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Obama Escalates Afghan War

Disturbing but true! Nearly 15 years of US naked aggression on Afghanistan aren’t enough, America’s longest war, raging endlessly. Obama authorized escalated US involvement – on the phony pretext of aiding Afghan forces. How far he intends going remains to be seen, waging wars in multiple theaters – endless conflicts, trillions of dollars diverted from ...Read More »

War Party Leader Obama Endorses War Goddess Clinton

Obama, Clinton and bipartisan neocons infesting Washington explain the deplorable state of America today – a democracy in name only, enriching the privileged few at the expense of most others, waging endless wars on humanity, leaving its fate up for grabs. Clinton was chosen Democrat party nominee last year before primary/caucus season began, assuring endless ...Read More »

No Fly No Buy: Obama’s Last Ditch Effort To Cripple The Second Amendment (VIDEO)

There’s one thing that all gun grabbing politicians have in common. They are all quite adamant that they don’t want to take your guns. They’ll tell you over and over again that all they want is a few reasonable regulations. Every once in a blue moon they’ll let their guard down in front of an ...Read More »

Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’ (VIDEO)

When Barack Obama speaks to the public, it is very rare that he does so without a specific purpose in mind.  So why is he urging Americans “to be prepared for a disaster” all of a sudden?  On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the ...Read More »

Obama’s War On Syria: Tragedy And High Crime

  People living distant from war zones can’t imagine the horrors millions in them face – unsure each day if they’ll live or die, remain whole or be harmed by disabling injuries. Will surviving children be permanently traumatized? Will countless numbers perish for lack of essentials to life? Will conditions in Syria ever be normal ...Read More »

Obama: Be Ready For EMP Attacks, Engineered Pandemics, Massive Earthquakes And Martial Law (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington where he made a point to stress that Americans who are not preparing for disaster, or who do not have emergency evacuation plans for ...Read More »

Obama Refusing To Allow Select Patriots From Lawfully Buying Firearms (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In what is supposed to be the final year of the Obama Presidency (assuming Obama even vacates the office), it would not be an exaggeration to say that almost daily we learn about another one of Obama’s seemingly never ending barrage of warped, twisted, and highly unconstitutional schemes designed ...Read More »

Deconstructing Obama’s Demagoguery In Hiroshima

His speeches make painful listening – a litany of deception, Big Lies, and for Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims and survivors, continued coverup of one of history’s great crimes – massacring civilians gratuitously. Obama saying “(w)e come to mourn the dead” ignores US responsibility for mass murder and endless wars of aggression – notably post-9/11. Saying ...Read More »

Obama In Hiroshima

Obama is the first US sitting president to visit Hiroshima. He came to flex US muscle in a part of the world not its own, not apologize for gratuitous mass murder. The war was over. Japan was negotiating surrender. America used nuclear weapons against a defeated enemy, showing its meanness, incinerating defenseless civilians – a ...Read More »

13 States Obama Is Using For His Nefarious Secret Agenda (VIDEO)

In the video below, TruthUnveiled neither confirms nor denies the specific claims laid out by Conservative Daily Review, about how new FEMA camps are being built across the south specifically for an influx of 15,000 refugees, however she does review some items of concern on FEMA’s own website, along with several other sites. For those who ...Read More »

Valerie Jarrett: “Obama Is Not Going Anywhere After His Presidency” (VIDEO)

Wait a second… let me get this straight… Valerie Jarrett says, after leaving the White House (assuming he even leaves the White House at all), President Obama is going to stay in Washington, but he’ll, “be the former president, he’ll be a citizen just like everybody else, and as such he’ll behave accordingly. Of that, I’m ...Read More »

Obama Knowingly Lets In Refugees With Tuberculosis: Ships Them To Indiana (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, Alex Jones reveals that In a memo obtained by government watchdog Judicial Watch following a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security over a Freedom of Information Act request, a high-level government official urged employees to assume a large number of detained Unaccompanied Children (UACs) ...Read More »

Major Update To Obama’s “Social Equity” Rezoning Laws (VIDEO)

Obama Declares War On Suburbs with New Federal ObamaZoning Laws. The Lee Amendment to defund President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation failed in the Senate because not enough Republicans backed it. The Amendment was tabled by a vote of 60-37. Jeremy Carl aptly describes this vote as a defeat for conservatism, community control, ...Read More »

Obama’s Former Top Intelligence Appointee Defected To Trump’s Camp (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Not that long ago I was scolded by a former member of the military after he read a post of mine that discussed some of the admirals and generals who have come out hard against Obama since retiring, many of whom have accused Obama of outright treason as the ...Read More »

America’s Pivot To Asia Passes Through Vietnam

Lifting the military embargo on Vietnam has nothing to do with good politics or a desire to help a country that the U.S. helped destroy. (The Real Agenda) In 2013, Kurt Campbell and Brian Andrews, from the Asia group, wrote a piece on the United States so-called pivot to Asia. In their article, the authors ...Read More »

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