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Police State

Texas Officer Pulls Down And Tases 76 Year Old Man Over Legal Plates (VIDEO)

By: Amanda Warren | Activist Post - In another example of indiscriminate use of tasers for minor infractions, a Victoria, Texas officer is under scrutiny for beating and tasering a 76-year-old resident twice over a perceived license tag discrepancy that never actually was. Pete Vasquez was pulled over on Thursday by a young officer because of

Standing Up To Police Abuse...

  Few social tragedies are as heart wrenching as the loss of an innocent loved one who perishes at the hands of overzealous law enforcement. We are now witnessing virtually more blood left in the streets by way of the police than at the hands of bank robbers and burglars. Why is this happening, especially

The Growing American Police State Is Tightening Its Noose Around Our Necks (VIDEOS)

No Expectation of Privacy. The Supreme Court has ruled that when an individual is in public, they have no expectation of privacy. The courts have also ruled that it is legal to videotape the police. However, someone forgot to tell the police. Your Camera Makes You a Criminal If a police officer is performing their

Officer’s Bodycam Was Turned Off When He Shot And Killed A Man (VIDEO)

By: Cassius Methyl | TheAntiMedia.org -  26-year-old Ty Worthington was killed last week by Salt Lake City, Utah police, and now the unnamed officer who killed him is saying his body camera was ‘not on’ during the situation. According to a local news article, “the department is currently testing and evaluating three kinds of body

The 'Thin Blue Line' Serves No Purpose

Like many people, I grew up watching numerous television shows and mainstream movies depicting a world in which the common police officer stood as a sentinel of civilized society against a seething underbelly of violence and chaos just beneath the surface of the world around us. Through public schooling, we were indoctrinated to fear the

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later! America’s Growing Problem With Police Brutality (VIDEOS)

Police brutality need not always involve the wrongful killing of a suspect by a police officer, although it is increasingly the case. Since the murder of Eric Garner, I have watched over 80 videos of alleged police brutality and they don’t all involve wrongfully murdering a suspect. Police brutality can come in a variety ways.

Police Stupidity Leads To Handcuffed Man’s Drowning Death (VIDEOS)

By: Lily Dane | The Daily Sheeple - On May 31, 20-year-old Brandon Ellingson was stopped by a Missouri Highway Patrol officer for suspicion of boating while intoxicated. The events that followed Brandon’s arrest are shocking, horrible, and tragic. Ellingson was taken into custody by Trooper Anthony Piercy while boating on The Lake of the Ozarks after the officer

Invoking Your Rights At Police Checkpoints (VIDEO)

A majority of our society essentially walks around without knowing or actively exercising their rights. In fact, some do not even know what their rights are or why they are so important. Moreover, they would rather wave their freedoms afforded in this country at the first signs of a problem. One example of this is during a manhunt for

The Opposition To Police Brutality Is A Constitutional Militia (VIDEO)

By: Jim White | The Liberty Brothers Radio Show - 2nd Amendment: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. There are a handful of terms that, when used, immediately elicit images and dialogue inside the average person’s head

Remain Silent, Don’t Answer Any Questions During A Police Stop (VIDEOS)

By: MassPrivateI - It's very important to understand that the 5th Amendment protects the innocent more than the guilty. Knowing how to assert your rights is not only a good idea to prevent from being unlawfully kidnapped or caged, but it is also a successful catalyst for change when applied on a large enough scale. In the

Exclusive Interview: Oath Keepers Surrounded By 50 Police Told To Stop Defending Building In Ferguson From Fires (VIDEOS)

By: Ben Swann | BenSwann.com - Ferguson, Mo- You might have seen them on the news. The people protecting Ferguson businesses from the arsonists and looters ransacking Ferguson, Mo. But here is the real story about the organization protecting those businesses. They’re called Oath Keepers, and they have ex-police and ex-military keeping guard of four

Para-Military Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson? (VIDEO)

Video shows para-military police "guarding" Advance Auto Parts on W Florissant Ave in St. Louis MO, the same street where nearly every fire occurred. Fires were already burning nearby while this unit lurked around a vehicle. No fire department was present. Despite appearing to have the building locked down, Advance Auto Parts burnt down to the ground

Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

By: Moreh B.D.K. | Counter Current News - In all of the melee resulting from the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the media has overlooked a number of other very important shootings of unarmed civilians by police officers. One of the most egregious offenses is that of Officer Joseph Weekley’s fatal shooting

Utah Police Now Responsible for More Homicides Than Street Gangs

Police officers have been responsible for more homicides in the state of Utah since 2010 than gangs or drug dealers, a new report has revealed. Of the nearly 300 homicides in the state in the past five years, from the beginning of 2010 through October 2014, Utah police have killed 45 of those victims, or

Are There Any Brave Cops Left? (VIDEO)

It would be nice if the mythology about "the brave men and women of law enforcement," and the image of police that you see on TV and in movies, in some way resembled reality. But it doesn't. Larken Rose Further Reading: Cops showing their "courage" at Columbine: http://www.davekopel.com/2A/OpEds/THE... Cops routinely shoot the wrong person: http://blog.uritraining.com/?p=102

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