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Don’t Get Rid Of The Guns - Get Rid Of The Criminal Politicians! (VIDEO)

  “How can the act be apart from the actor?” (cf. Psalm 7:8-17) Hillary Clinton calling law abiding gun owners “terrorists” comes to the surface once again.  During a 2014 townhall meeting, she went on to lie in an attempt to belittle, polarize and isolate gun owners by saying that gun owners are a minority ...Read More »

Bernie Sanders "Under Fire" For Opposing Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Fraudulent Lawsuits

The mainstream media propaganda machine struck with a forceful blow at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. See the size of the letters in the New York Daily News front cover attack. The size of the letters and the headline alone tells a powerful story of the depth and the over-the-top application of the State propaganda we ...Read More »

Gun Confiscation - Last Refuge Of The Tyrant

  Few polarizing subjects are more hotly debated than gun control. Usually lost in the fray of emotional diatribes to ban guns, are the historic empirical foundations of our forefathers who fought a revolution to escape from imperial tyranny. The true reality in today’s AmeriKa is that individual liberty is the most despised activity that ...Read More »

The "Majority Opinion" Is An Illusion

If there is one concept on Earth that has been the absolute bane of human existence (besides global elitism), it would have to be the concept of the “majority opinion”.  The moment men began refusing to develop their own world views without first asking “What does everyone else think?”, they set themselves up for an ...Read More »

Bushmaster Sued By Fake Sandy Hook Parents. Newtown AR-15 Gun Grab! (VIDEO)

Fake Newtown “parents” sue Bushmaster because fake school shooter (Adam Lanza) used a fake AR-15 to murder fake kids. Barry Soetoro SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SHOOTING WAS 100% FAKE. NOBODY DIED AT NEWTOWN. FOR SMOKING GUN TV FOOTAGE, SEE THESE LINKS: [FULL TV FOOTAGE + PHOTOS]: SANDY HOOK SCAM BUSTED ON TV:… BLOOMBERG’S CROOKS ARE ...Read More »

Bloomberg Felons Push Fake Shootings For Gun Grab (VIDEO)

Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Hoax Groups include Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Everytown and Mom’s Demand Action. MAIG members include convicted felons, These criminals push fake shootings to grab your guns. What (hidden) crimes are Bloomberg’s felons blackmailed with? Is blackmail why these gun-grabbers scam you? MAIG (Bloomberg group) RAP SHEETS + FAKE SHOOTINGS (Marysville; Aurora; Charleston):… SANDY HOOK ACTOR (DAVID ...Read More »

Was ‘Project Longevity’ A Gang Stalking Operation?

Less than three weeks before the December 14, 2012 Newtown school shooting, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Connecticut state officials introduced “Project Longevity,” a “comprehensive initiative” coordinating federal, state, and local government agencies and non-government personnel to purportedly “reduce gun violence in Connecticut’s major cities … New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.” But was the ...Read More »

Obama’s Gun Control Order Faces First Lawsuit Challenging Its Legality

By: Joseph Jankowski, Planet Free | A lawsuit is challenging the Obama Administration’s recent executive order to expand restrictions on the transfer of firearms. The lawsuit claims that the administration is illegally circumventing the legislative power of congress. The conservative advocacy group Freedom Watch announced its filing of the lawsuit on Monday. Plaintiff Larry Klayman, a ...Read More »

Disarmed Americans Ensure Full-blown Submission (VIDEO)

The right of a citizen to bear arms, in lawful defense of himself or the State, is absolute. He does not derive it from the State government. It is one of the “high powers”  delegated directly to the citizen, and ‘is excepted out of  the general powers of government.’ A law cannot be passed to infringe upon or ...Read More »

Gun Owners Labeled Mentally Ill To Remove Rights. Don’t Think It’s Happening? Guess Again! (VIDEO)

Advocates who support the Second Amendment are warning American’s who hold patriotic views that they could be declared mentally ill with Oppositional Defiant Disorder resulting in having their rights and guns taken away when the Obama administration initiates their new executive action on gun legislation, which grants doctors the ability to label their patients as ...Read More »

Obama: “I’ve Been Good To The Gun Industry” (VIDEO)

(The Real Agenda) In a free country, the Federal Government should not have a say about who owns guns and who does not. State and local governments should be responsible for overseeing that people respect existing laws regarding gun ownership. No new laws need to be created in order to modify the access to firearms. ...Read More »

Something Big Has Surfaced! Obama Makes His Move Before Exiting! (VIDEO)

American citizens are soon to become endangered species under the current tyrannical regime that is now in charge of our country. Secretly and behind closed doors the United Nations is gearing up for gun confiscation in the event of an economic collapse in numerous countries by hiring “disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration” officers who will be ...Read More »

Obama Sheds Tears As He Tries To Convince America Gun Control Will Save Lives (VIDEOS)

By: Joe Jankowski, Planet Free Will | On Tuesday, President Obama spoke in the East Room of the White House about the executive actions the administration is seeking to take on the transfer of firearms in American. Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, introduced the President ...Read More »

Obama Is The Best Ally For Arms Sales

Obama’s latest push for gun control is an Executive power-grab. (The Real Agenda) The United States government is the largest arms dealer in the world, but it restricts access to firearms domestically to law-abiding citizens. The US profits the most from arms sales globally. Strangely, for its president, Barack Obama, it is not right for ...Read More »

Obama Says New Gun Control Executive Orders Are “Well Within My Legal Authority”

By: Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media | Even as critics in Congress are blasting Obama’s upcoming new gun control executive orders as “dangerous overreach” targeting the 2nd Amendment, Obama has defended them, claiming his plans are “well within my legal authority”. Obama, via Reuters: “The good news is .. these are not only recommendations that are ...Read More »

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