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Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception

Government Corruption |  | The Pearl Harbor false flag operation of December 7th, 1941 which provided the excuse for the US to enter World War 2 is about to be celebrated once again. This Wednesday (December 7th, 2016) will be the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary event. The horrific attack was yet another in a long long line of false flag operations that have ...Read More »

Gold Manipulation, Propaganda and Totalitarianism (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | “I read Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World (+ Brave New World Revisited) and 1984 every ten years or so. Each time they are closer to reality.” That comment was emailed in from a listener who offered the suggestion that the websites identified by Jeff Bezos’ “Washington Post” are Russian propaganda conduits should combine resources and ...Read More »

UN Aid in Syria Going to US-Supported Terrorists

Government Corruption |  | The UN largely operates as a wholly owned US subsidiary, serving its imperial interests – in flagrant violation of its Charter principles. On November 30, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said world body aid is politicized – crumbs alone earmarked for thousands of Deir al-Zor residents, trapped by ISIS fighters, desperately needing help. Most ...Read More »

To Really Make America Great, Trump Could “Reassert 4th Amendment And Roll Back Surveillance State”

Government Corruption |  | By: Tenth Amendment Center | During the last eight years, the Obama administration failed to live up to its promise reverse the Bush era’s mass surveillance of American citizens. In fact, it was expanded and justified. If you were silent, the sweeping power controlled by the president may not be on your radar for the ...Read More »

Breaking! Obama Fake ID Update! Forged Birth Certificate Fraud (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Breaking update — on Obama’s forged birth certificate and fake ID! Hear Carl Gallups report current status of Obama fraud investigation — and announce deadline for release of final revelations by Maricopa County Sheriff’s office! When will Sheriff Arpaio reveal his findings to the public? How has he proven criminal fraud and forgery? How do ...Read More »

Is Julian Assange Dead? Is Wikileaks Compromised? (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Mounting evidence is making it looking more and more like Julian Assange has been killed or captured, and that Wikileaks has been compromised. Assange and his team were the heroes of the 2016 US elections, telling the secrets that the left wanted to remain hidden. They told us about media collusion, rigged elections, pedophilia, ties ...Read More »

Congress Is Sneaking Through Legislation for a No-Fly Zone Over Syria

Government Corruption |  | When Americans aren’t paying attention, sneaky things tend to happen. While we were all distracted by the aftermath of the election, the US Congress decided to get the war ball rolling with Syria. On November 15, while cities across America were under siege from anti-Trump protesters and rioters, a handful of members of the House of ...Read More »

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is Alluring, Funding and Protecting Illegals Regardless of Innocent Americans (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   “The short memories of the American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.” Remember the headline from December 17, 2015: Paul Ryan Hands Everything Obama Wants in $1 Trillion Omnibus Bill – Including Funding Refugee Plan and CISA (Proverbs 26:28)? It was reported that Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement was a total ...Read More »

Obama Admin Fines, “Forces Sheriff’s Dept. To Hire” Illegal Immigrants

Government Corruption |  | By: Mac Slavo, | The lawlessness of the Obama Administration knows no bounds. Not only has President Obama made every move he can through executive order to create and foster amnesty for illegal immigrants, but his Justice Department is now attempting to force people to hire undocumented workers. Ironically, the agency on the other ...Read More »

Hearts and Minds

Government Corruption |  | Op Ed Commentary | Peter Davis directed a brilliant documentary film on the Vietnam conflict (I refuse to use the term ‘War’ as Congress has not declared war since WW2) entitled Hearts and Minds(1974). This is a ‘must see’ for anyone who  wishes to experience the ‘yin and yang’ of the pros and cons of ...Read More »

Trump Won’t Prosecute Hillary, Dismissing “Things That Sound Like the Campaign” (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Trump has signaled that he will not be prosecuting Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that it was one of his main promises on the campaign trail. But the move isn’t exactly a surprise, as Trump’s cabinet picks have come into view and many of his statements have shifted to ‘unify the country.’ This stinks of ...Read More »

Patriotism And Civil Disobedience

Government Corruption |  | “If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, it is not merely because evil deeds may be performed in the name of patriotism, but because patriotic fervor can obliterate moral distinctions altogether.” – Ralph B Perry As the NATO juggernaut directed by a U.S. NeoCon foreign policy marches towards a nuclear confrontation with Russia, the ...Read More »

Truth and Vigilance Are Just As Important with Donald Trump In Office (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | There is a decision that every American must make right now. Do you care about who the president is, or do you care about the fate of our country? If your priorities are freedom, liberty, and Constitutional rights, the President of the United States should be under your scrutiny at all times. You cannot relax ...Read More »

Will Trump Change US Imperial Policy? Hold the Cheers!

Government Corruption |  | Trump won’t end US imperial wars. America’s military/industrial complex depends on them. Prioritizing global peace and stability would wreck its bottom line interests. Would he dare defy a far greater power than his own, perhaps assuring his demise if he rejects its demands? Don’t bank on it, but here’s a partial wish list for positive ...Read More »

Why Isn’t Obama Trying to Stop Planned BLM Chaos, Rioting, and Violence? (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | By: The Voice of Reason | “Obama set the table for what’s coming, and some of us have been warning about it since at LEAST as early as last March, but no one listened.” George Soros famously said back in September, “Western Society Must Fall Before One World Government Can Be Established.” When you consider ...Read More »

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