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Their Population Control Agenda Is Working – The Birth Rate In the United States Has Fallen To Another All-Time Record Low

Overpopulation Myth |  | The elite have worked very hard to slow down birth rates all over the world, and their efforts appear to be working.  Just as we have witnessed in so many other countries, the birth rate in the United States continues to fall.  In fact, it just plunged to yet another new all-time record low.  So ...Read More »

Population Reduction through Vaccine Poisons (VIDEO)

Overpopulation Myth |  | Attitudes toward medical ailments and treatment vary widely, usually based upon the degree of trust in the type of health care practice that a patient believes to be the best healing method. The AMA is an advocacy association that promotes the validity of medical therapy heavily based upon manufactured designer drugs. The establishment corporatist scientists ...Read More »

6 Manufactured Problems That Are Behind 6 Major Globalist Agendas

Overpopulation Myth |  | Problem reaction solution, the Hegelian Dialectic is that process the globalist ruling class have chosen to use as the primary tool to constantly change society in the direction they want it to go. They manufacture a problem, focus on that problem, then sell the solution. The solution is always the very thing that drives their ...Read More »

Why Does The U.S. Government Have An ‘Office Of Population Affairs’?

Overpopulation Myth |  | Did you know that the federal government has an “Office of Population Affairs”?  I didn’t realize this either until someone sent me a link to their website.  The Office of Population Affairs operates under the umbrella of the Department of Health & Human Services, and it might as well be called “The Office of Population ...Read More »

Paradise Stolen - The Myth Of Overpopulation (VIDEO)

Overpopulation Myth |  | Part 1 of this series was a warning to children about a world that was stolen from them. It offered a stark condemnation to adults who continue to ignore the reality of the wicked ways in which government has used their money, both donated and extorted. Part 2 suggested that the innate practicality of small, ...Read More »

One-Child Policy Failure: China Considers Ending Forced Depopulation

Overpopulation Myth |  | (The Real Agenda) China is the role model to follow for global depopulation. Other countries follow with covert programs but no nation has been so clear about its hatred for humanity than the Asian giant. It seems that forced depopulation measures such as mandating how many children a woman is allowed to give birth to ...Read More »

Global Warming Is About Global Mass Genocide (VIDEO)

Overpopulation Myth |  | The environmentalist movement was created to impose the policies desired by the British Empire, typified by WWF founder, Prince Philip. His desire to kill off billions of people via global scares such as global warming are supported by lies, created to promote a fascist genocidal policy… in the name of environmentalism.” Followers of this movement may be well ...Read More »

The Eugenicists Finally Got Sterilants Added To The Drinking Water

Overpopulation Myth |  | By: Truthstream Media | Compulsory abortion. Under-the-skin birth control implants. Government authorized reproduction. A Planetary Regime to regulate the population and ration food and resources. A sterilant added to water supplies or food staples. The expansion of mandatory family planning and government enforced population restrictions. All of this and more is discussed frankly in the ...Read More »

Vatican Speaker On Climate Thinks There Are 6 Billion Too Many Of Us

Overpopulation Myth |  | By: Austin Ruse | Breitbart – One of the speakers slated for the Vatican rollout of the long-awaited Papal document on climate change once said the earth is overpopulated by at least 6 billion people. The teaching document, called an encyclical, is scheduled for release on June 18 at Vatican City. Perhaps with the exception of ...Read More »

EndGame (VIDEO)

Overpopulation Myth |  | *Note: This documentary is a few years old, but no doubt still applies to the plans of the New World Order. Please share with everyone you know. For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while ...Read More »

Japan's Population Dramatically Declined In 2013

Overpopulation Myth |  | Japan’s population declined by a record 244,000 people in 2013, according to health ministry estimates. The ministry said an estimated 1,031,000 babies were born last year – down some 6,000 from the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of people that died last year was 1,275,000 – a rise of around 19,000 from 2012. Japan’s population ...Read More »

Planet X - The Ultimate Tribulation

Overpopulation Myth |  | “In the Last Days there will be a Great Tribulation, Unequalled in all of World History. Unless those days are shortened, No one will survive.” Matthew 24:21-22 {Documentary Film at End in References} Many people suspect that some kind of “tribulation” is headed our way. Economic, political, or geological, are some of the best guesses. ...Read More »

The Pyramid of Our Society

Overpopulation Myth |  |   The intent of this article is to put in general terms what our fabricated society has been transformed into, how it happend and all of the nuts and bolts that are currently holding this system together. I won’t get into the details of each point I make, but I have included many links for easy ...Read More »

Codex Alimentarius: An Introduction to Soft Kill Eugenics

Overpopulation Myth |  | The world according to Codex Alimentarius looks grim indeed. Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code”) is a global set of standards created by the CA Commission, a body established by a branch or the United Nationsback in 1963. The CA Commission’s purported mission, like all Agenda 21 missions, sounds so wonderful that it might have ...Read More »

Population Control Advocacy Group: Humans Equal Locusts (VIDEOS)

Overpopulation Myth |  |   The UK based population control advocacy group, Population Matters felt compelled to respond to the latest controversy surrounding their patron David Attenborough, who recently stated humans are a “plague on the earth”. In a press release posted on its website, the organization expresses support for their beloved patron’s statements, concurring that mankind may be ...Read More »

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