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Unbelievably, Obama Signs Bill Creating U.S. Ministry of Truth (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling ...Read More »

How Globalists Predict Your Behavior

Tyranny & Police State |  | The globalists seem to have an overarching obsession with data collection. As we have seen with revelations from multiple government whistle-blowers, the establishment spends most of its time, energy and manpower collecting information not just on known threats to their supremacy, but information on EVERYONE through FISA-based surveillance protocols. This is because the establishment sees ...Read More »

Living Inside A Terrorist Nation

Tyranny & Police State |  | Firsthand futuristic account of life inside the global evil empire. It’s the year 2117. Over a hundred years had past. Humanity had experienced many changes, for very long most of them were steps toward enslavement. Many small victories couldn’t quite stop the overall agenda that had been put into motion over two hundred years prior. ...Read More »

15 Signs We Live During A Time Of Rampant Government Paranoia

Tyranny & Police State |  | How does it feel to live under a government that is getting even more paranoid with each passing day?  Yes, we live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, but that is no excuse for how ultra-paranoid the federal government has become.  Today, every single one of us is viewed as a “potential threat” ...Read More »

Cops Now Taught to Use Appliances in Crime Investigations, Because Your Fridge is Watching You

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project |   Thanks to what’s known as the Internet of things — the growing number of ‘smart’ devices and appliances connected to the web and each other — will be used by police to solve violent crimes. Your fridge, law enforcement says, might help solve a murder. However ...Read More »

Obama Signs Measure Opposing Speech and Media Freedom

Tyranny & Police State |  | Post-9/11, an array of police state laws, executive orders, memoranda, various national security and homeland security presidential directives, along with other repressive measures eliminated constitutional protections. Indefinite detention without charges or trial became the law of the land. Torture-obtained evidence may be used against detainees in trial proceedings, despite earlier Supreme Court decisions ruling it ...Read More »

Know Your Rights: Police Checkpoints (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | Know Your Rights host Britt Hysen speaks with Nina Hodjat of Hodjat Law and DUI Partners about 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. More at VoicesofLiberty.com SaveRead More »

CBD Ban? DEA Tries to Reclassify Non-THC Cannabis Oil as Schedule 1

Tyranny & Police State |  | A CBD ban appears to have been put in place by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), an agency of the US Government. A few days ago on their website, they posted a notice that they had made a “new rule“, effective Dec. 14th 2016, to classify “marihuana” (their antiquated spelling, not mine) as a schedule 1 ...Read More »

Tracking Bill Passes Congress – Is This the Start of Legal Human Microchipping?

Tyranny & Police State |  | A Tracking Bill disturbingly passed Congress on Dec. 8th, 2016, and is now on its way to the US Senate. Bill HR 4919, titled “Kevin and Avonte’s Law of 2016”, contains clauses which establish the creation of a legal tracking system for Americans. The tracking bill introduces “tracking devices” which are “non-invasive” and “non-permanent” (although per the ...Read More »

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Earlier this week, with a lot of pressure from our woefully dishonest and corrupt mainstream media, some terrifying new legislation was passed that should frighten anyone who values free speech. The legislation I am referring to was quietly passed under the 2016 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), and it authorizes the government ...Read More »

Regulation Nation: Where Independence Is Illegal without a Permit

Tyranny & Police State |  | These days, you need permission from the government to do just about anything, including feeding yourself or others. Do you own a car? Every year, you must go down to the DMV and pay the government for permission to drive it. Do you own a business? You must register it and pay an annual fee ...Read More »

Proof That The Elite Really Do Want A Global Society With No Possessions, No Privacy And No Freedom (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | If you listen closely, the global elite are telling us exactly what they intend to do. If they get their way, our world is going to look vastly different than it does now in the not too distant future. These elitists share a dream of an environmentally-friendly dystopian socialist paradise in which individual freedom is ...Read More »

Police State Closure of DAPL Protest Camp Announced

Tyranny & Police State |  | Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members and supporters face forced eviction from their Oceti Sakowin protest encampment site, protecting sacred ancestral land, water and wildlife habitat from destructive DAPL construction. According to theindigenouspeoples.com, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced closure of long ago stolen Native American land, wrongfully called “federal property,” the portion north of ...Read More »

To Really Make America Great, Trump Could “Reassert 4th Amendment And Roll Back Surveillance State”

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: Tenth Amendment Center | During the last eight years, the Obama administration failed to live up to its promise reverse the Bush era’s mass surveillance of American citizens. In fact, it was expanded and justified. If you were silent, the sweeping power controlled by the president may not be on your radar for the ...Read More »

Hundreds of Veterans Heading to Standing Rock to Defend DAPL Protesters from Police

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: Carey Wedler, The Anti-Media | As protesters continue to stand against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, facing off against heavily militarized police and their water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and tasers, they have gained broad support. Celebrities and millions of social media users have raised awareness about the situation in ...Read More »

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