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Welcome, my friends, to the disgusting show that never ends. Such is the state of American political leadership these days. We at the Spirit of 1787 are seriously frustrated. We’re frustrated by the bickering, by the partisan dysfunction, by the lobbying and other influence peddling. We’re scared that We the People are witnessing yet another Decline and Fall; that our great nation will follow others into history’s landfill for future generations to also forget. Then we’re frustrated that there’s nothing we can do about it.

OK, that last line was a lie. Yes we’re frustrated but not because there’s nothing we can do. There’s plenty we can do, with you! The fact that you’re reading this blog should encourage each of us: you because you’ll find a concrete action plan that focuses your frustration for good and us, because there’s no hope of saving our great nation without thousands of you.

Please look around LimitCongress.US with an eye toward that focus for your frustration. What are we all about? Read The Mission and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Who are we? See About Us. How can you stay informed? Sign up for the social media services and register on the site. What can you do; what will work? Create a State Organization to begin pushing for the required “Convention for proposing Amendments.” (US Constitution, Article 5) Want to express yourself? Register and then post comments on our forums. Share our social media postings with your networks.

Here’s the plan:

• Turn your frustration into education. Read this site but don’t trust us and don’t stop here. Do your own research and join the debate!

• Register. That will get you infrequent email updates and allow you to comment anywhere you want. Consider our social media outlets too.

• Does your state have a State Organization? If yes, join it. If no, create it. We’ll help!

• With your State Organization, push your state government to demand a “Convention for proposing Amendments” on the fixes you believe we need. And push your state to end Gerrymandering at home without waiting for the rest of us.

You’ll find many more suggested Amendments here than could possibly pass. Gerrymandering under the ‘Fix Congress’ star is the most important. Many could be combined, such as under a comprehensive taxing and spending topic or perhaps elections and term limits. Those are all details to be decided before sending the results to the States for ratification. We’re not here to dictate the outcome; we’re here to give focus to your wise frustration and fear for America’s future.

You are We the People not We the Sheeple! The broken government that frustrates you works for you. Really, it’s yours. It hasn’t behaved that way in a long time and the rabid partisans who are the problem certainly don’t get it, but it’s true. And what you own you can change.

Visit LimitCongress.US often and bring your friends; at least the smart ones who get it, who know we can’t continue like this. They’re frustrated too and will thank you for showing them how to focus that energy toward good. If you want true change, it’s time to do your part and become active.

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About The Author

Wendy Blanks is an independent researcher, journalist and activist. She is the Founder of TruWire Productions, LLC., and the Owner/Chief Editor for The Sleuth Journal. She has done investigative research in multiple fields and has a passion for sharing true news on various topics such as government corruption, natural health, human rights, globalism and other important issues that plague our society. Thankfully, we live in the age of information and sharing knowledge has become easier than ever. She has a deep desire to expose the truth in propagated information that is spewed from corporate/mainstream media. True journalism has been dead for some time and it is her goal to revive it. The Sleuth Journal streamlines groups of like-minded individuals and organizations to create a massive knowledge base for a ‘conscious awakening’ of what is really going on in today’s oligarchy pyramid that we call ‘society’. So many people are zombies by media, television and other means of mass brainwashing and we need to reverse the effects and give people back their minds, and in return, their power and will to change and challenge the system. Like The Sleuth Journal on Facebook. Follow The Sleuth Journal on Twitter. Join The Sleuth Journal group on Linkedin. Be sure to visit Drone Patrol to view and report drone sightings.

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