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Torture Continues at Guantanamo

Guantanamo Bay |  | It never ended under Obama at US torture prisons worldwide, Guantanamo the tip of the iceberg. The practice continues under Trump. He believes it works. Clear evidence proves otherwise. He believes if it doesn’t work, detainees deserve it anyway. The vast majority in US torture prisons post-9/11 were innocent victims, wrongfully called terrorists, brutalized for ...Read More »

Expanding Gitmo

Guantanamo Bay |  | Obama failed to close the infamous torture prison, one of many campaign pledges he breached. He could have done it by executive order, no congressional authorization needed. He wanted it kept open, not closed. Trump wants it expanded. On January 3, he tweeted: “There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous ...Read More »

The Latest on JFK Assassination

Guantanamo Bay |  | –Brother Bart- Donate Thank you for your kind and generous support! Shop on Amazon with This Button Conspiracy Corner is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide modest commissions to Conspiracy Corner by linking through them to and their affiliated sites.  When you shop on Amazon, ...Read More »

Trump Intends Guantanamo Expansion

Guantanamo Bay |  | Obama lied, promising the infamous torture prison’s closure during his first year in office. The vast majority of its detainees committed no crimes. Claims otherwise were fabricated. According to The New York Times, a draft executive order it obtained dropped earlier language relating to reopening CIA black sites. It “kep(t) language that would direct the ...Read More »

Mixed Signals from Washington on Torture

Guantanamo Bay |  | Trump’s Secretary of Defense James (“mad dog”) Mattis said torture doesn’t work. His CIA director Mike Pompeo believes it does. Trump said he’s OK with whatever they want, earlier indicating support for waterboarding (torture by any standard) and much worse – believing torture works despite clear evidence otherwise. It’s used for control and punishment, not ...Read More »

Extrajudicially Held Guantanamo Detainee To Be Released

Guantanamo Bay |  | Guantanamo remains a black hole of US extrajudicial viciousness, hundreds of innocent men and boys (all Muslims, most sold for bounty) held lawlessly since January 2002 – denied due process and judicial fairness. Obama’s pledge to close the prison camp before end of 2009 was willful deception. An executive order alone is needed, not congressional ...Read More »

Psychologists Urged To Examine Complicity In Supporting Abusive Systems Of Torture In US Criminal Justice System And Covert Government Programs

Guantanamo Bay |  | By: Ramola D, Intellihub News | This article was originally published on Intellihub News on April 18, 2016. Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), the group which led the call to end the involvement of American psychologists in the CIA Torture program at Guantanamo and took the American Psychological Association (APA) to task last summer for their ...Read More »

Obama’s Latest Phony Guantanamo Closure Scheme

Guantanamo Bay |  | In August 2007, candidate Obama lied, saying “(a)s president, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act and adhere to the Geneva Conventions.” “Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice provide a framework for dealing with the terrorists.” Straightaway in office in January 2009, he vowed to close Guantanamo within one year, ...Read More »

State-Sponsored Murders At Guantanamo

Guantanamo Bay |  | Guantanamo is one of numerous US global black sites operating extrajudicially – torture and other forms of abuse still ongoing, major media entirely silent. Obama could have closed all US torture prisons by executive order on day one in office. He chose to keep them operating. His pledge to close Guantanamo during his first year ...Read More »

Another Brutalized Guantanamo Victim Freed

Guantanamo Bay |  | Guantanamo represents pure US evil. It’s the tip of a disturbing iceberg, one of numerous US global black sites operating extrajudicially. Unknown numbers of innocent victims languish under hellish conditions, subjected to torture and other horrific forms of mistreatment, denied all international law guaranteed rights. Most were uncharged, others falsely accused. They’re all Muslims, America’s ...Read More »

Documents Reveal Innocent Man was Caged And Tortured At Gitmo For 13-years – By Mistake

Guantanamo Bay |  | By: John Vibes | In times of War, especially war for profit carried out in the name of expanding empire, innocence is no guarantee of safety. After 13 years of holding him in an inhumane and lawless prison, US officials admitted that Mustafa al-Aziz al-Shamiri should have never been in Guantanamo Bay, and that he was detained as ...Read More »

Guantanamo: One Of Many US Black Sites

Guantanamo Bay |  | Guantanamo is the tip of America’s global torture prison network, operating covertly in dozens of countries, subjecting victims to brutalized treatment. They include Shaker Aamer, one of 52 Guantanamo prisoners cleared for transfer to countries willing to accept them. Aamer is the last British detainee, approved for release by the Bush administration in 2007. Obama ...Read More »

Unidentified US Navy Nurse Honored For Refusing Involvement In Force-Feeding

Guantanamo Bay |  | Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) deputy communications director Vesna Jaksic Lowe announced possible Pentagon efforts to revoke the security clearance for an unnamed navy nurse – in retaliation for his refusal to participate in unethical/immoral/illegal force-feeding amounting to brutal torture. PHR’s medical director, Dr. Vincent Iacopino, called “(t)he military’s latest action against the nurse…backdoor retaliation ...Read More »

“The US Worked With Hollywood To Make The War On Terror Look Better” (VIDEO)

Guantanamo Bay |  | Afshin Rattansi goes underground with James G. Connell III- attorney at the U.S Defence Department, who represents Aamar al-Baluchi. Aamar stands accused of financing 9/11, and the CIA-backed Hollywood film Zero Dark Thirty even based a character on him. James explains how Hollywood producers and directors works with the CIA, and why the U.S considers ...Read More »

Papillon At Abu Ghraib, Bagram And Gitmo

Guantanamo Bay |  | All our high school and college students should be made to read Henri Charriere’s 1969 memoir, Papillon, about his life in the penal colony at Devil’s Island in French Guiana, and then view Franklin Schaffner’s 1973 film of the same name. This writer first saw the film when it came out, and most recently read ...Read More »

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