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Breaking! Obama Fake ID Update! Forged Birth Certificate Fraud (VIDEO)

Breaking update — on Obama’s forged birth certificate and fake ID! Hear Carl Gallups report current status of Obama fraud investigation — and announce deadline for release of final revelations by Maricopa County Sheriff’s office! When will Sheriff Arpaio reveal his findings to the public? How has he proven criminal fraud and forgery? How do ...Read More »

Democratic Delusional Worldviews

Democratic politics is a false premise experiment. The foundation of the modern liberalism, based upon an erroneous worldview, is a dead end ideology. Compared to the mad NeoCon war-mongering alternative, the fatal attraction of progressives, allures weak minded and desperate people into thinking government can provide solutions. Step back from the false left-right political discussions ...Read More »

Obama Admin Fines, “Forces Sheriff’s Dept. To Hire” Illegal Immigrants

By: Mac Slavo, SHTFplan.com | The lawlessness of the Obama Administration knows no bounds. Not only has President Obama made every move he can through executive order to create and foster amnesty for illegal immigrants, but his Justice Department is now attempting to force people to hire undocumented workers. Ironically, the agency on the other ...Read More »

Yankee Go Home: Obama Unwelcome in Peru

His last foreign trip is ending on a sour note. Peruvians are smarter than most Americans, largely uninformed and indifferent about vital issues affecting their lives and welfare. Most still support Obama after nearly eight years of endless imperial wars, neoliberal harshness, corporate interests served over popular ones, and police state ruthlessness. In Lima, Peru ...Read More »

Enter Fake News as Replacement for Conspiracy Theory?

By: The Daily Bell | Barack Obama on fake news: ‘We have problems’ if we can’t tell the difference The US president denounced the spate of misinformation across social media platforms, including Facebook, suggesting American politics can be affected. -Guardian Is fake news the new “conspiracy theory.” We’ve read that it may be, and it ...Read More »

Obama Continues to Spread Lies about Russian Cyberattacks

(The Real Agenda News) In his sixth visit to Germany as President of the United States, Barack Obama issued a message of “moderate optimism” about the role his successor in the White House, Donald Trump, will have. Obama justified his opinion in the responsibility that confers to assume the presidency of the country. “It forces ...Read More »

Why Isn’t Obama Trying to Stop Planned BLM Chaos, Rioting, and Violence? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | “Obama set the table for what’s coming, and some of us have been warning about it since at LEAST as early as last March, but no one listened.” George Soros famously said back in September, “Western Society Must Fall Before One World Government Can Be Established.” When you consider ...Read More »

11 Very Depressing Economic Realities Trump Will Inherit From Obama

It would be a grave mistake to understate the amount of damage that has been done to the U.S. economy over the past eight years.  In this article, I am going to share some economic numbers with you that are extremely sobering.  Anyone that takes a cold, hard, honest look at the numbers should be ...Read More »

Are Liberals Leading President-Elect Trump Straight Into a Costly Ambush? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | October 17,2013, speaking to anyone who disagreed with his signature healthcare law that not a single Republican voted for, during one of his many obnoxious press conferences, Obama said the following: “This is not what the founders of this great nation envisioned, when they gave us the gift of ...Read More »

Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order to Advance Global Vaccination Agenda (VIDEO)

By: Vin Armani, Activist Post | November 4th, Obama quietly signed an Executive Order titled Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats. It is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended ...Read More »

Obama Orders Pentagon to Attack Al-Nusra? Hold the Cheers!

  According to the Washington Post, Obama “ordered the Pentagon to find and kill the leaders of an al-Qaeda-linked group, Al-Nusra in Syria that the administration had largely ignored until now and that has been at the vanguard of the fight against the Syrian government, (unnamed) US officials said. Fact: His war on ISIS is phony. ...Read More »

Obama Tells ILLEGALS To VOTE! Don't Worry About Getting Caught! (VIDEO)

During a TV interview, Obama tells illegals not to worry about getting caught or punished for voting, because the government won’t check and won’t pursue illegals even if they accidentally get caught. This regime’s only hope is using illegal aliens and rigged polls to steal the election, via voter fraud. Barry Soetoro FOR UPDATES, SUBSCRIBE ...Read More »

Will Barack Obama Delay Or Suspend The Election If Hillary Is Forced Out By The New FBI Email Investigation?

Just when it looked like Hillary Clinton was poised to win the 2016 election, the FBI has thrown a gamechanger into the mix. On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency has discovered new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information that they had not previously seen. According to the Associated ...Read More »

How Obamacare Was Designed To Fail And Hillary Clinton Knew It All Along (VIDEO)

If you signed up for Obamacare, you’ve been screwed. If you didn’t sign up and opted to pay the penalties, you’ve been screwed. If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and stuck with your original insurance company, you’ve been screwed. If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and paid cash for medical care, ...Read More »

Obama’s Call For Censorship Reveals The Media Has Lost Control Of Americans (VIDEO)

By: Wayne Thomas, Nation One News | In a White House invitation only event, “Science” conference. Barack Obama went off topic to discuss the Media. Specifically, what he called the “magazines you get at the grocery store”. He characterized this kind of media as a problem. His comments came following a lengthy conference with a ...Read More »

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