War Propaganda

War Propaganda

The Global War On Terror Is Being Used To Bring In A Global Government Of Terror

“I remember when there were those who were exposing government corruption and it was called a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Now, 50 years later. I find that it was not theory.  In fact, it is now a reality.” (Jeremiah 11:9) – Posted from commenter at Bradlee Dean’s Facebook page. I am humored by the sincere ignorance and

Is Barack Obama Actually Trying To Help ISIS Take Over Syria?

That headline sounds crazy, right?  It must be untrue, right?  Well, read on, because you might be absolutely shocked by what you learn.  As you will read about below, the Obama administration has used al-Qaeda fighters and other radical Islamic groups in the past to topple governments.  And without a doubt, Barack Obama is absolutely

Condemn Islamic Terror And Shield Zionist Atrocities (VIDEO)

"I would have joined a terrorist organization."-- Ehud Barak's response to Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Ha'aretz newspaper, when Barak was asked what he would have done if he had been born a Palestinian. Surviving in a world of offensive double standards comes easy for people who lost their moral compass. Most culturally deficient

30 Reasons Proving That Putin Is Preparing To Start World War III

I frequently hear the following: Russia is a Christian nation. Putin is good Christian man. Russia only wants to defend its borders. Putin is the only obstacle between the New World Order and the people of the world. Stop, I cannot listen to any more ignorance. Putin is preparing to start World War III. This

Playing The Grand Chessboard To WWIII

After the economic collapse, what comes next? Answer: The grand chess board of World War III! This article is not for the faint of heart. If one desires to keep on burying their head in the sand, then go watch the NFL Playoffs. Of course, if we do not collectively wake up the majority of sheep

Psychology Of Tyranny For A Philosophy Of Despotism

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The underpinnings that fallaciously attempt to justify despotic regimes rely upon the perverted practice of controlling the public mindset in weak societies. The indisputable evidence that civilization is regressing at lightning speed is all us. Governments are becoming irrelevant with

By Any Other Name…Terrorism Sucks!!

Terrorize: To fill with terror… to coerce by intimidation. When a suicide bomber blows away the lives of students and other civilians in an Israeli café, my eyes fill with tears. When Israeli Apache helicopters blast away the lives of innocent Palestinians, more tears flow. Terrorism has no parameters. It sucks no matter who does

The Real Motive Behind The Charlie Hebdo False Flag Attack

The world is being taken to war one propaganda lie at a time. Most average people have no idea that they are being manipulated and soon the majority of people on this planet will be convinced that it is perfectly acceptable to kill strangers that they have never met as a result of this false

The Five Steps To Armageddon

The world sits upon the precipice of World War III. The three major antagonists, Russia, China and the United States are talking far less and are increasingly on a war footing. The events which led to World War I are reoccurring in almost the exact same form as what transpired nearly a century ago. Only

How Plunging Oil Prices Could Lead To World War III

Let’s revel in our good fortune as oil prices continue to plunge. Oil prices have dipped under $50. If we are spending less for oil, we have more to spend on other things such as eating out, shopping and vacations. On the surface, it looks the American consumer finally got a break. The Trojan Horse

The Islamic State “Big Lie”

By: Michel Chossudovsky - Under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council,  with president Obama chairing the Council session, the United States has called upon the international community to adopt strong measures, at national and international levels, to curtail the recruitment of Islamic State fighters. What is not mentioned in the media reports is

United States Continues To Arm And Train Syrian Rebels

The U.S. Department of Defense says it is investigating whether there have been civilian casualties as a result of coalition airstrikes against ISIS. The military training carried out by the United States of so-called moderate opposition in Syria has continued and will continue up until the Spring of 2015, while advancing in the process of

False Flagging The World Towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

By: Larry Chin | Global Research - Almost all wars begin with false flag operations. The coming conflicts in North Korea and Russia are no exception. Mass public hysteria is being manufactured to justify aggression against Moscow and Pyongyang, in retaliation for acts attributed to the North Korean and Russian governments, but orchestrated and carried

Airstrikes Against Islamic State Top $1 Billion, Kill Over 1,100 People

US and coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria have killed nearly 1,200 people ‒ including 52 civilians ‒ and wounded at least 800 others at a cost of more than $1 billion since the bombings began in September. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Thursday that airstrikes in Syria over the

Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too

Numerous cultures have had holidays dedicated to the celebration of pulling the wool over the eyes of others, from the ancient Romans, to early Muslims, to medieval Christians, to Americans and Europeans today.  As April begins, we once again turn a mischievous eye to the concept of the fool and, as always, each person seeks to be

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