False Flags

false flags

These 7 Realities Remain True No Matter How Many Psyop Shootings Take Place

Note to the ruling elite and the masses who believe their staged news and propaganda. In fact, note to all humans including those who don’t believe mainstream media news. Whether you are brainwashed with government controlled news and propaganda or a genuine truth seeker or researcher who perhaps may be falling for an occasional staged ...Read More »

Martial Law Convoys Sent To Baton Rouge, Dallas And St. Paul BEFORE Shootings (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | My fellow Americans… Please do not believe what you see and hear on television from the mainstream media. Most Americans today are well conditioned by the mainstream media to accept what they are told without questioning anything. Furthermore, Americans are conditioned to laugh and ridicule anyone who DOES question ...Read More »

Brazil Gets Ready For A False-flag Attack During The Olympics

Rumor has it in Brazil that there is now a group in the country whose members are ISIS followers.  (The Real Agenda News) PORTO ALEGRE — The Olympic Games will begin on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. The event is being prepared with utmost rigor by the Brazilian authorities. They have left millions of ...Read More »

Engineered Chaos And Fear The New Norm In America As Many Assume The "Reality" Of Staged Events

There is a new norm in America that is one of chaos, race wars and mass shootings that are supposedly all “real” … unless of course you can provide a mountain of evidence to debunk the official mainstream media narrative, police announcements or whatever Intelligence “sources” are “saying”. This new norm is even being contributed ...Read More »

Bastille Day Nice Incident: A Disturbingly Familiar Story

Ignore Western media reports, automatically calling these type incidents terrorism, Muslims nearly always blamed. Other possibilities are discounted – notably whether what happened in Nice was state-sponsored false flag terrorism, what seems most likely, though it’s too early to rush to judgment. Here’s how The New York Times, the self-styled “newspaper of record,” covered what ...Read More »

“Patrolling Sandy Hook” Documentary Targets Wolfgang Halbig (VIDEO)

University of Notre Dame Students Function as Paid Public Relations Operatives. Sandy Hook Justice University of Notre Dame students and filmmakers Caroline Clark and Kelly Quinn are confronted by a citizen journalist about the biased and deceitful methods used to produce the film Patrolling Sandy Hook. The two filmmakers have been honored at multiple film festivals. ...Read More »

How Sandy Hook KILLED TV (VIDEO)

“By killing the news Sandy Hook also kills ‘the regime’.” Barry Soetoro Esq.Read More »

It’s A Staged Terror World After All (VIDEO)

Citizen journalist Robin from Honr.info and YouTube channel HowISee the World joins James this week to discuss the Orlando mass shooting event and other related “terrorist” narratives now commonplace in the corporate media terrain. Robin’s online research and analysis of such poorly-understood incidents suggest how easy it should be for journalists and news organizations to ...Read More »

Top 13 Holes In The Official Orlando Narrative

The official Orlando narrative spun by the MSM (Mainstream Media) on behalf of the US Government is yet another brazen piece of propaganda designed to fool casual onlookers who haven’t investigated the matter fully. Now that it has been over 2 weeks since the incident and the dust has somewhat settled, it’s clear to see ...Read More »

Has The Orlando Shooting Psyop Event Just Been Blown Wide Open? (VIDEO)

With the seemingly daily influx of new information coming in about the Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting “event”, each new piece of information increasingly shedding more suspicion on the event, as large pieces fail to fit and the stories and testimonies increasingly fail to hold water, another researcher sent me information yesterday that I want ...Read More »

Medical Impossibilities, Wild Ethics And Protocol Violations Now The Norm In Today's False Flag Events (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that when a person trains in a certain field they become very knowledgeable about how things operate in that field, don’t they? Today we’re led to believe that unless you pursue a degree in a particular field it is okay to be ignorant of knowledge in that field. It’s like we’ve outsourced ...Read More »

More Orlando Gay-Club Shooting Actors: 2 Eyewitnesses And A Medical Examiner (VIDEO)

By: Dr. Eowyn, Fellowship of the Minds | The Orlando Pulse-gay-nightclub shooting of June 12, 2016 isn’t just the worst or deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, it also has the distinction of having an astonishing number of people with known acting or camera experience. To begin, there is the shooter himself, Omar Mateen, who ...Read More »

San Bernardino ‘Terror Attack’: Did A Major News Company Accidentally ‘Jump The Gun’?

Are major Western news media complicit in the staging of so many recent and curious mass shooting and “terrorist attack” events? A simple answer would be “Yes,” if only because journalistic outlets collectively (and perhaps intentionally) fail to thoroughly interrogate these events and the potential motivations of individuals and institutions directly involved in such incidents, ...Read More »

Orlando Pulse Shooting Bombshell! Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany's Acting (VIDEO)

New World AgendaRead More »

This Is How Everyone Is Being Fooled By The Orlando Shooting Psyop Event

Everyone is weighing in on the Orlando nightclub shooting event of Sunday June 6, 2016. Mainstream and alternative media, pundits, bloggers, editorials, writers, YouTubers and more. We are all talking about the event and to begin with, this is one important point and deliberate intention of the event, to get us focusing on it. But ...Read More »

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