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ICC To Investigate US War Crimes In Afghanistan? Hold The Cheers

Human Rights |  |   According to Professor David Bosco, writing in Foreign Policy, “(t)he prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is ready to initiate a full investigation of a range of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, including some by US personnel, according to several knowledgeable sources.” “The ICC move would mark the ...Read More »

Saudi Warplanes Continue Massacring Civilians In Yemen

Human Rights |  | US naked aggression on Yemen gets scant scoundrel media coverage. It includes undeclared drone war begun post-9/11, Obama continuing what George Bush began, civilians harmed most of all. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other regional rogue states, backed by America and its NATO partners, began terror-bombing Houthi forces, falsely called terrorists. Casualties are multiples ...Read More »

Israel’s Lieberman Threatens Gazans With Genocide

Human Rights |  |   Minister of war Avigdor Lieberman is part of Israel’s lunatic fringe – ruthless, lawless, racist, militant, extremist and nightmarish for Palestinians. A former nightclub bouncer in Moldova before moving to Israel in 1978, he heads the ultranationalist Israel Beiteinu party. Its agenda includes no concessions, no settlement freeze, no Palestinian self-determination (except maybe on ...Read More »

US-Supported Terrorists Blocking Humanitarian Aid To Eastern Aleppo

Human Rights |  | On Friday, Russia extended its humanitarian pause for another 24 hours – until 7:00PM local time Saturday evening unless maintained longer. It must decide whether to continue suspending its eastern Aleppo anti-terrorist aerial campaign or resume it because ceasefire failed – like all earlier attempts, futile efforts because Washington wants endless war. According to Russian ...Read More »

US-Supported Saudi Terror-Bombing Incident Massacres Hundreds In Yemen

Human Rights |  | Yemen is Obama’s war like all other regional conflicts, others elsewhere – solely to advance America’s imperium, the cost in human lives and vast destruction of no consequence. Washington’s war on Yemen began long before escalation in March 2015, using Riyadh terror-bombing to strike US-selected targets, civilians in harm’s way, massacred freely, facing death by ...Read More »

Hillary Clinton, The Queen Of Flip-Floppery, On Genocide

Human Rights |  | “So, just as they caved in to Turkey on the Armenian genocide, Queen Hillary and Bill Clinton could, as co-presidents, relabel the ISIS as non-genocidal simply to spare Turkey any responsibility.” By: David Boyajian, | Few people can honestly dispute that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) is the Queen of Flip-Floppery and that ...Read More »

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Says Intel Community Now Full Of People More Dangerous To Freedom Than ISIS (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  | By: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | In a no-holds-barred radio interview with Rob McConnell of X Zone last week, Karen Stewart, whistleblower and former Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, in relaying her personal story of retaliation at the NSA, described a systematic program of stalking, COINTELPRO, and covert oppression with directed-energy weapons that ...Read More »

Illegally Imposed US And EU Sanctions On Syria Harm Civilians Most

Human Rights |  | Security Council members alone may impose sanctions on nations, groups, enterprises and individuals, not individual countries. Sino/Russian vetoes prevented wrongful imposition of SC sanctions since Obama launched naked US aggression on Syria in March 2011. Washington and EU nations illegally imposed them multiple times on their own, violating UN Charter principles, as well as the ...Read More »

Bahrain: As Contemptuous Of Human Rights As America

Human Rights |  | The despotic monarchy is a US client state, home to its Fifth Fleet, supplying its regime with weapons of repression – used against anyone freely expressing views authorities want suppressed. It’s a fascist police state by any standard, run by a criminal cabal. Yet John Kerry shamelessly praised its authorities for making “meaningful progress on ...Read More »

Turkey Slaughtering Syrian Civilians, World Community Silent

Human Rights |  | When America, Israel and their rogue allies wage war, civilians are considered legitimate targets – slaughtered in cold blood unaccountably. Last Wednesday, Turkey, complicit with Washington, invaded Syria, committing naked aggression by any standard. Civilians in combat areas are being slaughtered or injured. Reported casualties way underestimate the true toll. In all US war theaters, ...Read More »

Child Slavery Is Legal In The United States

Human Rights |  | Thousands of children, mostly children of Latin American immigrants, work between 50 and 60 hours per week in the U.S. tobacco plantations where they exposed to nicotine and pesticides, said Wednesday the group Human Rights Watch (HRW). The HRW report entitled Tobacco’s Hidden Children documents the conditions under which these children work on plantations in ...Read More »

The Baton Rouge Gunman And “Targeted Individuals”: US Naval Academy Graduate Educates Americans On Non-Consensual Neuro-Experimentation (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  | By: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | Whistleblower David Voigts, former Naval Officer and systems engineer with a background in Surface Warfare, Electronic Warfare, and Nuclear Engineering, who has been walking cross-country for “Targeted Individuals” since mid-spring this year, spoke out recently, both in a Wheel of Freedom interview, and on Facebook (covered here)  ...Read More »

Human Liberty Is Doomed

Human Rights |  | “A jealous lover of human liberty, deeming it the absolute condition of all that we admire and respect in humanity, I reverse the phrase of Voltaire, and say that, if God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him.” – Mikhail Bakunin Any discussion on liberty presupposes an understanding of human nature. Today, the ...Read More »

NDAA 2017 Includes Draft For Women, Indefinite Detention Of American Citizens (VIDEO)

Human Rights |  | By: Derrick Broze, Activist Post | The U.S. Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017 with provisions that will force women to sign up for potential military draft and continues the practice of indefinite detention. On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate approved a $602 billion annual defense budget that President Obama has promised ...Read More »

Tyrannical Bahraini Rule

Human Rights |  |   Bahrain is one of six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, despotic monarchies allied with US regional imperial interests, mainly its endless wars of aggression. Last Monday, prominent human rights defender/former political prisoner Nabeel Rajab was again arrested. At 5:00AM, police surrounded his home. His son Adam tweeted they “entered the house and arrested my father…” ...Read More »

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