Guess Who Owns Your Email, Social Media, & Telecom?

Guess Who Owns Your Email, Social Media, & Telecom? | Google-Spy | Conspiracy Corner Government Control National Security Agency Science & Technology Surveillance

My darling fiancée lives in the Philippines.  One day as we spoke over Skype, she was opening her mail.  I watched as she removed cash from an envelope.  “What is that?” I inquired.  “A candidate who wants my vote in tomorrow’s election.”  “What?!”  “That’s the way it works over here.”  “You’ve got to be kidding me! . . . They’re that direct?” . . . “Yes.”

I realized that at least this level of corruption had forthrightness and honesty. In the United States of America the corruption is actually much, much worse.  Here the politicians are so corrupt that they pass legislation making felonies of corporations and government legal!  Whether it be the “Patriot Act” which unpatriotically attempts to “legally” remove constitutional rights from the citizenry, or “Carbon Credits” which “legalizes” and institutionalizes monetary bribery in exchange for the right to pollute the air we breath beyond EPA felony limits, or “Executive Orders” that “legally” give an elected official the power of a dictatorial king to confiscate the public’s property and incarcerate them without evidence or trial, here in America our government is passing law after law against humanity in a ridiculously hopeful attempt to cover themselves from future prosecution by their semantic lawyer-speak legislation which, technically, “legalizes” their illegal behavior.

If you are a “religious” person, you would hopefully agree that no matter what edicts a church puts forth about salvation, tithing, or sexual conduct, the Bible should be the final authority and test of divine authenticity of such edicts.  Similarly, no matter what legislation or executive order is passed by the Unites States government, the Constitution should have the final say as to what is legal and what is not.  Apparently our leaders wish us to forget this fact or think of it as an archaic concept.  Just as a school teacher may ask their malleable students to do something immoral, unethical or illegal, and they may unwittingly comply in unanimous droves, our leaders are attempting to trick us (and themselves, really) into believing that their illegal edicts are, in fact, legal and constitutional.

A “little bird” told me (a high-ranking military intelligence source, really) that nearly all (if not all) major email, social media sites and telecommunications companies have been purchased, one by one over the past three decades, by none other than the Unites States Government.  Why?  In an attempt to make illegal, unconstitutional spying . . . legal.

Just as the Rothschild family cleverly uses third parties to “own” (on paper, anyway) innumerous corporations and banks to conceal their universal control of them all from public view, the United States Government’s National Security Agency has been gobbling up AOL, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, and the like, with their annual fifty billion dollar “Black Budget” which “legally” does not have to report any details of any spending whatsoever to the government’s own interdepartmental General Accounting Office, much less the taxpayer.  (Three decades at this rate equals to one Trillion five hundred Billion dollars! . . . That’s a lot of spending money!)

If a single nuclear submarine or aircraft carrier costs nearly 30 billion dollars to construct and operate, you can see how purchasing these email, social media and telecommunications companies (especially early on before their value and popularity increases) for a few billion dollars here and there, is an excellent espionage investment.  Ever wonder why some of these companies never show a profit and yet still stay in business and grow exponentially? . . . Now you know.

You see, if you actually own these companies and have your subscribers “agree” to your legal department’s “terms and conditions”, which include the right to “scan” (duh . . . read, view, and listen to) your communications, which a person has to agree to in order to attain the services provided, then you are “technically” not breaking the law, and need no warrant to investigate the data which you own and have the customer’s permission to examine (“scan”) . . . Brilliant, eh?

Remember, these criminals in the government do not like being restrained by the constitution from doing the illegal activities they have their minds set on.  While the founding fathers made no provision for the government to own private businesses, since the end of World War Two, espionage protocols do allow for “store fronts” to be purchased with taxpayer funds.  The “Black Budget” provision was then illegally written into legislation to make such unconstitutional activities “legal” in the minds of the perpetrators as well as justify their absolute secrecy to their collogues and “lawmakers”, making these endeavors completely unseen by the public or even other high level government agencies outside of their own for their mutual edification.

The notion that these email, social media, and telecommunication companies were approached by the NSA and CIA for their data and received resistance is pure theatre, as is these company’s claims that their customer information is encrypted to the degree that it is safeguarded.  Are you still believing what you are being told through the mainstream media about such events?  (It is tempting and convincing, I’ll admit.)

Have you ever seen AMC’s dramatic series “Breaking Bad”?  It shows you the depth of the web of deception, counter-deception, and counter-counter-deception of business fronts, money and stock laundering, as well as intricate psychological misinformation intrigue that unschooled gangsters have woven into their criminal enterprises.  How much more experienced (ten times more?) do you think the NSA and CIA is at running false business fronts that are “publically owned” with full “legal” documentation and in-depth appearances to back up their false claims?

Edward Snowden was a very low level CIA employee.  He no more knows what is really going on in the CIA than did a console operator at NASA did during the false moon landings.  Do you really think our spy agencies and NASA are stupid enough to tell the tens of thousands of such low level employees what is really going on in their organizations?  These employees are mostly pawns and patsies with information that grasps only the hem of the garment.

 For the time is coming when everything concealed

will be revealed.

Matthew 10:26



Brother Bart-


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