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Will There Be War On The Streets Of Washington D.C. During The Inauguration On Friday?

Protestors & Activists |  | The stage is set for a potentially very ugly confrontation between radical leftist protesters on one side and law enforcement authorities and Trump supporters on the other side.  It is being estimated that hundreds of thousands of supporters will be arriving in D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump, but it is also being ...Read More »

Anti-Trump Group Plans to Use a Chemical Weapon to Disrupt Inauguration Event (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | This one is for all of the people who say, “Oh, the anti-Trump protesters are just exercising their First Amendment rights.” Sorry, folks, but deploying butyric acid during an inauguration event is NOT covered by 1A. Butyric acid is the main distinctive smell of human vomit. It is the main ingredient in “stink bombs” but in ...Read More »

Radical Left To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

Protestors & Activists |  | The radical left is promising to make this the most chaotic inauguration in U.S. history. As I have written about previously, anarchists plan to do whatever they can to disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump, but their plans are not just limited to the main event. As far as the protesters are concerned, any event ...Read More »

Dear Anti-Trump Protesters: Show Your Commitment. Quit Your Jobs

Protestors & Activists |  | Dear Anti-Trump Protesters: I think it’s time that you really show your commitment. That you really prove how vehemently you disagree with soon-to-be President Trump. Stop messing around with these silly protests and put your money where your mouth is. Quit your jobs. Stage a walk-out. Buh-bye. You have principles, right? With all of the ...Read More »

Think the Aftermath of the Election Was Bad? Wait Until Inauguration Day

Protestors & Activists |  | After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and was elected the next president of the United States, all hell broke loose in America.  Stars took to the airwaves to weep and rend their hair. Schools actually shut down and offered counseling. Protests blocked roadways. Some of the protests devolved into riots, and organizations funded by George Soros added ...Read More »

Anti-Trump Protesters Are Getting Organized to Cause Massive Disruption

Protestors & Activists |  | Remember how I’ve been saying that massive civil unrest is coming with the inauguration? The noisy anti-Trump faction is getting organized to do everything they can to take down his presidency. We are looking at a massive organized protest the likes of which this country has never seen before, all because a bunch of liberals ...Read More »

Celebutards Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns

Protestors & Activists |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   Your News Wire Reports: A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.” “It’s about time people ...Read More »

People Freaking Out About Milo’s Book Deal Are the Whole Reason He Got it

Protestors & Activists |  | Milo Yiannopolos has become incredibly rich being outspoken, even a bit of a troll. Now, he’s getting even richer with an enviable quarter million dollar book deal that he just signed with Simon and Schuster. While people love to hate him, it’s exactly that which allowed him to get the deal about which they’re all ...Read More »

Activists Hope To Turn Trump’s Inauguration On January 20th Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

Protestors & Activists |  | Radical leftists are planning to make January 20th the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history.  Their stated goal is to “disrupt” the Inauguration festivities as much as possible, and they are planning a wide range of “actions” to achieve that stated goal.  Some of the more moderate groups are using terms such as “civil ...Read More »

Standing Rock 2017: The Fight is Not Over

Protestors & Activists |  | Standing Rock 2017 will continue to be an issue. The fight of the Native American Indian tribes, environmentalists and the water protectors (protestors) is not over. Although the Army Corps of Engineers announced on Sunday December 4th, 2016, that it would not be granting the DAPL easement access, there is nothing to stop the oil ...Read More »

Far-Left Plotting Violent Anti-American Revolution On Inauguration Day (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   Thanks largely to a woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media that’s in bed with far-left elites and the Democrat Party, most Americans are asleep at the wheel with regard to how much danger is brewing for the entire nation on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. The question only one ...Read More »

The Ordeal of Bahraini Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab

Protestors & Activists |  | Rajab’s redoubtable human rights activism got him hounded, threatened, detained and imprisoned under harsh conditions by ruthless Bahraini authorities. It’s a regime run much like Saudi Arabia, both countries intolerant of any justifiable challenges to their police state rule. A day after Bahrain’s High Criminal Court ordered Rajab released on bail, postponing a hearing on ...Read More »

Mole Reveals Terrorist Group’s Violent Plans For U.S. Inauguration Day (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   For anyone who hasn’t already heard, several different far-left activist groups including but not limited to Rising Tide North America, Showing up For Racial Justice, and of course the ever-popular Black Lives Matter are actively engaged at this very moment in various stages of planning for a violent ...Read More »

Anti-Trump Comics by “Triggered” Feminists Are “an Act of Political Resistance”

Protestors & Activists |  | When you think of “political resistance” what comes to mind? For me it’s things like this: Marches and protests. Civil disobedience. Fiery speeches. Op-Eds so powerful that they make others reconsider their opinions. Boycotts. But it in all of my thoughts about political resistance, drawing a picture of being rained on by penises never occurred to ...Read More »

Truth the Lawless Anti-Trump “Protestors” Need to Know About Popular Vote (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | By: The Voice of Reason |   Unless you’ve been living in an alternate dimension since the election results were announced early in the morning hours of November 9th, you’ve no doubt heard that Hillary Clinton “allegedly” won the popular vote. The reason I say “allegedly” won, is because no matter how many times the ...Read More »

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