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Search Engines Allowed To Block Political Websites In The Name Of 'Freedom Of Speech'

When a search engine is hauled before a judge, it's often because somebody, somewhere, objects to a particular search result. However, in the case of eight New Yorkers who tried (and failed) to sue China's biggest search engine, Baidu, it was the exact opposite: The plaintiffs were pro-democracy activists who accused Baidu of de-listing their

The U.S. Surrenders The Internet

The U.S. Commerce Department is relinquishing its hold over the group that manages the Internet’s architecture amid pressure to globalize its functions in the wake of reports about NSA surveillance. The National Telecommunications & Information Administration, a Commerce Department agency, said Friday it is transitioning the function to the “global Internet community.” The decision marks

Global Ministries Of Disinformation Confirmed

It was a year ago this month that I reported information revealed by my source within the Department of Homeland Security about the existence of “cyber warriors” working for the regime of Barack Hussein Obama. The initial report was published on 6 February 2013 titled DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse and detailed, according

Yes, There Are Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, Forums And Websites

Do you want solid proof that paid government shills are targeting websites, blogs, forums and social media accounts?  For years, many have suspected that government trolls have been systematically causing havoc all over the Internet, but proving it has been difficult.  But now thanks to documents leaked by Edward Snowden and revealed by Glenn Greenwald,

Interdiction Prediction: Will the Internet be Taken Down to Stifle What Remains of the Free Press?

“In the Last Days many shall travel from place to place (airplanes) and knowledge shall increase (internet).” Daniel 12:4  “Knowledge is power.”  -Francis Bacon-  “The masses are controlled by stealing their knowledge.”  -Bart Sibrel- As society seems to be heading toward an ever increasing downward spiral into oblivion, all the while Reagan era deregulation permits

The Turkish Massively Protest Against Internet Censorship Law

“Internet or the Apocalypse,” threatened a banner that showed some of the protesters from a burning barricade the riot police deployed in front of them tonight in downtown Istanbul. Hundreds of people tried once again to reach Taksim Square to protest, this time against the approval of a law that allows the government to shut

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable?

We’ve all been acutely aware of this ploy. What strikes me about the timing of such a move, pulling the plug on the internet and otherwise, is how important communications are to crises. With so many looming potential devastating scenarios and the survival of our loved ones and each other so important, this is something

When Net Neutrality Becomes Programmed Censorship

"This difference would likely have the long-term effect of fewer people relying on independent web sites or news and information and make it difficult for them to compete with the big guys." - Chancellor Williams The worst fears of all free speech proponents are upon us. The Verizon suit against the Federal Communications Commission, appellate decision sets

Net Neutrality: RIP?

Candidate Obama promised to "support the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet." President Obama did woefully little to do so. He's waged war on free expression. He targets whistleblowers and journalists. He wants constitutional rights abolished. He's been more lawless than any of his predecessors. Except while

How The People Can Take Back The Internet

The internet is weak, yet we keep ignoring this fact. So we see the same thing over and over again, whether it’s because of natural disasters, wars like Syria and Bosnia, deliberate attempts by the government to shut down the internet (most recently in Egypt and Iran), or NSA surveillance. After Typhoon Haiyan hit the

If You Use Facebook You Need to Read & Share This! They Are Killing Free Information

Recent changes made to Facebook’s algorithm now limits the amount of reach a single page has to 1%, if you are really lucky, 2%. What this means is, the freedom to share quality information is being limited to those who have money to pay Facebook to share their content. This is bad news for people

Pen-Trap Order Demanding Lavabit's Release Of Encryption Keys Unconstitutional

Lawyers for secure email provider Lavabit just filed the reply brief in a case that will determine whether an internet company can be compelled to turn over the master encryption keys for its entire system to facilitate court-approved surveillance on a single user. It bears repeating: the government has no general entitlement to search through

Lavabit Vs. DoJ

A U.S. email provider can promise its users all the security and privacy it wants; it still has to do whatever it takes to give the government access. That’s the gist of the Justice Department’s 60-page appellate brief in the Lavabit surveillance case, filed today in the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond,

Is American Unlimited Espionage The Bait For Total Internet Control?

Brazil leads a group of countries whose recommended solution is creating a ‘world government of the internet’ to solve espionage attacks The new revelations about U.S. intelligence activities based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden draw a map of operations that covers much of the planet. The intensity and degree of penetration depends, as reflected

Lavabit Targeted The Day After Snowden Blew The Whistle On NSA

When on June 9 Edward Snowden stood up in Hong Kong and revealed himself to the world as an NSA whistleblower, the Justice Department wasted little time in targeting his email provider. A new appeals court filing today shows the government served a court order on Texas-based Lavabit the very next day, demanding metadata on

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