War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Putin Targeted For Assassination-Will This Mean WW III Or Russian Civil War?

Many in the independent media are proclaiming that a massive coup, which includes security personnel, top military leaders and top Russian businessmen, led by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu is intent on removing Putin and restoring relations with the West. I wish these reports were accurate, but the recent course of actions strongly suggest that the opposite is in

Ukraine Sets Up War Stage Between Russia And The United States

Ukraine has given two steps in opposite directions. On one hand, it has approved a so-called new status that allegedly gives autonomy to the Easter regions of Lughansk and Donetsk. On the other hand, it has approved the deployment of both American and Polish militaries on its soil for ‘training purposes’. The first step seems

War Is Popular Because It’s Profitable

China is already the third largest arms exporter in the world. Although its share of the global total is only 5%, well below the 58% owned by the United States and Russia, that supply the most arms to international markets. In the last five years, arms sales by China have grown 143% over the previous

Putin’s Return Coincides With Greatly Increased Russian War Preparations

Putin has come out of captivity, self-imposed, or otherwise, swinging for the fences. In an unprecedented series of moves, Putin is more aggressive, more warlike and more daring than any time in his Presidency. His military exercises which coincided with his return to the limelight, are unprecedented in the post cold war era. Putin laughed

UPDATE: Details About Putin Emerging: Is Russia Moving Towards Civil War OR WORLD WAR III?

*Newest Update* Civil War, World III or Kiss and Makeup with America? ORIGINAL ARTICLE PUBLISHED AT 4AM PACIFIC Putin has not been seen March 5th, meaning that the world is in its eleventh day of the Putin watch. The Russian people, their military and the whole world now has grave concerns about Putin’s fate and

The Pieces For America’s Imminent Red Dawn Are In Place

On Thursday night, airing on Randy Yarbrough’s radio show on 1360AM out of Johnstown, Colorado, Dr. Walker Todd called in into the show and offered a stunning prediction. Dr. Todd stated that the U.S. economy has about “60-90 days of life left in it as the dollar is on the verge of collapse”. The dire prediction from

Russia Is Tightening The Noose For A Military Invasion Of The U.S.

Do you remember as a child in elementary school playing games like “Capture the flag” and “King of the hill”? As you grew older you were taught from a military perspective that military commanders want to occupy the high ground.  If we go on to learn military strategy, we frequently encounter the admonitions that it

Perpetual War To Justify The Permanent War On Terror

The saga of continuous deployment and a garrison empire is a long and sad state of affairs. Using the trumped up fright that America’s enemies are geared up to bomb malls and sporting venues, builds a phony fear that the only response to combat the threat is to wage continuous foreign campaigns. What put such

Wheels Fall Off The ISIS Psyop Forcing New Meme: Iran Nukes!

Anyone paying attention to the tiring constant 24/7 surreal ISIS psychological operation of the last six to eight months has probably noticed that with the recent bombshell revelations of ISIS working with Israel and the U.S. by the government of Iraq, the western mainstream media has finally gone into retreat on the ISIS show. All

Hornets’ Nest: Massive Drills Across Russia, 20 Ships In Baltic Sea (VIDEOS)

Military drills are taking place concurrently with US and NATO military exercises. Russia is getting ready to counteract and repel land-sea-air military aggression on its western, northern, southern and eastern borders simultaneously, as massive drills of all military branches are underway across Russia. Motorized infantry, combat aviation and Spetznaz troops have been put on alert

Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS - Global Warming!

By: Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post - After five years of intense fighting and destabilization raging across Syria, Western mainstream press has finally discovered the true cause of the so-called “civil war.” It turns out that all of the analysts in the alternative media suggesting that the situation in Syria was the result of a

Benjamin Netanyahu In 2002 – “If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee, It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations On The Region” (VIDEO)

By: Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg - This man’s plan in Iraq only led to death, chaos, and the emergence of ISIS. In 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu already harbored some extremely strong convictions on how to deal with both Iran and Iraq. Back then, his opinions on how to handle the particular challenges each presented were quite divergent. On the one hand,

Obama-Netanyahu ''Fallout'' Is Theater - Planned In 2009

By: Tony Cartalucci | Land Destroyer Report - In a 2009 US policy paper published by the corporate-financier funded Brookings Institution, it was made clear that the US was determined to provoke Iran into a conflict and effect regime change at any cost – up to and including an outright military invasion and occupation of Iran

Exposing The ISIS Show- Last Chance For Humanity?

This may sound crazy but with the new world order so close to coming to full fruition and all human activity suppressed forever, will we look back in the future and see the current globalist staged ISIS show as the last chance humanity had to free itself from permanent slavery and endless illegal murderous war?

Osama, Obama, Bush…. It’s The Empire Stupid!

Osama bin Laden, President Barak Obama and President George W. Bush were, and are, creatures of the American Military Industrial Empire. They were nurtured, influenced, subsidized and controlled by this machine. Bin Laden was one of many rich, educated Muslims who became brainwashed by what I call the Islam or bust mindset. Much like the

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