War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Western Propaganda Paid For In Syrian Blood

In his important book, titled “The Dirty War on Syria” Tim Anderson discusses how US naked aggression on a nonbelligerent country relies on “a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory.” There’s nothing civil about war in Syria, raped by US imperialism, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing its sovereign independence. Media scoundrels are ...Read More »

Aleppo Boy’s Photographer: Ally Of US-Supported Terrorists

  New information on the Aleppo Boy story at the very least gives it the appearance of being an elaborately staged hoax. AP News broke the story. Off-guardian.org reported “of the three journalists credited, one was in Beirut, one in Geneva, and one in Moscow” – none in Aleppo or anywhere in Syria. The obvious question is ...Read More »

US-Supported Genocide In Yemen

Yemen is Obama’s war, naked aggression letting Saudis, other rogue Gulf States and Israel do his dirty work – enforcing blockade to restrict humanitarian aid, flooding the region with weapons and munitions, providing intelligence for terror-bombing, designating targets to be struck, civilians being massacred in much larger numbers than UN reports claim. War in Yemen ...Read More »

The State Terrorism Factory

Governments can and have hidden themselves behind patsies and provocateurs to carry out terror attacks that justify the killing of millions. Furthermore, State-sponsored terrorism is now used to limit or completely erase civil liberties and constitutional rights. Most terrorism is State-sponsored. When this fact is discovered, the State has two options: One, it fabricates non-existent ...Read More »

Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been massing at eight staging areas along Russia’s border with Ukraine, and some Pentagon officials believe that this could represent preparations for a full-scale invasion. But ultimately Russia has ...Read More »

Staged Anti-Syrian Wounded Boy On Orange Seat Propaganda Stunt

  War is waged in more than one way – actual combat along with demonizing propaganda to win public support for attacking manufactured enemies, nonexistent ones, based on the phony pretext of humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect. No matter how often the scheme is used, the public is easily duped every time to believe ...Read More »

ISIS Recruits Ordered “Koran For Dummies”

ISIS recruits were exposed earlier this year, in a batch of leaked ISIS documents in March 2016, as people who have so little knowledge about Islam that some of them ordered “Koran for Dummies” and “Islam for Dummies”. The story is making its round in the media right now. The leak was another crushing blow to the Islamic terrorism ...Read More »

Obama’s Phony 'No First Use' Nuke Proposal

  In December 2001, the Bush administration issued its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), asserting the preemptive right to unilaterally declare and wage future wars using first strike nuclear weapons. It remains US policy. Obama campaigned against militarism, promising all US combat troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq if elected. They’re still there and in lots ...Read More »

Who Created ISIS? The Enemy-Revealing Question That De-Masks The Empire's Facade For Good (VIDEO)

With this being a time of escalating tension, fear and chaos in America due to corruption, state-engineered events and propaganda, we need to apply sound reason and logic to help us first recognize and then reconcile the meaning of these events. This will allow us to live our lives in a prosperous and mentally healthy ...Read More »

Horror Stories From Obama’s War On Syria

  US aggression using ISIS and other terrorists to do its dirty work so far left over half a million Syrians dead, millions injured, many permanently maimed, half the population internally or externally displaced, and no end of conflict in sight. Syria is one of many US post-WW II great crimes, a nation being systematically ...Read More »

US-China Tension: Maneuvering For Pacific Front Of WW3?

US-China tension in the last few months has sharply increased, with both nations exchanging some heated dialogue over the contested issue of the South China Sea. Although the prospect of the US and China actually engaging in battle is still an abstract idea, the notion became a little more concrete recently with the decision of the ...Read More »

Obama’s Rape Of Libya Part II

  In 2011, he and then secretary of state Hillary Clinton bore full responsibility for the rape and destruction of Libya, transforming Africa’s most developed country into a cauldron of endless violence, instability, turmoil and unspeakable human suffering – the aftermath of all US imperial wars. They flagrantly violated international, constitutional and US statute laws ...Read More »

US Terror-Bombs Libya On The Phony Pretext Of Combating ISIS It Supports

  Has Libya 2.0 begun? Will weeks or months of terror-bombing continue to solidify control over a nation Washington wants as an unchallenged client state? Law Professor Francis Boyle emailed the following: “Congress goes on vacation in August. So predictably (Obama) uses its absence as an occasion to start a new war in violation of ...Read More »

Dancing With The Beast

Op Ed Commentary |                                 On May 9th, 1970, in the predawn hours, President Richard Nixon decided to visit students protesting the Vietnam War at the Lincoln Memorial… with but his butler in hand. Tens of thousands of anti war protesters were camped out that night in conjunction with an anti war movement that today’s ...Read More »

Media Big Lies About ISIS Persist

  Instead of explaining ISIS is a US creation, its fighters used as imperial foot soldiers doing America’s killing and dying for it, media scoundrels maintain the myth of Washington combating a scourge it supports. Without active foreign backing, ISIS and other terrorist organizations couldn’t exist. They’d wither, fade and disappear. Washington and its rogue ...Read More »

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