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More Proof Astronauts Never Went to the Moon (Videos)

Propaganda |  | -The Lethal Radiation Surrounding Earth-   Click on the -Two- Videos Below –Brother Bart- Thank you for your kind support. Donate Sponsor-Shop on Amazon by clicking on the Button below (And Save to Your Browser for Future Use) References Sibrel’s Detailed Article on the Moon Landing Fraud A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ...Read More »

Suspending ABC News Reporter Brian Ross Over Misreporting?

Propaganda |  | Suspending him had nothing to do with falsifying a report on Trump and Michael Flynn, everything to do with getting caught red-handed, causing a furor at the same time – the network uncomfortable about making news about its fake news reporting. All Western media operate the same way – disinformation, Big Lies and fake news ...Read More »

Russia Owns Trump?

Propaganda |  | It’s hard keeping track of everything Russia is falsely accused of. Claims include nonexistent aggression in Ukraine, meddling in America’s election, affecting the Brexit vote, the one supporting Catalan independence – plus a whole lot more, none of it credible, all of it made up rubbish. Russiagate is like global tides, no way to stop ...Read More »

Is US Naked Aggression on Russia Inevitable?

Propaganda |  | Things seem heading inexorably in this direction, another step taken last Monday – along with a major body blow to fundamental freedoms. Facing arrest of its leadership, an asset freeze, and likely closure of its operations, RT America was forced by the Justice Department to register as a foreign agent under the US Foreign Agents ...Read More »

Blood is Not Always Thicker Than Water: Why Some Family Members Shouldn’t Be Considered for the Prepper Group

Propaganda |  |   By Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition |  This article will be a sensitive subject and a sore spot for many readers.  This piece is designed to provide “food for thought” for a difficult question that will arise for every family during their preparations.  I state emphatically that it will arise.  So many times, in our studies and preparations ...Read More »

The Character Assassination of Roy Moore

Propaganda |  | The latest example of the outright fabrication of factual reality puts Judge Roy Moore directly in the gun sights of the District of Criminal Swamp. The premier presstitute of fake news, the Washington Compost has manifested their obvious political ideological bias based upon a deep seeded disdain for truth and fair play. The enormous pile ...Read More »

NASA Engineer's Forgotten Admission (VIDEO)

Propaganda |  | Genius German moon rocket designer, Wernher von Braun, had this to say about the mathematical facts required to reach the moon in his forgotten published book “Voyage to the Moon” . . . “It is commonly (and falsely) believed that men will fly directly from the Earth to the moon, but to do this we ...Read More »

US Hitting ISIS “Ten Times Harder?” A Big Lie!

Propaganda |  | In response to Tuesday’s violent Manhattan incident, causing multiple deaths and injuries, a possible false flag, Trump lied claiming US forces responded by hitting ISIS “10 times harder,” adding: “They will pay a big price for every attack on us!” He lied. America created and supports ISIS. It doesn’t strike its imperial foot soldiers. No ...Read More »

Fake CIA Documents Linking Iran to Al-Qaeda

Propaganda |  | Iran fundamentally opposes ISIS, al-Qaeda and other US-created terrorist groups. It’s aiding Syria, Hezbollah and Russia combat them. The notion of an Iranian/al-Qaeda link is absurd on its face, a CIA scheme to give Trump (fake) ammunition to abandon the JCPOA nuclear deal, along with perhaps a pretext to wage war on the country – ...Read More »

All Out Warfare On Political Correctness

Propaganda |  | The bastion of Totalitarian Collectivism is based upon a culture of political correctness. Before authoritarians impose their rigid formulas for shaping and defining a false reality, the ground needs to be prepared for molding public opinion. The details and narrative of mind control works best when people have already adopted an urbanity of collective singularity. ...Read More »

Eyewitnesses Accounts Contradict Media’s LAS VEGAS Narrative! (VIDEO)

Propaganda |  | “And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” (Jeremiah 11:9) I have a couple questions for you to preface this week’s column. Who is Leon Czolgosz? Who is Charles J. Guiteau? The answer: Leon Czolgosz was President McKinley’s assassin. And Charles J. ...Read More »

How to Succeed in Western Media Without Really Trying

Propaganda |  | Most important is loyalty to monied interests, war-profiteers, and the imperial state – serving as their press agents, abandoning fundamental journalistic principles, learning how to lie well, along with leaving honesty and integrity at home when heading for work. Julian Assange offered his own recommended strategy for success. It’s simple, he said. Blame Russia for ...Read More »

Media Attacks Republican Candidate For Congress For Asking Hard Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting

Propaganda |  | I didn’t expect that I would be getting “the Trump treatment” this early in the campaign.  Last week, I wrote an article about the Las Vegas shooting that posed 16 questions that I did not feel were being addressed by the mainstream media adequately enough.  That article was picked up by Zero Hedge, and it has now ...Read More »

Columbus Day Honors a Genocidist

Propaganda |  |   Columbus Day was commemorated on Monday. The US federal holiday should have been abandoned long ago. It never should have been established in the first place. The arrival of Columbus in what’s now the Bahamas and Hispaniola was followed by the mass slaughter of around 100 million native people – the most horrific genocide ...Read More »

Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

Propaganda |  | The Las Vegas false flag mass shooting that occurred on the night of October 1st, 2017, is without doubt another false flag operation. The clues are everywhere, the official narrative is full of holes and the event fits the pattern of the false flag formula we have to come to know. We have another patsy who is a highly ...Read More »

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