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The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

Tyranny & Police State |  | With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods. Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies. There won’t be more rebels because this generation has been frightened ...Read More »

Police State Tactics at G20

Tyranny & Police State |  | Assembling and protesting against deplorable policies are universal rights. Not in Hamburg, Germany at the G20. On Thursday, as leaders were arriving for July 7 and 8 talks, tens of thousands of largely peaceful demonstrators took to the streets. Things weren’t calm for long. Police blocked them from marching through the city as planned. Violence ...Read More »

Freedom Is Not Necessarily The Absence Of Tyranny

Tyranny & Police State |  | Is it true that freedom is an overly idealized concept? Perhaps, but it is one of the few concepts worthy of idealization. It is so worthy, that it is worth dying for. Since the dawn of recorded history human beings have fought and sacrificed to attain freedom. It is an inherent psychological construct. It is ...Read More »

Execution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire

Tyranny & Police State |  |   By: John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute |  “It is often the case that police shootings, incidents where law enforcement officers pull the trigger on civilians, are left out of the conversation on gun violence. But a police officer shooting a civilian counts as gun violence. Every time an officer uses a gun against an innocent ...Read More »

Police Body Camera Footage is Becoming a State Secret

Tyranny & Police State |  | (THE VERGE) Late last month, The New York Times published a piece, headlined “Hollywood-Style Heroism Is Latest Trend in Police Videos,” about police body camera footage that depicts police officers as paragons of bravery. One video, from the Hamden Police Department in Connecticut, showed an officer pulling a troubled man away from the edge of ...Read More »

Police Now Routinely Crack and Extract All Phone Data from Arrestees

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: Cory Doctorow, BOING BOING |  Muckrock filed Freedom of Information Requests with multiple US police forces to find out how they were using “mobile phone forensic extraction devices” — commercial devices that suck all the data out of peoples’ phones and make it available for offline browsing. They discovered that the practice of sucking up the entirety ...Read More »

Corruption Rampant in 'Every Prison' in North Carolina, Report Says

Tyranny & Police State |  | (The Daily Caller) Nearly 500 North Carolina prison employees have been either fired for misconduct or charged with criminal offenses like smuggling drugs, weapons, and cellphones inside prisons since 2012, the Charlotte Observer reported Wednesday. The Observer’s research is extensive and damning, covering everything from the state’s hiring of corrections officers with violent criminal histories ...Read More »

JFK's 100th Birthday (Video)

Tyranny & Police State |  | In this week’s episode of End Times Radio, Bart Sibrel and Bob Wilson interview Michael Marcades about the mysterious death of his mother, Melba Marcades, who tried to prevent JFK’s assassination just days before it happened, and who was murdered for attempting to do so.  They will also discuss the spiritual consequences for our nation, and ...Read More »

Good Cop Leaks Video of Fellow Cop Torturing Handcuffed Man with a Taser — Guess Who’s in Trouble

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project | Balch Springs, TX — Coming just weeks after Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, was fired, and later arrested and charged with murder, another scandal has rocked the department. This time, it is torture with a taser. Body camera footage was mailed to ...Read More »

A Look Inside the Watch List Chicago Police Fought to Keep Secret

Tyranny & Police State |  | (Chicago Sun Times) As Chicago endured a devastating surge in gun violence last summer, scores of people with long rap sheets stood atop the Chicago Police Department’s secret watch list, newly obtained records show. One of the men had been arrested 12 times for violent crimes, all before turning 20. He’d also been charged with ...Read More »

Hanover Police Department Obtains FAA Authorization to Fly Surveillance Drone

Tyranny & Police State |  | The small town of Hanover, Massachusetts, population ~13,000, has become the first in the state to obtain a license from the FAA to fly a surveillance drone. According to media reports, the police and fire department plan to use it. I’m curious to learn why the Hanover police department wants a drone, and how it plans ...Read More »

The Deep State Transcends Sovereign Law – John Titus (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | The ultimate form of political and economic power is the power to commit crimes with impunity.  – John Titus The Shadow of Truth is pleased to present a preview of, “All The Plenary’s Men,” the new film by John Titus (Best Evidence videos / Bailout Films). The term “plenary” in this context is defined as, “complete in ...Read More »

Blueprint for Dystopia (VIDEO)

Tyranny & Police State |  | John W Whitehead’s “Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?” is based on the information produced by the Pentagon – more than likely by the CIA at Langley. If you have seen the movies, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Matrix or TV shows Colony, The Walking Dead, The Leftovers or Mr. Robot ...Read More »

How the Denver Police Crack and Search Cell Phones

Tyranny & Police State |  | By: muckrock | Responding to our recent request for mobile phone forensic tools records, Denver Police Department has provided us with not only contracts, but a training bulletin for their Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device. Cellebrite’s UFED, as the device is more commonly known, is the leading model of cell phone data extraction tools in ...Read More »

Government Mandatory Health Care Is Still Tyranny

Tyranny & Police State |  | The failure of the GOP to repeal Obamacare proves once again that the establishment power structure maintains their grip on political policy. The incompetence of Paul Ryan is more closely described as a propensity to be a faithful stooge for the corporatist agenda. It is because of this assessment, which reflects the current state of ...Read More »

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