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America’s Forever War Strategy

War Propaganda |  | America is unique among history’s warrior states – prioritizing endless wars, not ending them to achieve a new era of peace and stability. The notion is anathema to the nation’s military, industrial, and scoundrel media establishment. Wars are waged for power and profits, no other reasons. All post-WW II US wars were and continue to ...Read More »

‘Up to 15 Tons of Depleted Uranium Used in 1999 Serbia Bombing’ – Lead Lawyer in Suit Against NATO (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | (RT)  An international legal team is preparing a lawsuit against NATO over the alliance’s alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its bombing of Yugoslavia. These have allegedly caused a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region over the years. “The NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 used between 10 and 15 tons of depleted ...Read More »

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Blasts America’s Phony War on Terror

War Propaganda |  | America wages war OF terror, not on it, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups it claims to oppose. Hard evidence proves it, discussed in a previous article. Addressing high-ranking Iranian officials on Monday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blamed Washington for destabilizing the Middle East, saying: The US “and (its) agents are the source of instability ...Read More »

Serbia Suing NATO for 1999 High Crimes

War Propaganda |  | Lawyers representing the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists are preparing to sue each of the then-20 NATO member countries – not through the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in national courts of each offending country. Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic explained, saying “(w)e believe that this is within the competence of national courts. These ...Read More »

More Proof US Created and Supports ISIS

War Propaganda |  |   It’s one of the dirtiest of dirty open secrets. US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents prove it – obtained by Judicial Watch through an FOIA lawsuit. They show ISIS, al-Qaeda and likeminded terrorist groups are the “major forces” used as US foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. The myth of so-called “moderate rebels” was ...Read More »

US Casualties in Afghanistan

War Propaganda |  | Aggression in sovereign Afghanistan is Washington’s longest forever war, months short of 17 years. US forces came to stay. Occupation is permanent -planned long before 9/11, the pretext used to launch it, despite bin Laden and the Taliban having nothing to do with what happened. Millions of Afghans perished from war, related violence, preventable diseases, ...Read More »

Mattis and Dunford Lie to Congress

War Propaganda |  | In Monday testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Defense Secretary Mattis mislead and deceived its members. He lied calling North Korea the “most urgent and dangerous threat to peace and security,” claiming the DPRK is America’s top threat. Pyongyang threatens no one – not America or any other country. Throughout its post-WW II history, ...Read More »

Don't Look Now, But the US has Boots on the Ground in the Philippines

War Propaganda |  | U.S. special forces are now assisting the Philippines’ military to quash an ISIS-inspired movement in the Pacific nation as government forces are struggling to make significant headway against the militants. From the Manila Times: “Philippine troops are struggling to defeat hundreds of fighters, who rampaged through Marawi on May 23 flying black flags of the ...Read More »

ISIS Puppet Show Continues: Attacks Philippines, Australia, Britain and Now Iran

War Propaganda |  | The ISIS Puppet Show shows no sign of abating in recent weeks, with the fanatical mercenary group miraculously branching out to somehow attack the Philippines, Australia, Britain and now even Iran. On June 7th, 2017, ISIS claimed responsibility for what was actually a twin attack on Iran. The attackers (some of whom were disguised as women) shocked Iran by ...Read More »

America’s War on Syria

War Propaganda |  | Trump escalated what Obama began after opposing US interventionism while campaigning. Endless war continues. Battles rage in many parts of the country, despite government and allied forces making significant gains, retaking numerous areas previously lost to US-supported terrorists. On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned about further CW incidents falsely blamed on Damascus, explaining Turkey ...Read More »

US Increasing Combat Strength in Southern Syria

War Propaganda |  | According to Western media reports, US-led coalition forces consider encroachment by Syrian and allied forces toward the Al-Tanf border crossing on the strategically important Damascus highway to Baghdad a threat to their presence – where they’re operating illegally. Combined Joint Task Force/US CENTCOM spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon said “(w)e have increased our presence and our ...Read More »

50th Anniversary of Israel’s Infamous USS Liberty Attack

War Propaganda |  | On June 8, during Israel’s preemptive Six-Day War, an act of aggression, not self-defense against regional Arab states, the IDF did the unthinkable. It provocatively attacked its main ally, striking the USS Liberty intelligence gathering ship, in international waters about 25.5 nautical miles northwest of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in international waters. The incident took 34 ...Read More »

"See No Evil...."

War Propaganda |  | Many of us live in Amerika and truly care about the America that has been stolen from us. The ‘ theft ‘ did not occur overnight, no, on the contrary it has been going on for as long as one can remember. This writer could literally ‘ fill a book ‘ with the events that ...Read More »

Russia Intends Responding to US-Led NATO Buildup

War Propaganda |  | Addressing reporters on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Thursday, Putin’s comments were refreshingly frank and straightforward like all his remarks – whether prepared in advance on in answering questions. US-dominated NATO’s military buildup concerns him and other Russian officials greatly, Putin saying: Alliance “bases are moving closer to our western ...Read More »

US Arms Pouring Into Syria

War Propaganda |  | Washington’s goal is fueling and continuing conflict, not ending it. Arms and munitions for Kurdish YPG fighters and terrorists comprising the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces began arriving months earlier, more continuing to come. Much of what’s supplied ends up in the hands of ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. Washington’s aim is toppling Assad, destroying ...Read More »

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