Human Rights

human rights

UN Report Denounces US Human Rights Record

It's deplorable. It's longstanding. It's by far the world's worst. It's a pariah state for good reason. Claims otherwise ring hollow. Ongoing genocidal crimes of war and against humanity continue. Homeland victims are targeted. So is humanity globally. America is guilty of every imaginable crime and then some. Torture is sanctioned. Peace and stability are

Support The Troops? (VIDEO)

How I support the troops. Josie Outlaw

Amnesty International Accuses Israel Of Exercising Brutal Violence Against Palestinians

Amnesty International has accused Israel of implementing “unnecessary, arbitrary and brutal” violence against Palestinian civilians, a spiral in which “there is increasing abuse and bloodshed” and that has led to some “deliberate” deaths that could be considered war crimes. In a report published Thursday titled “Trigger Happy: The use of excessive force by Israel in

War On Whistleblowers – Britain Harasses Human Rights Lawyer Jesselyn Radack

Britain, America and Israel are likeminded. They’re rogue states. They’re axis of evil partners. They operate ruthlessly. They mock democratic values. They trash rule of law principles. They tolerate no one challenging their lawlessness. They vilify them. They imprison some. They do so to threaten others. Most often they harass. They do it no-holds-barred. The Government Accountability

U.S. Leaders Laugh, Joke About Dead Veterans And Children (VIDEO)

American political leaders of both parties are war mongering psychopaths. They do not care about you, your family, or the lives of innocent people. Watch as they laugh and make jokes about suffering and death.

What Should Be Done To A Country That Kills 56 Million Of Its Own People?

Do you know how many babies have been murdered in America since 1973?  It is a number that is almost too horrible to think about.  An astounding 56 million American babies have been killed by various abortion methods since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973.  So what should be done to a country

Kelly Thomas Verdict: Cops Now Have License To Murder (VIDEOS)

Fury rampant after police officers acquitted Police are monitoring social media networks for death threats aimed at the officers acquitted over the beating death of Kelly Thomas. Fury is running high after officer Manuel Ramos and officer Jay Cicinelli were found not guilty on all charges of murder and manslaughter, despite the jury being shown

Guantanamo Prison’s Time Is Up – You’re Invited To Commemorate The End

Guantanamo Prison’s time is up – you are invited to commemorate twelve years of brutality, and encouraged to oppose the inhuman treatment of Gitmo prisoners. American Marine Major General Michael Lehnert, who was in charge of the construction and opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison, says he now believes the facility should not have been opened,

A Century Of War

July 29 marks WWI's 100th anniversary. It was called the war to end all wars. Never again was heard. In 1928, Kellogg-Briand policy renounced aggressive wars. The UN Charter's Preamble states: "We the Peoples of the United Nations Determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought

Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers

The “coming persecution of Christians” has already begun.  It is already here.  So why is the mainstream media in the United States almost totally silent about this phenomenon?  When some politician somewhere around the globe inadvertently offends homosexuals or Muslims, it instantly makes headline news.  But very few Americans are even aware that it has

The Unfolding Healthcare Holocaust

This article is not just about Obamacare costs and quality of treatment, it is about the healthcare holocaust which commenced on October 1, 2013. Obamacare, or dare I say, Obamacide, represents the biggest threat to the well-being and longevity for you and your loved ones. Rule for Thee but Not for Me One of the

How TPP Resembles NAFTA, And Why Both Create Some Of The Largest Health And Human Rights Emergencies Of Our Time

“Today we say, enough is enough! We have been denied the most elemental preparation so they can use us as cannon fodder and pillage the wealth of our country. They don't care that we have nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a roof over our heads, no land, no work, no health care, no food nor

U.N. Authorizes Military Intervention In Central African Republic

Latest move by internationalists as Muslims and Christians battle it out. BREAKING: U.N. authorizes military action by African and French troops in the Central African Republic. — The Associated Press (@AP) December 5, 2013

You've Been Scheduled For Annihilation

One out of five women in the West remains childless compared to one out of twenty in China and only one out of thirty in India. Such glaring differences have nothing to do with culture or sexual norms and everything to do with the separate methods of population control used by these countries. Nearly one

Modern Day Slavery In Qatar

Qatar is one of six Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG). The others in alphabetical order include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A previous article discussed appalling migrant worker conditions in Qatar. It has one of the worst human and civil rights records. Sheikh Tamim

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