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South Korean Preppers: Government Instructs Citizens How to Get Ready for War

Preparedness |  | The government of South Korea is making every effort to turn its citizens into a country of survivalists. With the ever-increasing threats from the North, South Korean preppers are becoming mainstream, instead of a quirky fringe element. Kim Jong Un fired yet another ballistic missile over Japan, spitting in the face of international pressure. It seems ...Read More »

Survivor Stories: All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Caribbean After Hurricane Irma (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | Preppers often wonder what it would be like if everything was destroyed in a disaster. After Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, it didn’t take long before society began to devolve. The stories of survivors tell us that here’s no food, no water, and armed looters are running amok. The island of Barbuda saw 90% of ...Read More »

September 23 - Just Another Day

Preparedness |  | As you are reading this on an “Alternative Media” website, then you probably have heard a bit of hype regarding September 23, 2017, as potentially being a day of religious “End Times” significance. On this day, the position of the stars, as seen from earth, appear in such a way that some believe it is a ...Read More »

Frugal Prepping: 30 Survival Items You Can Get At The Dollar Store

Preparedness |  | Preparing for disasters can be costly if you have to purchase everything at once. Many preparedness enthusiasts prefer the less stressful route in prepping a little at a time. That said, our monthly budgets sometimes do not allow for expensive, top of the line purchases. That’s when you have to get creative. When my family ...Read More »

30 Items Every Prepper Should Carry When Traveling

Preparedness |  | When taking a road trip, it is easy to throw a bug-out-bag and extra food and clothing into the trunk of your car but what if you are traveling by air?  Not only do you have those pesky baggage weight limits to deal with, but you also have the scrutiny and probing eyes (and sometimes ...Read More »

12 Skills For Preppers That Money Just Can’t Buy

Preparedness |  | There comes a time when every prepper finally says, “Enough with all of the food and enough with all of the gear!”  After years of seeking out the best stuff at the best prices, creating a stockpile, and purchasing equipment, you just might want to stop – at least for awhile – and focus on ...Read More »

How To Kill Thousands Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard Every Night (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | By: Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition |  When mosquitoes become a problem, most people reach for time tested solutions. They spray themselves with chemicals, or they bundle up in long sleeve shirts and pants. They set up glue traps and electric fly zappers. Or perhaps they look for the source of the mosquitoes, such as nearby puddles ...Read More »

The Essential Guide to Preparing for a Hurricane

Preparedness |  | When a disaster draws near, suddenly, preppers don’t seem quite so crazy anymore. UPDATE: Here’s a list of cities and counties that are under evacuation orders. However, many places are completely out of fuel and stores are out of drinking water. If you are stuck there and can’t purchase water, begin filling ALL of your containers ...Read More »

Should You Eat Roadkill? 8 Important Rules To Consider First

Preparedness |  | If the thought of preparing dinner from a dead animal found in the road makes you squeamish, join the club.  I personally find the thought revolting but then again, I have a robust pantry full of food for both the short and the long term, and currently do not feel compelled to eat roadkill of any ...Read More »

20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America

Preparedness |  | The division in America has become so dramatic over the past year that many people can only foresee it heading one place: Civil War. There’s a pronounced uptick in violence and protests (often going hand in hand.) Free speech is being crushed by the opposition with the mere threat of violent responses. Statues and memorials ...Read More »

Want to Be Better Prepared? Find Some Prepper Friends

Preparedness |  | We’ve all heard about Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker and business philosopher who said that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. This relates to so much more than business success. If you are a person who is striving to be better prepared, it applies to you too. With this ...Read More »

How to Build a Low-Carb Prepper Stockpile

Preparedness |  | Does your health require a diet that is low in sugar and carbohydrates but high in protein? If that’s the case, you may have found that building a low-carb prepper stockpile is pretty difficult. After all, “beans and rice” is the prepper standby. And those buckets of food? Forget it if you’re watching carbs. The ...Read More »

How to Radically Reduce Your Expenses So You Can Change Your Life

Preparedness |  | How often do you hear people talk about how they would live their dreams if they only had a bit more money? People always dream about… quitting the jobs they hate starting a business moving to a remote cabin in the woods staying home with the kids being completely debt-free having a little homestead and ...Read More »

Survival Food: How To Catch A Fish Without A Hook (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | In a survival situation, your energy output will play a big part in how successful you are at living in a primitive setting. As well, your ability to adapt to the situation at hand is also a necessary mindset to have when left to your own devices. Your first concern in surviving outdoors is shelter ...Read More »

How To Seek The Truth And Avoid Clickbait

Preparedness |  | More than once I have shared my angst about the sensationalist format of many websites.  These sites use catchy photos that have nothing to do with the article, pop-up reminders that come right back after clicking them closed, and/or fear-mongering headlines that use scare tactics to persuade you to purchase an overpriced, marginally useful video ...Read More »

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