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Creating War While Leading Through Opposition! (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   Fake News Media is “the enemy of the American People.” –President Donald Trump There is less than 21% approval rating for the American media.  The reason is that people in this country understand that it is nothing more than fake and contrived news! Yet, they remain in the present, continuing to lie and to ...Read More »

America's Secret Civil War (CIA vs. Citizens)

Government Corruption |  | I can tell you from firsthand eyewitness experience, that there has been a secret, “under the table”, civil war in America for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the historical first “American Civil War” circa 1865, as the modern political “Red and Blue” map clearly denotes the almost identical dividing lines in ...Read More »

Anarchy vs. Minarchy: Do You Want a Little Government or None at All?

Government Corruption |  | Anarchy vs minarchy is the contrast between the idea of a society with no government (anarchy) or a small, limited government (minarchy). For many awake and aware people, the current state of the world is so dysfunctional that they have gone beyond the point of trying to justify our current governmental structures. For this growing ...Read More »

In God (and Trump) We Trust... With Monster Bombs!!

Government Corruption |  | Op Ed Commentary |         The other day Mr. Trump gave the order as our new ‘ Commander in Grief ‘ to drop the 21,000 pound (that’s over 10 tons folks) Monster Bomb. They said they had to totally destroy the tunnel system that ISIS , or whatever the hell these crazy jihadists happen to ...Read More »

Terrorism Is the Perfect Excuse to Carry out Illegal Surveillance

Government Corruption |  | A group of hackers has revealed espionage tools allegedly used by the US National Security Agency. According to documents made available by Shadow Brokers, the organization of hackers that leaked information incriminating the NSA, the NSA entered into networks of computers and servers of financial institutions and the banking system known as SWIFT. According to ...Read More »

Trump Syria Strike: Same Old Pack of Lies

Government Corruption |  | The Trump Syria strike – an aggressive, preemptive, unprovoked US attack on Syria which completely violated international law and killed around 14 people (civilians) – was based on the same old lies used to justify virtually every attack, invasion and war in recent history. Trump shocked many people by making the decision to launch 59 ...Read More »

US Imperial Wars Waged for Regime Change

Government Corruption |  | America’s New World Order calls for establishing dominion over planet earth, its ruling authorities, resources and populations – by color revolutions or preemptive wars, assuring all nations are subservient to US interests. Syria is in the eye of the storm. Hours ahead of Trump’s aggression, Secretary of State Tillerson said there’s “no role for (Assad) ...Read More »

US Syrian Invasion Planned Months Ago (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | By: Israeli News Live | President Trump claims that Syria has crossed the final red-line when just two days earlier Trump vowed no regime change in Syria. Well that’s odd Trump was moving his military equipment within striking distance of Damascus the same day he was claiming there would be no regime change in Syria. ...Read More »

Israel Supports Trump’s Aggression

Government Corruption |  | Longstanding US and Israeli plans call for regime change in Syria and Iran, naked aggression their strategy of choice. On Friday, unaccountable war criminal Netanyahu praised Trump’s aggression, saying “(i)n both word and action, (he) sent a strong and clear message (that) the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.” “Israel fully ...Read More »

Parliament Attack “Staged” to Distract from Obama Wiretap Scandal (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | By: The Voice of Reason | We know by now exactly how our domestic intelligence agencies circumvent that ‘inconvenient’ law barring them from spying on American citizens domestically. This is the true collusion that the media doesn’t talk about – the collusion between the Western intelligence agencies to each monitor each other’s domestic activities. As ...Read More »

New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | A new law quietly passed last December contains a waiver of informed consent that eliminates the requirement of pharmaceutical companies to let you know if a medication or vaccine given to you or your child is experimental. Wow. One last Christmas surprise from President Obama. This is according to Section 3024, “Informed Consent Waiver for ...Read More »

How to Correct the Course of America

Government Corruption |  | For every person, answering the question how to correct the course of America, there is a personal viewpoint that often varies upon circumstance. However, the underlying premise is that something is wrong that needs fixing. The couch potatoes drift through life voluntarily removing their involvement from the political process as much as possible. All one ...Read More »

Washington’s Little Known Spy Agency

Government Corruption |  | US spying is institutionalized – on anyone, anywhere for any reason or none at all. Invented national security threats, targeting dissent and whistleblowers, along with challenging press freedom undermine fundamental rights. In Palko v. Connecticut (1937), the Supreme Court called “(f)reedom of thought the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom.” ...Read More »

Another AUMF Coming?

Government Corruption |  | All US wars are illegally waged on the phony pretext of combating terrorist groups America created and supports. Following the mother of all false flags 9/11 attack, Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Bush signed it into law, giving his administration authority to use “all necessary and appropriate force” against any ...Read More »

Bombshell Just Fell on Fox News About What Obama Did In Office (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Obama is the only president in US history to preside over 8 straight years of constant warfare. And during that time, the threats to our national security only increased, with the rise of ISIS to one of the greatest terrorist threats facing the free world today. The vacuum created in Iraq by Obama’s ill-timed withdrawal ...Read More »

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