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Obama: Serial Killer

On Wednesday, a banner was displayed on the top floor of a building across from Washington’s Moscow embassy – the word “KILLER” prominently displayed on Obama’s image in blood red. The previous evening, a laser display projected the accusation “Obama Killer #1” on the embassy itself. Moscow-based Glavplakat art society took credit, calling its action

Obama’s Gun Control Order Faces First Lawsuit Challenging Its Legality

By: Joseph Jankowski, Planet Free | A lawsuit is challenging the Obama Administration’s recent executive order to expand restrictions on the transfer of firearms. The lawsuit claims that the administration is illegally circumventing the legislative power of congress. The conservative advocacy group Freedom Watch announced its filing of the lawsuit on Monday. Plaintiff Larry Klayman, a

2016 The Last Election? Insider Spills Clinton’s Secrets And You Won’t Believe What Else (VIDEO)

Clinton Insider, Larry Nichols— the man who exposed numerous Clinton scandals including Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and others—shares some of the most critical, crucial and concise information about Hillary, President Obama, Joe Biden and the upcoming 2016 election and how it could be the last election! This information will not only blow your mind wide open,

Was Sandy Hook Used To Bury Obama’s SSN Records?

By: “Barry Soetero, Esq” | Memory Hole Blog – The real owner of Obama’s STOLEN SSN, Harrison J Bounel, was a patient at Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown Connecticut. Would access to Harrison Bounel’s Death Records prove Obama stole Bounel’s SSN? After the Sandy Hook “school shooting,” the State of Connecticut made a bizarre

Obama: “I’ve Been Good To The Gun Industry” (VIDEO)

(The Real Agenda) In a free country, the Federal Government should not have a say about who owns guns and who does not. State and local governments should be responsible for overseeing that people respect existing laws regarding gun ownership. No new laws need to be created in order to modify the access to firearms.

Admiral Fired For Leaking Obama Bought Mansion In Non-Extradition Country (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Stars and Stripes has reported HUGE news this week! First, on February 20, 2014, I went on the record saying Benghazi would be the scandal that ultimate lands Obama either with a private suite in the Grey Bar Hotel, otherwise known as Leavenworth, or with a fate far worse for

Something Big Has Surfaced! Obama Makes His Move Before Exiting! (VIDEO)

American citizens are soon to become endangered species under the current tyrannical regime that is now in charge of our country. Secretly and behind closed doors the United Nations is gearing up for gun confiscation in the event of an economic collapse in numerous countries by hiring “disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration” officers who will be

Obama Sheds Tears As He Tries To Convince America Gun Control Will Save Lives (VIDEOS)

By: Joe Jankowski, Planet Free Will | On Tuesday, President Obama spoke in the East Room of the White House about the executive actions the administration is seeking to take on the transfer of firearms in American. Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, introduced the President

Obama Is The Best Ally For Arms Sales

Obama’s latest push for gun control is an Executive power-grab. (The Real Agenda) The United States government is the largest arms dealer in the world, but it restricts access to firearms domestically to law-abiding citizens. The US profits the most from arms sales globally. Strangely, for its president, Barack Obama, it is not right for

Obama Says New Gun Control Executive Orders Are “Well Within My Legal Authority”

By: Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media | Even as critics in Congress are blasting Obama’s upcoming new gun control executive orders as “dangerous overreach” targeting the 2nd Amendment, Obama has defended them, claiming his plans are “well within my legal authority”. Obama, via Reuters: “The good news is .. these are not only recommendations that are

Obama Caught Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year On UPS Planes! (VIDEOS)

By: The Voice of Reason | Many of you probably remember the following from an enormously successful post about six weeks ago, when a brave individual caught and filmed what he believed was supposed to be a UPS cargo plane, but instead was filled with people, presumably Muslim refugees who were then given escort by

Sandy Hook And Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Connection

By: Josey Wales | Before It’s News – There has been much controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s social security number since he has became president without so much as providing his birth certificate. Now, as you are about to see, there is new evidence that Obama, his family and his life are a fraud. Americans have

The Voice Of A Tyrant: Obama Wants Your Guns! (VIDEOS)

  “To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.” –Adolph Hitler Is it not absolutely astounding that at every incident in which a gun is used in a crime, engineered or otherwise, the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, along with other corrupt politicians and Hollywood’s hypocritical ant-gun teachers, stands against The Bill of Rights.  This is

Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

Do you know what an “extremist” is?  Barack Obama is speaking very boldly about the need to win the war against “extremists”, and he has announced plans to host a major global summit on “extremism” next month.  And on the surface that sounds great.  But precisely how are we supposed to determine whether someone is

Happy New Year! Obama Has Targeted Your Gun Rights For Just After Christmas (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Robert Gehl, for The Federalist Papers reports: Enjoy the holidays, because when the New Year comes, Barack’s going to throw down some unconstitutional “executive orders” on gun control. After he gets back from his long Christmas holiday in Hawaii, President Obama is planning to use his “executive powers” to

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