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James Tracy On Jeff Rense (AUDIO)

Profs. Jim Fetzer and James Tracy are featured during the second hour of Jeff Rense’s February 1, 2016 broadcast. They address Tracy’s January 2016 termination from his tenured professorship at Florida Atlantic University, and how the action threatens the constitutional protections encompassing academic freedom and free speech more broadly. The discussion also highlights the role Sandy Hook massacre

SC Bill To Register, Determine Competency Of Journalists

By: Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post | South Carolina has long been known for the ridiculous and off-world bills its State House regularly submits to a vote. Indeed, the residents of the state are routinely subjected to a demonstration of the utter uselessness of the majority of its “representatives” as well as their lack of understanding

Questioning Crisis Actors Now Considered “Harassment”- Professor Fired For Asking Questions!

When questioned by professor and Sandy Hook investigator James Tracy about their supposed son’s death at the Sandy Hook staged event of December 14, 2012, supected crisis actor parents Lenny and Veronica Pozner refused to answer simple questions. Instead, when challenged to prove the existence and or actual death of their supposed son Noah Pozner,

Is Facebook The Enemy Of Truth And Civic Unity?

(The Real Agenda) Is Facebook the enemy of truth and civic unity?, asks a Guardian article today. Well, here are my two cents on it. Suggesting that Facebook is to blame for “lack of truth” and lack of civility is like saying that guns are responsible for murders carried out by police or violent gangs.

You Could Be Fined 250,000 Dollars If You Offend A Transgender Woman In New York City

Political correctness is officially out of control in New York City. According to brand new rules that were just issued by the New York City Commission on Human Rights, you could potentially be fined $250,000 if you purposely offend someone that is transgender. This includes such offenses as calling a transgender woman “him” when she

Facebook Shutting 1,000′s Of Truthers Down And What Was Spotted In Their Office Hints At Who May Win The 2016 Election (VIDEO)

I’ve about had it with outlets that continually lie, manipulate, and abuse the masses for their own gain. Specifically Facebook and countless others working towards the elite agenda with little recourse about the impact they are having on humanity so long as their pockets are filled with money. It’s time for us Americans to take

Pew Research Poll: 40% of Millennials Want To Restrict Free Speech

By: Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple | Pew Research recently surveyed a broad selection of Americans on the subject of offensive speech, and their findings do not bode well for the future of America. The respondents were asked if the government should step in to prevent speech that is offensive toward minorities, to which 28%

Campus Book Burning Nazis

Academia has reached a new low. The fabric of scholarship has been attacked from within and defenders of Free Speech are nowhere to be found from the University hierarchy. Has anything been learned since the heady days of 1960’s campus confrontations? It seems that the only learning process that has survived is that the caliber

Israel Bans Free Expression

Israel heads perilously closer to becoming a full-blown police state – for Jews as well as Arabs. It’s been one for Palestinians since its 1948 War of Aggression, mischaracterized as an independence war, displacing or murdering 800,000 indigenous residents, then occupation in June 1967 of the remaining land not initially stolen. Palestinians have no free

Political Correctness Is In Centralizing Power (VIDEO)

(The Real Agenda) Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power. Recently, The Daily Caller‘s Ginni Thomas interviewed former intelligence analyst, Stella Morabito, a self-proclaimed ‘realist’ who was brought up in a “far Left” household. During her interview with Thomas, Morabito, a student of propaganda and media analysis, explains in great detail how the

Thought Crime And Punishment In The USA (VIDEO)

James speaks with Southern California-based political commentator John Friend, a 29-year-old man who was recently terminated from his position in the Escondido City Manager’s office because after being targeted for his online political speech. He has been deemed a “conspiracy theorist,” “white supremacist” and “anti-semite” for challenging conventional historical narratives of 9/11 and World War II. Friend

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Busted On Live Mic Cutting A Deal With The Devil! Wait Until You Hear What He Agreed To (VIDEO)

I’ve about had it with Facebook and all their laws and regulations and if you are anything like me then you probably feel the same way. After discovering that Facebook can access any information on your computer simply by joining and that they can share your information with any government agency that requests it; they

Phantom Party Files Copyright Claim Against Sandy Hook Researcher

Takes issue with posting of Urbina/Richman photo. A Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement claim was filed on September 16 against the owner of the “Sandy Hook Hoax” Facebook page concerning photographic images of Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman. Unsurprisingly, Facebook opted to take the claim at face value without investigation and remove the image, according to Tony

Sedition A Normal Practice For The Authorities

What is sedition? According to the dictionary it is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state – insurrection; rebellion. On the surface it seems that few higher calls of conduct can be attained by the citizen! Now, some will be put back and say to themselves, what does that statement exactly

All Out Warfare On Political Correctness

The bastion of Totalitarian Collectivism is based upon a culture of political correctness. Before authoritarians impose their rigid formulas for shaping and defining a false reality, the ground needs to be prepared for molding public opinion. The details and narrative of mind control works best when people have already adopted an urbanity of collective singularity.

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