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NewsGuard Filter Starts the Next Fake News Trend

Internet Censorship |  | Any search engine that filters content is engaged in censorship. When the tech giants were starting out they used traffic stats as a basis for popular ranking of results. Yahoo and Google provided reasonable and mostly reliable information retrieval. Those days are long gone and the fallout of banishing information or banning entire sites to ...Read More »

Google Censorship takes another Large Stride: YouTube to Hide Conspiracy Vids

Internet Censorship |  | Google censorship is accelerating all the time, as the digital behemoth more and more shows its true colors. On Jan. 25th 2019, Google owned-YouTube announced on its official blog that it’s going to stop recommending “borderline content” to its users and viewers – presumably because it deeply cares. Hmm-hmm. YouTube states that such content “could misinform users in harmful ways.” Many ...Read More »

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian ‘Beast System’, And Those That Dissent Could Lose EVERYTHING

Internet Censorship |  | They are transforming the Internet into the greatest tool of surveillance that humanity has ever seen, and if we stay on the road that we are currently on it is only a matter of time until our society becomes a hellish dystopian nightmare.  I wish that this was an exaggeration, but it isn’t.  Over the ...Read More »

How a VPN Can Protect Human Rights

Internet Censorship |  | When the Internet was initially introduced, everyone thought it was that place where they had the maximum freedom of expression and that the freedom will never be restricted. However, with time, the Internet has become plagued with several forms of censorship, from those enacted by governments to others for economic and other reasons. Apart from ...Read More »

The NEW Social Media: Alternatives to Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, and Other Big Tech Platforms

Internet Censorship |  | Lately, I’ve written a lot about the alternative media purge and how Big Tech social media platforms are attempting to control the narrative, the elections, and public perception through censorship and financial blacklisting. Lots of people are ready to leave websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for less-censored pastures. But what are the social media alternatives that are currently ...Read More »

The People “Stopping Election Interference” Are the Ones Who Are Actually Rigging the Election

Internet Censorship |  | Last week, Mark Zuckerberg made the media rounds to give a rather shady explanation of why Facebook suddenly closed hundreds of incredibly popular pages in what’s being called The Alternative Media Purge. Zuckerberg accused the closed pages, many of which had millions of fans, of spreading “political spam.” Ironically, many of the pages that were shut ...Read More »

The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You (VIDEO)

Internet Censorship |  | Preview of New Documentary on TracyvFAU Federal Civil Rights Case Now on Appeal Independent Media Solidarity proudly presents the first preview of our new feature-length film, The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You. From the makers of We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, this forthcoming documentary goes behind the scenes of ...Read More »

Are Media Matters and George Soros Behind the Social Purge? (VIDEO)

Internet Censorship |  | A nearly two year old document reportedly issued by Media Matters for America lays out a plan for “defeating Trump” and Republicans over the next four years. But is this strategy actually responsible for the social media purge taking place on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google? After all, this purge only protects establishment “left” and ...Read More »

Disputing Gov't Narratives Now Limited to Youtube Comments Section (VIDEO)

Internet Censorship |  | #FakeNewsMedia’s Rearguard Sandy Hook Propaganda YouTube content providers can no longer publish videos deemed controversial by owners of the Youtube platform without experiencing financial censorship or outright banning. This has been experienced most recently by the popular YouTube channel, Life the Veil.   YouTube ‎@YouTube Nathan Stolpman@lifttheveil411 This interview was enough to get my entire channel ...Read More »

Youtube Censorship by Brother Bart

Internet Censorship |  | The founders of our nation, in debating which laws would form the government of the United States of America, often said this when they believed different things than their countrymen, “I totally disagree with what you say, yet I will fight to my death to defend your right to say it.” What has happened to ...Read More »

US Senator Chris Murphy Says That “The Survival of Our Democracy” Depends on MORE Censorship

Internet Censorship |  | Welcome to the United States of Censorship. Your tour guide today is Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted some pro-censorship nonsense the other day. In doing so, Murphy proved that (a) he doesn’t understand the First Amendment, (b) he wants the internet to be an echo chamber, and (c) he must have slept ...Read More »

Executives From The Major Social Media Companies Gather To Plot “Strategy” For The 2018 Election

Internet Censorship |  | Is the social media crackdown on conservatives about to get even worse?  On Friday, representatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Snapchat and other major social media companies gathered to discuss “strategy” for the 2018 election.  Supposedly they were going to discuss how to combat the flow of “misinformation”, but we know what that means.  Every ...Read More »

Controlled Virtual Reality by Algorithms

Internet Censorship |  | The backlash against the high tech mob is so obvious that no sane person can deny that their version of acceptable thinking requires banning Free Speech. The genie is out of the lamp and the only way to prevent these demons from repeating their censorship is to cork the bottle of any product offered by ...Read More »

Censorship is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared

Internet Censorship |  | By Michael Krieger, A Lightning War for Liberty |  “Only the weak hit the fly with a hammer.” – Bangambiki Habyarimana Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant. In the case of Facebook, the road from ...Read More »

Is The Censorship Of Conservatives Part Of The Reason Why Facebook Is Losing Massive Amounts Of Traffic?

Internet Censorship |  | The amount of website traffic that Facebook receives in the United States has “fallen by about half” since 2016, and it is anticipated that this decline in traffic will not end any time soon. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), 2016 also happened to be the year when the censorship of conservatives on Facebook really became noticeable. ...Read More »

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