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How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings

False Flags |  | In my last article ‘A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident,’ I outlined the precarious nature of the mainstream narrative and why the Vegas event in particular requires serious independent investigation into the possibility that Stephen Paddock did not plan or execute the event alone, or, he did not plan or execute ...Read More »

ISIS and Al-Qaeda Planning a 9/11-Type Attack?

False Flags |  | Acting US Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke claimed it’s coming. Did she announce a major US state terrorism attack in the works, on the order of another 9/11-type false flag – to be wrongfully blamed on “crazed Arabs” like the first one? After meeting in London with UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, she called the ...Read More »

Reports: Helicopters May Have Been Used During Las Vegas Massacre, Heavily Armed Men Seen Gearing up Near Helicopter on Night of Attack (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | By Alex Thomas, The Daily Sheeple |  A shocking series of videos have been released over the last week that have many believing that multiple helicopters were used during the attack on the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and over 500 injured. While it is obviously impossible at this time ...Read More »

Multiple Gunmen Involved in Las Vegas Shooting?

False Flags |  | The official story lacks credibility. None of it can be believed, media scoundrels going along with authorities, suppressing information they don’t want reported. Kymberley Suchomel, aged-28, attended the October 1 Harvest Music Festival. She survived what happened, dying mysteriously days later. Below are portions of what she posted on Facebook days after the mass shootings, ...Read More »

10 Characteristics Of False Flags (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | By Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media | In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the 10 common characteristics of false flags to help better understand why the official story of Vegas shooting is suspect at best.  Read More »

Eyewitnesses Accounts Contradict Media’s LAS VEGAS Narrative! (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | “And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” (Jeremiah 11:9) I have a couple questions for you to preface this week’s column. Who is Leon Czolgosz? Who is Charles J. Guiteau? The answer: Leon Czolgosz was President McKinley’s assassin. And Charles J. ...Read More »

A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident

False Flags |  | I set aside some time for more details of the Vegas shooting to emerge before writing this article. A few important data points have been released, but I have to say that this remains one of the most confusing terror incidents in decades. The tactical and strategic thought applied in this attack denotes a sophisticated ...Read More »

6 Questions About the Vegas Massacre That Will Make You Wonder What They’re Hiding (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News You know, I tried to keep from going full-on tinfoil with the Las Vegas massacre, but they’re making that completely impossible. Sure, there were questions from the very beginning. A lot of ...Read More »

America, Are You Drinking the Cool-Aide? (VIDEO)

False Flags |  |   “So he gets about 400lbs of equipment up 30 floors, sets up a concealed sniper nest, disarms fire alarms and other security systems in a casino, removed a window that’s 800lb of hurricane proof glass, then for 10 minutes reigned in aimed firepower, all with no training whatsoever, and with no motive!” –Post found ...Read More »

Media Attacks Republican Candidate For Congress For Asking Hard Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting

False Flags |  | I didn’t expect that I would be getting “the Trump treatment” this early in the campaign.  Last week, I wrote an article about the Las Vegas shooting that posed 16 questions that I did not feel were being addressed by the mainstream media adequately enough.  That article was picked up by Zero Hedge, and it has now ...Read More »

The Vegas Shooting Massacre- Big Picture For Dummies (VIDEO)

False Flags |  | This week I focus the discussion exclusively on the October 1st 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre in which 50+ people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. My goal in this podcast is not to analyze every detail of the event and get buried in a vast amount of conflicting information but to instead apply ...Read More »

Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

False Flags |  | The Las Vegas false flag mass shooting that occurred on the night of October 1st, 2017, is without doubt another false flag operation. The clues are everywhere, the official narrative is full of holes and the event fits the pattern of the false flag formula we have to come to know. We have another patsy who is a highly ...Read More »

Question the Official Account of the Slaughter in Las Vegas

False Flags |  | On Sunday, reportedly at least 59 people were killed, another 527 injured in a mass shooting incident during a concert near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Police blamed a lone gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, called a “local resident,” reportedly firing from a window on the Mandalay hotel’s 32nd floor. Raw video footage from a ...Read More »

False Flag in Vegas Shooting?

False Flags |  | By: Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News |  False flags always target the psychological state of mind of the public. Mind control is the goal. To boil it down, a false flag is an operation staged to blame someone for a crime, someone who didn’t commit the crime. Why? Because by blaming that person or group, ...Read More »

Ken Burns’ Reinvented Vietnam War History

False Flags |  | In 2015, the Pentagon tried the same thing, a duplicitous 50th anniversary commemoration. It reinvented naked aggression against a nation threatening no one – ending in a humiliating US defeat, slaughtering millions of Southeast Asians its only accomplishment. Daniel Ellsberg’s release of the Pentagon Papers revealed what the Pentagon wanted suppressed. Burns tried the same ...Read More »

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