War Propaganda

War Propaganda

America Created Daesh (ISIS)

America created global terrorist groups at least since the CIA’s involvement against Soviet Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Virtually all headline-making groups are US creations, or offshoots from them, used as imperial foot soldiers – recruited from scores of countries, armed, funded, trained and directed to serve Washington’s pure evil agenda, its quest for

Escalated US War In Syria And Iraq Coming

Days earlier, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced more US combat troops coming to Syria and Iraq besides numbers already there – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, America’s ally, not enemy, along with likeminded terrorist groups. Carter claiming Washington intends to degrade and defeat this scourge is a complete hoax. It flourishes because of

Obama: Serial Killer

On Wednesday, a banner was displayed on the top floor of a building across from Washington’s Moscow embassy – the word “KILLER” prominently displayed on Obama’s image in blood red. The previous evening, a laser display projected the accusation “Obama Killer #1” on the embassy itself. Moscow-based Glavplakat art society took credit, calling its action

US War On ISIS: A Complete Hoax

US post-9/11 war on terror reflects willful state-sponsored deception – media scoundrels complicit in conning the public to believe Washington opposes what it actively supports. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and various splinter groups are US creations, used as imperial foot soldiers, flourishing because Washington and rogue partners arm, fund, train and direct them. Obama’s

Middle East A Cauldron Of Horror

As-salamu alaykum (the peace be upon you (plural) and Shalom (peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility) may have different nuances but both express a similar intent of goodwill. In reality, not much benevolent friendship exists in the eternal cauldron of Semitic hatred. Genetic and blood feuds have proliferated throughout history, but the foremost

Teaching 9/11 To Conspiracy Theorists

This article was originally written in November 2015. Many have accused this author of teaching “conspiracy theories” to college students. Contrary to critics’ assertions, however, events such as the Sandy Hook School massacre or Boston Marathon bombing were never addressed in any courses taught at his former university. Only in the last college class he

Globalism’s War For Domination

The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. – H.L. Mencken Some of us were there during the struggle to stop the war in another era. How quickly our fellow neighbors forget what the struggle over Viet Nam was all about. For those born after that

Western War On Libya Imminent

In 2011, US-led NATO ravaged Africa’s most developed country. Libya remains a cauldron of violence and chaos, now threatened by ISIS. Washington helped it establish a foothold in Sirte, a jumping off point to expand to other areas – with designs on Libyan oil, perhaps just a matter of time before it seizes control without

Ready For World War III With China?

With the constant drumbeat that Armageddon is imminent, it is easy to dismiss the geopolitical threats that pose a realpolitik danger. The prospects that definite weapons of mass destruction will engulf the planet in a nuclear winter are upon us once again. After the collapse of the Soviet evil empire, the Reagan – Gorbachev détente provided the

The Free Syrian Army Myth

It’s a phantom army, virtually nonexistent, on paper only, a PR stunt, its so-called “moderates” allied with terrorist groups fighting Assad. On Wednesday, Fars News (FN) said elements calling themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA) continue supplying terrorists fighting Assad with weapons. “The FSA is working side-by-side with al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and supplying them with US-made

More War On Libya Ahead?

A splintered nation reeling from devastating 2011 US-led naked aggression faces the prospect of more war – opposite of what it needs to begin healing. America, Britain and France are preparing to intervene on the phony pretext of combating ISIS’ new stronghold in Sirte, aiming for greater territorial control – despite elements of rival Tripoli/Tobruk

US Helps ISIS Gain New Stronghold In Libya

ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups would be little more than annoyances without foreign backing. America bears full responsibility for creating these groups, using them as proxy foot soldiers to advance its imperium. It’s war on terrorism is a hoax. US warplanes serve as ISIS’ air force, bombing government targets in Syria and Iraq,

Bouquet Of Lies (VIDEO)

(Verify Events Research) We all know they are lying to us but the real question should be: How big and sophisticated are these lies? This is VER’s attempt at exposing the deceptions and lies of the puppet masters inside the Deep State and their corrupt puppets (political class). I created this compilation of video clips as

More Evidence Of Turkish Complicity With ISIS In Selling Stolen Oil

Turkey is a pariah nation, a tyrannical crime syndicate masquerading as a nation-state, run by international outlaws. President Erdogan governs like a mafia godfather, intolerant of opposition and criticism. Nothing of consequence goes on without his direct knowledge and approval. Various illicit activities let him, his family, and other top regime officials profit hugely. His

US Warplanes Bomb Iraqi Forces

US rules of engagement violate core international laws – attacking nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, mercilessly slaughtering civilians, dismissing what it deplorably calls “collateral damage.” Human lives aren’t “collateral.” They’re too precious to be needlessly lost. In Iraq and Syria, Washington maintains the fiction of combating ISIS and other terrorist groups. It’s at war with

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