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Hidden Energy Inside Your Pocket Change (VIDEO)

You never realize how dependent you are to the grid until the lights go out for a long period of time. Although many of us have batteries and flashlights safely stored for a rainy day, there may be a time during an extended emergency where you run out of your battery stash and have to

Man Builds His Dream Mini-Home In Only Six Weeks For $9,000

Have you ever wanted to live in a home where you still felt like you were connected to nature and things were simple and pretty well off-grid? One man has done this in Thailand and it only cost him $9000 to do it. Steve Areen was offered some land on his friends mango farm to

Will Solar Panels Survive An EMP?

When in comes to all things solar, I am a novice.  I have a very basic set-up from Harbor Freight that is used for light duty power in my garage but other than that, I have a long way to go.  So when I was asked the question, “Will solar panels survive an EMP?” I

3 Uses For A Stationary Bike Has When The Grid Goes Down

Anyone who has had the *pleasure* of hand cranking anything can agree that there isn’t much pleasure in it. In an emergency that causes an off grid environment, having tools with a hand crank are very convenient to have around. That said, their downfall lies in the time aspect. Isn’t there a better way to

Convert A Washing Machine Motor To Create Free Energy (VIDEO)

In our consumption-based society, as soon as something is broken, we don’t think twice about tossing it to the curb and buying a new one. We do this without realizing the other uses these appliances or their parts could serve us in the future. Those of us preparing for a time when we have to

Update: Florida Woman Who Lives Off-Grid Forced To Connect To Public Water

Back in late 2013, Robin Speronis of Cape Coral, Florida, was threatened with losing her home because she lives off the grid. Robin does not have a refrigerator or an oven, and does not use electricity or running water. She gets her water from rain barrels, and uses a colloidal-silver generator to disinfect the rain

Sustainability And The Achievement Of Survivability

Survivability, defined as the ability to remain alive or continue to exist, is something that we, as Preppers, are attempting to achieve not only for ourselves, but for future generations.  I find this particularly poignant because I did not have children of my own.  You might say that making an effort to preserve our society

Is Self-Reliance A Threat To Society? (VIDEO)

For decades, Eustace Conway has lived an independent, sustainable life, building shelter for himself on his land, growing his own food, setting up outhouse facilities, composting, and allowing others to learn these methods first-hand so that we may once again have a populous versed in the healthy manner of primitive survival skills. After a preliminary

Six Ways To Get Ready For Going Off-Grid

Regardless of where you live, the possibility of a short-term power outage is likely at some point.  For most of us, this happens two or three times a year for a very short period, meaning a few hours on up to a few days. These short-term outages often become a big adventure. Talk to someone who

How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place

I was recently interviewed by a journalist for a local newspaper who was developing a story on the exponential rise of the “prepper lifestyle” in America, most especially in Western Montana.  Being an outsider to the Liberty Movement, she was naturally curious as to what motivated us to make what some in our culture would

12 Ways To Homestead In Place

If you read between the many lines here on Backdoor Survival, you will know that I daydream about becoming a homesteader.  I have collected books and eBooks on the topic and I am constantly talking to anyone who will listen about raising chickens for eggs and goats for milk.  Sadly, most of this dreaming is

The Congressman Who Went Off The Grid

When Roscoe Bartlett was in Congress, he latched onto a particularly apocalyptic issue, one almost no one else ever seemed to talk about: America’s dangerously vulnerable power grid. In speech after late-night speech on the House floor, Bartlett hectored the nearly empty chamber: If the United States doesn’t do something to protect the grid, and

Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind. And what better dream to have then to move your family outside of city limits to the countryside so that you can grow your own food, produce your own electricity with solar power, and live outside

New Generator Converts Heat And Solar Power Into Electricity

Drives an electric current "without moving mechanical parts". Through a process known as thermionic conversion, heat energy -- such as light from the sun or heat from burned fossil fuels -- can be converted into electricity with very high efficiency. Because of its promise, researchers have been trying for more than half a century to

Purifying Water The Chemical-Free Way

Clean drinking water is one of the most important issues we face every day…whether we are in an emergency situation or simply in every day life. We can go about 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water. People consider the issue of water purification primarily for emergency situations but any water you

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