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Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America To Expose Covert Targeting And Neuro-Experimentation Program

By: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | Currently in Greenbelt, Maryland, arriving there from Annapolis as he walks the American Discovery Trail this spring, starting from Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and hoping to end in San Francisco, David Voigts, a former US Navy officer and an exemplary American who seeks to honor his oath to ...Read More »

US-Supported “Moderate Rebels” Massacre Syrian Civilians

Ahrar al-Sham is a known terrorist group – as vicious and lawless as ISIS. Russia wants it listed as a Security Council designated terrorist organization along with Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam). Washington and its rogue SC allies blocked it – continuing to support all terrorist groups in Syria while claiming otherwise. No “moderate” ones ...Read More »

The ADL And The Armenian Genocide: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

By: David Boyajian | In mid-May, on the Anti-Defamation League’s “blog,” CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said that the ADL now “unequivocally” acknowledges the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey. Curiously, he doesn’t mention Turkey.  The ADL, he added, “would support U.S. acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide.” It’s surprising that such a serious subject would only be “blogged.” ...Read More »

Outright Massacre Of Millions Happening Right Under Our Noses! Creepy Human Experimentation (VIDEO)

The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells is a classic tale of evil experiments being conducted on the human race. While this is just a horror story, the truth is our government has been and is conducting numerous experiments on the population, and they’ve been doing it for centuries, all while claiming to be ...Read More »

IDF Murders Pregnant Palestinian Woman And Teenage Brother Posing No Threat

Israeli viciousness goes virtually unreported in America, little elsewhere in the West, its high crimes ignored. Long-suffering Palestinians don’t matter. They’re persecuted for not being Jews, often victims of cold-blooded murder. On Wednesday, Israeli security forces lethally shot 23-year-old pregnant mother Maram Salif Hassan Abu Ismail and her 16-year-old brother Ibrahim. They threatened no one. ...Read More »

New US Rules Of Engagement OK Killing Civilians

They’re like the old rules. Civilian lives don’t matter. Slaughtering them indiscriminately is longstanding US policy. More on this below. Fourth Geneva protects civilians and non-military targets in times of war. Attacking them is strictly prohibited. Humanitarian protections are mandated. Washington rules override inviolable international, constitutional and US statute laws. US wars mostly kill civilians, ...Read More »

In Colombia Your Organs Belong To The State

(The Real Agenda) Colombia’s Congress approved an initiative that makes it mandatory to donate your organs, except for those who otherwise manifest in life, their opposition, officials said. The project, which was presented by the parliamentary Rodrigo Lara will become law as soon as it is signed by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Along with ...Read More »

Psychologists Urged To Examine Complicity In Supporting Abusive Systems Of Torture In US Criminal Justice System And Covert Government Programs

By: Ramola D, Intellihub News | This article was originally published on Intellihub News on April 18, 2016. Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), the group which led the call to end the involvement of American psychologists in the CIA Torture program at Guantanamo and took the American Psychological Association (APA) to task last summer for their ...Read More »

FOIA Documents Reveal Gitmo In Chicago Torture And Abuse

London’s Guardian published information gotten from its FOIA lawsuit, documented evidence of “how Chicago police used punches, baton blows and Tasers at (its) off-the-books (Homan Square) interrogation site” – largely terrorizing Blacks. Last year, it reported twice on the “abuse-laden ‘black site,’ “ much like what goes on at secret CIA torture prisons. Police abuse ...Read More »

Horrific Human Rights Abuses Ignored In Bahrain

Bahrain is home to America’s Fifth Fleet – its regime responsible for some of the world’s most appalling human rights abuses. Ruling Al Khalifa family despotism resists democratic change, cracking down viciously on political opponents, human rights activists, independent journalists, academic freedom and medical professionals treating nonviolent protesters brutalized by regime harshness. Washington considers Bahrain ...Read More »

US Genocide In Iraq

Since Jimmy Carter instigated the 1980s Iran/Iraq War, millions of Iraqi civilians perished from endless conflicts, devastating violence, preventable diseases and starvation – continuing today without letup, US barbarity fully responsible. Bush administration officials remain unaccountable for genocidal massacres, Fallujah residents horrifically punished by US viciousness – on the phony pretext of pursuing resistance leaders, ...Read More »

ISIS Atrocities Discovered In Palmyra

America is the world’s leading proliferator of violence and terrorism, not ISIS, its creator, used to wage proxy wars of aggression. CIA, Mossad and intelligence operatives from their rogue state partners teach them to behead victims, torture them, use chemical and other banned weapons, along with committing other gruesome atrocities. Their handiwork is discovered in ...Read More »

Over 300,000 Children Suffer From Malnutrition In Yemen

(The Real Agenda) If conditions on the ground remain as they are now, millions of kids will die before they reach 5 years of age.  More than 320,000 Yemeni children suffer from severe malnutrition, and millions have no access to sanitation or drinking water because of the war that has been ravaging the country for ...Read More »

Obama ‘Welcomes’ Cuban Dictator’s Criticism Of U.S. Human Rights Record

Raul Castro publicly excoriated the United States in a press event on Monday. In response, President Obama said he ‘welcomed’ the criticisms. During a press event televised live on Monday in Havana, Cuba, Raul Castro publicly excoriated the United States over its double standards regarding human rights. In response, President Obama said he “welcomed” the ...Read More »

Saudi Crown Prince Awarded France’s Highest Honor

Saudi Arabia is a family dictatorship masquerading as a nation-state. It’s one of the world’s most tyrannical regimes, infamous for public beheadings and whippings, as well as numerous other high crimes. Torture and physical abuse are commonplace. So are arbitrary arrests, along with denial of fundamental human and civil rights. State terror is official regime ...Read More »

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