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New US Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan Escalates Killing of Civilians

War Propaganda |  | The Pentagon is a killing machine, civilian men, women and children indiscriminately targeted in all US war theaters – massacred in cold blood. Defense Secretary Mattis changed the Pentagon’s rules of engagement in Afghanistan, indicating he has a free hand to wage war in the country by whatever rules he orders. Trump earlier said he’d ...Read More »

Raqqa Raped and Destroyed, Not Liberated

War Propaganda |  | The so-called US-led coalition announced liberation of Raqqa left unexplained months of terror-bombing, the city raped and destroyed, not liberated as claimed. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands. of civilians were massacred in cold blood. US-led terror-bombing targeted residential areas, hospitals, schools, mosques, vital infrastructure, virtually everything relentlessly, turning the city into a moonscape. Last summer, ...Read More »

Israel Terror-Bombs Syria Again

War Propaganda |  | It’s done it numerous times before, the world community failing to hold it accountable for aggression – encouraging further attacks at its discretion. On Monday, Israel warplanes struck an anti-aircraft battery 50 km east of Damascus, operating illegally from Lebanese airspace, treating it like its own – ahead of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s scheduled ...Read More »

Dead Nation Walking

War Propaganda |  | Op Ed Commentary | They have a term for those on death row awaiting execution, as ‘Dead Men Walking’. Well, ditto for a large (too large) segment of our Amerikan populace. One needs to first read William Hartung’s brilliant piece ” How the Military Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops”. Google it and learn what ...Read More »

How to Become NATO Secretary-General

War Propaganda |  | Aspirants must be willing to swear allegiance to Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars of aggression, its rape and destruction of one country after another – on the phony pretexts of democracy building and humanitarian intervention. They must abandon their morals, ethics, and integrity, willingly ignore international laws, norms and standards, as well as stay silent ...Read More »

US Military Dropped 751 Bombs in Afghanistan in September

War Propaganda |  | By: Press TV | The United States military has dropped a total of 751 bombs on Afghanistan in September, the highest monthly number in the past seven years, according to data by the US Air Forces Central Command. The figure indicated a 50-percent increase from August (503 bombs), which the command attributed to President Donald Trump’s so-called ...Read More »

US-Supported Terrorist Blasts Hit Damascus

War Propaganda |  | Washington supports ISIS, al-Nusra and likeminded terrorist groups – bearing full responsibility for their high crimes, easily ended by no longer recruiting, funding, arming, training and directing them. On Monday, multiple blasts in the Damascus Midan district killed at least 15, including five policemen, injuring others. Four suicide bombers wearing explosive belts, carrying grenades and ...Read More »

Ken Burns’ Reinvented Vietnam War History

War Propaganda |  | In 2015, the Pentagon tried the same thing, a duplicitous 50th anniversary commemoration. It reinvented naked aggression against a nation threatening no one – ending in a humiliating US defeat, slaughtering millions of Southeast Asians its only accomplishment. Daniel Ellsberg’s release of the Pentagon Papers revealed what the Pentagon wanted suppressed. Burns tried the same ...Read More »

Trump Ups the Stakes in Syria

War Propaganda |  | Trump is a businessman, a geopolitical no-nothing. Delegating warmaking to hawkish generals was a reckless act. He doesn’t immerse himself in details, largely stays disengaged from policymaking complexities, lets others handle them. Generals love wars, how they advance in rank and find lucrative post-military careers as corporate board members, TV commentators, and other ways to ...Read More »

Satellite Images Show US-Supported Forces With ISIS in Syria

War Propaganda |  | This and other incriminating evidence clearly reveal US support for ISIS – the scourge it pretends to combat, arming its fighters, providing other material support. Silence by media scoundrels makes them complicit with US high crimes, a longstanding unholy alliance, a disgrace to legitimate journalism. On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released satellite video images showing ...Read More »

Why Left Wing Nuts Get Away with Murder

War Propaganda |  | “Once Upon A Time, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away” the left wing of the political spectrum were the vanguard of opposing the globalist warfare matrix. The anti-war movement changed the world in the 1960’s and stopped the bloody carnage in Viet Nam. Judging by today’s standards, that world is forgotten and the replacement culture ...Read More »

US to Plunder Afghanistan’s Mineral Riches

War Propaganda |  | Endless US aggression in Afghanistan has nothing to do with combating terrorism (America supports it), everything to do with controlling the country, using it for oil and gas pipelines, part of encircling Russia and China with US military bases, and plundering vast Afghan mineral riches – likely worth trillions of dollars, a prize corporate predators ...Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Says US has Declared War

War Propaganda |  | In a press conference in New York City, Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho says that the US has declared war on North Korea, giving them the right to shoot down US bombers in international airspace. “The whole world should clearly remember it was the U.S. who first declared war on our country…Since the United States declared ...Read More »

Radical Islamic Terrorists: The Best Bad Guys Money Can Buy

War Propaganda |  | Radical Islamic Terrorists are everywhere, it seems. They’re all over Syria and Iraq. They’re in Libya and Nigeria too. They attacked the former Soviet Union from Afghanistan and modern day Russia from Chechnya. We’ve seen them in the Philippines. They attacked an Australian cafe in Sydney, so we were told. Recently they’ve been in Myanmar (Burma). They’ve ...Read More »

Trump’s Peace Agenda: Total War

War Propaganda |  | He talks peace while waging endless wars of aggression on multiple countries, raping and destroying them, threatening new ones against North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Russia and China are on Washington’s target list, the last obstacles to remove to achieve unchallenged global dominance – doomsday scenario risked if either country is attacked. Nuclear Armageddon could ...Read More »

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