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When It Hits The Fan Most Won’t Be Able To Take A Warm Shower… But Here’s How You Will. (VIDEO)

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | The lack of sanitation following major disasters can quickly escalate and create secondary problems in a post SHTF situation. If the water lines are damaged, or if damage is suspected, do not use the water. Having an alternative to indoor bathing would be advisable if you believe there are questionable water sources. Sanitation-Related Diseases are Common Following Disasters Keep ...Read More »

Fatwood: The Quick And The Tender (VIDEO)

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | When it comes down to it, you want your fires to start quickly and efficiently. Not using excessive fire starting materials (cardboard, paper, wood) can help you save these resources for another time. Fatwood is one of the most efficient ways to start a fire. The small bits of wood drip gooey sap into the ...Read More »

Why I Completely Changed My Family’s Long-Term Survival Plan

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | For the past five years, I’ve lived the prepper’s dream. I’ve lived on secluded acreage out in the boondocks, with a gate at the driveway to deter those who just wander past. I moved from the Canadian boondocks to the American boondocks (in foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California) and lived the life ...Read More »

Real Life Survival Story: How to Survive When the Grid Goes Down

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Often times, readers will ask me why I am such a stickler when it comes to preparedness. Well, folks, it’s because I’ve lived through extended off-grid events and I know first-hand how quickly supplies can be depleted, how infrastructure can be damaged and how a relatively peaceful community can quickly descend into chaos. If you ...Read More »

Medical Aspects of Camping and Other Tips You Need to Know About

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | As the weather begins to warm up, it is time to think about outdoor activities we can pursue not only for pleasure but to hone and practice our outdoor survival skills.  Speaking for myself, camping is high on my list of summer activities, including a first-time adventure using a tent. Most of us plan to ...Read More »

Why Low-Tech Prepping Is a Better Option for a Long-Term Grid-Down Scenario

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | With power outages crippling cities across the nation, the potential for a nasty solar flare, and geopolitical tensions, it might be time to revisit your long term power outage plan. This article from the archives explains why I won’t be investing in pricey generators or expensive equipment. Low-tech prepping is much more affordable and sustainable ...Read More »

Unplug From The Matrix And Escape The Grip Of Social Engineers

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | By: Daniel Taylor | Old-Thinker News – We have been slowly chained down in a kind of technological cave. The age in which we are living has enabled the potential for human isolation like no other time in history. And not just physical isolation. Our reality is increasingly controlled by people we have never seen or ...Read More »

25 Ways to Use Flour Sack Dishtowels Around the Home

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | One of the cornerstones of being prepared is to identify items that multitask and to embrace their use during normal times.  Doing so not only saves money but also saves storage space and eliminates having to choose which product or item to use for what. A good example is the common Mason jar.  Another is ...Read More »

Get 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life for Free

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Things tend to move fast and furious at times and at this moment, such is the case in Backdoor Survival Land. So what is happening?  I am in the process of getting settled at my mountain retreat in Payson, Arizona.  When a prepper moves, it is hectic! That being said, a couple of days ago I ...Read More »

How to Raise Meat Rabbits in Small Spaces

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Whether you are planning to survive disasters or simply want to be self-sufficient and less dependent on outside resources, raising your own meat animals is a smart choice. That said, raising farm animals can be tough for those who live in urban areas, small homes or apartments, or under the rule of restrictive homeowners associations. ...Read More »

Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Fish for Survival

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | When you think about being out in the woods, what do you envision as a staple meal? Do you see yourself sitting by the fire roasting some fresh venison on a spit? Maybe you live in an area with a great deal of waterfowl, and you can see yourself enjoying some roasted duck? What you ...Read More »

Homesteading Basics: How To Dehydrate Herbs for Long-Term Storage

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Herbs are one of the first plants we put in our garden. There is nothing like fresh culinary herbs to intensify the flavors of food. As well, herbs are hardy garden plants that don’t have to be watered as much as vegetables and can serve more than one purpose by being used as natural medicine. ...Read More »

4 Tools to Cut and Chop Wood for Survival

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | One of the basics of survival is having the ability to cut and chop wood.  It is wood that will fuel the fires that keep us warm, boil our water, and cook our food. It seems simple enough, right?  Grab your tool of choice, head outdoors and chop away.  Alas, if it were only that ...Read More »

18 Practical Ways to Use the Ashes from Your Fireplace

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Do you heat your house with wood? What to do with the ashes is a question for most. Obviously, you want to take great care to dispose of them in a way that won’t start a fire, but did you know that the ashes have all sorts of uses? Here’s an article from my good ...Read More »

How to Store Vegetables Without a Root Cellar

Off-Grid & Independent Living |  | Anyone who loves to garden, especially those who wish to be able to provide wholesome foods for themselves and their families and live independently enough to survive economic or natural disasters will need to know what to do with all of the surplus from the summer. It’s great to be able to eat vegetables right ...Read More »

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