Spurious UN Report on Civilian Death Toll in Mosul

Spurious UN Report on Civilian Death Toll in Mosul | west-mosul-1024x763 | Military Special Interests United Nations War Propaganda World News
Displaced Iraqis flee their homes in west Mosul as security forces advance during the ongoing offensive [image: AFP/Getty]
The UN provides cover for US imperial wars, failing to condemn them, supporting them through silence about high crimes committed in one country after another, suppressing information about millions of casualties.

Mosul was raped and destroyed, not liberated. Months of US-led terror-bombing turned the city into a wasteland, indiscriminately massacring thousands of civilians, maybe tens of thousands.

In all US wars of aggression, human lives don’t matter – the safety and welfare of civilians entirely ignored.

Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies. A duplicitous Pentagon statement said “(w)e set the highest standards for protecting civilians.”

“(O)ur dedication, diligence, and discipline in prosecuting our combat operations while protecting civilians, is without precedent in recorded history of warfare.”

Cold, hard, indisputable facts on the ground reveal otherwise. International, constitutional and US statute laws of war are flagrantly violated.

All US wars feature mass murder of civilians without mercy, an appalling human toll repeated in one theater after another – the highest of high crimes gone unpunished.

Strategic bombing involves destroying an adversary’s economic and military ability to wage war. It targets its warmaking capacity and related infrastructure.

Terror bombing is another matter. It causes mass slaughter and destruction, grievously harming civilians, destroying or damaging nonmilitary related sites.

Geneva, other international laws and US ones forbid targeting civilians and civilian sites like schools, hospitals and residential areas – ignored by administration officials and Pentagon commanders when America goes to war.

US media suppress information about Pentagon responsibility high crimes of war and against humanity, accountability for responsible officials never forthcoming.

According to a spurious UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR) report, prepared to suppress hard truths, not reveal them, around 2,500 civilians were killed (around 30% blamed on ISIS, less than 20% attributed to terror-bombing), another 1,673 wounded in the battle for Mosul.

The claim is an outrageous Big Lie, way understating the true human toll, multiples greater than UNCHR numbers.

The UN assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI) co-authored the subterfuge. The Pentagon routinely denies responsibility for mass civilian casualties in all US war theaters.

Terror-bombing bears most responsibility, indiscriminate carpet bombing targetes vast areas, why cities like Mosul and Raqqa were turned to rubble, entirely destroyed, virtually no structures left unscathed.

Countless numbers of bodies remain buried under rubble. Millions of civilian casualties occur in all US wars of aggression, endless ones ongoing in multiple theaters, new ones readied to be initiated when ordered.

Virtually everyone in Mosul (a city of around a million pre-war) and Raqqa (around 220,000 its pre-war population) lost a relative or friend killed, wounded, or otherwise grievously harmed.

ISIS wasn’t defeated in either city. Most of their fighters were redeployed elsewhere, America’s proxy force wherever they’re sent.

Pentagon terror-bombing massacred thousands, maybe tens of thousands in both cities. It took responsibility for involvement in a few hundred in each, an outrageous Big Lie.

The UN report and others by the world body failed to expose it.

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