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NSA Exploited Heartbleed To Siphon Passwords For Two Years

The NSA knew about and exploited the Heartbleed vulnerability for two years before it was publicly exposed this week, and used it to steal account passwords and other data, according to a news report. Speculation had been rampant this week that the spy agency might have known about the critical flaw in OpenSSL that would

The Obama Administration Wants Gun Owners To Wear RFID Tracking Bracelets?

Attorney General Eric Holder says that gun owners in the United States could eventually be forced to wear RFID tracking bracelets.  In fact, in recent testimony in front of Congress he gave the impression that this was something that the Obama administration has been thinking about for quite a long time.  Holder seems to think

Google Explains How They Work With The Government To Spy On Users (VIDEO)

Yes we give your data to the government, but don't worry, a process of checks and balances is in place. Trust us! We protect you from big brother!

Is The US Becoming A Police State? (Infographic)

Militarized police, sophisticated surveillance, and normal citizens with little say in what goes on. The US has all the trappings of an all-powerful police state. Source: Police State: Definition: 1. A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities. 1.) So is the U.S. a totalitarian state? No.

Big Brother Surveillance – It Is Not Just For Governments Anymore

Traditionally, when we have thought of “Big Brother technology” we have thought of government oppression.  But these days, it isn’t just governments that are using creepy new technologies to spy on all of us.  As you will see below, “Big Brother surveillance” has become very big business.  In the information age, knowledge is power, and

NSA Pretends To Be Facebook To Spy On The World

Malware can record audio and take photos of web users without their knowledge. The latest Snowden leaks on the NSA reveal that the spy agency is masquerading as Facebook in order to infect millions of computers around the world with malware as part of its mass surveillance program. Glenn Greenwald reported the latest information today,

Texas Fusion Center Secrets Revealed

Using the September 11 attacks as justification for the implementation of ongoing domestic surveillance, the U.S. government has spent billions of dollars building what they call “fusion centers,” or “information sharing centers.” Until recently, information regarding these fusion centers has been kept secret allowing them to operate with no privacy guidelines or restrictions, and the

British Spy Agency Hacked Webcams From Millions Of Computers

The British spy agency, aided by U.S. National Security Agency, captured and stored images from webcams of millions of Internet users worldwide who were not suspected of any malpractice, revealed secret documents released by The Guardian. The archives of the British agency, dating from 2008 to 2010, detail the use of a coded programs that

Special Report: Naked Body Scanners Deployed On US Streets (VIDEO)

Roll out 1,000 times worse than 1984 A New Jersey airport sets up “Energy Efficient” Lights that also spy on travelers before they even get to the ticket counter. These “energy-efficient” upgrades are popping up all over the country, helping the mass surveillance apparatus save money while stealing liberties.

Minority Report Is Here: Chicago Residents Get Police Visit Based On Pre-Crime Surveillance List

As we look around at the Police State being built across the world, combined with enhanced mind control techniques, it is easy to draw direct parallels with books like 1984 and Brave New World. It's almost as if these books formed a clear blueprint for anyone seeking control over large populations. With the quickening pace

Dragonfly: World's Smallest Autonomous Drone Takes Flight

The mimicking of nature heralds a new focus in the development of drones.  While DARPA and their contractors have been working on true nano surveillance with biological components, it is the modeling of insects that is currently being released to the public. Recently we have seen Robobee take flight as a possible replacement for our

Justice Group Warns Of Obama Plan To Put Government Monitors In Newsrooms

FCC researchers would pressure the press on what to cover The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal that could turn every major news network and newspaper into little more than a state media mouthpiece. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently

'Smart Roads' Would Read License Plates, Use Sensors

Tech giant Cisco thinks there's something to all this talk of ”smart cities”--and that connecting roads or license plate readers to the Internet is going to be big business. In the latest installment of their ongoing expansion into the Internet of Things, Cisco recently announced an agreement with Swiss security firm AGT International to develop

NY State Hires Bill Gates Firm To Collect Data On All Children (VIDEO)

New York state authorities are planning to step-up surveillance - this time, on school kids. The program, which is to be launched state-wide, is supposed to gather information on students starting from the age of five. And as RT's Marina Portnaya reports, the move is finding little support among parents. RT

Fifteen And Counting: Iowa To Consider Legislation Against NSA Spying

The movement to thwart NSA spying at the state level continues to grow, with Iowa becoming the 15th state to consider legislation denying support to the spy agency. On Wednesday, Iowa state Senator Jake Chapman introduced the Fourth Amendment Protection Act. If SF2172 becomes law, the state, it agencies or political subdivisions will not “provide

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