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Financial Problems: The Most Likely Disaster to Strike Anyone

Preparedness |  | Preppers think about a lot of doomy, gloomy stuff about various types of apocalypses. After all, disaster is everywhere. We watch the spread of pandemics, like the pneumonic plague and Ebola. We prepare for hurricanes and wildfires. We keep our eye on events that could turn into episodes of civil unrest, watch the weather for pending snow storms, and have kits to see ...Read More »

Bugging Out and Bushcraft Skills: 7 Reasons Why You Need Them

Preparedness |  | By Conrad Novak, |  As a prepper, so much of our focus goes into the planning stages. This makes sense considering that the best way to deal with the unexpected is to develop a series of contingencies explicitly designed to deal with them. However, no plan will follow accordingly. As such, it requires an agility of ...Read More »

Some Things to Think About When Choosing Your First Handgun

Preparedness |  | Whenever I write about firearms, there are lots of technical questions. And because I’m no expert, I often turn to you, the readers, to help answer them. A member of our community volunteered to write a series to help folks who are choosing their first handgun. There are a lot of things to think about ...Read More »

In Just 5 Days Without Trucks, Chaos Would Erupt in America (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | Have you ever thought about how fast things could go sideways in America?  What if we went 5 days without trucks moving supplies across the country? Have you considered how JUST ONE THING could change the world as we know it? The video below has been around for several years, but if you haven’t seen it ...Read More »

50 Reasons Why Preppers Need Vinegar In Their Stockpiles

Preparedness |  | As preppers, if we stored a different product for each of our cleaning needs, we’d need a storage room the size of Costco to put it all in. That’s why I love vinegar. Vinegar is multi-purpose, non-toxic and inexpensive.  With the addition of a few drops of essential oil, it even smells good. There are ...Read More »

Survival Basics: 16 Ways To Conserve Water In Your Home

Preparedness |  | With the recent proliferation of water shortages caused by wonky weather patterns, finding ways to maximize the water we do have has become a focus of preppers near and far.  That said, in addition to knowing how to find, harvest, purify, and store water, it is important to develop a lifelong habit of conserving water. ...Read More »

This Is Your Wake-Up Call: How to Start Prepping

Preparedness |  | Out of all the years that I’ve been writing about prepping, this has been the year of the wake-up call. If one good thing has come from all the disasters, it’s the fact that many people have seen the light and learned a hard, firsthand lessons and want to start prepping. Hurricane Harvey taught people that ...Read More »

If You Don’t Know the Answers to These Questions, You Need to Work on Your Prepper Mindset

Preparedness |  | By Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition |  This article’s purpose is to provide you with a framework of ideas for self-assessment.  The piece is Part I of two parts.  It is one of the U.S. Army’s Principles of Leadership to know yourself and seek self-improvement.  This is rooted in a principle that goes back to the time of the ...Read More »

30 Frugal Living Tips: Small Changes That Result In Big Savings

Preparedness |  | People all over the globe are struggling right now to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.  In the United States and Canada, we’re watching many more people than we’ve seen in nearly a decade plunge into poverty due to our failing economy.  We’re losing jobs, paying higher expenses, and ...Read More »

It’s Time For A Personal Audit Of Your Frugal Living Budget

Preparedness |  | When is the last time you sat down and took a very close look at your budget? And by close, I mean an accounting of every single dime you spend, including that drive-thru coffee and the paperback you bought that you could have borrowed from the library. There’s no reason you shouldn’t run your home ...Read More »

5 Best Comebacks To Win Every Argument Against Prepping

Preparedness |  | Let’s face reality.  As much as we believe in family preparedness and prepping, the majority of our peers think we are nuts.  Although we would never tell them that they are the one’s that are nuts, we might possibly put up a good argument in favor of prepping. Prepping is insurance, right?  You know it ...Read More »

How To Survive When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Preparedness |  | Let’s talk about poverty. I don’t mean the kind you’re talking about when your friends invite you to go shopping or for a night out and you say, “No, I can’t. I’m poor right now.” I don’t mean the situation when you’d like to get a nicer car but decide you should just stick to ...Read More »

5 Boring (But Effective) Ways to Prep for an Economic Collapse

Preparedness |  | How do you survive an economic collapse? When you think about it, do pictures of Venezuela and Greece run through your head like a movie? Desperation, hunger, dirty faces…it’s like a third world country, right? It doesn’t start out like that. It ends like that. There are many years of downward spiral before you ever ...Read More »

What Is The Baseline Of Prepper Fitness?

Preparedness |  | Of the myriad of preparedness topics, one that is often shunned is that of prepper fitness.  It is easy to see why.  Fitness is hard work and with busy lives that border on frantic, we barely have time to go to work, do our chores, spend time with our families, then crash as our head ...Read More »

Healthy Emergency Food List For Beginning Preppers

Preparedness |  | In this day of paychecks that are stretched to the limit, it can be difficult to imagine taking on anything else that will cost money.   Despite that, if you are interested in preparedness, you know that it’s wise to have a food supply on hand that will see you through a basic emergency. I always ...Read More »

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