War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Why Did We Fight “The Bad War”? (AUDIO)

Americans today have an almost identical recollection of World War Two as the “good war”, fought by their forebears against cartoonisly evil “Nazis” and “Japs”. Yet how much do we really know about that crucial event and the decades of complex European history preceding it? Why, and for whom, were the twentieth century’s worldwide wars actually ...Read More »

US Drive For Hegemony Risks WW III

  The above is the subtitle of my edited and contributed to book on Ukraine, its nation one of numerous US-created flashpoint parts of the world risking WW III. Others include: • Eastern European Baltic and other countries provocatively infested with increasing numbers of US-led NATO combat troops close to Russia’s borders; • Obama’s increasing military footprint ...Read More »

Obama Escalates Afghan War

Disturbing but true! Nearly 15 years of US naked aggression on Afghanistan aren’t enough, America’s longest war, raging endlessly. Obama authorized escalated US involvement – on the phony pretext of aiding Afghan forces. How far he intends going remains to be seen, waging wars in multiple theaters – endless conflicts, trillions of dollars diverted from ...Read More »

10 Reasons That Prove ISIS Is A U.S. Creation (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | The only type of person who would need TEN reasons to determine that ISIS is a bastard creation of the United States and its Western allies, is a person that gets 100% of their news from the mainstream media, and lacks a few intangibles that really come in handy ...Read More »

Pentagon Whitewashes Murders Of Afghan Civilians

US rules of engagement in all its war theaters consistently and repeatedly violate international and constitutional law – soldiers allowed to murder civilians with impunity. One of many notorious examples occurred in February 2010 in Afghanistan. US Army rangers belligerently entered Khataba village in Paktia province – slaughtering five defenseless civilians in cold blood, including ...Read More »

Obama’s War On Syria: Tragedy And High Crime

  People living distant from war zones can’t imagine the horrors millions in them face – unsure each day if they’ll live or die, remain whole or be harmed by disabling injuries. Will surviving children be permanently traumatized? Will countless numbers perish for lack of essentials to life? Will conditions in Syria ever be normal ...Read More »

It Is Being Reported That Turkish Military Forces Have Entered Syria

There are international news reports that claim that Turkish military forces have entered Syrian territory and have established positions near the towns of Azaz and Afrin.  If these international news reports are true, then Turkey has essentially declared war on the Assad regime.  Back in February, I warned that escalating tensions in the region could ...Read More »

China Deploying Nuclear Armed Subs To Counter Growing US Threat

  The nuclear doomsday clock is ticking. America’s rage for unchallenged dominance threatens world peace. Its global military footprint and out-of-control belligerence heighten the risk of eventual nuclear war, crossing an unthinkable catastrophic rubicon of no return if launched. China is justifiably concerned, According to London’s Guardian, it’s “poised to send submarines armed with nuclear ...Read More »

Is America Preparing for WW III?

The 9/11 false flag and endless US wars followed George Bush’s stolen 2000 election. If things are rigged for Hillary Clinton to succeed Obama next year, will America attack Russia and China, an unthinkable act of madness if launched? Provocative US-led NATO troop deployments and military exercises near Russia’s borders, its Romania-based missile system targeting ...Read More »

Obama In Hiroshima

Obama is the first US sitting president to visit Hiroshima. He came to flex US muscle in a part of the world not its own, not apologize for gratuitous mass murder. The war was over. Japan was negotiating surrender. America used nuclear weapons against a defeated enemy, showing its meanness, incinerating defenseless civilians – a ...Read More »

No Prospects For Peace In Syria

Obama’s war continues, hundreds of US special forces and marines involved in combat, directly aiding terrorists in northern Syria. Claiming they’re advising and assisting (nonexistent) moderate rebels is pure rubbish. Obama wants Assad forcibly ousted before he leaves office. Maybe he intends US-led NATO bombing. Peace talks begun in early February were dead on arrival, ...Read More »

NATO Foreign Ministers Agree On Permanent Occupation Of Afghanistan

Endless US-led naked aggression and occupation of Afghanistan continues – coming up on 15 years this October. The 9/11 mother of all false flags was used as a phony pretext to attack a nonbelligerent country threatening no others. Candidate Obama pledged he’d remove all US troops from the country straightaway if elected. They remain, part ...Read More »

Horrific Libyan Suffering Under US-Supported ISIS Rule

  Washington helped ISIS establish a foothold in Sirte, now expanding to control more coastal territory. Most city residents able to get out fled after its fighters took over. In a new report titled “We Feel We Are Cursed: Life under ISIS in Sirte, Libya,” Human Rights Watch (HRW) said it’s “inflicting severe hardship on ...Read More »

America’s Pivot To Asia Passes Through Vietnam

Lifting the military embargo on Vietnam has nothing to do with good politics or a desire to help a country that the U.S. helped destroy. (The Real Agenda) In 2013, Kurt Campbell and Brian Andrews, from the Asia group, wrote a piece on the United States so-called pivot to Asia. In their article, the authors ...Read More »

Obama Visiting Scenes Of US High Crimes In Asia

On Saturday, he left Washington on a weeklong visit to Vietnam and Japan, part of his Asia pivot strategy, challenging China where America doesn’t belong. He’ll meet with Vietnamese officials in Hanoi, discuss trade and other bilateral relations, deliver a demagogic address, while ignoring devastating US Southeast Asia bombing, its use of Agent Orange and ...Read More »

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