. Well, now all of that has changed. According to a brand new study, a megaquake ...Read More »

Corporations Replace BPA with More DNA-Damaging Bisphenols

Environment |  | p in the journal Chemosphere confirms that the hormone-disrupting chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA) is not the only bisphenol with DNA-damaging effects. In fact, the new cell study found that “…bisphenol AP, bisphenol M, or bisphenol P exerted genotoxic potentials that are greater than that of BPA.” As consumer and regulatory pressure pushes manufacturers to eliminate BPA in favor of ...Read More »

Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima Meltdown Could Last 250,000+ Years (VIDEO)

Environment |  | By: The Voice of Reason | If there’s one thing that we can trust governments everywhere to do, it’s to obscure and obfuscate the truth to make themselves look good. Massive global debt-fueled bubble? No problem! Dangerous radiation levels still present from the Fukushima incident? Fake news! Our government has been proven time and time ...Read More »

What are VOCs?

Environment |  | Volatile organic compounds are a topic that everyone needs to learn about, as they are found in a multitude of household products, and are generally harmful to your health. Volatile organic compounds, more commonly known as VOC’s, include a variety of chemicals found in many common products. VOC’s are emitted as gases from liquids or ...Read More »

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