War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Obama-Netanyahu ''Fallout'' Is Theater - Planned In 2009

By: Tony Cartalucci | Land Destroyer Report - In a 2009 US policy paper published by the corporate-financier funded Brookings Institution, it was made clear that the US was determined to provoke Iran into a conflict and effect regime change at any cost - up to and including an outright military invasion and occupation of Iran

Exposing The ISIS Show- Last Chance For Humanity?

This may sound crazy but with the new world order so close to coming to full fruition and all human activity suppressed forever, will we look back in the future and see the current globalist staged ISIS show as the last chance humanity had to free itself from permanent slavery and endless illegal murderous war?

Osama, Obama, Bush…. It’s The Empire Stupid!

Osama bin Laden, President Barak Obama and President George W. Bush were, and are, creatures of the American Military Industrial Empire. They were nurtured, influenced, subsidized and controlled by this machine. Bin Laden was one of many rich, educated Muslims who became brainwashed by what I call the Islam or bust mindset. Much like the

Obama To Give Jihadists The Ability To Order Airstrikes (VIDEO)

By: Mikael Thalen | Infowars - "Rebels" who pledged allegiance to ISIS to control American bombers in Syria. The Obama administration is preparing to equip the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels with the ability to order U.S. air strikes despite the group’s admitted allegiance to the Islamic State. Members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) will

America’s Interventionist Legacy: Failed States

Wherever America intervenes, failed states follow. Pro-Western stooge regimes replace sitting governments. They fail to provide essential functions, services and/or responsibilities required of sovereign independent ones. Failed state examples include Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Honduras, Somalia, Yemen and Ukraine. Syria’s government maintains power despite having lost control of much of its territory. Wikipedia lists the

Globalism’s War For Domination

The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. - H.L. Mencken Some of us were there during the struggle to stop the war in another era. How quickly our fellow neighbors forget what the struggle over Viet Nam was all about. For those born after that

NBC Hit Show - Allegiance - Is Psyops Conditioning For War With Russia (VIDEOS)

Increasingly, we see Hollywood and MSM television being used to propagandize the American public. In the case  of the new NBC hit series, Allegiance, a pair of very strong political messages are preparing America for some very dire times ahead. The show airs in the last hour of prime time on Thursday nights. NBC has

Unlimited War! - ISIS Psyop Theater Comes To Full Fruition

The CIA and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex have now invested over 6 months of ISIS branding, promotion, and public relations. It was revealed by early January of 2015 that the U.S. had already dumped over one billion $$ dollars to fight ISIS. All supposedly invested in failed air strikes and un-televised secret battles against

How Martial Law Will Be Used To Force American Participation In World War III

America is presently riding the crest of emotion with regard to supporting President Obama’s declaration of war upon ISIS for the murder of humanitarian,  Kayla Mueller.  As I pointed out, avenging Kayla Mueller is not the goal, it is the excuse.  When has foreign policy ever been about one person? And why does Obama need

Obama Has Finally Found His Excuse To Invade Syria

(Editor's Note: Another false flag?) The parents of Kayla Mueller, the Arizona woman who was taken hostage by ISIS in August, 2013, confirmed Tuesday their daughter died while in the hands of the terror group. “We are heartbroken to share that we’ve received confirmation that Kayla Jean Mueller, has lost her life,” Carl and Marsha

Terrorism: Ultimate Weapon Of The Global Elite

 By: Robert J. Burrowes | robertjburrows.wordpress - The usual definition of a 'terrorist' is simple: a person who uses violence in the pursuit of a political objective. By this definition, the two major categories of terrorist are those political leaders who perpetrate state terror by attacking other countries (ranging from launching a war, perhaps following

Hague Court Rejects Genocide Accusations In Balkans War

The Court fails to point out, despite abundant proof, that genocide was committed by American-led NATO forces. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected the accusations of genocide by Croatia and Serbia but stressed their responsibility in the deaths of civilians during the war in the Balkans. The president of the high court of the UN,

Love It Or Leave It

A half century ago the infamous and timeworn trope coming from the supporters of the Viet Nam War was all over the airwaves. “Love It or Leave It” was the standard retort from the gung-ho believers to the anti-war activists, who filled the streets with civil disobedience. An entire era of youth came under suspicion,

Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers Over English Channel: “Transponders Turned Off… Invisible To Air Traffic Control”

By: Right.is - Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been one to back down in response to sanctions against his country and attacks on his economy. Rather, he has stepped up not only his rhetoric, but his military activities as well. His latest move is yet another show of force to let the West know Russia is prepared to do

“Plan C” And The FBI’s Illegal Detention Plans For American Dissidents (VIDEO)

There was no Plan A, nor was there a Plan B. However, there is indeed a Plan C and its consequences for the American people are dire to say the least. Plan C Reports are surfacing that recently released 1956 documents are revealing that the FBI created a “Plan C” during the Cold War with Russia which

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