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March Against Monsanto May 20, 2017

Protestors & Activists |  | On May 20, 2017, activists in 300 cities on six continents will participate in the sixth annual International March Against Monsanto. Since last year’s march, there’s been no shortage of reports implicating Monsanto in everything from colluding with EPA officials to bury the truth about Roundup’s health risks, to influencing university scientists to write favorable ...Read More »

50 Years After the ‘Summer of Love’ - Prepare for the Summer of Hate (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | By: Stefan Verstappen, China Strategies |  Practical advice on how to stay safe during crime, violence, riots, and martial law. Recent events indicate that the hatred and violence, that has been simmering since the Trump win, will explode when the weather turns hot. Already we have seen dozens of riots where activists are chanting for ...Read More »

“A Day Without a Woman” Only Empowers Well-To-Do Women

Protestors & Activists |  | Want to talk about “privilege?” A classic example is the “Day Without a Woman.” The Women’s March website says: Let’s raise our voices together again, to say that women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability. What a joke. This ...Read More »

How To Counter Leftist Violence While Maintaining The Moral High Ground

Protestors & Activists |  | Social division is an undeniable reality of human existence; it is also not necessarily a negative aspect of human existence. The moment a society is forced or manipulated into blindly agreeing on everything is the moment that society begins to die and the future of mankind in general becomes rather bleak. Ideas need to be ...Read More »

‘Allahu Akbar’ Becomes A Rallying Call As Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims To Fight Trump All Across America (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | An “unholy alliance” between anti-Trump leftists and radical Muslims is beginning to emerge all over America. President Trump’s recent executive order that restricted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries is bringing a very strange mixture of people out to street protests. On the one hand you have hardcore Muslims that are chanting “Allahu Akbar” and ...Read More »

University Scientists Claim Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming

Protestors & Activists |  | By: Mike Adams, Natural News | In what seems like a nod to violent protesters like the unhinged left-wing rioters who recently attacked Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, Iowa State University scientists have published an analysis that claims global warming is the root cause behind the increase in violence we’re witnessing right now across society. ...Read More »

The Globalist Long Game - Redefine Liberty Activism As Evil "Populism"

Protestors & Activists |  | One of the most favored propaganda tactics of establishment elites and the useful idiots they employ in Marxist and cultural-Marxist circles is to relabel or redefine an opponent before they can solidly define themselves.  In other words, elites and Marxists will seek to “brand” you (just as corporations use branding) in the minds of the masses ...Read More »

Sabotage: Obama Is Commanding An Army Of 30,000 Anti-Trump Activists From His Home 2 Miles From The White House

Protestors & Activists |  | Throughout American history, most ex-presidents have chosen to move away from Washington D.C. once their terms have ended, and the vast majority of them have tried very hard not to interfere with their successors. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has opted for the exact opposite approach. His new home is less than two miles from the White ...Read More »

Martin Armstrong Warns: “This Will ONLY End In Bloodshed… Biggest Spike In Civil Unrest In American History”

Protestors & Activists |  | By: Mac Slavo, SHTFplan | The rage among the left continues to build and it is being supported in earnest by mainstream personalities in Hollywood and the music industry. According to cyclical analyst Martin Armstrong, things are only going to get worse as protests spread and soon turn to large-scale riots. Via Armstrong Economics: All ...Read More »

Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles - But They Need Our Help

Protestors & Activists |  | For months now, long before the 2016 election, I have been warning about a specific social dynamic which is likely to lead to a form of civil war within the U.S.; namely, the reality that people on the left side of the political spectrum would become despondent at the inevitable loss of their candidate, Hillary ...Read More »

The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

Protestors & Activists |  | It doesn’t take much of a trigger to push extremely large crowds of very angry protesters into committing acts of rioting and violence.  And rioting and violence can ultimately lead to widespread civil unrest and calls for “revolution”.  The election of Donald Trump was perhaps the single most galvanizing moment for the radical left in ...Read More »

Weapons Grade Idiots: Rioters Are Angry About Criminal Charges (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Former Congressman Allen West says it best on his website when he describes people who associate with the radical far-left as fitting into one of three categories: stupid, stuck on stupid, and a special kind of stupid. Amen Congressman! Amen! Thankfully, despite the many radical and often historically violent ...Read More »

Secret Service Will Investigate Madonna’s Latest Desperate Attempt to be Relevant (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | Madonna is so desperate to remain relevant that she publicly discussed her “thoughts” about blowing up the White House. It seems that she has to go to greater lengths all the time to remain in the public eye. The aging attention whore pop star put herself back in the headlines with her comments at the Women’s ...Read More »

Exposed: Guess Who Financed Over 50 Anti-Trump Protest Groups (VIDEO)

Protestors & Activists |  | Is nothing sacred these days? Are there no issues at all that the Democrats don’t operate using a complete double standard? After all the Democrat whining prior to Election Day about how “dangerous” it was for Donald Trump to even suggest he might not instantly accept the voting results, since Hillary’s defeat, we’ve had what ...Read More »

Manipulated Anti-Trump Protests

Protestors & Activists |  | Americans need shoving to take to the streets and protest for or against anything or anyone. It doesn’t happen spontaneously. With few exceptions at most, various groups from activists to anarchists aren’t behind anti-Trump protests. Nor were women turning out in large numbers nationwide and abroad. Dark forces in Washington, corporate boardrooms and other centers ...Read More »

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