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WikiLeaks Releases Texts Of 3 Hillary's Goldman Sachs Speeches

Earlier WikiLeaks releases showed Hillary’s public and private positions on major issues greatly diverge. Her highly-paid private addresses reveal an entirely different agenda on how she’ll govern than views expressed on the stump, assuring same old dirty business as usual continuing under her leadership. She lied claiming “(y)ou will not find that I ever changed ...Read More »

Is WikiLeaks CIA? Hillary Safe From Fake Assange? (VIDEO)

Red flags suggest Wikileaks may be another CIA operation to swamp voters with tempging yet useless ‘leaks’ until election day. Is Julian Assange just another actor, distracting us to cover for Hillary Clinton while she steals the Presidency? The real ‘Clinton story’ is rape, murder and treason, but Wikileaks keeps dumping thousands of embarrassing emails ...Read More »

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Knew Saudis Were Arming ISIS During Wartime (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the latest batch of emails released by Wikileaks, we learn that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta in 2014, who was then-counselor to President Barack Obama, that said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to ...Read More »

Wikileaks Clinton Bombshell You’ve Never Heard! (VIDEO)

  The Hillary campaign is about to take a deep dive down a never-ending dark tunnel when her supports discover the level of corruption that surrounds the woman and her naughty husband. The most recent email leaks to Wikileaks comes from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, a long-term associate of the Clintons, who was ...Read More »

Wikileaks: Clinton Lawyers Advise Hillary How To Break Finance Laws And Not Get Caught (VIDEO)

Wikileaks released documents from the Clinton campaign (Hillary for America), which expose even more corrupt and scandalous activity from what is now becoming more appropriately referred to as Crime Inc. In the documents (which are pictured below and linked here), attorneys for Crime Inc. literally hand Hillary’s team the template for how they can skirt ...Read More »

WikiLeaks Revelations From Hillary’s Highly-Paid Wall Street Speeches

Hillary’s persona in public and private are polar opposites. Comments in highly-paid speeches reveal the true mettle a deplorable aspirant for any public office. Publicly with cameras rolling, she’s for middle class values, helping America’s poor and lots more lofty pledges. In speeches to Wall Street firms, paying her six-figure remuneration fees as high as ...Read More »

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Says Intel Community Now Full Of People More Dangerous To Freedom Than ISIS (VIDEO)

By: Ramola D, The Everyday Concerned Citizen | In a no-holds-barred radio interview with Rob McConnell of X Zone last week, Karen Stewart, whistleblower and former Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, in relaying her personal story of retaliation at the NSA, described a systematic program of stalking, COINTELPRO, and covert oppression with directed-energy weapons that ...Read More »

Did The Clinton Obama Mobsters Get To Julian Assange?

By: Rick Wells, RickWells.us | It’s the question that many of us who were hoping for a sort of political Christmas in October are asking, what happened to the supposed release by WikiLeaks? This is looking uncomfortably like the announcement from Andrew Breitbart that many believe ultimately led to him being murdered by an induced ...Read More »

“They” Got To Julian Assange! Wikileaks Letdown Or Something Else? (VIDEO)

For months Wikileaks Julian Assange, has been beckoning alternative media like a fish being taunted by a baited hook with what he claimed to be “information that would put Hillary away for good.” Early this morning multiple followers were upset by his lack of information. Rather than delivering on his promise, he told the story ...Read More »

Clintons’ Body Count Mounts

  A previous article discussed mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons, dating from when Bill was Arkansas attorney general in the 1970s. Were they suicides as reported or murders? Cover-ups and lack of proper media investigative work conceal full knowledge of what happened. Yet one thing seems clear. Anyone able to expose Clinton crime family ...Read More »

Leaked Docs Show How Soros Continues To Massively Reshape US Elections (VIDEO)

As you’ll learn in the article below, George Soros is s very busy man when it comes to trying to influence/rig elections around the globe in an attempt to further advance the global elites’ vision of forming a One World Government. Right now however, to say that Soros is exceptionally busy with the U.S. 2016 Presidential ...Read More »

Shocking Email: Hillary Asks NFL’s Roger Goodell For Help Treating ‘Cracked Head’ (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, you’ll learn that a new email has been leaked by WikiLeaks that reveals Hillary Clinton has openly admitted in writing to having a cracked head. Not only that, her aide also reached out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his advice on how to deal ...Read More »

George Soros Documents Leaked

  Notorious international con man Soros seeks new financial world order policies controlled by and exclusively benefitting monied interests like himself – to the detriment of most others. He gave it away once saying “(a)s a market participant, I don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions.” While illegal US sanctions were ...Read More »

Hurry, Kill The Messenger: Hacker Exposes Soros’s Evil Plans For World Domination

Is there an IQ test to be one of the so-called “global elite“?  Do you need to show a certain level of intelligence or an ability to learn? Because yet another email hack, this time from the account of the ever-creepy-movie-villain-poster-boy George Soros, has aired some dirty laundry that he’d probably rather keep in the hamper. ...Read More »

Julian Assange: Wikileaks To Release ‘Proof Of Hillary Rigging Elections’ (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the video and article below, you’ll learn that Julian Assange is claiming that the next Wikileaks dump will contain incriminating evidence that proves Hillary Clinton and the DNC are going to great lengths to rig the 2016 presidential election. Considering recent stories like the ones listed below, it’s no ...Read More »

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