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US Wants OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative

War Propaganda |  | The chemical weapons watchdog is notoriously pro-Western. Its year ago fact-finding mission on the alleged Khan Sheikhoun CW incident falsified results. Will its Douma analysis produce similar findings to please Washington and its imperial allies? Its credibility long ago was lost. No Douma CW incident occurred – confirmed by area medical personnel and Russian toxic ...Read More »

Reality Check: Lies Justify U.S. Air Strikes on Syria? (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | By Ben Swann, Truth in Media |  The U.S. seems to be stuck on repeat. Our government and our media have been peddling lies to justify war, from WMDs in Iraq to humanitarian intervention in Libya. The latest? A U.S.-led missile strike on Syria for the alleged use chemical weapons on civilians. This, just a ...Read More »

Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

War Propaganda |  | (Alt-Market) Back in March 2010 I published an article titled ‘Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?’ under the pen name Giordano Bruno describing what I felt would be the most effective triggers for a new global conflict. In that article I pointed to Syria as the primary powder keg, followed in close second by Iran and ...Read More »

The NYT Gives Unindicted War Criminal Feature Op-Ed Space

War Propaganda |  | It wasn’t the first time, for sure not the last, truth-telling on vital issues banished from Times pages – notably on war and peace, along with virtually everything about Russia. As Obama’s national security advisor, Rice supported his naked aggression, including terror-bombing seven countries. As UN envoy and national security advisor, she was complicit in ...Read More »

World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win? (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | Everyone is talking about World War III right now, and I hate to be the one to say this, but…all I can wonder is whether we’re being manipulated into a fight we can’t win. This is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that support my ...Read More »

Russia’s Red Lines in Relations with America?

War Propaganda |  | How much more US hostility toward Russia will it tolerate before declaring unacceptable red lines were crossed? Washington and Moscow are on opposite sides of endless war in Syria – a US imperial project from day one of hostilities. According to neocon Russophobe Nikki Haley and US ambassador to Moscow Jon Huntsman, further (illegal) Trump ...Read More »

Escalating Aggression in Syria

War Propaganda |  | Was US-led terror-bombing of Syrian sites overnight Friday, based on a Big Lie, prelude to greater aggression coming – Israel involved along with Washington, Britain, France, and perhaps other rogue nations? Mikhail Gorbachev fears this possibility, saying US-led bombing of Syrian targets “would lead to nothing good,” adding: “I think that nobody needs the attack ...Read More »

Another Overnight Missile Attack on Syrian Military Bases

War Propaganda |  | An earlier article said US-led overnight Friday aggression on Syrian targets wasn’t the end of it. It was likely prelude for further aggression to come, maybe all-out war ahead, risking confrontation between Russia and Washington. For America, Israel and their imperial allies, any pretext for escalating conflict will do or none at all. War against ...Read More »

Eliminate Trump Unites the Establishment 

War Propaganda |  | Any assessment of the Never Trump cabal produces some inescapable conclusions. The War Party is emphatically in control of the military-industrial complex, the Deep State is thoroughly entrenched and manipulates the techno/bureaucracy, and the Shadow Government runs the levers of real and underlying government institutions. The Trump election was a reflection of a populist movement. ...Read More »

This Animated Data Visualization Of World War II Fatalities Is Shocking (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | Peace on earth: a statement heard around the world and an ideal that most of seem to want to yet have no idea how to attain. It seems like conflicts and wars are a reality in every part of the world, every single day. From religious battles to political quarrels, we seem to find a way to ...Read More »

Pentagon Lies About Overnight Aggression on Syria

War Propaganda |  | At a Saturday briefing to reporters, “Mad Dog” Mattis, Joint Chiefs chairman “Fighting Joe” Dunford, France’s General Montague, and UK air vice marshal Parker tried justifying unjustifiable overnight aggression on Syria. Their justification for what happened turned truth on its head. US Defense Department officials claimed overnight terror-bombing took the “heart” out of a Syrian ...Read More »

Russia Has Indisputable Evidence Douma CW Incident Fake

War Propaganda |  | Sergey Lavrov explained indisputable evidence proves the April 7 Douma CW incident was staged by special services of a foreign country. The guilty one is either America, Britain, France, Israel, or perhaps elements from these countries working together. Lavrov said the following: “The mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has ...Read More »

Big Lies Drown Out Truth on Syria

War Propaganda |  | When America goes to war, truth-telling is the major casualty, especially in Western media reports – disinformation and Big Lies substituting for journalism the way it should be. Earlier I explained ISIS is the pretext for endless US-led aggression in Syria, Assad the target, regime change the objective, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing the country’s ...Read More »

Flashpoint in Syria: Will WW III Follow?

War Propaganda |  | WW I followed events in Serbia. Poland was ground zero for WW II. Will East/West conflict in Syria escalate to war to end all others, risking catastrophic nuclear war? The stakes are potentially monumental. Humanity’s fate could ride on events as they unfold. Washington wants another imperial trophy ahead of a similar campaign against Iran. ...Read More »

Moscow Prepares For Nuclear War: “Stock Your Bunkers With Water And Foodstuffs”

War Propaganda |  | By Mac Slavo, SHTFplan |  The United States and Russia have been engaged in a war of words over military intervention in Syria, with both countries now mobilizing their armed forces in preparation for conflict. Though the U.S. public doesn’t appear to consider the developing situation in the region as a serious threat, the citizens ...Read More »

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