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Why (And How) EVERYONE Should Make a Survival Shelter Plan (+ Printable Checklist)

Preparedness |  | The false alarm in Hawaii should be an enormous wake-up call. It should inspire everyone, everywhere to make a survival shelter plan. While people who panicked are busy pointing fingers at the person who allegedly “hit the wrong button” and sent out a message warning of an incoming missile and to seek immediate shelter, where ...Read More »

The Swedish Government Is Warning Citizens to Be Prepared for at Least a Week Without Help (VIDEO)

Preparedness |  | The Swedish government is warning its citizens to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week,  which is unusual advice for Sweden to dispense. Is there trouble on the horizon? Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called “Resilience.” Initially, the requirement had been for people to be ...Read More »

How to Get More Fruits and Vegetables in Your Prepper Stockpile

Preparedness |  | Most people who are working hard to eat well consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. One of the biggest issues folks are noticing with the Stockpile Challenge is getting enough produce in their diets. It can be a major challenge when living from your stockpiled foods to get enough fruits and vegetables.  This is dangerous because, ...Read More »

Stockpile Challenge 2018: Week 1 Check-in

Preparedness |  | We’re at the end of week 1 for the Stockpile Challenge, 2018! For this week’s check-in, I want to dispel some myths about the challenge and share with you some of the observations people have made. Stockpile Challenge Myths Here are a few things I addressed in the Facebook group but figured that people not in the ...Read More »

The Flu Survival Guide: Kitchen Remedies and Natural Strategies to Battle the Bug

Preparedness |  | If you are a flu shot avoider, like I am, you probably aren’t crazy about the drug store flu remedies. Here’s a flu survival guide loaded with natural strategies and kitchen remedies in case one or more of your family members gets sick. Despite your best efforts at prevention, sometimes the flu just happens.  If you ...Read More »

Selco: How to Stay Warm During a Long-Term SHTF Situation

Preparedness |  | As America is dealing with a record-breaking cold snap and a weird storm hitting the East Coast, some folks are having to handle the whole thing with the power out also. But we all know that at least this time, our situation is temporary. Most of us have power, and those who don’t will have it ...Read More »

Why I Make New Year’s Resolutions Every Year (and How I Keep Them)

Preparedness |  | It seems like there’s a backlash this year against New Year’s resolutions. It’s very true that many people make these vows and then slip back into their wicked ways within the first week of the year. But…it doesn’t have to be like that. I think that the first day of the year is a perfect ...Read More »

Are You as Ready as You Think? Join the 2018 Stockpile Challenge

Preparedness |  | Have you ever wondered how well-stocked you really are? How would life be if you couldn’t go to the store for a month?  How long would your food supplies last? Of course, you have – if you’re reading this and considering it, you’re a prepper. I have a challenge for you this month and if ...Read More »

What to Eat When You’re Broke

Preparedness |  | The lower your income is, the more difficult it is to be particular about what you feed your family. This probably isn’t an earth-shattering revelation to anyone, but if you feel like experimenting, try to buy a week’s worth of healthy food for a family on a budget of, say, $50-75.  Food manufacturers that target lower-income ...Read More »

Winter Survival: Practical Preps for an Emergency Bug Out

Preparedness |  | By: Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition |  “I got to, got to, got to, get away…turn me loose, baby.” –  Jimi Hendrix, “Stone Free” Yes, ReadyNutrition guys and gals, there comes a time when you just “got to get away,” so to speak.  This doesn’t mean to the sands of (what used to be) St. Bart’s.  This means ...Read More »

Emergency Water For Preppers: Resources You Need To Know About

Preparedness |  | The focus has been emergency water, that most vital but often under-appreciated prep. During this time, I have highlighted various aspects of water preparedness, including storage, acquisition, and purification.  These recent articles, coupled with those that have been posted in the past, bring to you a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to be water-prepped, ...Read More »

101 Easy Ways to Prep Every Day

Preparedness |  | Do you prep every day? A lot of people have the wrong idea about the preparedness lifestyle. They think it’s all big things, like digging a bunker, buying a year’s worth of food at a time, having an arsenal, or moving to an off-grid retreat in the mountains where you will live in conditions so ...Read More »

Here’s How You’ll Die When The SHTF (And How To Prevent Your Untimely Demise)

Preparedness |  | When it hits the fan…I mean REALLY hits the fan in a permanent kind of way, the most likely outcome is death. That’s not pretty, and I’m well aware of it. I always try to be positive and optimistic, because for me, preparedness is the ultimate act of optimism, but sometimes we have to look ...Read More »

What Life Is Like for a Million People in Puerto Rico Who STILL Don’t Have Power

Preparedness |  | If you ever wondered what it would look like if the grid collapsed here on the mainland, the island of Puerto Rico is a tragic, real-life case study. These stories show us what life is like for more than a million people who STILL don’t have power and running water nearly 3 months after Hurricanes ...Read More »

The Reader’s Choice Survival and Preparedness Library

Preparedness |  | Last week, I showed you the list of my personal favorite preparedness books and asked you for your favorites. Many of these, I hadn’t heard of, while others, I just hadn’t read or overlooked. But what we have here is an amazing list of books to add to your survival and preparedness library. For some, I was ...Read More »

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