Stanford University Study Reveals Democrat Primary Electoral Fraud

 Stanford University Study Reveals Democrat Primary Electoral Fraud | hillary_sanders | Politics

Given America’s sordid electoral history, it shouldn’t surprise, the process rigged today with electronic ease, voter roll purging and other devious methods.

Money-controlled US elections are farcical, illegitimate by any standard. Voters have no say whatsoever, duped to believe otherwise.

On June 7, Stanford’s study headlined:

“Are we witnessing a dishonest election? A between state comparison based on the used voting procedures of the 2016 Democratic (sic) Primary for the Presidency of the United States of America.”

The study was released when Clinton became presumptive Democrat party nominee, saying she “enjoy(ed) an apparent advantage over Sanders,” asking if the process was legitimate.

States most at risk of electoral fraud “overwhelmingly favor(ed)” her. The study showed it’s “possible to detect irregularities in the 2016 Democratic (sic) Primaries by comparing the states that have hard paper evidence of all the placed votes to” others that don’t.

Official results compared to exit polls show significant disparities. The latter are accurate within a small margin of error when properly conducted.

States with the highest potential for electoral fraud may have given Clinton “an exaggerated margin of support.”

“(S)tates (in which) voting outcomes are difficult to verify show(ed) (her getting) far greater support…”

Credible data indicate 2016 Democrat primary electoral fraud. Clinton benefitted at the expense of Sanders.

A previous article said she was chosen Democrat party standard bearer last year or earlier – the process rigged to assure her nomination.

Sanders went along for the ride, defeated before the first cast Iowa vote, still enjoying his extended 15 minutes of fame, pretending to lead a political revolution, nonexistent throughout his public career.

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