(Sponsored) Beat the system and the house by taking advantage of the right promotions

(Sponsored) Beat the system and the house by taking advantage of the right promotions | poker-cards | News And Opinions

The house always wins. It’s an axiom that anyone who’s been even peripherally involved in casino gaming or sports betting knows only too well, and intuitively, it makes sense. After all, a casino owner or bookmaker is there to run a business and that means taking in more money than he gives out. Play long enough, and you are sure to come out a loser. Or are you?

The internet has turned plenty of our preconceptions on their heads over the years, and it turns out that even the oldest type of snake oil of them all, the “wager you can’t lose” is a reality. It’s got nothing to do with which game you play – instead it’s all about playing the promotions.

An online world of promos and freebies

The online casino sector is highly competitive, everyone knows that. But you don’t realize just how competitive until you start shopping around and trying to choose one. The experience can best be compared to strolling around a North African souq in western clothes, as the different sites jostle to get your attention by offering the most attractive deals to get you in through their virtual doors.

Just like those faraway marketplaces, however, not everything is always as it seems. But choose the best online casino promotions and you really can come away a guaranteed winner. However, you also need to be cautious of deals that look too good to be true.

No deposit? No chance

The no deposit bonus is often presented as the silver bullet that guarantees casino success. What it really does, however, is guarantees you don’t lose, and there is a difference between succeeding and “not failing.” On the face of it, it sounds great. Join the casino and they will deposit $10 or 100 spins or whatever else in your account, without you having to open your wallet. If you win, great, if you don’t, you walk away no worse off.

The problem here is that the playthrough or wagering requirement will require you to reinvest any winnings a set number of times before you can withdraw anything. That usually means the house edge has caught up with you and emptied the bankroll before you can do so.

Choose the special promos

A sign of a genuinely worthwhile promotion is when it only runs for a short time. These are the ones where a casino is prepared to double your deposit or your win with little or no wagering requirement. Sure, this means laying down $10 of your own up front, but having the stake and / or the payout doubled suddenly means the scales are shifted in your favor.

The trick is then to select a game where the house edge is already marginal. For example, play blackjack using basic strategy and the house edge is only around one percent. This means that with a 100 percent deposit bonus promotion that has a small wagering requirement, you can stake $10, gain a $10 bonus, play as long as the rules state and still be left with around $15 to cash out. Multiply that ten or twentyfold, and it will be a happy new year indeed.

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