Government Corruption


State Department Stonewalling Release Of Hillary’s Emails

In response to US District Court Judge James Boasberg ordering the State Department to reveal the contents of around 1,050 pages of recovered Hillary emails, setting a time-schedule of 350 pages by October 7, another 350 by October 21 and the remainder by November 4, most potentially incriminating documents remain withheld with no indication of ...Read More »

The Grand Betrayal: All Eyes On Hillary’s Health A Distraction From This Simultaneous Event (VIDEO)

With all eyes pierced on Hillary Clintons faint epidemic at the 9/11 memorial and her health issues in general, the media has overlooked a major event that happened almost simultaneously. Just a day later congress subpoenaed members of the oversight and government reform committee including spokespersons for the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Department of National ...Read More »

French Army Prepares For Civil War To Purge ‘Undesirables’; U.S. Next? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | For anyone who isn’t completely brainwashed by all the non-stop propaganda being pumped out into society in virtually every aspect of our lives, the warning signs are there that life as we know it not just in the United States, but across the entire globe is teetering on the ...Read More »

Ed Norton Occupies The World

Anyone who ever saw the Honeymooners episode from the mid 1950s: The Man From Space, check out what our soldiers are wearing while occupying countries. They resemble Ed Norton in his sewer worker’s uniform, who resembled some sort of man from outer space.  Either way, the sight of our soldiers breaking into the homes of ...Read More »

Hillary: “I Think I Am The MOST Transparent Person In Public Life” (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason |   Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the question you must reach a conclusion on before November, is whether Hillary Clinton is either a raging sociopath, or if she’s just an utterly delusional human being. It has to be one or the other; there is no middle ground on this. Once ...Read More »

Rigged: A "Conspiracy" Story (VIDEO)

The truth movement is thoroughly crushing the mainstream media and exposing the Deep State. In this video we extensively illustrate the final stages of decline of the MSM and the farce of the 2 party system. They are getting completely discredited and humiliated with their own high-tech/straight-face lies. This video attempts to make a transition ...Read More »

CDC = Corrupt Disaster Center

In 2013, a Gallup poll on public perceptions of U.S. agencies found Americans are most positive toward the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).1 Sixty percent of those polled believed the CDC was doing an excellent or good job while only 8 percent rated them poorly. There is clearly a disconnect between the ...Read More »

The EPA: They’re Protecting Someone, But It Isn’t You

The Environmental Poisoning Protection Agency is a federal agency that is charged with the responsibility of writing and enforcing legislation to protect human health and the environment. Established under Nixon in 1970, the EPA is another one of those agencies that sound like a good idea until you peel off the shiny friendly top layer to discover the ...Read More »

Should I Vote? (VIDEO)

I try to stay away from the topic of politics because I believe BOTH political parties are supremely corrupt. As such, casting a vote in either direction may be endorsing and contributing to such dishonestly. Additionally, as a person who makes his continual meager attempts to follow the Rabbi Jesus, this was noted by one ...Read More »

9/11- The Art Of Blaming Others- Isn't 15 Years Of The Dick And Don Psyop Enough? (VIDEO)

Several years back, when pressed by an activist about the need for true justice and accountability for the events of September 11, 2001 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerry stated that 9/11 is a “30 year old conspiracy“. But what exactly did Kerry mean by this? I believe there are only two possibilities. Either he meant that: ...Read More »

‘Zika Threat’: Corporate News Coverage Of Aerial Pesticide Deployment Uses ‘Expert’ Sources With CDC, Government Ties (VIDEO)

Blackout on Puerto Rico’s federal lawsuit against CDC over Naled. Major Western news media’s coverage of the alleged dangers posed by the Zika virus and “preventative” measures mandated by overreaching federal agencies is a textbook example of censorship by omission, intentional oversight of facts, and deference to questionable “expert” authority to assuage valid public concern ...Read More »

FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary’s Crimes

Hillary’s longstanding criminal record since the 1990s would be more than enough to imprison ordinary people longterm – likely for life without parole or capital punishment for her involvement in mass murder. Extraordinary lengths are made to keep indictable evidence from being revealed – the Justice Department and its FBI investigative agency complicit for failing ...Read More »

Lunatics Are In Control Of The American Madhouse

(The Real Agenda News) The world is governed by power thirsty psychopaths and sociopaths who are in public office at the service of multinational corporations. Crazy politicians serve at the pleasure of large banking institutions and powerful corporations. Governments around the world approve and or support endless wars that fatten the pockets of war industrialists ...Read More »

Entire US Presidential Election Is Fake, From Start To Finish (VIDEO)

The US presidential election just keeps getting faker the more it goes on. Yes, it’s bread and circus time again in America, but this time around the rulers are putting on an entertainment show which has lost its ability to convince and persuade. It’s just too damn fake. We know the US and many other ...Read More »

9/12... The Need For Truth

|                                This Sunday our nation will once again be in mourning (and that’s OK) for the victims of 9/11/01. They will bring out the honor guards and the flags will be prominent everywhere. Yet, what will once again be missing is the voice for truth… of what really transpired that fateful morning. You all ...Read More »

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