Obama: Globalism Is The Solution

(The Real Agenda News) There should be plenty of concern when the supposed leader of the free world believes that Globalism is the answer to every single problem in the planet. There should be even more concern, when the so-called leader of the most powerful country in the world acts as if handing over sovereignty ...Read More »

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

Trade Agreements – Part I The latest proof of the Globalist plan for total economic imprisonment is available for scrutiny. Thanks to whistleblowers, the clandestine trade missions of international corporatists must contend with public blowback. Recently, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text, Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual ...Read More »

The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose

Under the surface of almost every sociopolitical and economic event in the world there burns an ever-raging, but often unseen, war. This war, for now, is fought with fiction and with truth, with journalistic combat and with quiet individual deeds. It is defined by two sides which could not be more philosophically or spiritually separate. ...Read More »

The British Revolt To The EU Establishment

Is Brexit just about nationalism and independence, or is it also about a multipolar world? (The Real Agenda News) It really meant nothing to the British that their government, the opposition, trade unions, bankers, the IMF and even Barack Obama himself warned them that a vote for Brexit equaled suicide. The more confidence was shown by ...Read More »

The EU Was A Contrivance Of A 1955 Bilderberg Meeting (VIDEO)

By: Maalikah Hartley, Disillusioned Dreamer | Why would you leave the EU behind, Britain? That is just simply unpatriotic and according to the corporate press, the EU bureaucrats, the politicians, the elitists, the international bankers, and all the cool, sexy people, it would be a disaster!!!!!!! Economic ruin will be on its way along with ...Read More »

Dare To Say It: Islam And UN Agenda 21 (VIDEO)

ICLEI, International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, the parallel government masquerading as a mere purveyor of greenhouse gas monitoring software, is a key driver in globalization.   Who sits on ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee?  One member is the Organization of Islamic Capitals. Islam is a standardization of systems.  Religious law which is the same in all nations: ...Read More »

Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization

I have said it many times in the past — when elitist criminals start openly admitting to their schemes it means that they are ready to pull the plug on the current system. They simply don’t care anymore who knows their plans because they think that victory is inevitable. There have been more subtle and less ...Read More »

EU Superstate To Be Birthed? Why Power-Hungry Elite Give Up Their Powers To This System (VIDEO)

A proposal is about to be put forth that will strip the sovereignty of the member states of the EU and remove there ability to have their own army, control their own borders, have their own criminal law, taxation system, and central banks. All of their power will be transferred to Brussels and be forced ...Read More »

Three Amigos Summit Promotes Dirty Business As Usual

  Meeting in Ottawa, Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto promoted NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – anti-consumer trade legislation, benefitting corporate interests exclusively at the expense of fundamental freedoms. “The integration of national economies into a global economy – that’s here. That’s done,” said Obama. “We’re going ...Read More »

Brexit: Globalists Are Ticked And Here’s What They Will Do —Time For The US To Exit The UN (VIDEO)

A revolution against globalism has begun and Britain struck the first blow! To the utter dismay of the global elite the United Kingdom has chosen freedom over bondage by exiting the tyrannical arms of the European Union—a group of unelected New World Order officials who parade around enforcing rules in a countries that doesn’t truly ...Read More »

The United States Of Europe: Germany And France Hatch A Plan To Create An EU Superstate

If you believe that the Brexit vote is going to kill the idea of a “United States of Europe”, you might want to think again.  In fact, it appears that the decision by the British people to leave the European Union is only going to accelerate the process of creating an EU superstate.  As you ...Read More »

Brexit Aftermath - Here’s What Will Happen Next

In my article ‘Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?‘, published before the U.K. referendum vote, I outlined numerous reasons why I believed the Brexit was likely to pass. As far as I know, I was one of very few analysts that stuck to my call of a successful Brexit right up until ...Read More »

Brexit Victory Over The EU Globalists

  The globalist establishment has been at war against the people for decades. Centuries of scheming produced the EU centralization monster. The overwhelming deceit and destruction caused by the ruling class has finally received a setback in a plebiscite on the European Union. The New World Order of collectivists born in satanic ideologies, implemented by ...Read More »

IMF Warns Against Sovereignty, Nationalism And A Sound Immigration Policy

The director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde says that the TPP and TTIP must be passed, although she admits that the adoption of such agreements will widen the gap between rich and poor in the short term. (The Real Agenda News) Globalism’s success depends on regions without nations and nations without borders. It feeds from ...Read More »

Fascist Victory Behind The European Union

  Most of what you learned from orthodox history schooling is flat out wrong. Add into this indoctrination, the movie accounts that portray the reasons and motivations about the conflict during World War II. Especially, the European theater which has been obfuscated in scores of books and political analysis, mislead and distort the facts. All ...Read More »

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