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Heading for War on Russia

War Propaganda |  | America’s imperial agenda threatens world peace. Its bases surrounding Russia and China are platforms for aggressive wars – likely nuclear if launched against one or both countries. Dangerous flashpoints exist along their borders, in Syria, Ukraine, the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. America’s megalomaniacal rage for dominance is humanity’s greatest menace, nuclear war almost certain if ...Read More »

Revving Up Lost Afghan War Coming?

War Propaganda |  | America’s longest war was lost years ago, privately acknowledged, yet US combat operations continue, escalation likely coming. According to Bloomberg, Trump’s military and national security advisors recommend deploying an additional 50,000 troops, “according to a classified US intelligence community assessment.” It’s partly about propping up Kabul’s puppet regime, mostly to continue endless war, unwilling to ...Read More »

The U.S. is Waging a Massive Shadow War in Africa, Exclusive Documents Reveal

War Propaganda |  | By: Nick Turse, Vice News | Six years ago, a deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Special Operations Command gave a conservative estimate of 116 missions being carried out at any one time by Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and other special operations forces across the globe. Today, according to U.S. military documents obtained by VICE News, special operators ...Read More »

US Wants Syria Balkanized and Destroyed

War Propaganda |  | Russian and US objectives are world’s apart in Syria. Moscow hopes de-escalation zones can be an important step toward conflict resolution, wanting them instituted nationwide, a major turning point if achieved. Neocon policymakers in Washington want endless conflict, regime change, and Syrian sovereignty destroyed, balkanizing the country part of their scheme. US special forces and ...Read More »

Russian Senator Calls US Claim of Mass Executions in Syria a Scheme to Undermine Peace Talks

War Propaganda |  | Assistant US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones’ claim about mass executions in Syria, then cremating bodies to hide evidence, was a bald-faced lie – likely OK’d by Rex Tillerson, his boss, a shameless act, clearly intended to undermine conflict resolution. Russia upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev ...Read More »

WHITE HELMETS: Terrorist Whistleblower Exposes Staged Chemical Weapon Attacks

War Propaganda |  | By: 21st Century Wire |  On the back of reports that the White Helmets had recently, sent a team to Ariha in Idlib, with the intention of staging another chemical weapon attack, Syrian Arab News Agency has focused on interviews with captured terrorist fighters. These NATO and Gulf state-armed terrorist testimony adds another layer to ...Read More »

You Won’t Believe Why Washington State Isn’t Allowed to Prepare for Nuclear War

War Propaganda |  | If the government was able to take care of everyone during any foreseeable disaster, there probably wouldn’t be a thriving prepper movement today. So many people have taken it upon themselves to prepare for disasters, because they know how the government often reacts to crisis situations. Our government’s response to disasters is often slow and ...Read More »

Kim Jong-Un Fires Missile that Lands 60 Miles from Russia’s Vladivostok

War Propaganda |  | By: Alex Christoforou, The Duran | After months of threatening the US with nuclear war, and just days after a new president took office in South Korea, Kim Jong-Un fired (or misfired) a ballistic missile that landed too close for comfort to Russian territory. Here is what we know (courtesy of the Daily Mail UK)… ...Read More »

UK Defense Secretary Calls Terror-Bombing Yemen Saudi Self-Defense

War Propaganda |  | Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. America has been drone-bombing Yemen since the Bush/Cheney years, largely killing defenseless civilians, yet media scoundrels ignore it. In March 2015, Obama launched preemptive war on the country without declaring it, conspiring with Saudi Arabia, creating a humanitarian disaster, at least 80% of the population affected – hundreds ...Read More »

Trump Approves Heavy Weapons for Kurds, Afghanistan Surge Likely

War Propaganda |  | Trump straightaway in office proved his noninterventionist campaign promises were baloney! He escalated Bush/Cheney/Obama wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, threatens possible nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, dashed hopes for improved relations with Russia, and likely intends sending thousands more combat troops to Afghanistan – America’s longest war, lost years ago. No increased US ...Read More »

The Trump Deception

War Propaganda |  | (The Real Agenda News) The president continues the traditional US military agenda followed by the military industrial complex. In the delicate balance game that governs the Syrian war, the United States has taken a step that it hopes will be crucial in the campaign against the Islamic State but that will also anger Turkey, a key ...Read More »

US/UK/Jordanian Troops Near Syria’s Border a Likely Joint Military Exercise

War Propaganda |  | On Monday, regional media reported large numbers of heavily armed US, UK and Jordanian troops, along with ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists, massed near Syria’s border, heightening fears of possible invasion. Government forces captured Beit Naim village, southwest of eastern Ghouta near Damascus, Jaish al-Islam terrorists routed. On Tuesday, terrorists comprising the so-called Free Syrian Army ...Read More »

US Support for Terrorists in Syria Prevents Conflict Resolution

War Propaganda |  | The myth of so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria persists. None exist. All anti-government militants are US-supported terrorists – largely imported from scores of countries. Russia’s good faith efforts for conflict resolution aren’t good enough because Washington consistently undermines them – wanting endless war and regime change, not resolution, peace, stability and respect for Syrian sovereignty. ...Read More »

How World War 3 Will Happen: “The citizen will be the last to know.” (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | Anonymous has released a video that puts all the pieces into place – and those pieces point straight to World War 3. Unlike the proxy wars fought in Syria and Afghanistan, Anonymous says of the upcoming conflict. “…There will be ground troops. The battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also ...Read More »

Pentagon Intends Continued Aerial Operations in Syria De-Escalation Zones

War Propaganda |  | Washington wants endless war and regime change in Syria, not conflict resolution for peace and stability throughout the country. On Thursday, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on creating four de-escalation zones in the Syria, these nations serving as guarantors. Sergey Lavrov said America “proposed (the idea) at the beginning of this year, with a view ...Read More »

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