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New Pizza Hut Psyop Commercial Mocks "Conspiracy Theorist" - Are Ruling Elite Panicking? (VIDEO)

A recent Pizza Hut commercial curiously presents a strange looking man posing as a “conspiracy theorist” claiming (get this) that he knows for a fact that “the moon landing was faked … two, the moon is also fake” and “three, this deal has Illuminati written all over it“. When I first came across the commercial ...Read More »

How to Have an INDEPENDENT Media (VIDEO)

Do you remember that little box to check, or not check, at the end of your income tax form, the one which says “Would you like three dollars of your taxes to go toward the ‘Presidential Election Campaign Fund’ ? ” (This is supposed to go toward political party approved presidential candidates who don’t have ...Read More »

Mainstream Media Talking Heads Confess To Their Rigged News Coverage (VIDEO)

(The Real Agenda News) Mainstream corporate media have been working for the political elite for decades. No matter how honest many of the journalists, editors and other professional have been for years, the heads of all major media outlets work for the Establishment and no one else. It is very hard to trust any news ...Read More »

"Political Terrorism" - New Term Rolled Out By Mass Media In Context Of Firebombing Story

We have all been watching as the US election campaign chaos has escalated to historic insults, accusations and war of words between the two major parties (Clinton-mainstream media vs Trump). The Jerry Springer show has metastasized into the 2016 US presidential elections. By design of course. Hidden in all the daily drama, chaos and propaganda ...Read More »

Is Trump A Free Press Threat?

Claiming Trump threatens press freedom flies in the face of reality. Accusations without evidence have no credibility. Media most Americans rely on for news and information are controlled, not free – propaganda, not legitimate journalism on major world and national issues, including deplorable US electoral coverage. In a Thursday statement, the Committee to Protect Journalists ...Read More »

Fake News, Psychological Operations And The National Security State (VIDEO)

In this week’s episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine a recent revelation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism on a Pentagon psychological operation in Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States. From there we look at how the CIA spawned its Operation Mockingbird and the ongoing effort by the ...Read More »

New Leak Reveals Extent Of Clinton Ties With US Media (VIDEO)

(RT) Hillary Clinton has been revealed to have a very cozy relationship with the US media, which has been found to work closely with Clinton’s campaign to present her in a favorable, transparent light – even planting stories, new email leaks suggest. These facts are laid bare in the latest cache of classified Clinton campaign ...Read More »

Here Is A Current Global Human Paradigm Shift Summary For Dummies

If you are reading this article you are probably at least partially if not fully awakened to what is happening around the world. You probably understand we’re living in historic times and it’s becoming very useful (not to mention very cool!) to be informed beyond the controlled mass deceptive sorcery which we call mainstream media ...Read More »

Naomi Wolf On Fake News And False Flags (VIDEO)

Propagandizing US Public Now Legal Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly theatrical news stories. Propaganda is legal! This took place at the 2014 Free State Project’s Liberty Forum. H/t NewNationalist.comRead More »

Is This Man Arguably The Founding Father Of The Domestic War On Terror?

Is it ever too soon to begin outlining the history of our current world? What if we could pinpoint individuals responsible for the real-time horrors humanity is experiencing both domestically and globally? In order to push forward with solutions for humanity, we must do everything we can to fight back in this war of information ...Read More »

The Story Of 2 Stories- Old Tricks Are Powerful Indicator Of How Information War Works

Let’s take a look at two distinct stories going on in the news. Oh, sorry actually one story is being presented by the corporate controlled media and the other isn’t at all and that’s why I’m calling it the story of two stories. These two stories could not be handled any more differently by the ...Read More »

KKK Fliers "Showing Up On Lawns Across America"- CIA Engineered Civil Unrest Rolls As Planned!

The systematic and very planned engineering of civil unrest of America is now moving very quickly and very much going as planned. This civil unrest psyop suffered a major blow recently when it was revealed that new world order criminal and financier George Soros himself as well as the Ford Foundation had collectively donated over ...Read More »

Why Does Anyone Still Read The NYT?

I have to for media critiques, exposing its misinformation, distortions and Big Lies. It’s painful reading. The Times is a mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege – despicably against all independent nations Washington doesn’t control, wanting them toppled and replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes. It mocks fair and balanced election coverage, one-sidedly supporting Hillary, ignoring ...Read More »

‘Zika Threat’: Corporate News Coverage Of Aerial Pesticide Deployment Uses ‘Expert’ Sources With CDC, Government Ties (VIDEO)

Blackout on Puerto Rico’s federal lawsuit against CDC over Naled. Major Western news media’s coverage of the alleged dangers posed by the Zika virus and “preventative” measures mandated by overreaching federal agencies is a textbook example of censorship by omission, intentional oversight of facts, and deference to questionable “expert” authority to assuage valid public concern ...Read More »

Pro GMO Mainstream Media Continues Vicious Attacks On Chipotle After Decision To Go Non-GMO

It was a great moment in America back in 2013 when the famous food chain Chipotle announced it was committing to eventually serving only foods that were verified non-GMO. That’s non genetically modified organism food. At the time, Chipotle was also the first US restaurant chain to voluntarily label GMOs and it stated its clear ...Read More »

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