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Chilling Video Shows Israeli Soldier Assassinating A Wounded Palestinian

The self-styled world’s most moral army is a mobilized gang of assassins, ignoring fundamental rule of law principles, operating by their own exclusively, killing and brutalizing ruthlessly. On October 31, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) showed video evidence of an Israeli soldier assassinating 23-year-old Jabal Johar as he lay wounded, bleeding, helpless on the ground.

Laughing Abortionists ‘Pull Out Baby Hearts After Abortion, Just For Fun. It’s Cute’ (VIDEOS)

By: Steve Watson, | Admits they “strive” to extract “intact” heads to sell. An eleventh undercover video was released Tuesday by the Center For Medical Progress, again capturing officials at Planned Parenthood admitting to selling aborted body parts, and laughing about it. This time an abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, discusses harvesting

“It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before [Torture] Spills Back Into Domestic Territory. Historically, It Always Has”

By: Washington’s Blog – War Always Comes Home. Military and constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley notes: The cost of our torture program — and the failure to prosecute a single official for it (or the destruction of evidence and false statements revealed in its aftermath) will continue to cost this country dearly. Countries like Iran,

Alleged Beersheba Attacker Identified

A same day article discussed the Sunday Beersheba, Israel bus station incident – killing an Israeli soldier, the attacker, an innocent Eritrean bystander lethally shot by police, and wounding nine others. The alleged attacker was identified as Bedouin Israeli citizen Muhannad al-Aqabi, a Hura, Negev resident. His family members were questioned. Israel automatically assumes familial

How Did The Country That Beheads And Crucifies Protesters Win A Place On The U.N Human Rights Council? (VIDEO)

By: Sophie McAdam, TrueActivist | Blatant corruption, as usual. Watch this Saudi Arabian politician’s attempt to defend his country’s barbaric use of Shariah law and its simultaneous role as an ambassador for human rights The Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdallah Y Al-Mouallimi, spoke to BBC current affairs program Newsnight this week in an

Investigating Horrific US War Crime Against Afghan Hospital Staff And Patients

On October 3, US warplanes knowingly and deliberately bombed a Kunduz, Afghanistan hospital repeatedly for over an hour, the facility staffed by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) physicians and other medical personnel. A previous article said let’s not mince words. Multiple US air strikes were willful acts of mass-murder, a horrific war crime demanding accountability. The

Guantanamo: One Of Many US Black Sites

Guantanamo is the tip of America’s global torture prison network, operating covertly in dozens of countries, subjecting victims to brutalized treatment. They include Shaker Aamer, one of 52 Guantanamo prisoners cleared for transfer to countries willing to accept them. Aamer is the last British detainee, approved for release by the Bush administration in 2007. Obama

Capitalising On Human Suffering

By: Holly Walter | Martin Shkreli, the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company that recently acquired the rights to a drug used by HIV and cancer patients, has brought the shocking callousness of unchecked capitalism into the spotlight. Last month, Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to manufacture and sell Daraprim in the United States. Daraprim

Despotic Saudi Arabia Chosen To Head UN Human Rights Panel

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most ruthless regimes, a crime family dictatorship masquerading as legitimate governance. It’s notorious for public beheadings, whippings, torture, wars of aggression and other lawless actions. Ruling authorities viciously target human rights supporters, imprisoning them for political reasons, brutalizing them. Public executions often follow. State terror is official policy.

Abortion Survivor Gives Powerful Testimony Before Congress (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood advised seven and a half months pregnant mother to have a late-term saline abortion. Most babies’ births are met with balloons and tiny embroidered socks, hugs and tears of joy. Not Gianna Jessen’s. During a congressional hearing Wednesday, Jessen, an abortion survivor, shared with members of Congress the heartbreaking story of her own

Refugee Crisis Straight Talk

Official accounts from Washington and European capitals along with duplicitous major media reports suppress what’s most important to know. Volumes are written without a single explanation of why a refugee crisis exists in the first place, what should be done about it, and most important, how to prevent future ones. Millions fleeing troubled lands aren’t

Unconstitutional Solitary Confinement In America

The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments. Locking people in cages longterm with little or no human contact flagrantly violates the letter and spirit of the law. Yet it’s standard US prison practice nationwide. America runs the world’s largest gulag system – around 2.4 million people domestically along with a covert global network of

Global Movement To Raise Awareness Of Covert Harassment And Surveillance (VIDEO)

On this week’s episode of Real Politik James speaks with Peter Mooring, founder and director of STOPEG, or Stop Electronic Weapons and Gangstalking. A computer software engineer, Mooring established STOPEG after enduring a severe electronic harassment-gangstalking campaign beginning in the late 1990s. Peter explains the harassment he experienced, how he now works to raise public

Human Capital - Episode 3: Planned Parenthood's Custom Abortions For Superior Product (VIDEO)

Horror! Intact Fetus Moves Arms, Legs Outside Womb in Latest Planned Parenthood Video. “I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating and I don’t know what to think” Whistleblower Who Harvested Aborted Baby Parts Inside Planned Parenthood Clinics for StemExpress Describes “Most Difficult Experience I Had There”. The third episode in a new

Infant Mortality Soars In The Gaza Strip After Israeli Blockade

60% of newborns do not live past four weeks. If infant mortality is one of the main indicators of the health of a population, the health situation in Gaza seems to have plummeted for the first time in half a century. UNRWA, the United Nations agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, has found that in 2013

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