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John Barbour on Jim Garrison & JFK Assassination

Government Corruption |  | John Barbour, often known as the “Godfather of Reality T.V.”, weighs in on his decades long investigation into the JFK assassination, focusing on many important overlooked facts of Jim Garrison’s controversial investigation. Debuting a new documentary on this subject, on the upcoming 100th birthday of president John Kennedy (May 29, 2017), The Sleuth Journal’s Bart Sibrel ...Read More »

It Is Time To Put The ‘Limited’ Back In Limited Government – Abolishing The EPA Is A Good Place To Start

Government Corruption |  | The constitutional republic that our founders intended to create has become a monster, and it is time to tame that monster and restore the federal government to its proper size and scope. The left loves big government, because it allows them to impose their progressive vision of how the world should work on all the ...Read More »

Heading for War on Russia

Government Corruption |  | America’s imperial agenda threatens world peace. Its bases surrounding Russia and China are platforms for aggressive wars – likely nuclear if launched against one or both countries. Dangerous flashpoints exist along their borders, in Syria, Ukraine, the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. America’s megalomaniacal rage for dominance is humanity’s greatest menace, nuclear war almost certain if ...Read More »

Banana Republic Antics in Washington

Government Corruption |  | What’s going on is shocking and appalling – how banana republics operate. The term Banana Republic refers to politically unstable and repressive countries where a privileged few have a disproportionate share of wealth and power, where ordinary people are exploited, many persecuted, where a police state apparatus enforces control, where nonbelievers face gulag imprisonment. It’s ...Read More »

Donald Trump, Seth Rich And The Gangster Culture That Permeates Washington

Government Corruption |  | Politics has become a very dirty game in America, and if you don’t know how to play the game, the game is going to play you. Donald Trump and Seth Rich are both victims of this cold, hard reality, and hopefully what has happened to them will help the American people understand what is really ...Read More »

California Authorities Are Failing to Track and Prevent Abuse of Police Databases

Government Corruption |  | By: David Maass, | Police in California have your data literally at their fingertips. They can sit at a computer terminal or in their squad car and check your DMV records, your criminal records, your parking citations, any restraining orders you’ve filed or have been filed against you. They can search other state databases ...Read More »

Establishment Plots Trump Removal

Government Corruption |  | Russia, Russia and all things Russia! The drum beat never ceases. Only the most dense and easily manipulated buy into the bogus narrative that Trump is a Russian asset subject to blackmail. After all these pathetic months of disinformation from the Beltway District of Criminals, the absence of factual reality has become the most rare commodity in the ...Read More »

Shadow Forces Behind Government

Government Corruption |  | “The great strength or our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another name, and another occupations.” -Adam weishaupt/Founder of the Illuminati Let no man or woman dare speak of a shadow government. The crony corruptocrats that make up the ruling elites ...Read More »

The Trump Deception

Government Corruption |  | (The Real Agenda News) The president continues the traditional US military agenda followed by the military industrial complex. In the delicate balance game that governs the Syrian war, the United States has taken a step that it hopes will be crucial in the campaign against the Islamic State but that will also anger Turkey, a key ...Read More »

Pentagon Intends Continued Aerial Operations in Syria De-Escalation Zones

Government Corruption |  | Washington wants endless war and regime change in Syria, not conflict resolution for peace and stability throughout the country. On Thursday, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on creating four de-escalation zones in the Syria, these nations serving as guarantors. Sergey Lavrov said America “proposed (the idea) at the beginning of this year, with a view ...Read More »

The Deep State Transcends Sovereign Law – John Titus (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | The ultimate form of political and economic power is the power to commit crimes with impunity.  – John Titus The Shadow of Truth is pleased to present a preview of, “All The Plenary’s Men,” the new film by John Titus (Best Evidence videos / Bailout Films). The term “plenary” in this context is defined as, “complete in ...Read More »

The Zero Evidence World of US Criminal Misleaders

Government Corruption |  | Zero evidence is required for the global bully, the US military, to do what it wants, when it wants, to whomever it wants. US political and military leaders (or as I prefer to call them, political and military misleaders) have one law – we do whatever the f*ck we want – in line with the black magic ...Read More »

Creating War While Leading Through Opposition! (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   Fake News Media is “the enemy of the American People.” –President Donald Trump There is less than 21% approval rating for the American media.  The reason is that people in this country understand that it is nothing more than fake and contrived news! Yet, they remain in the present, continuing to lie and to ...Read More »

America's Secret Civil War (CIA vs. Citizens)

Government Corruption |  | I can tell you from firsthand eyewitness experience, that there has been a secret, “under the table”, civil war in America for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the historical first “American Civil War” circa 1865, as the modern political “Red and Blue” map clearly denotes the almost identical dividing lines in ...Read More »

Anarchy vs. Minarchy: Do You Want a Little Government or None at All?

Government Corruption |  | Anarchy vs minarchy is the contrast between the idea of a society with no government (anarchy) or a small, limited government (minarchy). For many awake and aware people, the current state of the world is so dysfunctional that they have gone beyond the point of trying to justify our current governmental structures. For this growing ...Read More »

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