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How to Survive a Nuclear Strike

Preparedness |  | Learning what to do in the event of a nuclear strike just took on a whole new urgency now that Kim Jong Un just threatened to nuke the US. We don’t know if Kim Jong Un actually has the capability to nuke the United States, but we do know that little dictator in North Korea ...Read More »

The Importance of Comfort Items During Stressful Times

Preparedness |  | Lots of parents have horror stories about frantically trying to replace comfort items like a blanket or stuffed animal without their little ones noticing. Just having that familiar item can help children fall asleep, relax, and be a lot calmer in just about any situation. But comfort items aren’t just for toddlers. Sure, as adults ...Read More »

Why Your Carefully Calculated Prepper Food Supply May Not Be Enough (And What You Can Add)

Preparedness |  | We all prep for different future scenarios. Some of us worry about losing our jobs. Others live in drought-stricken areas and put extra food back to see them through the next lean time. Some believe war is coming…there are almost as many reasons for preparing as there are people actually doing the deed. But the ...Read More »

19 Ways To Re-Use Silica Gel

Preparedness |  | The packets of silica gel found in vitamin bottles, boxes of new shoes, and packages of some food are usually thrown away without a second thought. But these desiccants that absorb moisture can actually be re-used. Mother Nature Network offers the following ways to keep silica gels out of landfills a bit longer… Put packs in your ...Read More »

How to Raise Meat Rabbits in Small Spaces

Preparedness |  | Whether you are planning to survive disasters or simply want to be self-sufficient and less dependent on outside resources, raising your own meat animals is a smart choice. That said, raising farm animals can be tough for those who live in urban areas, small homes or apartments, or under the rule of restrictive homeowners associations. ...Read More »

Planet X - More Real than You Think (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | The last article I wrote, “Planet X in 2017 or 2022 ?”, I felt needed a bit more information and clarification. Thusly, you might consider this essay and the video presentation below Part 2 of the previous article. I have but a few really close friends. One is in Iceland, another other is in Israel. ...Read More »

10 Things You Can Do When You’re Just Too Busy To Prep

Preparedness |  | We all try to seek balance in our lives, but there are times when things just get a little bit out of control. Maybe you have a new baby. Maybe there is something major going on at work. You could have a sick family member, a big home project going on, the kids are involved ...Read More »

50 Years After the ‘Summer of Love’ - Prepare for the Summer of Hate (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | By: Stefan Verstappen, China Strategies |  Practical advice on how to stay safe during crime, violence, riots, and martial law. Recent events indicate that the hatred and violence, that has been simmering since the Trump win, will explode when the weather turns hot. Already we have seen dozens of riots where activists are chanting for ...Read More »

How to Prepare for A Pandemic

Preparedness |  | It seems like every time we turn around there is some deadly disease in the news. In recent years, there has been Ebola and the Avian influence A (H7N9) virus. There has also been MERS-CoV and many more. While these are epidemics of serious proportion, they are not yet pandemics, but they could be. The ...Read More »

Small Space Prepping: 25 Ideas for Stashing Your Stockpile

Preparedness |  | The biggest challenge in small space prepping is finding storage areas for your supplies. While I don’t recommend stacking food buckets to the ceiling in the living room where you receive visitors, there are all sorts of charming ways to hide preps in plain sight as part of your everyday decor. As well, just a few ...Read More »

6 Totally Insane Things That Will Happen If Our Power Grid Goes Down

Preparedness |  | By: Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition | Imagine if you will, what would happen if you pulled an American family from the 19th century, and plopped them in the middle of downtown Los Angeles during rush hour. They’re not given a warning, they’re not given any kind of primer on what they’re about to experience, and ...Read More »

The Prepared Home: 50 Essential Items to Put in Your Ultimate Survival Medical Kit

Preparedness |  | Would you have the supplies you needed to stop a severe bleed? Do you know what household items you could use if someone was suffering from dehydration? What will you do if someone in the home has shortness of breath? Short-term disasters can bring on a myriad of medical situations and they can occur very quickly. Because of ...Read More »

16 Reasons Why a Second Great Depression Will Be Different

Preparedness |  | It is no secret that prepper-types use the Great Depression as an example of what can and will happen when the stuff hits the fan.  We do this because the possibility of a national or even a global economic collapse is something we prepare for. Learning about life during the Great Depression has its value ...Read More »

Is Prepping a Monkey On Your Back?

Preparedness |  | At one time or another, every prepper on the planet has asked themselves whether they have taken things too far.  Has their passion for preparedness gone too far?  Has it taken over daily life in such a way that every trip to the store involves scouting out that perfect something for when the poop hits ...Read More »

6 Lessons to Learn from the Oroville Dam Disaster

Preparedness |  | Have you ever pictured what it would be like to be ordered to immediately evacuate your home because of an impending emergency? Imagine only having enough time to grab your pets and your children and head for the hills. While many believe there is adequate advanced notice in evacuations, this isn’t always the case. As many ...Read More »

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