War Propaganda

War Propaganda

America’s Pivot To Asia Passes Through Vietnam

Lifting the military embargo on Vietnam has nothing to do with good politics or a desire to help a country that the U.S. helped destroy. (The Real Agenda) In 2013, Kurt Campbell and Brian Andrews, from the Asia group, wrote a piece on the United States so-called pivot to Asia. In their article, the authors ...Read More »

Obama Visiting Scenes Of US High Crimes In Asia

On Saturday, he left Washington on a weeklong visit to Vietnam and Japan, part of his Asia pivot strategy, challenging China where America doesn’t belong. He’ll meet with Vietnamese officials in Hanoi, discuss trade and other bilateral relations, deliver a demagogic address, while ignoring devastating US Southeast Asia bombing, its use of Agent Orange and ...Read More »

This US Army Chaplain Just Stood Up To The American “Empire”

By: Michaela Whitton, The Anti-Media | A U.S. Army Reserve chaplain has resigned in opposition to U.S. policies on nuclear weapons, militarized drones, and preemptive war. In a letter to President Obama, Captain Christopher John Antal stated he can no longer serve as a chaplain for an “empire.” From September 2012 to February 2013, Antal ...Read More »

US Wants To Lift Arms Embargo To Aid Terrorists In Libya And Syria

(The Real Agenda News) The United States and other international powers want to partially lift the arms embargo on Libya to facilitate the flow of weapons into the hands of terrorists in that country and eventually into Syria. After helping bring chaos to Libya, where the US helped depose Muammar Gaddafi, the Americans used Libya ...Read More »

UK And Jordanian Special Forces In Syria And Libya

US special forces operate in over two-thirds of world countries. They infest every continent except Antarctica. They’re conduct more covert missions now than at the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The Bush administration deployed them in around 60 countries. Obama more than doubled the number to about 135. Missions undertaken tripled during his ...Read More »

Activated US, European Missile Defense System Targets Russia

  Reckless US rage for dominance risks possible global war, making two earlier ones look mild by comparison – potential nuclear confrontation threatening humanity’s survival if launched. America’s so-called missile defense shield is intended solely for offense, not defense. Washington claiming otherwise is a ruse. No justifiable threat warrants its deployment. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov ...Read More »

Washington’s War On Yemen

  Obama waged naked aggression on Yemen throughout his tenure, along with bombing half a dozen other countries illegally, exceeding the worst of George Bush. He’s a constitutional lawyer. In 2008, he admitted presidents don’t “have power under the Constitution (and international law) to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not ...Read More »

US Is Not Wanted In Iraq- ISIS To The Rescue With Gladio Style Explosions Everywhere!

It is now no secret. The world, especially the Middle East, is fed up with US-NATO support of terrorism and unlimited war in their region. The missing “weapons of mass destruction” that were never found by the Bush-Cheney cartel is now an ugly unavoidable and irreversible scar on the reputation of America. A country now ...Read More »

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies On Syria

John Pilger calls journalism the first casualty of war – “a weapon of war, a virulent censorship” by omission or commission. Managed news misinformation and Big Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure. A culture of deceit persists. Media coverage of Obama’s war on Syria is some of the most outrageous in US history – ...Read More »

Another Meaningless Security Council Resolution On Syria

Last Tuesday, Security Council members unanimously adopted Resolution 2286: Protection of civilians in armed conflict. It strongly condemned attacking medical facilities and personnel, the sick and wounded in conflict areas, demanding an end of impunity for responsible parties. Since Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as proxy foot soldiers, Physicians ...Read More »

Outgoing NATO Commander Calls The Alliance “A Linchpin For Peace”

US-dominated NATO is an imperial tool, a global killing machine, maintained for offense, not defense. Its members and partners comprise nearly one-third of world nations. Exponential expansion is planned, Washington wanting NATO’s footprint spread globally on every continent, wanting it used as an instrument for world conquest and domination. Since its 78-day rape of Yugoslavia ...Read More »

Phantom Free Syrian Army Rejects Peace

The phantom FSA exists on paper alone. All anti-government armed groups are US-backed terrorists – death squads imported from scores of countries. Syria is Obama’s war, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Its goal is replacing Assad with pro-Western puppet governance like the US controlled Iraqi regime, partitioning both countries, looting their resources ...Read More »

Deep Inspection Of State Sponsored Propaganda Reveals Truth About Information War (VIDEO)

Most if not all truth seekers by now are very familiar with what a false flag is. It’s a state sponsored operation that involves an attack on elements of its own people, staged in such a manner so as to blame an enemy that the state wishes to attack. But a deeper look into this ...Read More »

Pentagon Whitewashes Mass Murder

America considers civilians legitimate targets in all its wars of aggression. Fundamental laws of war prohibit attacking them – ignored in all US combat operations. CENTCOM lied, calling its October 3, 2015 bombing of the Kunduz, Afghanistan Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital a “tragic incident.” It turned truth on its head, claiming “personnel involved did ...Read More »

US Upping The Stakes In Syria

In March 2011, Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorists as proxy foot soldiers. In September 2014, US warplanes began bombing Syrian infrastructure and government sites on the phony pretext of waging war on ISIS. Last December, Fars News reported “US experts are reconstructing and equipping a desolate airport…in Northeastern Syria…turning it ...Read More »

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