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Deep State Update: Harry Reid and Hillary Likely Knew About Trump Wiretap (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | The Deep State and their puppets in the media are going all out to discredit President Trump’s wiretapping allegations. It’s easy to see why; Obamagate could potentially be the largest political scandal in all our history, and this is only scratching the surface. No matter how hard they try ...Read More »

Trump Won't Nuke Obama for Wiretapping. Here's Why (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: Barry Soetoro | Obama bugged Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, but what’s really behind ObamaGate wiretapping? Obama’s excuse is ‘Russia,’ but Obama also bugged AP and the House of Representatives cloakroom. On the surface, the Deep State appears to be ‘going after’ Trump in a brutal turf war. So why doesn’t President Trump ...Read More »

A Closer Look at the Obamagate Scandal

Obama Exposed |  | If Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped as Donald Trump claims, evidence may or may not be easily obtained. If FISA court authorization occurred, a congressional inquiry could prove it. If conducted warrantless by the NSA, CIA or FBI, verifying Trump’s claim will be much harder. Cooperation by agency heads would be needed. NSA director Admiral ...Read More »

It’s Showtime. Trump vs. Obama (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | The cards are down, and it’s only a matter of time before we see who has the better hand. After days of mentioning the wiretapping of his phones by the Obama administration on Twitter, President Trump has ordered a probe into whether Obama abused his executive powers in 2016. ...Read More »

Congress Urged To Investigate Obama’s Silent Coup Against Trump (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | You’re probably well aware by now of the unprecedented actions of our former president, Barack Hussein Obama, in continuing to undermine and sabotage our current administration. What you may not know is that such seditious acts didn’t just begin after Obama left office. Oh no, that activity was alive ...Read More »

Democrat Leaders Turn On Obama and His Secret Shadow Government (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | The mainstream media narrative is all about the people versus Trump, the Democrats versus Trump, and even the Republicans versus Trump! But what is scarcely being reported is the Democrats versus the Democrats, or more specifically the Democrats versus Obama’s shadow government. You see, rather than retiring peacefully or ...Read More »

Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress? (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | These are very scary times we live in. During the first American Revolution, citizen journalist Thomas Paine would have said, “These are the times that try mens’ souls.” I wonder, how many of you out there have found yourself asking any of the following questions: Have you asked yourself the ...Read More »

Are you Outraged about the Refugee Crisis? (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | (The Real Agenda News) Where was that outrage when it all started? Where was your protest when the Obama administration chose to support terrorist groups – with money and weapons – in both Libya and Syria? Where were you, concerned citizen, when the Obama administration chose to support terrorists in Yemen? Where were all the ...Read More »

Will We See an “American Spring” 2017? We Better … (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | In 2011, a revolutionary wave of both violent and non-violent demonstrations, protests, riots, coups and civil wars arose seemingly independently of one another, and spread across the Arab world. Today, we know U.S. intelligence agencies (aka the “deep state”) were involved many of the uprisings. In some instances entire ...Read More »

Is the Obama Administration ... Fully Operational? (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | Incredible as it seems it is now widely reported that Barack Obama never left. That’s right. He is parking himself in Washington D.C. and will run an operation fully dedicated to sabotaging President Donald Trump as if the current deep state war to sabotage Trump is not enough. Of course one would be foolish to ...Read More »

Congress Moves to Stop Obama’s Coup Attempt Against Trump (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Back in June, Ted Nugent took to Facebook to go on an epic rant about Obama. In that rant he said the following: “He’s been groomed to fool the dumbing-down victims, the self-inflicted, dumbing-down victims of America…” “Nobody in their right mind, and I do mean correct-educated, conscientious, logical, ...Read More »

Sabotage: Obama Is Commanding An Army Of 30,000 Anti-Trump Activists From His Home 2 Miles From The White House

Obama Exposed |  | Throughout American history, most ex-presidents have chosen to move away from Washington D.C. once their terms have ended, and the vast majority of them have tried very hard not to interfere with their successors. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has opted for the exact opposite approach. His new home is less than two miles from the White ...Read More »

Drug Dealer Whose Sentence Obama Commuted Behind Bars Again Because…(VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Throughout his eight years in office, Barack Obama made a number of important decisions that that flew in the face of conventional American wisdom, including his handling of Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning post sex change, who was convicted on various violations of the Espionage Act, ...Read More »

Trump Drops HUGE Terror Bombshell While Democrats Keep Obstructing (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | The White House has just released a list to Fox News containing the names of 24 REFUGEES who came from the 7 COUNTRIES affected by Trump’s TRAVEL BAN, and have been charged with TERRORISM!!!!! This effectively exposes all of Obama’s intentional lies which he spewed in a desperate attempt ...Read More »

Secret Behind Obama’s First Stop at Married Gay Couples’ Home In CA (VIDEO)

Obama Exposed |  | By: The Voice of Reason | James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith posted this selfie when they were aboard Air Force One. “¡Viva la Purple Revolución!”  — Barack Hussein Obama’s new slogan Why does it matter that Barack Obama’s first stop after leaving the White House was to stay with a married ...Read More »

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