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Google Removes Ban On Conservative Video After Creator Threatens To Contact Gizmodo (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know social media giant Facebook is currently taking enemy fire because a group of former employees stepped forward and alleged to Gizmodo that Facebook “routinely” suppressed conservative news in its “trending news” feature, even when stories from conservative sites were being circulated widely ...Read More »

Tolerance Is Not Equality

A tolerant culture has long been acclaimed as a righteous society. While most social indoctrination is designed to foster this fanciful theme, few are willing to ask or examine if this is a desirable goal. A valid conclusion rests upon a correct definition of the nature of tolerance and how it applies to natural arrangements ...Read More »

Turkey Banning Foreign Journalists

Erdogan escalated war on press freedom. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) accused him of increasingly banning entry to foreign journalists, expelling others. Sputnik News Turkey bureau chief Tural Kerimov is the 10th foreign correspondent banned in the last six months. A border control officer seized his press card and residence permit, called him persona ...Read More »

Police State Germany

Free expression in all forms is the most important right, no matter how offensive to some people. Without it, all other freedoms are jeopardized. Articles 1 through 19 of Germany’s constitution affirm basic rights afforded all Germans. They include equality for all citizens, freedom of speech, assembly, the media, and religion. Discrimination based on race, ...Read More »

Facebook Censors Pro Trump And Negative Hillary News

The establishment protector of “PC” purity strikes again. By definition, Free Speech IS political. For reasons that only a hard core Hillary sycophant could understand, the mere posting or sharing of online reports on the 2016 Election Race is now blocked. Such a Facebook policy to disrupt political content goes to the heart of the Corporatocracy assault ...Read More »

Professor James Tracy Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Florida Atlantic University And Faculty Union (VIDEO)

University’s Policies and Actions Threaten Faculty Due Process and Free Speech Throughout the United States “Tenure, free speech, due process and academic freedom are under attack. Without judicial intervention, employees and faculty at Florida Atlantic University and other universities around the United States, will continue to be censored, deterred or chilled from sharing unpopular information ...Read More »

From Berkeley ’64 To PC Orthodoxy: Creating Unsafe Spaces (AUDIO)

Tom Slater of Spiked UK joins James on this week’s Real Politik to discuss the war against free expression being waged on college campuses across the West by today’s self-appointed emissaries of political correctness. In stark contrast from the 1960s, when college students at UC Berkeley and elsewhere forged paths toward intellectual and personal autonomy ...Read More »

Merkel OKs Prosecuting Journalist For Insulting Erdogan

Merkel’s action is the latest example of how tyranny is replacing freedom in Western countries – fundamental rights being eliminated altogether. Free expression is most important. Without it all other rights are endangered. In response to German TV host Jan Bohmermann reading a satirical poem on ZDF television criticizing Erdogan, he filed a criminal complaint ...Read More »

Sandy Hook Update: Pozner False Copyright Claim Fails Again! Parody Site Back Up And Running

Anyone paying attention to the Sandy Hook saga will be interested to know that the parody website designed to expose the lies on Lenny Pozner’s “Honor Network” tribute website, is back up and running after about 2 weeks of “suspension” based on yet another fraudulent Pozner copyright claim. For anyone not up to ...Read More »

Censorship Preserved- Sanders Accused Of "Blood Libel" For Hinting Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

Remember the Israeli war crimes in Gaza? The war crimes were at a peak in the summer of 2014, do you remember? Oh that’s right, I forget the Western mainstream media took care of that escalating narrative by focusing all their energy back then on the Michael Brown shooting and then they permanently shifted their ...Read More »

Facebook's New "Online Civil Courage Initiative"

In January 2016, Facebook launched what it’s calling the “Initiative for civil courage online.” This “initiative” claims to remove hate speech from Facebook by censoring anyone and removing comments of those who promote “xenophobia.” Facebook openly erase “racist” posts from their site. However, the problem is their definition of “racist” is not your typical term. ...Read More »

Israeli Public Relations Group Leads Lynch Mob Against Black Professor

Oberlin College’s Joy Karega Pokes 800 Pound Zionist Gorilla. A professor at an elite liberal arts college in Ohio has been targeted as “anti-semitic” and labelled a “conspiracy theorist” for observing in social media posts that Israel was behind 9/11, the November 2015 Paris terror events, and the rise of the Islamic State. Jewish groups and ...Read More »

The Subtle Mechanics Of Unfree Speech Revisted

“Our own FAU handbook says an employee may be terminated for questionable conduct, professional or personal,” trustee Robert Rubin said. “And what Professor Tracy said wasn’t?” But making comments that are embarrassing to a university is not grounds to fire a tenured professor, said Robert Shibley, senior vice president of the Foundation for Individual Rights ...Read More »

Over A Thousand Journalists Dead! Cover-Up Of Epic Proportions No One Is Reporting (VIDEO)

There is massive government coverup happening right now that no one is talking about. It is the murder and deaths of over a thousand journalists, reporters, and media personal happening all across the globe. Since 1992, 1181 journalists have lost their lives, and since 1996 there has been a massive uptick in journalists deaths as ...Read More »

Political Correctness = Language And Thought Control

Political correctness is language control. And language control is thought control. Period. The rise of modern political correctness (PC) is a great example of the cunning way in which social engineers such as the New World Order manipulators operate. Political correctness is soft censorship. It is intolerance disguised as tolerance. As George Carlin said, it is fascism ...Read More »

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