What You Need to Know About Colds, Flu and Respiratory Infections

How much do you really know about the treatment of colds and flu?  Even in normal times, it is easy to be confused by viral versus bacterial infections, and sorting out which is which when we get sick.  This gets further compounded following a disruptive event when physicians and pharmacies are not available to assist ...Read More »

Thriving When It Counts: How To Use Bug Infested Food (VIDEO)

It is a fact that bugs in all of their life cycles can be harmful to your stored food sources. They are one of the true enemies of your food supply and can usually be avoided by properly storing food for long-term use. But there are times when they find a way to penetrate your ...Read More »

Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?

Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  There are tens of millions of ordinary Americans that are feeling really good about the future now that Donald Trump has won the election, but meanwhile the elite are feverishly constructing luxury bunkers at a pace unlike anything we have ever seen before.  So ...Read More »

5 Lifesaving Security Measures to Secure Your Home From Burglaries

Many believe burglaries are crimes that occur out of desperation, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, the motivation that drives many criminals is simply opportunity. Such is the case for why home break-ins occur around Christmas time while homeowners are away at work. All a criminal needs to do is make a quick ...Read More »

Giver or Taker: What Will You Do With The Unprepared?

As much as I wish it were not true, I do believe that within my lifetime, our society will reach a SHTF situation.  The nature and shape of this event is unknown to me but on some level, I dread the thought of the societal chaos that will occur, for better or for worse. Now ...Read More »

The Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech To Prep For An EMP

This might be stating the obvious, but in the event of an EMP, things will not be the same, no matter how great your generator is. Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media wrote an excellent article about the extreme likelihood of a catastrophic event that could take out our power grid: Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul ...Read More »

8 Essential Oils For Your First Aid Kit

As much as I like to try new things when it comes essential oils, I tend to go back to the same oils, day in and day out.  This is surprising since my EO drawer is overflowing with over fifty different oils.  I consider this good news since, as a prepper, there is only so ...Read More »

10 Skills That Urban Preppers Should Learn

Skills are a major part of prepping. Although it is important to have supplies in place; the belief is that skills, and not supplies, will give you a greater survival advantage during a long term emergency. Learning new survival skills and abilities creates a new platform of knowledge to draw on when times get tough. ...Read More »

Survival Skills: How To Find Water In The Wild

Our life depends on having clean water to drink. Knowing ways to find water in the wild will especially be helpful if you are in a bug out situation, or if you happen to lose your way in the woods. The first thing you should do if you are in the wilderness is find a water ...Read More »

City Farming with Backyard Quail – An Alternative to Raising Chickens

Some time ago, I shared some information about raising livestock.  Although it was a bit tongue in cheek, the serious part of it all was that if given the room, it would be wonderful to have a small flock of chickens that could provide fresh eggs for consumption.  That plus chicken meat, of course. A ...Read More »

How To Sharpen Razor Blades For The Long Term

These days I have been doing a lot of thinking about my daily hygiene and beauty routine as it relates to a long term survival situation.  I don’t want to appear frivolous but for me, feeling clean and looking nice are an important part of feeling good about myself in general.  I do not think ...Read More »

11 Things To Do When You Must Hunker Down in Place

Can you even begin to imagine combining boredom with stress?  If you have ever been in that situation, you will know what it is like to be antsy, grouchy, depressed, and useless all at the same time.  Who has not been there and done that? As simple as it sounds, as part of your preparedness ...Read More »

6 Questions Preppers Needs to Ask and Answer

Today I am going to challenge all preppers, new or experienced, to take and hour or so to think about “the plan”.  I will do this by asking a few questions. Every once in a while, it is important to take a back seat to the process of prepping and do a little planning.  I ...Read More »

Propane For Preppers – Part One

Having sufficient fuel for cooking and heat following an emergency is always an concern for preppers.  If you are lucky, you live in a wooded area and have access to a wood burning stove as well as plenty of wood to feed the fire.  Most of us, though, turn to propane as our primary source ...Read More »

One Man’s Perspective From Living Off Grid

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to chuck it all, give up the job, abandon suburbia, and become totally self-sufficient by living off of the land?  Back in the late sixties and early seventies, folks with that mindset were sometimes called hippies. The reality is that some were ...Read More »

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