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false flags

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

911 on steroids ... Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Russia. Targeting its sovereign independent government. Its main Eurasian rival. Washington wants pro-Western stooge governance installed. By color revolution or war. US hegemonic ambitions threaten world peace. Things are more dangerous today than any time since events preceding WW II. Russian economist/political analyst

Who Created Cartoon Character "Man Haron Monis" Behind "Sydney Siege" Circus?

By: Tony Cartalucci | Land Destroyer Report - Previously an outspoken critic of Iranian government, was interviewed by Australian media in 2001, loved Western society... As predicted, the suspect amid the "Sydney Siege," has long been on the radar of Australian law enforcement, as well as a frequent visitor to Australia's court system. Before that, however, he

Why Was Sandy Hook Blacked Out By Mainstream Media This Year??

It's the two year anniversary of the Sandy Hook (supposed) elementary school shooting, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the mainstream media lineup of stories this weekend. I searched hard and found very few, if any stories about Sandy Hook being covered by mainstream media news. Isn't this amazing considering the magnitude and

Is The Hostage Situation In Sydney A False Flag Operation? (VIDEO)

Drill Held At Same Exact Lindt Cafe Location In Sydney Last Year! PressResetEarth Australian hostages at LOCATION OF A TERRORISM DRILL 1 year ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBkRL... http://www.news.com.au/national/austr... Sydney Cafe Hostage CONSPIRACY? Footage CENSORED Showing Black Ops Training ISIS! Nice Timing NWO! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YY0e...  

X22Report: False Flag In Australia, Boots On The Ground In Syria, Port Arthur Massacre (VIDEOS)

  By: Elijah Townsend | Right.is - Strange how every “terrorist” event in the past ten or fifteen years benefited the various imperial governments of Britain, Israel, Australia and the USA. These false flag terror operations help cement power, by spreading terror throughout the victim nation. By spreading the effects of terror–pictures of damage and

How 9/11 Truth Looms In The Background Of The CIA Torture Stories

With CIA torture programs now fully exposed to the world, a common background theme has emerged. The CIA torture report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is a summary of the original report which you can read for yourself. In the first few pages of the Senate report we are quietly reminded that the

Sandy Hook Documentary Isn’t About Sandy Hook: The Fortress And What’s Inside

The release of the documentary, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” by the group, Independent Media Solidarity has become a story of aggressive copyright fraud, a massive video upload movement and an unexpected Internet solidarity more than a story of the controversial Sandy Hook event itself. The weakest link in a chain is the

The Sinking Of The Titanic: Another Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan Conspiracy?

What if the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was yet another event in our history books – alongside virtually every event other of major significance – that was not an accident but was instead intentionally created and orchestrated by the elite? We know that the Rothschilds and other elite New Word Order families had

Ferguson Killing: Real Death, Or Staged Agitation Propaganda?

By: Michael Herzog | The American Awakening - Ferguson Official Story: Michael Brown Jr. was allegedly gunned down by an unnamed police officer August 9, 2014. Un-named Eyewitnesses say Michael Brown was unarmed and had his hands in the air when shot (who are the ‘un-named’ eyewitnesses?). Michael’s mother was ‘Lesley McSpadden’ and step father was ‘Louis

Are We In The Middle Of Operation Northwoods II?

We've watched over the past few years, event after event almost on schedule. It's June 20, 2012, a weird shooting is about to take place at Century movie theater in Aurora Colorado. Witness testimonies are about to be ignored. Visual evidence of two (not one) gas masks on the floor, eyewitness testimonies telling of multiple

FSU Shooting A PR-Media Con Job (VIDEO)

As the Florida State University shooting story continues to unfold, more questions emerge on several fronts. The following video examines whether the November 20 shooting was a staged event, complete with repeated “Tweets” from the account of one Blair Stokes, an intern at Tallahassee-based “behavioral change” and “crisis communications” public relations firm SalterMitchell. The video

Propagandizing Falsehoods Old And New (VIDEO)

James Tracy joins Professor Jim Fetzer on the latter’s internet radio program The Real Deal (Revere Radio Network). The two discuss some of the most recent developments on the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event and the corporate news media’s broader treatment of government conspiracies and false flag terror. Fetzer is McKnight Professor Emeritus at

Kaci Hickox Exposed For What She Truly Is And Who She Works For

The nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and publicly fought quarantine orders in New Jersey and Maine after returning to the United States last month has decided to move away from her home state, a newspaper in Maine reported. Yahoo News is reporting that Kaci Hickox, a nurse who returned to the United

False Flag Alert NYC: Full-Scale ‘Ebola’ Pandemic Drill To Go Live Nov. 13, FEMA, Crisis Actors, Role Players Involved

Obama Admin and media to hype ‘Ebola outbreak’ simultaneously as a full-scale FEMA pandemic exercise is carried out Nov. 13 in NYC, NJ — Crisis actors, role players to be used.   By: Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub - NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY  - A massive 2-year long pandemic “continuity exercise” is nearing “stage three”

Deception Down Under (VIDEO)

Before Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora and Sandy Hook, there was Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre Andrew S. MacGregor, an experienced military and law enforcement officer, speaks with James Tracy on his research of the April 28, 1996 Port Arthur massacre. Born in 1947 in Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia, Mr. MacGregor served in the Citizens Military Forces of

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