War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Arab Coalition Commits War Crimes In Yemen

Identifying the military attacks on Yemen by American-supported Arab nations as war crimes was long overdue. The bombings of the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, which killed at least 65 civilians four days ago in the Yemeni city of Moja could constitute a war crime, Human Rights Watch reported today. In a statement, HRW

Britain Covertly Bombing Syria

In August 2013, UK parliamentarians rejected military intervention in Syria – voting 285 – 272 against it. At the time, Prime Minister David Cameron said voting reflected popular sentiment. “(T)he government will act accordingly.” He lied. On July 17, the UK-based human rights group Reprieve reported UK pilots bombing Syria – despite Cameron’s earlier pledge

NATO's Exercise Trident Juncture 15: Preparing For More War?

Provocative US-led NATO exercises risk direct confrontation with Russia and other independent countries Washington targets for regime change. TRJE15 intends “showcas(ing)” US-dominated Alliance capability “on the world stage,” an official statement says. It’s scheduled from September 28 to November 6 in Italy, Spain and Portugal, other Alliance nations, and the Mediterranean Sea involving around 36,000

ISIS Fraud Exposed! Leaked Video Appears To Show The Staged Killing Of James Foley (VIDEOS)

By: James Robertson | Crimes of Empire – CyberBerkut (Google Translation): We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated! Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents. On one of the devices of your colleagues,

Liberty Movement Needs More Innovations To Counter Technological Tyranny

The great lesson from history that each consecutive generations seems to forget is that the tools of tyranny used outward will inevitably be turned inward. That is to say, the laws and weapons governments devise for supposed enemies abroad will ALWAYS and eventually be used against the people they are mandated to protect. There is

Israel Controls ISIS – Proven By Computer Hack Of Israeli Chief Of Staff? (VIDEO)

Israel controls ISIS. Many have long suspected the connection, given that ISIS serves the Zionist agenda so well, but now we may have more proof. According to Veterans Today, hackers were recently able to get access to several months of personal computer data and mobile phone calls of Israeli Chief of Staff under Netanyahu, Manzar (Mandi) al-Safadi.

You Cry... When You Care!

Most of us feel sad when we see or hear of some tragedy… usually intensifying when it either affects a loved one or a neighbor. Even if it is a scene from far away, whereupon a train or plane crashes, or perhaps lightning hits a child swimming, or a shark attacks someone… we feel sad.

Life In Donetsk: Resilient Despite Obama's Continuing Proxy War

Obama’s dirty war of aggression using Ukrainian and imported mercenary forces continues against Donbass residents rejecting fascism – wanting democratic rights everyone deserves. Since conflict began in April 2014, Kiev’s junta regime committed major war crimes. Russia’s Investigative Committee (IC) is set to submit hard evidence to international courts, according to its spokesman Vladimir Markin.

“The US Worked With Hollywood To Make The War On Terror Look Better” (VIDEO)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with James G. Connell III- attorney at the U.S Defence Department, who represents Aamar al-Baluchi. Aamar stands accused of financing 9/11, and the CIA-backed Hollywood film Zero Dark Thirty even based a character on him. James explains how Hollywood producers and directors works with the CIA, and why the U.S considers

Shocking Report Plays Into Hands Of Pre-Jade Helm WW3 Propaganda!

ISIS and long list of new world order enemies to be blamed on cyber-grid attack! Some time back I wrote about the importance of being aware of the difference between the truth movement and the liberty movement. They may act the same at times, they may sometimes sound the same, people from both groups may

Nuclear Agreement With Iran

(The Real Agenda) The contrived nuclear issue serves as a cloak for Washington’s intention to overthrow the independence of Iran Washington’s issue with Iran has never been Iran’s nuclear energy program. The notion pushed by the neoconservatives that Iran only had a nuclear energy program (5% uranium enrichment) in order to hide a nuclear weapons

Coincidence? Jade Helm’s Not The Only July Drill. Hear What The Media Is Hiding (VIDEOS)

As our economy trembles in shambles the United States military is not only igniting the Jade Helm 15 drills but has also begun Operation Talisman Sabre in which 33,000 troops will be deployed to the Pacific to train for war. Considering a global economic collapse is on the horizon and tensions with Russia and China are rising,

Obama Declares Permanent War On Humanity

Obama heads Washington’s lunatic fringe – a criminal gang waging endless wars, deploring peace, and pursuing phony war on terrorism to advance their imperial aims while at the same time threatening humanity’s survival. Flanked by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey and other top Pentagon warriors on Monday, Obama underscored his

Turkey Mobilized To Invade Syria?

Syrians have suffered horrendously since Obama launched proxy war in early 2011 to replace Bashar al-Assad with a US-controlled stooge, eliminate an Israeli rival and isolate Iran with plans to topple its government ahead – perhaps the same way as against Syria or maybe by joint US/Israeli war. Don’t be fooled by ongoing nuclear talks

U.S. Admits Paying Terrorists For Services Rendered In Syria

By: Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post – When researchers such as myself have reported that the United States is funding al-Qaeda, Nusra, ISIS and other related terror organizations in Syria, we were not kidding. Still, despite the fact that even the U.S. government itself has admitted that it was funding terrorists– directly and indirectly through Saudi

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