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Damn "Healthers"- Liberal Media Spins Out New Name To Mock Anyone Questioning Hillary's Health

In what should come as no surprise to anyone the mainstream media particularly the liberal media known to strongly back CFR criminal Hillary Clinton is now officially categorizing any and all criticism of Hillary as “conspiracies”. Whether it’s her obvious health problems, the coughing, the disoriented looks, inability to go up the stairs by herself ...Read More »

Ministry Of Truth- New Weekly News Quiz Takes Western Propaganda To New Levels

Now that the US Western empire has taken off the propaganda gloves and is going all out to demonize anyone who stands in the way of its PNAC-Neocon global domination (including seven countries in five years) plan by labeling the sovereign nations of Syria, Iran and Russia as the new “axis of evil” for destroying ...Read More »

Zika Psyop Update- Backdrop For Coming Hysteria Solidifying, "First Reported" Sexual Transmission!

The fresh new Zika virus psyop campaign is just warming up for a late summer or fall season party as I indicated in my last article on this topic. It appears we are clearly headed for a season of Zika virus scaremongering and everyone should brace for this so we can expose this script in ...Read More »

When Alex Jones Got ‘Pozner’d’ (VIDEO)

Probing Alt Media’s Most Prominent Limited Hangout. On February 12 2015 alternative media personality Alex Jones mused how Lenny Pozner might have been behind an elaborate plan to “shut down” his alternative news outlet’s YouTube channels. Jones vigorously advocated for free speech, arguing that Pozner was using copyright as a means to undermine his organization’s (overall ...Read More »

NYT Insinuates Trump Wants Hillary Assassinated

  Times anti-Trump presstitution reached a new low with an August 9 article, editorial and commentary – stuff Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to affix his name to. Its propaganda turned truth on its head, suggesting Trump wants “gun rights supporters…tak(ing) matters into their own hands” by assassinating Clinton if she prevails in November. What ...Read More »

Business Of Global Warming Fraud

The Global Warming establishment is NOT a business. All the tentacles that suck up public money to finance crony collectivism are based upon government subsidies and artificially higher consumer prices. The absurd lunacy that economic growth and productive jobs can be created with the underlying premise of the “so called” industrial model is based upon ...Read More »

Sandy Hook Elementary Slated For Grand Reopening – Critics Decry Event (VIDEO)

Unanswered Questions, Skepticism Remains “When are they planning to have a hoax shooting at this one?” CNN / Hartford Courant On July 27 the Hartford Courant announced that “[t]he new Sandy Hook Elementary School will be opened to media and Newtown residents … nearly four years after the mass shooting at the school.” The lavish facility ...Read More »

Is Mainstream Media Cooking Up A Fresh New Zika Virus Psyop Scare For This Fall?

There are many tools that the Western cabal resorts to in order to deceive and enslave us as the year goes by. The list is endless and we all know many of these items. Terrorism, ISIS, global warming, scarcity, rumors of WW3, claims that China, Russia or North Korea is the boogie monster or Iran ...Read More »

With DNC Wrapped FBI Director Suddenly Declares "Success Against ISIS Means ... MORE Terror"

The now wrapped Democratic National Convention proved to be an ugly circus of lies, deceit, betrayal, censorship, issue-dodging, finger-pointing, name-calling, propaganda, fake speeches, snappy quotes and cliques, you name it. It was an ugly moment in American history of course. Anyone paying attention and anyone who sees what I see knows we are watching history ...Read More »

Media Big Lies About ISIS Persist

  Instead of explaining ISIS is a US creation, its fighters used as imperial foot soldiers doing America’s killing and dying for it, media scoundrels maintain the myth of Washington combating a scourge it supports. Without active foreign backing, ISIS and other terrorist organizations couldn’t exist. They’d wither, fade and disappear. Washington and its rogue ...Read More »

Sandy Hook Crooks Steal School + Pimp Hillary (VIDEO)

HOW do Sandy Hook crooks STILL get away with it?? Sandy Hook (SCAM) going strong, 4 years later! This week, Newtown frauds opened the new STOLEN Sandy Hook Elementary School. It cost $50 MILLION (7 times more than a typical public school) — obtained by fraud! Also, at the 2016 DNC Convention, watch Bloomberg and Newtown “victims” ...Read More »

DNC Day 2 Psyop Tactics Exposed: Give Sanders "Larger Roll", Sell Compelling "Stories"

We are watching as a criminal empire attempts to artificially insert their dictator into power and this is a historic opportunity for humanity to see every step of the way how they are doing it. So let’s not miss out on this unique opportunity made possible due to modern day technology and the advent of ...Read More »

13 Important Elements To Look For In Every Staged Shooting Event (VIDEO)

People who don’t trust government, those who think on their own and tend to question what they hear by now are all becoming experts at identifying false flag staged events. With so many recent staged psyop events in the news lately many of us are getting a lot of practice at this. But have you ...Read More »

Fox News Ratings Based Upon Newspeak

Political conservatives with a high degree of business savvy are able to see through the facade which Fox News has become. The recent orchestration of the Republican presidential debate was a huge ratings success hitting a record 24 million viewers. The early debate gained 6.1 million eyeballs. The contrast between the two venues could not ...Read More »

These 7 Realities Remain True No Matter How Many Psyop Shootings Take Place

Note to the ruling elite and the masses who believe their staged news and propaganda. In fact, note to all humans including those who don’t believe mainstream media news. Whether you are brainwashed with government controlled news and propaganda or a genuine truth seeker or researcher who perhaps may be falling for an occasional staged ...Read More »

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