World Governments Are Warning Countries To Prepare For Disaster, Including U.S. (VIDEO)

From Russia to Germany to America, countries all across the globe are receiving warnings from those in places of power to prepare for disaster. For the past few years  world governments and globalists have been stocking food, water, ammo, and the like. Some have even moved and purchased bunkers in countries like New Zealand. The ...Read More »

A Disturbing Series Of Events: Governments Around The World Seem To Be Preparing For War

Remember how a couple of days ago the German government advised its citizens to start stockpiling food and water? Well, today they have announced that they are considering reintroducing conscription…the draft, to ‘help with any future disaster’. And Germany isn’t alone. There are increasing hints in countries around the world that something big is on ...Read More »

How To Seal Food In Mylar Bags

One of the very first things I learned to do when I started to prep was seal food in Mylar bags.  As simple as this sounds, you would not believe the gyrations I went through to make this happen.  Holy moly, I used plastic tubing, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, a yardstick, a straw, and iron ...Read More »

Hacks, Lies And Censorship Of The Non-PC

Survival Saturday is  a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News This week on Survival Saturday, we’ll discuss the latest hacks, the latest lies from the mainstream, and the censorship of the non-politically correct voices. Remember the Ministry of Truth in 1984, the classic ...Read More »

30 Signs That You’re One Of Those “Crazy Preppers”

With all the talk about “Doomsday Preppers” and the demonization in the media, you have to be aware that you’re considered a little….different. The fact that you are self-reliant is such an oddity to most that, frankly, they find you to be either nuts, a little bit scary, or both. According to the US government, ...Read More »

Germany Warns of Impending Catastrophe (VIDEO)

Last week I reported how the United States government, through “Executive Orders”, is preparing for a national emergency. This week it is Germany who is preparing for the same. In a Reuters “news” wire bulletin, it was reported a few days ago, that the German government has asked all of their citizens to prepare for ...Read More »

25 Must Have Items For Your Survival Hygiene Kit

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hygiene as: “Conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.” During or following a disruptive event, life will be tough enough without having to worry about maintaining health and preventing disease.  Why then, do I find the topic of a survival hygiene kit taking a ...Read More »

44 Fantastic Uses Of Paracord For Prepping And Survival

My love affair with paracord continues.  Not only is it strong and useful for a myriad of tasks, it is colorful and fun to work with while making bracelets, key fobs, belts and other goodies. I am not the only one that feels this way. Simply enter the term “paracord” into a search engine and ...Read More »

Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency?

One day in the not too distant future, a major emergency will strike this nation, and that will set off a round of hoarding unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Just think about what happens when a big winter storm or a hurricane is about to hit one of our major cities – inevitably ...Read More »

Why Is The German Government Telling People To Stockpile Food, Water And Cash?

The government of Germany is advising citizens to get prepped. Increased terror attacks from refugees have put the country on high alert, and a new “Concept for Civil Defense” will be presented on Wednesday. Generally speaking, the more dependent a citizenry is, the easier they are to control. In my book, The Pantry Primer, I wrote ...Read More »

Raising Competent Kids In An Incompetent World

It’s probably no surprise that the young people of today aren’t particularly independent.  Not only does the “education” system take great pains to mold them into follow-the-herd, terrified automatons, society in general doesn’t force them to do much for themselves either. My oldest daughter recently came home for summer vacation and we discussed her first year ...Read More »

Is Civil Unrest Coming To Suburbia? Rest Assured, The Media Will Lie About It

Many people watching Milwaukee burn on the news from the safety of their homes in the suburbs feel immune. It seems like this only happens in big cities, right?  “These people are burning down their own neighborhoods, how ridiculous,” observers say. They feel safe in their belief that the issue is merely a war on ...Read More »

United States Of Propaganda

Survival Saturday is  a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News This week, Survival Saturday discusses the Propaganda State in which we live. The dictionary definition of propaganda is: ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order ...Read More »

Beyond Prepping: 72 Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

Every once in awhile, I come across something that is perfect just the way it is.  It could be a list, a concept, or simply an essay on a topic that brings understanding and meaning to life. Today’s article needs no adornment.  It is a list of ideas that you can embrace to simplify your ...Read More »

Urban And Suburban Preppers: The Forgotten Majority (VIDEO)

Have you ever noticed that most Americans live in cities are large towns, but most of the information out there for preppers relies on a plan that will only work in a rural environment? While books like Strategic Relocation (also available as a documentary) and this one listing the 5 best bug out locations in the ...Read More »

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