Tyranny & Police State

Police State

Police Dept Busted For Contest To See Who Could Extort The Most Drivers And Arrest The Most People

By: Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project | Effectively annihilating law enforcement claims writing tickets and arresting people are matters of public safety, a Florida police department has been caught red-handed holding a contest offering a “reward” to the officer who generated the most citations and arrests. Last month, as an internal memo obtained by ...Read More »

Shocking Study Shows 50/50 Chance Of Your Picture Being In A Police Face-Recognition Database (VIDEO)

To help identify a culprit, police may ask people to volunteer to be in a line-up. But that scenario is fast becoming obsolete, as more than 117 million Americans are now part of face-recognition software programs used by law enforcement, a study finds. Whether they like it or not, about half of all Americans are ...Read More »

What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

When most folks hear the words “Agenda 21” they have one of three responses: Huh? What’s that? Oh yay! It’ll turn the world into Utopia and global warming will stop and life will be rainbows and unicorns again! It’s a plan to remove personal liberty and move us closer to a one-world government. Where the ...Read More »

BREAKING: Graphic Body Cam Video Released Of Cops Murdering 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy (VIDEO)

By: Andrew Emett, The Free Thought Project | Marksville, LA – After viewing officers gunning down a 6-year-old autistic boy in a police body cam video during court on Wednesday, a state judge released a heavily edited copy of the footage to the public. Although the officers claim that the boy’s father had used his ...Read More »

New Documents Reveal Plans For Martial Law And FEMA Camps Exposed (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Liberty |   This post has links to over 1,500 pages of government documents on Martial Law and FEMA Camps. There is NO DOUBT it won’t get your complete attention… It wasn’t that long ago on May 31st, 2016, Barack Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an ...Read More »

Investigation Reveals That Police Are Abusing Confidential Work Databases For Personal Gain (VIDEO)

By: Lily Dane, The Daily Sheeple | Shootings, rape, fraud…it seems like nearly every day a story about police corruption makes the headlines. Today is no different: This morning, the Associated Press broke a chilling story about widespread police misconduct. The AP conducted an investigation and found that police officers across the US misuse confidential law enforcement ...Read More »

French Army Prepares For Civil War To Purge ‘Undesirables’; U.S. Next? (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | For anyone who isn’t completely brainwashed by all the non-stop propaganda being pumped out into society in virtually every aspect of our lives, the warning signs are there that life as we know it not just in the United States, but across the entire globe is teetering on the ...Read More »

Here's What's Wildly Missing In The Colin Kaepernick Ongoing Story

The Colin Kaepernick story continues on. Kaepernick, a quarterback for the NFL franchise the San Francisco Forty Niners, once again refused to stand up during the playing of the Nation Anthem in last Monday night’s San Francisco 49ers game. Kaepernick took a knee and was joined by another teammate Eric Reid. The NFL season is ...Read More »

Riot Police Begin Mass Arrests At Dakota Access Pipeline, FaceBook Censorship (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | From the looks of things, what started out as a peaceful protest by The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has devolved into a situation beginning to spiral out of control. According to ArmyTimes.com: The Dakota Access pipeline is a $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile project that would carry nearly a half million ...Read More »

Good Cops/ Bad Cops

  In John Sayles 1987 film Matewan, concerning the 1920 coal miners’ strike in West Virginia, not all cops were of the same ilk as the Baldwin-Felts private detectives. Those ‘rent a cops’ were deputized by the authorities, at the behest of the powerful mining companies, as an occupying force to control and torment the ...Read More »

Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan For Federally Controlled Police (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | As you’ll learn in the video below, the last Wikileaks release revealed that George Soros’ new far-left political group has some pretty troublesome goals for the American way of life. The groups name is Demos, and the main goals of Demos are designed to ensure the complete globalization of ...Read More »

‘Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist’ Imprisoned Over YouTube Video (VIDEO)

Defining Domestic Lone Wolf Terrorism Section 802 of PATRIOT Act and “Domestic Terrorism” Radicalization via “conspiracy theories” have inevitably led to violence and signal potential acts of domestic terrorism. This is how Google, Interpol and the Las Vegas police have interpreted the social media activities of 24-year-old Bryce Cuellar. The Las Vegas Sun reports: Shortly ...Read More »

It's Now Possible To Make Your DNA Untraceable, Thanks To This Company (VIDEO)

By: theverge.com | As the scope of the NSA’s bulk surveillance program becomes all too clear, less attention has been paid to the issues surrounding genetic information and surveillance. BioGenFutures, a company-cum-art-project launched by information artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, hopes to bring DNA surveillance back to the fore. The company announced a product it calls “Invisible,” which endeavors ...Read More »

Are Police One Of The Mental Casualties Of The New World Order?

Are too many police officers currently suffering from engineered mental instability? The wave of police brutality in America and the world suggests this may be true, but just how big is this problem and is all of this engineered? First, without question there are still excellent police officers throughout America that go to work every ...Read More »

How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse

There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. Naturally, the mind reels in horror at the very idea, because many of us know, deep down at our core, that centralization is the root of tyranny.  We know that when absolute power is granted into the hands of an ...Read More »

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