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Obama Knowingly Lets In Refugees With Tuberculosis: Ships Them To Indiana (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, Alex Jones reveals that In a memo obtained by government watchdog Judicial Watch following a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security over a Freedom of Information Act request, a high-level government official urged employees to assume a large number of detained Unaccompanied Children (UACs) ...Read More »

Major Update To Obama’s “Social Equity” Rezoning Laws (VIDEO)

Obama Declares War On Suburbs with New Federal ObamaZoning Laws. The Lee Amendment to defund President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation failed in the Senate because not enough Republicans backed it. The Amendment was tabled by a vote of 60-37. Jeremy Carl aptly describes this vote as a defeat for conservatism, community control, ...Read More »

Obama’s Former Top Intelligence Appointee Defected To Trump’s Camp (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Not that long ago I was scolded by a former member of the military after he read a post of mine that discussed some of the admirals and generals who have come out hard against Obama since retiring, many of whom have accused Obama of outright treason as the ...Read More »

America’s Pivot To Asia Passes Through Vietnam

Lifting the military embargo on Vietnam has nothing to do with good politics or a desire to help a country that the U.S. helped destroy. (The Real Agenda) In 2013, Kurt Campbell and Brian Andrews, from the Asia group, wrote a piece on the United States so-called pivot to Asia. In their article, the authors ...Read More »

Obama Zombies Are Alinsky Fanatics (VIDEOS)

“Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!” is an absurd ralling cry when the other side has all the guns.” –Saul Alinsky The wackos that believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a political rock star are blind to reality. It would be one thing if eccentric characteristics shaped such opinions of social outcasts, ...Read More »

Obama Visiting Scenes Of US High Crimes In Asia

On Saturday, he left Washington on a weeklong visit to Vietnam and Japan, part of his Asia pivot strategy, challenging China where America doesn’t belong. He’ll meet with Vietnamese officials in Hanoi, discuss trade and other bilateral relations, deliver a demagogic address, while ignoring devastating US Southeast Asia bombing, its use of Agent Orange and ...Read More »

Did The Kenyan Government Release Obama’s Real Birth Certificate? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | First, whether or not this most recent report about 11 alleged documents surfacing from the Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province in Kenya turns out to be true or false, what you’ll find contained within this post should convince ANY skeptic, We the People have been had ...Read More »

Peace Candidate Obama’s Deplorable Legacy

On November 4, 2008, I wrote the following: The age of George Bush ended, and a new one under Barack Obama began – with high hopes for responsible change. Celebratory echoes quickly faded. Dirty business as usual continued – exceeding the worst of his predecessors. His tenure has eight months to go. Expect nothing positive ...Read More »

Obama Has BIG Plans Before Exiting! This Action Will KILL The Country, Literally (VIDEO)

If flooding the country with millions of migrants wasn’t enough, our leftist government now wants to make white communities more “multicultural” by flooding suburbs with Section 8 housing to “punish them for being too rich and white.” At least that is according to President Obama’s Housing Secretary, Julian Castro, who plans to issue vouchers to ...Read More »

Washington’s War On Yemen

  Obama waged naked aggression on Yemen throughout his tenure, along with bombing half a dozen other countries illegally, exceeding the worst of George Bush. He’s a constitutional lawyer. In 2008, he admitted presidents don’t “have power under the Constitution (and international law) to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not ...Read More »

How Can Anyone Be Sure Obama Will Declare Martial Law? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | A former President of the United States, who is rather well known once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one ...Read More »

ICE Agent’s Suicide Note Reveals Gun Confiscation Plan During Economic Collapse (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | EDITOR’S NOTE: While many sources are covering that a note was left with specifics, a person I consider to have excellent contacts has told me a source of his says that no note existed, or if one did, what has been reported may not be accurate. That does’t negate the mountains ...Read More »

Direct White House Involvement In New Emails Regarding Benghazi Cover-Up (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video with Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, she reveals that a new documents received from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch lead directly to the White House. Who would have thought, right!?!?! Among the documents received, one in particular was an email from senior ...Read More »

Obama’s Economic Legacy: Thirdworldizing America

  The New York Times colluded with Obama, presenting the illusion of economic recovery, twisting reality, ignoring cold hard facts. Interviewed by its financial columnist Andrew Sorkin, a false picture of his economic record was presented. America’s 1% never had things better. Protracted Main Street Depression conditions affect most others. One out of four working-age ...Read More »

Obama Set To Put In New Law That Can Put Everyone In Jail (VIDEO)

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents the biggest legal change in privacy law that will have a profound affect on the American way of life. We go over Obama’s new guidelines that will allow the NSA to share all of your private information with other federal agencies for domestic policing. This means the IRS, DEA, ...Read More »

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