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Tractor Traction! (VIDEO)

Monsanto has its money. Oregon’s family farmers have . . . their tractors. On May 2, 2014, family farmers from Jackson County, Oregon, took a brigade of 18 tractors through downtown Medford to show their support for county ballot measure 15-119, to ban growing of GMOs in Jackson County. The farmers won. Monsanto lost. You

City Passes Ordinance To Protect Monsanto World Headquarters From Protesters

As the fight against genetically modified foods continues to intensify across the country, protesters like those involved in March Against Monsanto continue to march on. Unfortunately, in a staunchly pro-Monsanto state like Missouri — home to Monsanto’s global headquarters — those protests just became a little more difficult to hold at the site itself. Apparently

March Against Monsanto. May 24. Everywhere.

It was fun last year. It’s going to be even more fun this year. On Saturday, May 24, millions of people around the world will March against Monsanto. And this year, we’ll have plenty to celebrate. The GMO labeling law in Vermont. The Monsanto Protection Act victory. But we’ve still got a long way to

Campus Activists Shut Down Condoleezza Rice Speech At Rutgers

Condoleezza Rice was slated to earn $35,000 for delivering a commencement speech at Rutgers University on May 18th as well as receive an honorary law degree until sustained protests forced her to withdraw (final video below). She was also forced to withdraw from another recent invitation at the University of Minnesota. Rice and her warmongering

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (VIDEOS)

Since last week, activist Kevin Galalae has been undergoing a hunger strike at the Vatican in an appeal for acknowledgement and action from Pope Francis regarding the various global depopulation agendas that affect us all. His presence at the Vatican is also a plea for the citizens of our world to become aware of these evil practices, stand up

Liberty Movement Rising

"Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."  - Thomas Paine The label of “fringe” is a common one used by statists,

Patriot Citizens Halt New World Order In Historic Stand-Down

A generation which had become awakened minus the core political following of the current establishment as well as the immeasurable percent of individuals who had chosen to focus their attention away from the horrific reality, a phenomenon many referred to as cognitive dissonance. The energy of fear that the establishment had put forth as a

Protesters In New York Burn Gun Registration Forms

Under the SAFE Act, residents of New York are required to register firearms that meet the state’s criteria for “military-style assault weapons.” The deadline is April 15. Last Sunday, gun rights advocates met at the Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge 161 in Saratoga Springs to protest the registration requirement. reported from the event: The event was

Hunger Strike At The Vatican: Kevin Galalae Needs Your Help

An effort to expose the global depopulation policies Our children’s lives are at stake and the future of our families. To ensure that we do not fail in our duties as parents I am going to Rome to engage in a hunger strike at the Vatican so as to compel Pope Francis to speak up,

Idaho 'Ag-Gag' Bill Signed Into Law, Criminalizing Secretly Filming On Farms

  Idaho on Friday became the first state in two years to pass a bill aimed at stopping filming at farms and dairy producers. The bill, which animal rights activists often refer to as an “ag gag” bill, was created in response to undercover animal rights activists exposing animal abuse at one of Idaho’s largest

Operation American Spring Is Doomed To Fail

The best predictor of future behavior are past events. History is a great teacher and the upcoming Operation American Spring, to be held on May 16, 2014, stands as an example of why we need to pay attention to our history. I have received quite a few requests from people who want me to endorse

Obama Making Good On Promise To Eliminate Free Speech

Any discussion about free speech in America must begin and end with the NDAA in which the government can snatch anyone off the street, without due process, and hold them indefinitely. This kind of unbridled power has a devastating effect on free speech. Prior to the 2012 election, David Axerlrod, announced that Obama would push for

Peaceful Drone Protesters Sentenced To 15 Days In Jail (VIDEO)

A dozen people found guilty of disorderly conduct for a protest at the Hancock Air Base were sentenced by a DeWitt town judge to 15 days the Jamesville Penitentiary. As they left the suburban courtroom about three dozen supporters began singing "Courage, brother, you do not walk alone. We shall walk with you and sing

Former CIA Director: In Order To Spy On Domestic Dissidents, Just Call Them Terrorists

Back in 2012, the ACLU of Massachusetts published a report called 'Policing Dissent', exposing the Boston Police Department's 'red squad' surveillance operations, directed at antiwar and economic justice organizers. Among the documents we obtained through a public records lawsuit were so-called 'intelligence reports' from the Boston police fusion center, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC). These documents shocked

What Does It Take To Motivate The Resistance?

As I travel around the world speaking about UN Agenda 21 and the powerful totalitarian corporatocracy through regionalization and the standardization of all systems, I rage.  What does it take to motivate the Resistance further?  It's a hassle to take action, I know that.  You risk loss of friends, embarrassment, ostracism from colleagues----the list goes

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