Strange Rain: Terrorist In The Sky

Strange Rain: Terrorist In The Sky | Rain-300x200 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Consciousness Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Special Interests Toxins Weather Modification STRANGE RAIN

I was standing outside a high rise, speaking with two men.  I vaguely recognized the building as a hotel in Ocean City, Maryland.  For some reason, I was standing barefooted, carrying my shoes in my hands.  I got side-tracked from the conversation when I thought it was starting to rain.  As I looked up, I realized it wasn’t rain at all.  The precipitation caused no sensation on the skin.  I observed how the ground quickly was getting a dusting, and how—whatever was falling from the sky—looked like GLASS…tiny pieces, slightly curved and very thin, like colored Christmas bulbs, shattered into tiniest fragments.  With the evening light reflected from these pieces, all colors of the rainbow where shimmering , in the air and on the ground .  “Whoa,” I exclaimed, thinking I would surely cut my feet if stepping on this debris which gently and soundlessly continued to fall, similar to ashes descending in the air.  I tip-toed, trying to avoid stepping on anything, but it was impossible.  To my surprise, the debris didn’t cut the sole of my feet.  I examined one heel…nothing.  It was as if these colorful, curved particles were weightless and not material.  The two men kept talking and didn’t seem to take notice.

TERRORIST IN THE SKYStrange Rain: Terrorist In The Sky | Plane_on_the_sky_by_adda23-300x200 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Consciousness Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Special Interests Toxins Weather Modification

There was a huge commotion and excitement in the street.  I went outside to see what the fuss was about.  People were rushing by, pointing down the street, in the direction of a market square:  “He’s there, he’s there… he’s going to blow everything up.”  I arrived at the square which was filled with hundreds of people, so that I couldn’t see the spectacle inside the square.  However, I noticed the van of a known TV Station, with huge expandable ladder on top, as those used to repair power lines.  I proceeded to quickly climb up there, looking down onto the square.  In the center, there was a man surrounded by bombs, connected to him by wires, in the shape of a large circle, all around him.  With horror, I suddenly realized that I was right above him and would surely be vaporized if the bombs went off.  So I hurried back down.  Back at street level, I realized the same precipitation again, seen in an earlier dream:  Small, concave, glass-like fragments, reflecting light in an array of rainbow colors!  I also noticed that I was in the company of “a friend” who put a light hooded jacket on me and urged me to protect my skin, eyes and membranes.  I was glad I was wearing glasses, preventing contact of the “glass” with my eyes.  However, he was pulling me ahead, away from the circle, in great hurry.  The rapid pace caused me to breathe harder.  Yet he urged me to breathe calmly, to not inhale the precipitation.  “How am I to RUN, yet not BREATHE,” I wondered, while getting angry.  We were rushing contrary to the many, many more people who still headed for the market square, to see the “uni-bomber terrorist.”  My friend pointed ahead of us, shouting to the people, “Go North, Go North.”

FOOTNOTE:  Both dreams occurred long before I noticed any overhead Chemtrails, or the chemical smell in the air.  Even after noticing them, I didn’t research them until this year, 2012.  The connection between my dreams and the happenings in the sky suddenly became very clear:  They were inviting my attention and aimed to get me to protect myself when outdoors.  They also seem to be pointing out that our frantic search for and protective measures against “Terrorists” is a diversion from the real and much more acute terror in the sky.  Today,  I am left with the question:  Who is the actual terrorist?  Who is terrorizing us, really?

Lilo Bauer-Freitag is a conventional psychotherapist who ventured into the areas of subtle energy dynamics and phytotherapy.  As a so-called “sensitive” and “medical intuitive,” Lilo incorporates a variety of skills into her repertoire, e.g.,  Chakra Therapy, Regression Therapy,  and the subtle energy properties of herbs and flower essences.  As a holistic advocate and ordained minister in Virginia, Lilo is devoted to stimulating cooperation within the scientific, spiritual, professional, legal and political environment for holism in America.  Her efforts include the coining of one common language across the disciplines, to define the holistic world view (or paradigm) and the integration of all healthcare into one.  She authored the book, “Healing:  The Emerging Holistic Paradigm” and several related articles. For a copy of her book, visit her Amazon link.


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