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Hypocrisy: Why Is It OK When the US Meddles in Elections but Not When Russia Does It? (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | Have you noticed the hypocritical double standard in our government and media about election interference? They boldly accuse Russia of meddling with our election process but deny any wrongdoing while they admit their own manipulations of the elections of other countries. When Vladimir Putin was interviewed on NBC by Megyn Kelly, he talked about how ...Read More »

A Member Of Congress Explains Why The Corruption In Congress Is Much Worse Than You Think

Government Corruption |  | What would you say if I told you that committee chairs were for sale in Congress? And what would you say if I told you that many members of Congress spend far more time on the telephone raising money than on the jobs that the people of their states actually elected them to do? There ...Read More »

Reality Check: Obama/Clinton to Blame for Slave Markets in Libya? (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  |   By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  It’s been three months since the media outcry over the open market slave trading in Libya and yet, the problem persists. And the root cause of how these slave markets were created, thanks to U.S. foreign policy, has been ignored. Do you want to end the slave ...Read More »

Nicola Tesla Wasn't the Only One: U.S. places 'Secrecy Orders' on Thousands of Inventions

Government Corruption |  |   By Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution |  Government secrecy is running rampant in an age where more and more people are demanding transparency. Did you know that the U.S. Government classifies over 500 million pages of documents each year? Justification for the mass classification of information is (apparently) done for the sake of “national security,” but ...Read More »

US-Led Western Scheme to Divide and Destroy Syria Revealed in Leaked British Cable

Government Corruption |  | Divide and Destroy Syria is the message of a recent British diplomatic cable which was leaked to the Lebanese media outlet, Al Akhbar. In an article dated February 24th, 2018 (picked up by Iranian media outlet Fars News and later syndicated on sites like Global Research), we learn of a manipulative organization called the Small American Group on Syria. This group ...Read More »

Dictator for Life: The Rise of the American Imperial President

Government Corruption |  | By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute |  “The presidency will survive. The real question is what leads American presidents into the imperial temptation. When the American presidency conceives itself as the appointed savior of a world in which mortal danger requires rapid and incessant deployment of men, weapons, and decisions behind a wall of secrecy, power ...Read More »

The NYT on Possible Illegal UAE Money to Trump’s Campaign

Government Corruption |  | US law prohibits foreign countries, individuals, businesses and other entities from contributing funds to US political candidates – federal, state and local. Yet influence buying and selling is rife in Washington under Republicans and undemocratic Dems – most everywhere else as well. The NYT highlighted the connection between Lebanese-American businessman George Nader and the UAE. ...Read More »

School Shooting: False Flag - What History Teaches Us! (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” -Henry Kissinger Russian Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves,” and leading it they are in America today. Leading through opposition simply means that if a tragedy ...Read More »

Has America Been Set Up As History's Ultimate Bumbling Villain?

Government Corruption |  |   (Alt-Market) The high priests of academic and “official” history love a good villain for two reasons: First, because good official villains make the struggles and accomplishments of good official heroes even more awe-inspiring.  And, second, because nothing teaches (or propagandizes) the masses more thoroughly than the social or political lessons inherent in the documented ...Read More »

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Released from Wrongful Imprisonment

Government Corruption |  | America notoriously honors its worst – persecutes, punishes and at times murders its best. Sterling was wrongfully charged and convicted of seven counts under the long ago outdated 1917 Espionage Act for unproved allegations of providing classified information to then-NYT journalist James Risen – material used in his book, titled “State of War: The Secret ...Read More »

City Of London's Ownership Of American Colonies

Government Corruption |  | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education. This subject is probably new to most observers of the legacy from the Founding Father’s biggest mistake. Regular ...Read More »

Native American Tribal Governments Host Middle East Business (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | I quickly developed a fascination with my first introduction to the activities of Native American Tribal governments when I read Elaine Willman’s book, “Going To Pieces: The Dismantling Of  the United States of America“.  The book’s message reveals the unheralded antics of Tribal governments’ gambling casinos and their relationship with the U.S. federal government.  As ...Read More »

The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”  Albert Einstein Those who serve in the military are in a difficult position. The oath taken by enlistees states, “I, do solemnly swear (or ...Read More »

FBI and DOJ Corruption Beget Justice Denied

Government Corruption |  | The facts about the collusion among the Deep State operatives regarding their plan to eliminate the Donald Trump Presidency have been covered in detail. Connecting the linkage among career supporters of the establishment empire within the FBI, DOJ and the Intelligence Community confirms our Founding Father’s most profound fears. Reject the specious diversion that party ...Read More »

This ONE Factor Defines the Left and Unlocks Deep State Plans (VIDEO)

Government Corruption |  | In today’s weekly podcast (#32) we focus on the big picture just one day after the release of the FISA memo by the House Intelligence Committee and just a few days after President Trump’s historic State of the Union address. This 32nd podcast focuses on defining exactly what the deep state’s Left (and holdover Right) ...Read More »

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