Obama’s Syrian Regime Change Objective On the Rocks with Aleppo’s Liberation

Obama’s Syrian Regime Change Objective On the Rocks with Aleppo’s Liberation | syrian-ground-war | Obama Exposed War Propaganda World News

Syrian and allied forces, along with vital Russian aerial support, defeated Obama’s imperial objective, a major blow to Washington’s regional aims – a bit of holiday season cheer amid chaos and human misery affecting all US imperial victims.

Assad remains Syria’s president, overwhelmingly supported by his people. They want no one else leading them, reelecting him in June 2014 by a near 90% majority – a process independent international observers called open, free and fair.

After nearly six years of US orchestrated aggression, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, Obama succeeded in massacring well over half a million Syrians, injuring countless numbers more, turning large parts of the country to rubble, and displacing half the population internally or abroad.

He bears full responsibility for one of history’s great crimes, unspeakable Nuremberg-level ones, leaving office in January unaccountable, his criminality unpunished, justice for long-suffering Syrians denied.

Fighting continues, hopefully ending ahead with Russia’s all-out efforts for cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution – allied with Iran for certain, possibly Turkey if Erdogan stops supporting terrorists and abandons his goal to annex northern Syrian territory.

US-led NATO, the Saudis, Qataris, Jordanians and Israelis are excluded from discussions – America out of the picture unless or until Trump fulfills his campaign-suggested pledge to normalize ties with Russia, he and Putin cooperating in combating terrorism.

Politicians usually say one thing, then do another, why nothing they say should be believed. Judge them solely by their actions.

Trump won’t take office for another four weeks, so it’s unknown what course he’ll pursue, especially geopolitically.

He’s under enormous pressure to continue dirty business as usual at home and abroad, notably to continue adversarial relations with Russia.

Until he succeeds Obama, it’s unclear what he’ll do. Will he continue America’s destructive agenda since the Clinton co-presidency or go another way? We won’t know until he settles into office and begins governing.


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