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MIT Scientist FURTHER Debunks False Flag: "The Nerve Agent Attack that Did Not Occur"

War Propaganda |  | By Theodore A. Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT.  Postol’s main expertise is in ballistic missiles. He has a substantial background in air dispersal, including how toxic plumes move in the air. Postol has taught courses on weapons of mass destruction – including chemical and biological threats – at ...Read More »

US Military Madness

War Propaganda |  | WW I French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau was right, saying: “War is too important to be left to the generals.” Trump delegated warmaking to neocon hawkish generals, favoring belligerence over diplomacy – heading toward escalated war on Syria along with possibly striking North Korea preemptively. Trump’s geopolitical agenda risks confrontation with multiple countries. It risks ...Read More »

What A War With North Korea Would Probably Look Like

War Propaganda |  | Back in 2013 during the last major flare up between the U.S. and North Korea I wrote an extensive analysis on the North Korean wild card and how it could be used by globalists as a catalyst for international economic instability titled ‘Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe?’ As I have warned consistently ...Read More »

Preemptive US Strike on North Korea Imminent?

War Propaganda |  | Last week NBC News said the Trump administration “is prepared to launch a preemptive strike with conventional weapons against North Korea should officials become convinced (it’s) about to follow through with (another) nuclear weapons test, (according to) multiple senior US intelligence officials…” Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear weapons test could come Saturday – commemorating Kim Il-sung’s 105th ...Read More »

Washington Tries to Hide Its Failure in Mosul

War Propaganda |  |   By: Anna Jaunger, Syria Media Center | For the past months, Washington has faced the urgent need to distract the world’s attention from its devastating failure in Mosul in order to hide the huge number of casualties among the local population. Perhaps, this became one of the main reasons for carrying out a new ...Read More »

The U.S. Is On The Verge Of Making An Extremely Costly Mistake

War Propaganda |  | All day long I have just felt sick.  Right at this moment, we are closer to war with North Korea than we have been at any point since the Korean War ended in 1953.  If Donald Trump decides to launch a military strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities, the consequences could be absolutely catastrophic.  The ...Read More »

In God (and Trump) We Trust... With Monster Bombs!!

War Propaganda |  | Op Ed Commentary |         The other day Mr. Trump gave the order as our new ‘ Commander in Grief ‘ to drop the 21,000 pound (that’s over 10 tons folks) Monster Bomb. They said they had to totally destroy the tunnel system that ISIS , or whatever the hell these crazy jihadists happen to ...Read More »

Where Will You Go When North Korean Agents Release Biological Weapons In Major U.S. Cities?

War Propaganda |  | Most Americans have no idea that biological weapons could potentially bring our nation to a complete and utter standstill within a matter of days.  In recent articles I have been trying to get people to understand why it would be so exceedingly dangerous for the United States to attack North Korea.  If the North Koreans ...Read More »

ISIS Script Shifts to Caves In Afghanistan- Longevity Now Guaranteed! (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | Ever since the declaration of their Caliphate in the summer of 2014 I’ve been urging independent thinkers to see the oddities surrounding ISIS for what they are. I’m talking about oddities we were told by the ruling elite and their mainstream media to believe about ISIS which were and still are outside the boundaries of ...Read More »

Trump Invades Somalia

War Propaganda |  | Bookmakers must be wondering how many wars he’ll wage during his tenure. He continues Bush/Cheney/Obama wars, escalated them in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, likely intends more combat troops for Afghanistan, threatens nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, and targets Somalia for the first time since US forces were withdrawn in 1994. Sending dozens, perhaps scores, ...Read More »

China’s Chilling Warning

War Propaganda |  | Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi minced no words, warning war could erupt “at any moment” on the Korean peninsula. Whoever provokes it “must assume the historic responsibility and pay the corresponding price, he stressed, explaining dangerously escalating tensions during a press conference with his French counterpart, Jean-marc Ayrault. “Once war (begins), the result will be ...Read More »

How to Survive World War 3: Prepping for an Off-Shore Conflict

War Propaganda |  | If an all-out war erupts, it will be like nothing the Earth has seen before. All of our “progress” means that each side now has the weapons at their disposal to destroy their enemy many times over. Because of this, we can’t as readily look back in history to learn how to survive World War ...Read More »

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Imperial Tools

War Propaganda |  | Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch disgracefully blamed Syria for what appear to be a CIA-orchestrated April 4 CW false flag, killing dozens, injuring many more. The attack was carried out as a pretext for Trump’s aggression – planned before the incident occurred, readied to be launched in short order – an act of war ...Read More »

The Real Dangers Behind The Syrian Crisis Are Economic

War Propaganda |  | Back in 2010/2011 when I was still writing under the pen-name Giordano Bruno, I warned extensively about the dangers of any destabilization in the nation of Syria, long before the real troubles began. In an article titled Migration Of The Black Swans, I pointed out that due to Syria’s unique set of alliances and economic ...Read More »

The Syria Barrel Bomb Hoax

War Propaganda |  | Phony accusations about Syrian use of CWs and barrel bombs are the propaganda equivalent of Saddam’s nonexistent WMDs. Repeated enough gets most people to believe these weapons are being used – to enlist support for escalated war against a sovereign state threatening no one. All wars are based on lies and deception. Truth-telling destroys their ...Read More »

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