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When I Found Out How Members Of Congress Really Spend Their Time, I Just About Threw Up

US Congress |  | Did you know that many members of Congress spend three or four hours a day “dialing for dollars” in cramped call centers that both parties have set up in Washington? I promised that I would keep all of you updated on what I am learning as I run for Congress, and what I learned the other ...Read More »


US Congress |  | I can tell you from firsthand eyewitness experience, that there has been an ongoing, yet secretive, civil war among the highest departmental levels of American government for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the first civil American war (circa 1865), as the modern political “Red and Blue map” clearly denotes an almost ...Read More »

One Of The Main Reasons Congress Is Getting So Little Done Is Because They Will Have 218 Days Off In 2017

US Congress |  | Would you like to have a job that gave you 218 days off a year? According to the official calendar put out by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the House of Representatives will only be in session for 147 days in 2017. And that is actually an increase from last year. In 2016, there were only ...Read More »

Congressional Dysfunction is Systemic

US Congress |  | Public confidence in the performance of Congress has been rock bottom for years. Over the last several decades, respect for the profession of lawmakers is maintained by those in office, beholden to their legislation or aspiring strivers who want to carve out a career of being on the government payroll. For actual taxpayers who carry ...Read More »

The Way Congress Is Handling Health Care Shows Why They Only Have A 17 Percent Approval Rating

US Congress |  | The Senate health care bill was unveiled on Thursday, and it appears to be dead on arrival.  At least four conservative senators say that they can’t vote for the current version because it doesn’t go far enough, while several moderate Republicans are expressing concerns that it goes too far in repealing popular Obamacare provisions.  You ...Read More »

Mattis and Dunford Lie to Congress

US Congress |  | In Monday testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Defense Secretary Mattis mislead and deceived its members. He lied calling North Korea the “most urgent and dangerous threat to peace and security,” claiming the DPRK is America’s top threat. Pyongyang threatens no one – not America or any other country. Throughout its post-WW II history, ...Read More »

Article of Impeachment Against Trump

US Congress |  | Democrat Brad Sherman represents California’s 30th congressional district. On June 12, he circulated an article of impeachment against Trump to all House members, “seeking their input and support,” he said, issuing a statement, saying: “(A)s set forth in my letter to my colleagues: As the investigations move forward, additional evidence supporting additional Articles of Impeachment ...Read More »

It’s Time To Flush The Toilet

US Congress |  | Is it fair to compare Congress to a toilet? If there is one institution that embodies the corruption that permeates Washington D.C., it is the United States Congress. Dominated by extremely selfish career politicians that are primarily interested in raising enough money to win the next election, Congress has become a cesspool of filth, fraud ...Read More »

Is Puerto Rico’s Economic Collapse A Ploy By Liberals To Permanently Shift The Balance Of Power In Congress?

US Congress |  | Next month, citizens of Puerto Rico are going to vote on statehood, and the absolutely devastating economic collapse that is gripping the island could be enough to push pro-statehood forces over the edge to victory.  Of course Congress has the final say on whether Puerto Rico becomes a state or not, but it is going ...Read More »

Sham Congressional Testimony on Alleged Russian US Election Meddling

US Congress |  | Since US intelligence community accusations surfaced last year, not a shred of evidence was provided corroborating baseless claims. None exists. No Russian US election hacking occurred. America’s intelligence community lied claiming otherwise – part of longstanding Russia bashing, along with an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s electoral triumph. Monday’s Senate subcommittee testimony focused on bashing Russia ...Read More »

End Times Radio

US Congress |  | Greetings to all readers of “Conspiracy Corner” ! It is hard to believe that I wrote my first of seventy-eight “Conspiracy Corner” articles in August of 2013 and debuted my first of fifty Youtube channel’s “Conspiracy Corner News” episodes in September of 2015. As the four year mark approaches, I suppose my “term” as presiding ...Read More »

Congress Weighing New Sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria

US Congress |  | US imperial strategy includes endless aggression and illegal sanctions, among other deplorable actions. When returning from spring recess next week, Congress reportedly is considering legislation to impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria – punitive measures if passed by both houses, aggravating things rather than alleviating them. According to House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman ...Read More »

You Do Not Go To War With Your Own People

US Congress |  | Donald Trump is making the exact same tragic mistake that other prominent leaders have made in the past. You never, ever, ever go to war with your own people. Yes, you may have some very serious disagreements with your own team sometimes, but you never go to war with them. When Trump openly declared war ...Read More »

Congressional Hawks Want More Defense Spending Than Trump Seeks

US Congress |  | House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry (R. TX), his Senate counterpart John McCain (R. AZ), and likely most other congressional hawks want more defense spending than Trump proposed – his sought increase more than 80% of what Russia spent last year, reported by RT. He wants already bloated spending for militarism increased by $54 ...Read More »

Congress Urged To Investigate Obama’s Silent Coup Against Trump (VIDEO)

US Congress |  | By: The Voice of Reason | You’re probably well aware by now of the unprecedented actions of our former president, Barack Hussein Obama, in continuing to undermine and sabotage our current administration. What you may not know is that such seditious acts didn’t just begin after Obama left office. Oh no, that activity was alive ...Read More »

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