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Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers

False Flags |  | In what appeared to be an orchestrated deception, a coordinated false flag, fake bomb threats were reported at 16 Jewish centers in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee. Police found no evidence of bombs in any of the centers. What happened occurred in the aftermath of America abstaining ...Read More »

Ft Lauderdale Shooting False Flag: Why Now? (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Fort Lauderdale’s shooting hoax had several goals. Crisis actor ‘Esteban Santiago’ fake-attacked the Florida airport at a particular time — for a specific reason. Was the Ft Lauderdale airport false flag staged to push gun control? Or were the gun grabbers more scheming this time? By observing (famous gun grabber) Michael Bloomberg, we see why ...Read More »

Here's a Medical Reality Check For Solving the Next Suspected Fake Shooting Event (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Let’s face it. Staged sloppy and laughably fake shooting events are now occurring regularly and in just the past week or so we’ve seen painfully not-so-organic events reported by the fake news mainstream media in exactly the way they always present events that they want to push on you. By repeating the same exact stories ...Read More »

Berlin’s Christmas Market Incident: Terrorism or False Flag?

False Flags |  | It’s too soon to know at this stage. It’s timing raises suspicions – coincidentally with: •    Aleppo’s liberation; •    Russian, Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers meeting in Moscow on ways to resolve Syria’s conflict diplomatically -America, Britain, France and Germany excluded; •    the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, a provocative political act; and •   ...Read More »

Berlin’s Christmas Market Incident a Likely False Flag

False Flags |  | Discount ISIS claiming responsibility. Germany along with America, other NATO nations and Middle East partners support the terrorist group. Why would it bite the hand feeding it? Makes no sense! Claims of responsibility lack credibility without verifiable proof. None so far exists. What’s known about Monday’s incident suggests false flag responsibility. They’re identifiable the way ...Read More »

Alex Jones Stop Lying! InfoWars Pushes 'Shooting' Hoax (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Why does Alex Jones (Infowars) keep telling obvious lies and pretending fake shootings are ‘real?’ Doesn’t Alex Jones realize that if he keeps lying, his audience will switch to other channels and abandon Infowars? Most recently, the Russian Ambassador (Andrey Karlov) got fake-killed by fake shooter “Mevlut Mert Altintas” in Turkey. But Alex Jones says ...Read More »

The Greatest Terrorist State? It’s Not Iran or China

False Flags |  | (The Real Agenda News) Often times, the mainstream media calls Iran the greatest terrorist state in the world. The accusation is usually backed by the premise that Iran supports terrorist groups around the world to advance its interests. But what exactly is a terrorist state and what actions turns it into a greater offender than ...Read More »

Sandy Hook 'Parents' Caught at White House on Visitor Log BEFORE Newtown Hoax (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | How many Sandy Hook ‘parents’ visited the White House — before their kids got ‘killed’ in the Newtown school shooting hoax? The White House visitor log is public and it shows names matching many Newtown parents who visited, bizarrely, before their kids got killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School “shooting”. The White House log ...Read More »

Here Are 5 Psyop Tactics Being Employed to Get You to NOT Look At PizzaGate (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Tactics being used in an attempt to silence researchers of the PizzaGate scandal. As we have seen in what appears to be an easily verifiable occult pedophilia ring revealed by Wikileaks in the John Podesta emails, a lot can be revealed very quickly to the human race. We have also now observed, as I mentioned ...Read More »

Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception

False Flags |  | The Pearl Harbor false flag operation of December 7th, 1941 which provided the excuse for the US to enter World War 2 is about to be celebrated once again. This Wednesday (December 7th, 2016) will be the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary event. The horrific attack was yet another in a long long line of false flag operations that have ...Read More »

Democracy Now? or Dishonesty Now! (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | “Democracy Now? Change the name: Fascism Now!”, honorable ex-CIA whistle-blower Suzan Lindauer. A growing number of credible figures from around the world are starting to denounce Democracy Now as a propaganda outlet for “humanitarian intervention” on behalf of the State Department and the military industrial complex. While the MSM conduct their smear campaign on alternative ...Read More »

Mainstream Media Now In Curiously Panicked Attempt to Protect Sandy Hook

False Flags |  | Another day ticks by and today we see yet another mainstream media article attacking anyone who dares to question the impossible-to-prove fake Sandy Hook event of December 14, 2012 and the reason why is simple. They are now clearly panicking, afraid that with the Wikileaks emails revealing deep-rooted occult-level corruption all over Obama’s White House ...Read More »

Pizza Nuke By Christmas? Soros Bomb Ticking! Pizzagate Hoax To Kill Free Speech? (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Exactly how and when will Pizzagate explode — killing your free speech? When will Soros stage a Pizzagate ‘tragedy’ to destroy your first amendment rights? While public outrage peaks — about molestation at Comet Ping Pong — George Soros and CIA must destroy free speech before your emotion dissipates and folks realize they’re getting robbed ...Read More »

Four Years Later Alex Jones Still Confused By Sandy Hook (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Major media and certain figures in the Sandy Hook fundraising and gun control cavalcade have recently highlighted prominent radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones as a brash and indecisive observer of the Newtown school shooting event. A central reason for the attention of late is the fact that Jones has vigorously supported the Trump-Pence presidential campaign, ...Read More »

Sandy Hook Guy DIED On 9/11? Newtown Parent DIED A Decade Prior in WTC Attack? (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Neil Heslin’s son got killed at Sandy Hook (2012) — then Heslin went on tv pushing ‘gun control.’ But didn’t heslin already ‘die’ in the World Trade Center (2001) a decade before Newtown? How could Neil Heslin die twice? Neil Heslin (crisis actor) keeps popping up — most recently as ‘David Wilcox’ in Chicago, getting ...Read More »

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