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Their Population Control Agenda Is Working – The Birth Rate In the United States Has Fallen To Another All-Time Record Low

Government Corruption |  | The elite have worked very hard to slow down birth rates all over the world, and their efforts appear to be working.  Just as we have witnessed in so many other countries, the birth rate in the United States continues to fall.  In fact, it just plunged to yet another new all-time record low.  So ...Read More »

U.S. Responsible for 3,300 Civilian Deaths in Syria, Supporting Genocide in Yemen (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   BY BEN SWANN, TRUTH IN MEDIA |  A new report finds that the U.S is responsible for more than 3,300 civilian deaths in Syria since 2014. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to back Saudi caused genocide in Yemen. Lets give it all a Reality Check. Read More »


Government Corruption |  | –Brother Bart- Support Thank you for your kind and generous support! References Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 50 Years Ago Than They Can Today? (VIDEOS)  Read More »

Do Trump/Saudi Business Ties Influence His Decision-Making?

Government Corruption |  | Ahead of his January 2017 inauguration, Trump said he gave “complete and total” Trump Organization management control to sons Donald Jr. and Eric – while retaining ownership of his business interests. He hasn’t sold them or placed his assets in a blind trust. The Trump Organization pledged not to get involved in new foreign dealing-making ...Read More »

Youtube Censorship by Brother Bart

Government Corruption |  | The founders of our nation, in debating which laws would form the government of the United States of America, often said this when they believed different things than their countrymen, “I totally disagree with what you say, yet I will fight to my death to defend your right to say it.” What has happened to ...Read More »

The CIA’s Presidents

Government Corruption |  | Any unmasking of the shadow forces that pull the strings that often determine events requires a time frame context. Historical study can go back to antiquity for classic examples of surreptitious intrigue, but in an age of distorted and diachronic mind control, the creation of the CIA by President Truman was our modern day and ...Read More »

We Have The Peak Oil Myth; Now Peak Water, Too? (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | *Editor’s Note: Republished from March 28, 2015. With all of the new information pointing to directed energy weapons targeting North California’s wildfires and the manipulated droughts, it’s time to take another look at this topic.  Peak Water is the idea that, like peak oil, water is a limited resource that we are running out of. The water crisis ...Read More »

Suckering The Public On A War Of Terror

Government Corruption |  | *Editor’s note: Republished from September 8, 2014, but still just as relevant today.  The gullibility of the American public is only exceeded by the ease that the fascist establishment is able to conduct their criminal government without any meaningful protest – just keeps rolling along. The mainstream media is still able to practice their black art ...Read More »

The FBI Conspired with the DNC and Hillary Against Trump

Government Corruption |  | Politics is dirty business, notably in money-controlled America, especially when media scoundrels operate as press agents for one presidential candidate over the other. The DNC and Hillary campaign hired former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to produce his dodgy dossier on Trump – filled with spurious accusations and allegations, including phony accusations of Russian US election ...Read More »

Abuse of Russian Political Prisoners in America

Government Corruption |  | Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s gulag prison system, including Russian nationals – subjected to abusive and humiliating treatment. Maria Butina is the latest Russian national arrested and detained without bond, falsely charged with operating as an unregistered Russian agent. She’s a deep state scapegoat, guilty of no crimes, invented ones only for political ...Read More »

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre?

Government Corruption |  | By Diane Jakopovic, Memory Hole Blog |  Editor’s Note: The author of the article below, Diane Jakopovic, is an experienced respiratory therapist who has done considerable research on the Sandy Hook School mass shooting event. Please see her 2015 study, Medical Aspects of the Shooting at Sandy Hook School. Although many of the links from that ...Read More »

Biblical Illiterates Reverse Romans 13: Teach Submit to Tyranny! (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the first his Cromwell; And George the third- Treason! Cried the speaker- May profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it. –Patrick Henry Recently, I received a newspaper article from a confused, biblically illiterate friend asking me what my take was on an article ...Read More »

'Breaking Bad Wolf' (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Why American cop and whistleblower Mark Dougan turned to Russia for sanctuary Editor’s Note: This new documentary from RT features Palm Beach , a whistleblower-turned-political emigre. It illustrates the corruption of a local law enforcement agency and the very real dangers of running a blog critical of one’s publicly-elected employer. If the United States had ...Read More »

The Enemy is the National Security State

Government Corruption |  | (The Real Agenda News) Enemies of humanity? There are many. The IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization. These and any other political structures, elected or unelected, who threaten national interests are all enemies of humanity. Donald Trump was right when he said the European Union is ...Read More »

Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 50 Years Ago Than They Can Today? (VIDEOS)

Government Corruption |  | Ever wonder why they claimed to have walked on the moon, on the very first attempt (even though, right here on earth, Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success), allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with antiquated 1960’s technology (while today a cell phone has one million times more computing power than ...Read More »

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