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Globalist Plan for Human Control

Society |  | Recognizing that there is and has been a century’s long shrouded plan to mastermind a worldwide Weltanschauung that puts a diabolical elite mastery over the billions of human beings, which make up the vast hordes of divinely created life on this planet, is a taboo topic in most cultures. The entire system of socially manufactured ...Read More »

Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Farther Than They Can Today - 50 Years Ago?

Society |  | Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon in 1969, on the very first attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with fifty year older technology (a cell phone has one million times more ...Read More »

The Boy Crisis: The Statistics Tell Us That American Boys Are Falling Behind In Just About Every Area

Society |  | As a society we appear to be really dropping the ball, because the numbers indicate that American boys are deeply struggling in just about every area.  Many professionals are pointing to a “crisis of fatherhood” as one of the key factors, and as I pointed out the other day, approximately a third of all U.S. children ...Read More »

35 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Previous Generations Of Americans Never Would Have Believed

Society |  | The only thing that seems to be constant in our society is change, and today America is changing at a pace that is more rapid than we have ever seen before.  But is that a good thing or a bad thing?  For a moment, I would like for you to imagine what it would be ...Read More »

Feminism Is A Disease - And Masculinity Is The Cure

Society |  | (Alt-Market) It seems these days like everyone and their genderfluid grandma has some “profound” insight into the minds and world of men. Men and masculinity are spoken of in the media with sharp tones of fear mixed with disdain, as if we are a dangerous aberrant genetic anomaly that needs to be studied under a ...Read More »

Advanced Social Decay: You Will Cringe When You Read What Has Been Going On Behind Closed Doors All Across America

Society |  | It is difficult for me to write this article, and I will warn you in advance that some of the things in this piece are going to make you cringe.  Today, there are an increasing number of signs that the very fabric of our society is rotting away all around us.  We witnessed a very ...Read More »

An Inside Look At The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like An Aggressive Form Of Cancer

Society |  | The character of a nation is a reflection of the character of millions of individual people, and one of the fastest ways to get a sense of the character of individual people is to visit their homes.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is true then a ...Read More »

Is "christmas" Christian?

Society |  | “The Creator says . . . Do not imitate the ways of the pagans . . . They cut down a tree . . . and decorate it with silver and gold.” Jeremiah 10:2-4 . (The historical proofs of the pagan origin of “christmas” are given at the end of this article under “references”.) . ...Read More »

This Is Why The Digital Revolution May Not Be So Positive For All

Society |  | (The Real Agenda News) Information has been pulverized and countless small fragments have formed a cloud that envelops the planet. “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come”, we hear all the time. However, very few people stop to ask whether we are ready to accept that idea. Are we ready to take the ...Read More »

Artist Perfectly Captures The Disturbing Flaws Of Our Modern Society

Society |  | Artist John Holcroft, well-known for his 1950’s advertisement-style illustrations which brilliantly convey satirical messages about modern society, has come out with another series of images drawing attention to social issues ranging from the insanity of  some of our social media habits to obscure health ideals contained in our society. John has been published by the BBC, Reader’s ...Read More »

Is Facebook Dying or are Social Media Morphing?

Society |  | (The Real Agenda News) It seems that the use of Facebook by teenagers decreases faster among rich teenagers in the US. For years, the size and influence of Facebook increased at an amazing rate. But some recent studies indicate that its strength may be declining. The number of Facebook users continues to increase steadily as ...Read More »

12 Examples That Show That America Is Far More Messed Up Than When You Were A Kid

Society |  | What in the world has happened to our country?  Most of us have very fond memories from when we were younger, and it is true that often our memories of “the good old days” can leave out the bad parts.  None of us are perfect individually, and America has certainly never been without major problems ...Read More »

How Globalists Plan To Use Technology And Poverty To Enslave The Masses

Society |  | (Alt-Market) Tyranny is often seen as a sudden and inexplicable development in a society; the product of a singular despot that rockets to power for a limited window of time due to public fear or stupidity. This is one of the great lies of the modern era. The truth is that for at least the ...Read More »

The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

Society |  | With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods. Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies. There won’t be more rebels because this generation has been frightened ...Read More »

How People Become Easily Controlled By Tyrants

Society |  | (ALT-MARKET) The question often arises in liberty movement circles as to how we get to the point of full blown tyranny within a society.  There are numerous factors that determine this outcome, but through all the various totalitarian systems in history there are common denominators – elements that must be there for tyrants to prevail.  ...Read More »

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