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Saudi Airstrikes On Yemen Deliberately Target Civilians

On January 27, London’s Guardian cited a UN panel investigating its terror-bombing found “widespread and systematic” attacks on civilians and civilian-related targets – horrendous war crimes by any standard. The Guardian said evidence uncovered raises disturbing questions about Britain supplying Riyadh with heavy weapons. US and UK military personnel select targets to be struck – including

State-Sponsored Murders At Guantanamo

Guantanamo is one of numerous US global black sites operating extrajudicially – torture and other forms of abuse still ongoing, major media entirely silent. Obama could have closed all US torture prisons by executive order on day one in office. He chose to keep them operating. His pledge to close Guantanamo during his first year

UK Doctors Accuse Israel Of Medical Torture

Seventy-one UK doctors along with 343 academics want the Israeli Medical Association and its members expelled from the World Medical Association. They want joint projects with Israeli universities banned. They accused Israeli doctors of “medical torture” on Palestinian patients. Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned solely for political reasons. Vital medical care when needed is routinely denied

If You Have A Smart Phone You Support Child Slavery

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen use cobalt mined by children slaves.  (The Real Agenda) Multinational corporations not only secure the largest transfer of wealth from the hands of the poorest people in the world to 62 billionaires, they do so by abusing child workers as young as 10 years of age who are used

Human Experimentation In The US – Part 2 (VIDEO)

A clear pattern of systemic and on-going unethical human experimentation in the US is clearly visible in part 2 of this presentation. We present publicly available and declassified evidence of more recent and systemic abuse. Unethical experimentation in the US continues on soldiers, veterans, civilians, minorities, children and foreigners by US government agencies, the military

Another Brutalized Guantanamo Victim Freed

Guantanamo represents pure US evil. It’s the tip of a disturbing iceberg, one of numerous US global black sites operating extrajudicially. Unknown numbers of innocent victims languish under hellish conditions, subjected to torture and other horrific forms of mistreatment, denied all international law guaranteed rights. Most were uncharged, others falsely accused. They’re all Muslims, America’s

West Papuans Testify

By: Jason MacLeod | We have come to testify. There is much that we want the world to know. We want you to travel with us to the remote places of Papua—Wamena, Paniai, the Jayawijaya Highlands, the Star Mountains, Mindiptana, Timika, Arso, Mamberamo, Biak, Merauke, Asmat and many other places. We want you to hear stories

The Struggle For Merdeka In West Papua

It has been argued that nonviolent struggles to liberate occupied countries – such as West Papua, Tibet, Palestine, Kanaky and Western Sahara – have failed far more often than they have succeeded but that secessionist struggles (that have sought to separate territory from an existing state in order to establish a new one) conducted by

Yemen: A US-Orchestrated Holocaust

Millions of lives are at risk from violence, starvation, lack of vital medical care, and overall deprivation. A new UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) report downplayed the ongoing catastrophe, shamelessly undercounting civilian casualties since conflict began last March. It’s likely in the tens of thousands from Saudi terror-bombing heavily populated

If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal To Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do? (VIDEO)

By: Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media | It’s getting harder to focus on the “news”. Considering that all media is filtered through just five megacorporations (compared with 50 companies in the early 80s), not to mention (but I will) the fact that domestic propaganda was officially “approved” for use against the American people a few years ago,

Mass Saudi Executions Reflect Regional Violence And Turmoil

Most Arab League states are run by pro-Western despotic regimes – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Egypt the worst of a bad lot. Palestinians get rhetorical support only, nothing meaningful done on their behalf. In March 2011, League members backed UN Resolution 1973 – prelude to US-led NATO war on Libya, a devastating

Four Dozen Saudi Extrajudicial Executions

Riyadh and Washington are close allies, partnering in each other’s high crimes – both countries notably supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, used as US imperial foot soldiers. Domestically, Riyadh’s human rights record is abominable. Fundamental freedoms don’t exist. Criticizing ruling authorities risks arrest, imprisonment or death. Last Saturday, the kingdom’s interior ministry said prominent Muslim

Human Experimentation In The US - Part 1 (VIDEO)

Secret Human Experimentation in the US Past and Present is a 3 parts project that aims at educating the public on this very important public health issue. Part 1 presents the historical perspective and points to the horrendous and systemic record of human rights abuses and crimes by the medical establishment, research institutions and the

US Navy Seals Involved In Afghan Detainee’s Torture Death

Post-9/11, torture became official US policy, nearly always used on innocent victims, disappeared into CIA/Pentagon black sites, some never seen again. US policy remains unchanged, despite Obama’s false claims otherwise. Guantanamo is the tip of the iceberg. A surprising detailed December 17 New York Times report headlined “Navy SEALs, a Beating Death and Claims of

Documents Reveal Innocent Man was Caged And Tortured At Gitmo For 13-years – By Mistake

By: John Vibes | In times of War, especially war for profit carried out in the name of expanding empire, innocence is no guarantee of safety. After 13 years of holding him in an inhumane and lawless prison, US officials admitted that Mustafa al-Aziz al-Shamiri should have never been in Guantanamo Bay, and that he was detained as

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