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Obama Zombie Followers (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | Barack Hussein Obama has emerged from his crypt. One of the time-honored practices when a President leaves office has been that they fade into the obscurity of retirement. As witnessed with George W. Bush, the public has not been burdened with his political involvement or wisdom of his years as commander and chief. The same ...Read More »

Barack Hussein Obama:  Con Man and Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | “Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” -Barack Hussein Obama While many Americans are still waiting on indictments and prosecution of the Clintons, and rightfully so, don’t forget about the crimes of Barrack Hussein Obama who has yet to be lawfully dealt with as well. This criminal ...Read More »

Poll Asks Americans To Name The Greatest President In Their Lifetimes – Barack Obama Wins With 31 Percent

Obama Exposed |  | It is exceedingly difficult to be optimistic about the future of our nation when you see poll numbers like this.  The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey in which they asked Americans to name the president that has “done the best job in your lifetime”.  You would think that Ronald Reagan would be the winner by ...Read More »

Reality Check: Obama/Clinton to Blame for Slave Markets in Libya? (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  |   By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  It’s been three months since the media outcry over the open market slave trading in Libya and yet, the problem persists. And the root cause of how these slave markets were created, thanks to U.S. foreign policy, has been ignored. Do you want to end the slave ...Read More »

Senators Flag 'Unusual' Susan Rice Email on Russia Probe from Inauguration Day

Obama Exposed |  | Ex-national security adviser Susan Rice sent an “unusual email” to herself the day President Trump was sworn into office documenting former President Barack Obama’s guidance at a high-level meeting about how law enforcement should investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, two Republican senators said Monday. According to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley ...Read More »

DACA a Dreamer's Paradise

Obama Exposed |  | Ah, stargazing upon a land far away from within the inner dome of an alien planetarium is a practice that DACA Dreamers excel. Some adapt and attempt to assimilate. Others hold on to their native language and strive to establish their foreign compounds, while keeping their own culture. When the progeny of open border trespassers ...Read More »

The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About #ReleaseTheMemo, But This Could Be The Biggest Scandal In D.C. Since Watergate

Obama Exposed |  | Republican members of Congress are pushing for the release of a memo that reportedly shows that government surveillance powers were illegally used against Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, and that the Obama administration, the FBI and Hillary Clinton illegally colluded in a concerted effort to try to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.  ...Read More »

FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Admin Approved Controversial Nuclear Deal with Moscow

Obama Exposed |  | By John Soloman, The Hill |  Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside ...Read More »

War Criminal Obama Receives JFK Profile in Courage Award

Obama Exposed |  | His deplorable record speaks for itself. He’s no JFK, just the opposite, an unindicted war criminal unaccountable for eight years of high crimes against peace. He force-fed austerity on America’s most vulnerable to benefit Wall Street, other corporate favorites and the nation’s privileged class, accelerating the wealth disparity between rich and poor. He boasted about ...Read More »

Cashing In: Obama’s Post-Presidency Bonanza

Obama Exposed |  | The benefits of being a former US president are limitless. Most former incumbents take full advantage. Obama is using his political celebrity to cash in hugely. He moved into a reported $5.3 million, 8,200-square foot luxury mansion, two miles from the White House. He spent weeks vacationing in Tahiti, including aboard a $300 million yacht. ...Read More »

Raw Footage: Obama Ducks Lawsuit Server at DC House (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: Barry Soetoro | Raw video of man trying to serve Obama court papers at Obama’s DC mansion! Watch as Secret Service blocks this Process Server from approaching Obama’s front door — and writes down HIS personal information instead of telling him where to find Obama. Larry Klayman (Freedom Watch) filed this lawsuit against Obama, ...Read More »

Trump Ends Obama’s ‘Environmental Policy’

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Real Agenda | • The former president sought to limit the amount of carbon emissions in the name of saving the world from catastrophic climate change. • Obama warned that he would end coal production with the stroke of his pen. Climate is not changing, it is being changed to accommodate the decarbonisation policy that ...Read More »

Deep State Obamanation Desperately Resists Trump’s Wrecking Ball (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | 8 years of an Obama presidency. 8 years of allowing the Deep State Manchurian Candidate to advance their agenda of cultural Marxism throughout the United States of America. 8 years of undermining our country’s very heart and soul. Of course, their agenda didn’t succeed, because their chosen candidate Hillary ...Read More »

Bombshell Just Fell on Fox News About What Obama Did In Office (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | Obama is the only president in US history to preside over 8 straight years of constant warfare. And during that time, the threats to our national security only increased, with the rise of ISIS to one of the greatest terrorist threats facing the free world today. The vacuum created in Iraq by Obama’s ill-timed withdrawal ...Read More »

Obama's Kenya Birth Certificate? Zullo Reacts to Forged ID (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: Barry Soetoro | Obama’s fake “Kenya Birth Certificate” pops up again in 2017, after fooling many “Birthers” in 2011. Mike Zullo (formerly of Maricopa County AZ Sheriff’s Department) tells Carl Gallups why Obama’s fake Kenya birth certificate is suddenly popping up again in 2017. Obama’s infamous “Kenya Birth Certificate” was floated in 2011 to ...Read More »

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