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Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions For Superior Product (VIDEO)

Horror! Intact Fetus Moves Arms, Legs Outside Womb in Latest Planned Parenthood Video. “I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating and I don’t know what to think” Whistleblower Who Harvested Aborted Baby Parts Inside Planned Parenthood Clinics for StemExpress Describes “Most Difficult Experience I Had There”. The third episode in a new

Infant Mortality Soars In The Gaza Strip After Israeli Blockade

60% of newborns do not live past four weeks. If infant mortality is one of the main indicators of the health of a population, the health situation in Gaza seems to have plummeted for the first time in half a century. UNRWA, the United Nations agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, has found that in 2013

Red Cross Warns About Dire Situation For Civilians In Yemen

(The Real Agenda) The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, visited South Yemen. According to him, his visit highlighted the suffering of Yemeni civilians and the difficulties of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance. Maurer visited hospitals in Aden and patients who have been injured by torture and landmines, and

US Supports Egyptian Tyranny

Egypt’s ruling junta is an illegitimate coup d’etat fascist dictatorship. In June, Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused its self-anointed strongman General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (a US War College graduate) of “flagrant abuse(s) of human rights since” seizing power in July 2013 by brute force and rigging an election a year later to become president. Rule

One-Child Policy Failure: China Considers Ending Forced Depopulation

(The Real Agenda) China is the role model to follow for global depopulation. Other countries follow with covert programs but no nation has been so clear about its hatred for humanity than the Asian giant. It seems that forced depopulation measures such as mandating how many children a woman is allowed to give birth to

Syria’s Refugee Crisis Just Got Worse

US wars on humanity caused the gravest refugee crisis since WW II – millions displaced, mostly victims of imperial conflicts and chaos, suffering hugely, many perishing from deprivation, an appalling high crime too horrific to ignore. How do displaced people cope with limited access to nutritious food, at times any, inadequate or no medical care,

We All Have Inherent Rights – Regardless Of Whether A Nation’s “Authority” Recognizes It

We all have inherent rights, no matter whether the governing authority of a particular geographical area recognizes it or whether it has been written down on a piece of paper as law. People from different from societies and cultures call these rights slightly different things. In the USA, they have been referred to as unalienable rights

Hollow Israeli Government Sorrow Over Palestinian Baby Immolated By Settlers

Israeli officials throughout its history consistently showed contempt for Palestinian rights – from Ben-Gurion to Allon to Meir to Begin to Rabin to Peres to Sharon to Netanyahu and others, an array of rogue leaders, not a democrat in the bunch. All believed in affording rights solely to Jews. None supported fundamental fairness. All committed

Unprecedented Human Suffering In Yemen

Yemen is Obama’s war – planned months before conflict began, using Saudi and other regional rogue state partners as proxies, doing America’s dirty work, wanting Yemen returned to US client state status at the expense of thousands of mostly civilian deaths so far (many more than officially reported) and unprecedented human suffering, according to the

Rules Of The Road

  “Police Authority vs. Driver’s Rights” On July 23rd CNN featured an article titled; “What are your rights during a traffic stop–and is it wise to exercise them?” Not unlike the endless other commentaries from ‘talking heads’ and so-called experts the article sadly falls seriously short in living up to its header. Judges, ex-law enforcement

Unidentified US Navy Nurse Honored For Refusing Involvement In Force-Feeding

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) deputy communications director Vesna Jaksic Lowe announced possible Pentagon efforts to revoke the security clearance for an unnamed navy nurse – in retaliation for his refusal to participate in unethical/immoral/illegal force-feeding amounting to brutal torture. PHR’s medical director, Dr. Vincent Iacopino, called “(t)he military’s latest action against the nurse…backdoor retaliation

Arab Coalition Commits War Crimes In Yemen

Identifying the military attacks on Yemen by American-supported Arab nations as war crimes was long overdue. The bombings of the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, which killed at least 65 civilians four days ago in the Yemeni city of Moja could constitute a war crime, Human Rights Watch reported today. In a statement, HRW

Planned Parenthood: You Got A Serious Thinking Disorder (VIDEO)

With every new day the depths of societal disintegration deepens. With the systemic dismantling of the value of individual life, the total dissolution of a moral existence hastens. What better example of this pattern of out-and-out evil is more evident than the recent expressions of selling body parts of aborted babies?  Yes, conception and development

Protect All Human Life – Defund “Planned Parenthood”! (VIDEO)

By: Ron Paul Institute | The recent undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood official negotiating for the sale of the organs of aborted babies has caused a firestorm of outrage. But both political parties will use this scandal for political gain. Ron Paul remembers from Congress the bipartisan deal allowing US funding of abortions worldwide. And

British Pedophilia Ring Exposed (VIDEOS)

(The Real Agenda) Victims of pedophilia reveal abuses by known British politicians who have been protected by the system. Absolute power corrupts. The highest levels of corruption are usually seen when people in powerful positions become so drunk with power that they have to double down on their level of corruption to satisfy their sick minds.

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