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Federal Reserve: More Than 4 Out Of 10 Americans Do Not Even Have Enough Money To Cover An Unexpected $400 Expense

Federal Reserve Bank |  | The U.S. economy is not doing nearly as well as the mainstream media would have you believe.  A few days ago I wrote about a new study that discovered that nearly 51 million U.S. households “can’t afford basics like rent and food”, and just yesterday I discussed the fact that we are on pace for the ...Read More »

Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse

Federal Reserve Bank |  | (Alt-Market) It is at times frustrating, but also interesting, to witness the progression of the mainstream’s awareness of economic crisis within the U.S. over the years. As an alternative economist, I have had the “privilege” of perching outside the financial narrative and observing our economy from a less biased position, and I have discovered a ...Read More »

Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

Federal Reserve Bank |  | (Alt-Market) Back in March 2010 I published an article titled ‘Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?’ under the pen name Giordano Bruno describing what I felt would be the most effective triggers for a new global conflict. In that article I pointed to Syria as the primary powder keg, followed in close second by Iran and ...Read More »

World War III Will Be An Economic War

Federal Reserve Bank |  | (Alt-Market) There is a mass delusion in the mainstream created I think in large part by too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction. It is an immediate assumption; one that I believe is far more dangerous than many people give it credit for. The assumption is that the next great war, should it ...Read More »

The Risk Of The Fed’s Continuous Rate Hikes

Federal Reserve Bank |  | By Birch Gold Group |  This past week, the Fed raised interest rates by 0.25%. The effective Fed fund rate is now 1.63% – the highest since the big market crash of 2008. However, it could get as high as 3.375% by 2020. The decade 2020 – 2029 could see a high-tech version of the early-1980’s when ...Read More »

The Real Reason Why Stock Markets Will Continue To Crumble This Year

Federal Reserve Bank |  |   (Alt-Market) Public sentiment on the economy is generally influenced by to two false indicators — the national unemployment rate and stock markets. This is not to say the average person tracks either of these numbers very vigorously; they don’t. What they do is hear these numbers on the morning news, the radio news on ...Read More »

The Sinking Of The Titanic: Another Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan Conspiracy?

Federal Reserve Bank |  | What if the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was yet another event in our history books – alongside virtually every event other of major significance – that was not an accident but was instead intentionally created and orchestrated by the elite? We know that the Rothschilds and other elite New Word Order families had ...Read More »

New Fed Chairman Will Trigger A Historic Stock Market Crash In 2018

Federal Reserve Bank |  | By Brandon Smith, Birch Gold Group |  Ever since the credit and equities crash of 2008, Americans have been bombarded relentlessly with the narrative that our economy is “in recovery”. For some people, simply hearing this ad nauseam is enough to stave off any concerns they may have for the economy. For some of us, however, ...Read More »

City Of London's Ownership Of American Colonies

Federal Reserve Bank |  | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education. This subject is probably new to most observers of the legacy from the Founding Father’s biggest mistake. Regular ...Read More »

Central Banks Will Let The Next Crash Happen

Federal Reserve Bank |  | If you have been following the public commentary from central banks around the world the past few months, you know that there has been a considerable change in tone compared to the last several years. For example, officials at the European Central Bank are hinting at a taper of stimulus measures by September of this year and ...Read More »

Party While You Can - Central Bank Ready To Pop The 'Everything' Bubble

Federal Reserve Bank |  | (Alt-Market.com) Many people do not realize that America is not only entering a new year, but within the next month we will also be entering a new economic era. In early February, Janet Yellen is set to leave the Federal Reserve and be replaced by the new Fed chair nominee, Jerome Powell. Now, to be ...Read More »

The Washington Post Says That Fedcoin Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than Bitcoin

Federal Reserve Bank |  | Fedcoin doesn’t even exist yet, and yet the Washington Post is already hyping it as the primary cryptocurrency that we will be using in the future.  Do they know something that they rest of us do not?  Just a few days ago I warned that global central banks could eventually try to take control of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, ...Read More »

The Worst Part Is Central Bankers Know Exactly What They Are Doing

Federal Reserve Bank |  | The best position for a tyrant or tyrants to be in, at least while consolidating power, is tyranny by proxy. That is to say, the most dangerous tyrants are those the people do not recognize: the tyrants who hide behind scarecrows and puppets and faceless organizations. The worst position for the common citizen to be ...Read More »

The Federal Reserve Has Just Given Financial Markets The Greatest Sell Signal In Modern American History

Federal Reserve Bank |  | Why have stock prices risen so dramatically since the last financial crisis?  There are certainly many factors involved, but the primary one is the fact that the Federal Reserve has been creating trillions of dollars out of thin air and has been injecting all of that hot money into the financial markets.  But now the ...Read More »

The Economic End Game Continues

Federal Reserve Bank |  | In November of 2014 I published an article titled ‘The Economic End Game Explained’. In it I outlined what I believed would be the process by which globalists would achieve what they call the “new world order” or what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.” As I have shown in great detail in the past, the ...Read More »

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