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Tony Blair an Unindicted War Criminal

War Propaganda |  |   Britain is complicit in virtually all US wars of aggression, a special partnership in high crimes. In July 2002, the notorious “Downing Street memo” was leaked, later publicly revealed, its authenticity never challenged. Secret Washington/UK collusion was exposed. So-called intelligence claiming justification for war on Iraq was cooked to fit already agreed on policy. ...Read More »

Syria Calls for Ending US-Led Terror-Bombing

War Propaganda |  | In letters to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and current Security Council president, Syria’s Foreign Ministry called for ending the US-led coalition, operating illegally on its territory without Damascus or SC permission. Since September 2014, US-led coalition warplanes have been terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure, government sites, and government forces – on the phony pretext of combating ...Read More »

The Latest on the JFK Assassination

War Propaganda |  | –Brother Bart- Thank you for your kind support.  Donate * Shop on Amazon by clicking on the Button below Bart Sibrel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com When you want to ...Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Newest North Korean Missile Could Launch a Nuke As Far As Chicago

War Propaganda |  | The successful test of a North Korean missile proved that the country now has the ability to launch an ICBM bearing a nuclear warhead that could reach the middle of the US mainland, including cities like Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Remember earlier this week when I posted an article stating that North Korea had the ...Read More »

The U.S. Is Inches From A War With North Korea In Which Millions Could Die

War Propaganda |  | We are just inches away from the outbreak of World War III, and yet most Americans seem completely oblivious to what is happening.  On Friday, North Korea conducted a missile test which proved that it now has the capability of hitting major U.S. cities in the western half of the country.  Every diplomatic effort to ...Read More »

CNN Fake News About Russia Sending Weapons to Taliban

War Propaganda |  | The fabricated accusation surfaced earlier. In April, US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) head General John Nicholson Jr lied, claiming “(w)e continue to get reports of” Russia supplying Taliban fighters with weapons. “We support anyone who wants to help us advance the reconciliation process, but anyone who arms belligerents who perpetuate attacks like the one we saw ...Read More »

Trump Seeking Way Out of Iran Nuclear Deal?

War Propaganda |  | It’s an international agreement, involving the five permanent Security Council members plus Germany. Abrogating it to please Israel, its US lobby, and hardline administration officials would put Trump at odds with Washington’s key European allies, along with Russia and China. By definition, the deal is a treaty involving seven countries. Of course, violating them is ...Read More »

Sanitizing the Killing Fields of Mosul

War Propaganda |  | The smell of rotting corpses pervades the city. Over 40,000 civilians were ruthlessly massacred, mostly by US terror-bombing – discussed in a previous article. The city resembles a moonscape, few signs of life visible anywhere. Civilians able to get out are displaced refugees, largely on their own to survive – their homes, possessions and futures ...Read More »

Congress Wants to Start a War with Russia Using Senate Bill 722 (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  | Would the new bill that the Senate has quietly passed actually remove executive powers from the President and start a war with Russia? Our US Congress is filled with criminals, liars, people with serious health problems that could impair their judgment, and lifers with all the signs of advancing dementia, and yet these people are ...Read More »

How Much of a Nuclear Threat is North Korea Really?

War Propaganda |  | We all like to scoff at that crazy little dictator, Kim Jong Un, who is a walking caricature, putting himself on the cover of a magazine as the sexiest man alive and talking smack like a WWF champ. But, in all seriousness, is North Korea actually a threat? Unfortunately, it looks like the answer to that question is ...Read More »

US Blocks SC Statement Condemning Attack on Russia’s Damascus Embassy

War Propaganda |  | On July 24 and 25, US-supported terrorists launched mortar rounds at Russia’s embassy in Damascus. Other attacks occurred earlier. Moscow is vulnerable because of its commitment to combat terrorism. In response to an October 2016 incident, Sergey Lavrov said “(i)t’s a blatant act of terror meant to scare those who support the battle against terrorism.” ...Read More »

US High Crimes in Raqqa

War Propaganda |  | The offensive in Raqqa was planned, orchestrated and implemented by Washington. It’s a scorched-earth mass slaughter and destruction campaign, indiscriminately targeting civilians, the way all US wars of aggression are waged, the human toll of no consequence. Last Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry Deputy Information and Press Department director Artyom Kozhin warned about Washington’s “manipulation” and ...Read More »

Mosul Terror-Bombed to Rubble

War Propaganda |  | When America attacks another nation, international, constitutional and US statute laws of war are discarded with imperial arrogance. They’re for other countries, not the USA, its rules alone followed. The devastating result is always the same. Wherever the self-styled “indispensable nation” shows up, mass slaughter, horrendous destruction, utter chaos, and appalling human misery follow. The ...Read More »

Did They Really Walk on the Moon 48 Years Ago on the Very First Attempt? (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  |   Ever wonder why they claimed to have walked on the moon, on the very first attempt (even though, right here on earth, Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success), allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with antiquated 1960’s technology (while today a cell phone has one million times the computing power ...Read More »

US Relocating ISIS Terrorists

War Propaganda |  | In war theaters where ISIS operates, America supports the scourge it pretends to oppose, along with al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. An often used tactic involves relocating ISIS fighters from one area to another – last year from Mosul to Syria, currently from Raqqa to elsewhere in the country. According to Fars News, “US-led forces ...Read More »

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