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The Care And Feeding Of Pressure Canners

A pressure canner can be a prepper’s best friend, especially if there is access to home grown fruits and veggies, or a local farm community that will sell you “less than pretty” items for a song.  On the other hand, mention the phrase “pressure canning” to someone who has never canned  and they will start ...Read More »

Earth Changes In 2016? How To Get Prepared For The Coming Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions

All over the world seismic activity is increasing.  In recent weeks we have seen a dramatic earthquake in Ecuador, more than 600 earthquakes have experts extremely alarmed about what is happening to Japan’s southern Island, and 37 volcanoes around the planet are erupting right now.  Most of the large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that we ...Read More »

Scientists Prep American Northwest For Tsunamis And Earthquakes (VIDEO)

We’re a Ticking Time Bomb. Are You Prepared? Like many things here in America a massive tsunami event is long overdue. They are said to occur every 400-600 years and we’re long past the 600 mark. States such as California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska have summoned scientists from the Seismological Society of America, to meet ...Read More »

Nine Reasons Why Adult Coloring is Important to Preppers

Six months ago, I discovered adult coloring quite by accident. It all happened as part of the daily haunt seeking out quality eBooks being offered for free on Amazon, I kept running into adult coloring book titles in the top ten ranking of all non-fiction books.  What was this?  Something new?  I had to check ...Read More »

Survival Saturday: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Today on Survival Saturday, we have a series of stories that could  all be headlined, “What could possibly go wrong?” Do you remember the reality show by that name, where a couple of guys apply science and logic to ill-conceived ideas and explain exactly what could go wrong when you power  a skateboard with homemade ...Read More »

Preachers That Are Saying It Is ‘Anti-Christian’ To Get Prepared Are Being Exceedingly Irresponsible

Is it “anti-faith” to prepare for the very hard times that are coming?  You would be surprised at how many Christians believe that this is true.  Recently, I have been reading a number of articles by Christian leaders that take the position that Christians should not be preppers, and not too long ago I watched ...Read More »

Survival Basics: 12 Tips For Families With Children

As someone who is well past child-bearing age, I often tend to overlook the importance of addressing survival and preparedness strategies for families with young children. That being said, when it comes to children, three words come to mind:  safety, security, and comfort. As adults, I believe it is our duty to introduce children to ...Read More »

Survival Saturday: Income Tax Is Robbery, Socialism Is Robbery…It’s ALL Robbery

This week’s Survival Saturday news discusses robbery. Merriam-Webster says: robbery noun rob·bery the unlawful taking away of personal property from a person by violence or by threat of violence that causes fear :  larceny from the person or immediate presence of another by violence or threat of violence and with intent to steal Let’s relate that ...Read More »

Everything We Need To Know About Survival, We Can Learn From A Missing Cat

Remember how I told you that the day we moved, our beloved kitty escaped out a window into the forest and our missing cat was never heard from again? Well guess what? Our lost cat is now HOME! How the Misadventure Began Sylvester has always been a skittish cat. We got him when he was ...Read More »

Beyond SHTF: How To Keep Your Home Safe From Fire

A couple of weeks ago one of my blogging colleagues lost everything she owned in a house fire.  Fortunately, the entire family, including the family pets, got out safely but everything they owned was gone. Can you imagine this happening to you?  In a flash, you could potentially be homeless and have to deal with ...Read More »

Economic Collapse? Fed Issues An Ominous Warning To JPMorgan Chase And Leaders Flock To Secret Meetings

Tick. Tock. Do you hear that? It’s the clock on the time bomb, and it appears to be ticking relentlessly toward our economic collapse. It seems like every day, there is a new threat to the financial well-being of the disappearing middle class in America. Of course, less affected are the members of Congress and ...Read More »

Survival Basics: Understanding and Making Your Own Desiccants

In 2013 when I first wrote about desiccants, the context surrounding the use of desiccants was a mystery to me.  I knew that little pillows of gel were frequently packaged with with electronic gizmos, new shoes, pill bottles and even clothing purchased over the internet.  I also knew that  many articles, books and websites with ...Read More »

What Happens When The Lights Go Out For Good?

Have you put some thought into what would happen if your world went dark for a week?  I mean really thought about it, starting with day one and going out a week, a month or even longer? I don’t know about you, but when I first started prepping, I heeded the warnings from NASA and ...Read More »

A Propane Primer For Prepping And Survival

Call it serendipity if you will but a couple of months ago when I was contacted by Chris Newman, developer of the InstaBed Cubic Garden System, I had no idea that I was about to meet and get to know a really smart guy with MacGyver like skills and knowledge in all aspects of prepping ...Read More »

Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?

The elite are fleeing major cities around the globe at a staggering rate. In fact, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that approximately 3,000 millionaires left the city of Chicago alone during 2015. The same study discussed in that Chicago Tribune article found that 7,000 millionaires left Paris, France last year. So why is this happening? ...Read More »

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