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Disinformation: How It Works

There was a time, not too long ago (relatively speaking), that governments and the groups of elites that controlled them did not find it necessary to conscript themselves into wars of disinformation. Propaganda was relatively straightforward. The lies were much simpler. The control of information flow was easily directed. Rules were enforced with the threat ...Read More »

San Bernardino ‘Terror Attack’: Did A Major News Company Accidentally ‘Jump The Gun’?

Are major Western news media complicit in the staging of so many recent and curious mass shooting and “terrorist attack” events? A simple answer would be “Yes,” if only because journalistic outlets collectively (and perhaps intentionally) fail to thoroughly interrogate these events and the potential motivations of individuals and institutions directly involved in such incidents, ...Read More »

15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See

You are about to see undeniable evidence that the U.S. economy has been slowing down for quite some time.  And it is vital that we focus on the facts, because all over the Internet you are going to find lots and lots of people that have opinions about what is going on with the economy.  ...Read More »

This Is How Everyone Is Being Fooled By The Orlando Shooting Psyop Event

Everyone is weighing in on the Orlando nightclub shooting event of Sunday June 6, 2016. Mainstream and alternative media, pundits, bloggers, editorials, writers, YouTubers and more. We are all talking about the event and to begin with, this is one important point and deliberate intention of the event, to get us focusing on it. But ...Read More »

Subliminal Brain Washing (VIDEO)

Several months ago, a supporter of “Conspiracy Corner News” brought to my attention a quite astonishing example of monstrously deliberate brain washing by the United States government and their counterparts in the television media. I could keep it on the back burner no longer, as it is utterly amazing and horrific. I am fifty-one years ...Read More »

Lies, Deceit, Propaganda: Played For A Fool (VIDEO)

Why anyone would tune in to mainstream media and expect to be informed is beyond me. Within the past ten days not only have we heard from Chris Matthews of MSNBC but Kate Couric admit to lying to the public. Of course no one was paying attention to the lies being spread as they were still ...Read More »

Moon Landing Hoax - Complete Unedited Interview (VIDEO)

As any filmmaker will tell you, the secret to the presentation, is in the editing. In my recent interview for England’s Channel 5, my one hundred minute interview, meticulously detailing how and why the touted American “moon landings” originating in the 1960’s were actually a Cold War deception of the infamous Nixon administration, was edited down to ...Read More »

Truth And Art Of Illusion (AUDIO)

Independent artist, author and journalist Bernie Suarez joins the program to discuss the history and modern dynamics of mass media and propaganda as they relate to government intrigue. James and Bernie also consider how corporate news media function as essentially public relations conduits to present unusual occurrences such as 9/11 and many recent mass shooting ...Read More »

NY Post Wikipedia Page Now Has "Sample Headline" Of Virginia TV Reporter Shooting Hoax!

As most readers know we are now in an era of over-the-top propaganda and staged realities. We have now gone far beyond just the typical 9/11 style false flag where a foreign enemy is blamed in order to lead us into illegal wars. False flags or government staged psyop events designed to lead us down ...Read More »

The Guardian’s Disinformation On Geoengineering And Depopulation

(The Real Agenda News) The British newspaper, The Guardian has published two articles this morning where writers Dana Nuccitelli and Madeleine Summerville have attempted to feed readers propaganda regarding geoengineering and global depopulation. While Nuccitelli starts his article claiming that geoengineering, the practice of manipulating the climate to supposedly mitigate global warming, is being considered ...Read More »

How You Can Manually Change The World: Turn Your TV Off

It’s been called the greatest mind control device known to humanity and amazingly it’s the one addiction that when truly broken can most definitely change your life forever. Yes, that’s how bad this problem of mind control has become. You can cut the degree of mind control deception with a knife, it’s so thick. Freeing ...Read More »

6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans Consume 10 Hours Of ‘Programming’ A Day

If you allow someone to pump hours of “programming” into your mind every single day, it is inevitable that it is eventually going to have a major impact on how you view the world.  In America today, the average person consumes approximately 10 hours of information, news and entertainment a day, and there are 6 ...Read More »

Censored: “Conspiracy Theory Rock” (VIDEO)

Censored Video from 1998 Saturday Night Live. The 1998 Robert Smigel animated short film “Conspiracy Theory Rock”, part of a March 1998 Saturday Night Live “TV Funhouse” segment, has been removed from all subsequent airings of the SNL episode where it originally appeared. SNL producer Lorne Michaels claimed the edit was done because it “wasn’t ...Read More »

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies On Syria

John Pilger calls journalism the first casualty of war – “a weapon of war, a virulent censorship” by omission or commission. Managed news misinformation and Big Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure. A culture of deceit persists. Media coverage of Obama’s war on Syria is some of the most outrageous in US history – ...Read More »

British Government Poised To Take Full Control Of BBC

(The Real Agenda News) The BBC is experiencing one of its most delicate moments this week as tension is taking over the government-funded organization. On Thursday, it is expected that the British government makes public the contents of a White Paper in which it outlines the future it wants for the publicly-funded broadcasting company. At year ...Read More »

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