False Flags

false flags

Special Report: Malaysian Flight False Flag Evidence Revealed (VIDEO)

Less than 24 hours after the devastating attack that downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, Neocons and their state-run media would have us believe the case is closed…before an investigation has even been launched. We break down the repetitive false-flag narrative. www.infowars.com

Reminder: U.S. Plotted To Provoke Shoot Down Of Airliner To Create Pretext For War

Plotting to stage downing of an airliner & start a war is insane, except when 'Murica does it! Who in their right mind would risk provoking a war by staging the shoot down of an airliner? If you guessed Russia, then guess again. In 2005, a memo was leaked from a January 2003 meeting between

EndGame (VIDEO)

*Note: This documentary is a few years old, but no doubt still applies to the plans of the New World Order. Please share with everyone you know. For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population, while

PROOF: No Planes Used On 9/11! (VIDEOS)

Note: This story is VERY important because it shows how we’ve been lied to about 9/11 and everything else by the fake news.  This story confirms everything from the patriots at  VeteransToday that are being completely censored by the gatekeepers in alternative media!  I urge you to share it on all social networks to send the

Open Migration Agenda Proves Terrorism Is A Hoax

As America continues to be overwhelmed by an obviously orchestrated mass intrusion of immigrants over its borders, the utter hypocrisy of increasingly stringent so-called “security measures” for the rest of the population paints a very clear picture. There is no terrorism threat to the United States. It’s bogus now and has been completely fraudulent from

Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses

 By Tony Mead, Sandy Hook Hoax Close to nineteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many ‘conspiracy theories’ that have evolved from the event. In

The Gates Of Hell Have Opened And The US Is Being Attacked And Occupied (VIDEO)

Events are coming to light faster than most can report them. To many, the events discussed in this column over the last two to three weeks appear to be a series of unrelated events. To others, we recognize these events for what they are: The gates of hell are open and there will soon be hell

Staged Disaster Looms

You have to shake your head and almost laugh at this staged shutdown taking place and all the fear mongering going on. As we know, this is all done by the same sociopaths itching to pull off the next false flag to bump their program into the next gear. They apparently figure, why not prepare

Evidence Withheld In Seattle Pacific Shooting Case

In a move redolent of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and similar unexplained events, attorneys representing Seattle Pacific University and as many as 30 anonymous parties connected to the June 5 campus shooting there have filed a lawsuit requesting to block release of surveillance video of the event captured by the school’s security cameras.

Meet The Man Who Will Be In Charge Of The UN Takeover Of America

In Part One, I detailed how the United Nations is posturing to seize American guns as a prelude to martial law. If you have not read Part One, it will be helpful to do so before reading the rest of this article. Any police detective will tell you that it is sometimes necessary to look

Foreknowledge Issues Raise Questions Of Boston Terror Suspects’ Relationship With FBI

The official story of the Boston Marathon attacks seems to change as much as is necessary for its promoters to maintain some credibility with the majority of the population, while at the same time keeping the essential narrative in place. Initially the government claimed to have no awareness of the suspects, but after it was reported

The Bride Of 9/11 – Scripted And Ready To Roll

They’re coming on hot and heavy utilizing this freshly engineered ISIS uprising in Iraq, and not just for more war in the Middle East and the taking of Syria and Ukraine as they roll on towards Iran. The psychopaths seem to be planning another 9/11 using their resurrected terror meme with a new and improved,

Three Top Officials In Sandy Hook Inquiry Now Out Of Picture

By: Anne B.; Edited by: James Tracy Three high ranking officials involved with negotiating the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event have either resigned from their posts or died – Reuben Bradford, David B. Stein and, most recently, William Podgorski. Reuben Bradford: CT Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Reuben Bradford resigned

Speaking Of Homegrown Terrorists: Tricky Dick Cheney Predicts A “Massive Attack On The Homeland”

I don’t know about you, but when multiple politicians begin to warn us of terrorist attacks, I get an itchy little feeling that the warning is dire indeed…that something is definitely coming…but that the actual terrorists are not the people they are warning us about. Could the real homegrown terrorists please stand up? First of all, Eric Holder

‘Vegas Shooters’ Had Relationship With Nevada Police – Active Shooting Drills Provided Backdrop

We were told that a ‘shooting spree’ occurred about five miles from the Vegas strip, a place better known for its seedy sin-filled entertainment, mafia-run blackjack tables, high-roller roulette and closed door prostitution. The Casino-laden city appears to be a permanent stage for criminal activity of a new sort… The highly publicized Las Vegas shooting that

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