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Fourth Annual Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering Announced

global march geoengineering

GLOBAL — Coinciding with this year’s Earth Day celebrations, anti-geoengineering and aerosol spraying activists from around the world have announced a Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering for April 25, 2015. Marches and consciousness-raising events will take place around the world in at least 18 countries from Europe and the United States to South America and the Middle East. This is the fourth such annual global event.  Events are listed at globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/events.

At its website, globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com, event participants have issued the following statement:

“We are an ethical, peaceful public educational movement against the world’s largest ecological disaster known to humans as Climate Engineering, Aerosol Geoengineering, SRM Geoengineering (Solar Radiation Management Geoengineering), SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection Climate Engineering), Chemtrails and HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)…These are all different terms for the same climate engineering technology.”

“Our earth’s biological diversity, including humanity, is being lost at a rate that impoverishes our quality of life and threatens our future at a very alarming rate that can no longer be ignored. Sadly, these climate engineering programs have already been going on for decades in secret without our knowledge or consent. Now our global environment is on a dead-end collision course because of toxic aerosol particulates saturating our waters, land and air.”

Geoengineering, the artificial modification of the earth, its atmosphere and climate processes, otherwise known as climate engineering, is not a proposal but already a fact with a long and well-documented history, found at geoengineeringwatch.org and elsewhere. Activists also point to visible daily aerosol spraying visible in skies around the world, the rise of extreme weather events, dead vegetation, a rise in allergies, respiratory illness and autism among other health concerns, and the stated aims of noted climate engineers such as Harvard University’s David Keith and Ken Caldeira of Stanford University’s Carnegie Institute of Science, among others, as evidence of ongoing – and extremely dangerous – geoengineering.

Aerosol spraying, known controversially as “chemtrails” or “persistent contrails,” is officially meant to deflect sunlight by spraying extremely small (submicron) particles into the atmosphere, in what is known as solar radiation management. But, not only do the particulates, which include tons of toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, barium and strontium, trap even more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing more heating and endangering all of life in the process, the particles provide a conductive atmosphere for heating the earth’s ionosphere for military purposes through programs such as HAARP. Government officials and corporate-funded media around the world have denied the existence of such programs, but independent activists, researchers, scientists and whistleblowers have confirmed the existence and purpose of geoengineering programs – and of the toxic outcomes in soil and water tests.

Ahead of a proposed December United Nations session in which geoengineering may well be internationally legalized through climate change treaties, Global March participants call for an immediate global ban on geoengineering and aerosol spraying programs.

“Because geoengineering changes our climate’s temperature, disrupts our natural weather events and causes a series of other events which mimic and exacerbate the consequences of climate change, we feel strongly that geoengineering must be stopped before proceeding with any climate talks, treaties and climate change legislation and mandates.”

For a full list of events or to register an event, please visit http://globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/events.html

For more on aerosol spraying and geoengineering, consult the following:

Globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com (GMACAG.com/events)



What in the World Are They Spraying (film on YouTube)

WhyintheWorldAreTheySpraying.com (film)

LookUpthefilm.com (film)



Carnicom Institute – Carnicominstitute.org (research on biological effects)

Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (book)

Geoengineered Disasters In Latin America


There’s nothing natural about the recent climate disasters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. 7 years’ worth of rain just fell in Chile in 12 hours, while several feet of hail was dumped on areas of northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, both on or very near the equator.

Tell me that’s by natural causes.

We know the hydrological cycle has been completely disrupted via massive aerosol spraying and its manipulation by a worldwide array of HAARP type technologies. As Dane Wigington pointed out:

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repurcussions are becoming catastrophic…

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall causing droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge.  (more>)

First the news from Chile and Peru:

Next, the freak hail storms in Ecuador and Colombia:

Meanwhile, Brazil is experiencing its worst drought in over 80 years:

Supplying Water in Brazil’s Worst Drought in Nearly a Century

Brazil is struggling to supply enough water to its 200 million people, amid the worst drought in 84 years.

São Paulo’s 20 million citizens face having their tap water cut off five days a week, in a bid to conserve dwindling resources. Some 17% of Brazilian towns have declared a state of emergency.

In the centre and southeast of the country, electricity supplies are threatened as water levels drop to 18% in the reservoirs for hydropower generation.

“We have never seen such sensitive and worrying situation as this,” admitted the minister of environment, Izabella Teixeira. (more>)


These changes are not due to “global warming”. Certainly the climate goes through changes and the solar cycles and other natural influences directly affect the earth, with minimal effects from mankind’s doing. Except one. The ongoing insane geoengineering programs in their effort to control the weather are a known and thoroughly tracked program and more responsible for these types of freak rain and snow events and record drought conditions than anything else.

Chemtrailing is being seen all over the earth. This has consequences. Massive spraying over the Pacific is being used, amongst other things, to divert precipitable clouds and moisture up and around California and is causing catastrophic drought conditions in California, while the unnaturally driven rainfall drops in areas that barely need it, often bringing huge temperature fluctuations, drought, flood conditions and massive, unnatural hail and snowfalls.

While the US is doing its most intense “experimentation” on itself, their target is the entire world, and clearly Latin America is no exception. These are only recent drastic events there but no doubt there’s a lot more to the story. Weather control is massive power, and in the hands of psychopaths it does not bode well for humanity if it persists.

Track these events for yourself. Go to sites like geoengineeringwatch.org and dutchsinse.com to get the inside scoop of what they’re up to.

And inform others. These programs need to be exposed. Time is of the essence.

Love, Zen

By Zen Gardner at ZenGardner.com.

Chemtrail Crimes: Human Hybridization And Aerial Vaccinations (VIDEO)


Well, this is about as dark as it gets but it needs to be said. As we’ve known all along, chemtrails are a multi-faceted program. It’s the ultimate delivery system. By poisoning our air it affects every living thing, much like chemically or biologically altering a pond in order to affect all the fish. With this massive program in place, even though they won’t even admit its obvious existence, anything can be loaded onto these air tankers at any time and sprayed onto unsuspecting humanity.

While the known metallic elements of nano sized aluminum, barium, strontium and a host of other toxic ingredients are accepted generally to be used for at least for massive weather modification programs, there are other even more nefarious elements that we’ve been ingesting over the years.

Hold on, this isn’t going to be pleasant and may give you a sense of dread and helplessness, but the fact that we are aware of these programs and are each way more than just the composite of our biological make up is where our true empowerment will always remain. As I’ve said many times before, their matrix is collapsing in its many levels of control and deceit, but it won’t go down without very violent and even cataclysmic death throes that will affect all of us.

Aerial Vaccinations

I had just finished studying the video someone sent me in the second section of this report and was about to post it, but I wanted to formulate something to introduce it as the information is so drastically creepy. I’ve known of this program for some time but as you’ll see, it’s an excellent, succinct scientifically sound short compilation and explanation.

I checked my inbox after taking a break and lo and behold, this next article was sent to me by someone else. No accident. We’ve known about this probability for some time but the timing was extremely synchronistic.


Forced Vaccination: The Air you Breathe and the Bites you Scratch


It’s not out of line to hypothesize that if they can create a mosquito borne vaccine for  Malaria and Dengue, they can modify a mosquito (or any other stinging/biting insect) to carry any vaccine imaginable…. or any virus.  Add to that fact Aerial spraying has openly been done to “combat West Nile”…. is any farther a stretch to extrapolate the idea that it is not just Aluminum and Barium in those chemtrails?  “Chemtrail Flu” is a common term nowadays……

This document outlines some very interesting data on that subject (the entire study is embedded in the full article)


The use of adenoviral protein envelopes as specific immunization and nano gene delivery systems has been observed in an individual, who was never vaccinated for polio or had parents who were vaccinated.  A 1:128 Tier I, II, and III titer was observed through clinical testing of a female after exposure to aerial spraying for West Nile Virus in Anaheim, CA, during the spring of 2009.  Use of PCR analysis showed positive protein band readings for KD-45 (Simian Green Monkey polio virus-40) as associated in the original cancer research findings of former leading American Cancer Institute’s researcher, Dr. Mary Sherman in the 1950’s.  Amendments to the Chemical and Biological Warfare Act of 1949 in December 2007, state that under terrorist and riot control measures mass aerial immunizations may occur.  Many of the new biological pesticides are made from various bionanotechnology materials that utilize the same technologies used in nasal vaccine technology. 



Chemtrail Fibers and Forced Bioengineered Transhumanism

I warned you that this was going to be dark, but most of you reading this are familiar with Morgellon’s disease, the lesions that have been appearing on people’s bodies that won’t heal where actual synthetic appearing fibers can be pulled out of the skin. It’s horrific and has been appearing for over a decade. No government official medical study has been done and the cases brought to them have been dismissed for a variety of bogus reasons.

Again, the abject denial treatment we’re being given at every turn in this chemtrail awareness arena.

In the following video the nature of these fibers is revealed thanks to the tireless work of Clifford Carnicom, long time researcher and whistleblower in the field of chemtrails to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude.

To Be Forewarned is to be Forearmed

I study the skies constantly. If there is a pause between chemtrail bombardments I study very closely the nature of the new spray batch. If you ever notice a color change it would be wise to get inside and close your windows to minimize exposure and turn up your air filter if you have one. You may even want to use a surgical face mask and should always have those on hand.

I’ve observed, as have many others, black chemtrails on rare occasions, clearly a different mix.

In the early 90’s they were apparently experimenting with these fibers as people were finding them on their cars and draped on their flowers and plants. They’ve apparently engineered them into more sophisticated nano fibers which you saw in the above video. The striking reality presented there is that even those not showing the Morgellon’s symptoms are carrying these same life-altering fibers.

The question will always remain; what else are they spraying or going to spray? We have to be aware of this horrific reality and do what we can to stay healthy and strong, as well as vigilant about what is in our skies at all times.

The heavy relentless spraying in the US is one of the many reasons I knew I had to get out of there. True, chemtrails are all over the world, but the US is clearly one of the most heavily targeted locations on the planet, and legally, if that has any bearing, they are actually allowed to “experiment” on their own population which has been thoroughly documented.

In addition it’s clear the massive electromagnetic bombardment is part and parcel to their program. Mitigating the effects via scalar technologies such as orgonite, which incidentally uses the same piezo electric effect as their nanobot-like implants, is extremely helpful. Even more important is keeping our personal vibrations well above those of the matrix and disengaging from its mind and life threatening influence in every way possible.

As I said above, we ultimately have nothing to fear as we each are eternal consciousness having this earthly experience, but it behooves us to do our due diligence to remain as awake, informed, empowered and healthy at all times.

Stay encouraged and empowered, we have everything going for us.

Much love always, Zen

By Zen Gardner at ZenGardner.com.

Green-Washing: Climate Terrorism Openly Advocated By Mainstream Media

Our skies and clouds have been changing unnaturally for decades, yet very few people, seem to have noticed. (Photo: www.occupycorporatism.com).

Our skies and clouds have been changing unnaturally for decades, yet very few people, seem to have noticed. (Photo: www.occupycorporatism.com).

Mainstream media is now talking about measures to ‘save the planet’ from non-existent global warming.

One of the greatest hoaxes in human existence is the notion that humans are responsible for catastrophic climate events. But even people who believe such a fairy tale are hard pressed to explain why it is that the environmental movement led by global organizations such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, which are heavily financed by corporations, refuse to talk about two very specific issues.

First, fossil fuels are responsible for about 13% of all greenhouse gases sent into the atmosphere, while animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of the total. You would think that so-called environmentalists and their followers would be all over the place asking government to curb wasteful industrial agriculture, but they are not. In fact, most environmentalists aren’t even aware that industrial agriculture causes more damage to the environment than fossil fuels will ever be able to.

Second, Geoengineering, the attempt to manage planetary climate via aerosol spraying, using space mirrors, and ionospheric manipulation, among others, are not and have never been a conspiracy theory or something that has been in testing phases for decades. As we have reported ad nauseum, geoengineering is an everyday practice and has been so for at least 60 years.

Despite the fact that geonegineering has been fully operational for over half a century, more climate extremists talk about manipulating global climate as a novelty and as an option to lack of ‘political will’ to impose austerity policies on human development.

Climate extremists, who are usually presented as climate experts or geoengineering experts, have had their voices echoed more frequently by mainstream media with the only intention to smoothly phase in the chatter about geoengineering as the only solution to save the planet from non-existant global warming.

From globalists falsifying temperature records, to the assignment of blame over elements that do not cause global warming, climate extremists are now ganging up to create strong support for what they call plan B. This plan B involves changing the Earth’s climate with a manual override. “Engineers and climatologists have already written a lot about the technologies that could cool it. Now, some want to take their experimental computer models to real life,” writes El País, a Spanish newspaper that reports on geonegineering as the newest road to follow if we want to save ourselves.

Behind the word geoengineering there is a range of technologies that share the same point of departure and arrival. If humans fail to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases the climate extremists see themselves as charged with the task to change the weather to cool the planet. It is not a surprise that mainstream media have gone from totally ignoring geoengineering practices to lying about them in such a short time. It is also not a surprise they only talk about the more mundane practices to carry out geoengineering at a large scale.

Most media outlets only report on measures such as painting roofs and facades to reflect sunlight, setting up giant mirrors in space to create areas of planetary shadow and CO2 capturing, as the most important practices. They don’t go near aerosol spraying, the most common geoengineering practice that has been around for decades now.

Aerosol spraying is a two-stage practice. It blocks solar radiation while contaminating the environment in which we live including the soil and the water; yet climate extremists see it as part of the equation to reduce natural solar radiation from reaching the planet. “If we do not restrain emissions and global mean temperatures exceed the threshold of 2 degrees, we need to introduce new elements into the equation,” say some geoengineers. This notion has been widely discredited by true climate scientists as old predictions about temperature rising have not taken place.

According to some climate terrorists, although the Sun is not to blame for human emissions, reducing its radiation could lower temperatures. But neither are the oceans or the soil guilty of anything, however, aerosol spraying punishes soil fertility and oceanic ecosystems daily anywhere this technique is used.

Along with geoengineering from space, management of solar radiation and capturing CO2, climate terrorists have other ideas they would like to implement:

“The failure of our politicians to achieve concrete measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases is worrying scientists and causing many of them to start thinking about extreme measures,” says climatologist Ken Caldeira, from the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Mr. Caldeira is considered one of the foremost experts on global climate change, and he has always been a big supporter of geoengineering.

Although publicly he does not consider himself a faithful supporter of geonegineering, he is actively been studying alternatives if all else fails. I support small-scale experiments to help build knowledge about the basic processes related to solar geoengineering” he explains.

“What I do not support, at least for now, are the experiments that aim to develop technology deployment,” he says.

Unfortunately, Mr. Caldeira has not heard the news about the ongoing geoneginering programs led by the military and private contractors. He probably has not heard about existing patents for deployment technologies, and he certainly has not seen the planes spraying heavy metals right over his head.

In a report to the US government prepared by Caldeira and twenty other scientists in 2011, they concluded that the management of solar radiation is perhaps the most radical technology but also one of the most effective ways to cool the planet. That is a very cheerful conclusion for someone who would not like to mess up with the planet’s climate.

What Caldeira and his team say is that they think it is a good idea to play with the sun, but most geoengineers look at the clouds. While some want to set up mirrors that reflect some of the light, others are said to be studying how to make clouds more permeable to radiation and heat so that they can escape into space. That is exactly what the geoengineering programs have been doing for over half a century. The implementation of geonengineering programs have been creating “alternative cloud systems” that block sun light at a specific location. This phenomenon is seen daily over large cities worldwide.

The closest climate terrorists have been to completing one of these experiments was in 2011. Then, engineers and British climatologists devised the SPICE project, the Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering. The project allegedly sought to inject aerosols such as sulfur dioxide in the upper layers of the atmosphere to increase the refractive clouds. Mr. Caldeira and his peers are decades late since this is exactly what other climate terrorists have been doing since the 1960s.

SPICE is still investigating stratospheric aerosol injection. Part of the project was to study the injection from a balloon and a part of this plan was to build the prototype airship.” For various reasons, the scientists decided not to go ahead with this project,” says Piers Forster, principal investigator of SPICE.

The controversy that marked the plan between the public and the British scientific community itself led to the creation of a a study to determine the feasibility of various geoengineering projects but also their possible side effects. “You can learn a lot, as indeed we do, harsh simulations and laboratory studies without carrying experiments on the street. But overall, I think we need to develop both together,” says Forster.

Another fruit of SPICE was the demonstrated need to regulate geoengineering. Even at a small scale, these experiments can alter rainfall patterns and winds. It is not a secret that the State of California has been submitted to massive geoengineering manipulation which is why it has been under drought conditions for such a long time.

As clarified by the British scientist, “it is difficult to create a legal framework if you don’t know what you’re regulating and what you‘re protecting. Therefore, we need to have some idea of the technology. But on the other hand, it would be unethical to start regardless of the good supervisory practices and governance to establish large-scale experiments,” he adds. Mr. Forster is apparently ignorant about the large scale experimentation that has been going on for decades.

In route from the simulations that the large scale experiments is Scopex. Designed by scientists at Harvard University, this project aims to inject aerosols into the stratosphere. Scopex also wants to study how would the injection of aerosols affect the ozone layer, lest the remedy aggravates the disease. The proposal, detailed in a special issue of the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, aims to inject several hundred grams of sulfuric acid to see if solar radiation management works without damaging the ozone layer.

The idea of conducting experiments to alter atmospheric processes is understandably controversial, but our Scopex experiment is only a proposal,” says one of its promoters, David Keith. Its aim is to be in place in 2017 but, as he says, “it can only go forward if public funding is substantial, with a formal approval process and a study of independent risks,” he adds in a note. These climate terrorists want humanity to pay for their own demise by financing the poisoning of the air, water and soil as a solution to non-existent global warming.

The level of funding for a project to counter climate change would be unheard of in the history of mankind,” says Joan Pau Sanchez, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

A project like this would cost about 1.5% of world GDP,” he adds. To get an idea, that would be 30 times the dollars invested in the Apollo program that put a man on the moon. Effectiveness, cost and governance are the obstacles faced by geoengineering. That is why more global leaders are now calling for a Global Green Government that would be able to implement the systematic poisoning of humanity to a scale that we have never seen before.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.


Cognitive Programming, Social Conditioning And Geoengineering

aerosols jogger

Here’s a perfect example of the old “talk as if it’s an idea for the future to soften public acceptance of an already ongoing program” ploy. We’re seeing more and more of this pre/post cognitive programming technique used in the geoengineering field as more and more are becoming aware of this insanity. They also use this technique regarding genetic manipulation, transhumanism, “smart” EMF technology and a host of other ongoing destructive control mechanisms perpetrated in the name of “scientific progress”, “saving the planet” and “ease of living”.

This is exactly what I said on my latest Rense interview; they run it up the flag pole to check on public reaction, soften up their target population, and give the impression their program has been publicly questioned so when it is deployed (or already has been deployed) the sleeple will assume it passed muster of the scientific and social critics. Pure cognitive dissonance manipulation and social and mental engineering and control.

Don’t be fooled by it, but do be aware of it. When something comes out in the mainstream it is deliberately timed for maximum effect, whether to test public opinion and acceptance, or just to jam some new program in our faces and lives for whatever justification with an apparent modicum of criticism.

BTW – Tell me this: how did they get the above shot of a jogger in front of a chemdog in a chemically hazed sky unless it’s already up there? A little obvious to the awake and aware, but pure programming of acceptance to the unwary.

Don’t be a boiled frog. Wake up and make the shift.

Love, Zen


Geo-engineering: Climate fixes ‘could harm billions’


Schemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for billions of people, but might be required for the good of the planet, scientists say.

That is the conclusion of a new set of studies into what’s become known as geo-engineering.

This is the so far unproven science of intervening in the climate to bring down temperatures.

These projects work by, for example, shading the Earth from the Sun or soaking up carbon dioxide.

Ideas include aircraft spraying out sulphur particles at high altitude to mimic the cooling effect of volcanoes or using artificial “trees” to absorb CO2.

Long regarded as the most bizarre of all solutions for global warming, ideas for geo-engineering have come in for more scrutiny in recent years as international efforts to limit carbon emissions have failed.

Now three combined research projects, led by teams from the universities of Leeds, Bristol and Oxford, have explored the implications in more detail.

The central conclusion, according to Dr Matt Watson of Bristol University, is that the issues surrounding geo-engineering – how it might work, the effects it might have and the potential downsides – are “really really complicated”.

Sun block.


Injecting aerosols into the stratosphere mimics the cooling effects of volcanoes.

“We don’t like the idea but we’re more convinced than ever that we have to research it,” he said.

“Personally I find this stuff terrifying but we have to compare it to doing nothing, to business-as-usual leading us to a world with a 4C rise.”

The studies used computer models to simulate the possible implications of different technologies – with a major focus on ideas for making the deserts, seas and clouds more reflective so that incoming solar radiation does not reach the surface.

One simulation imagined sea-going vessels spraying dense plumes of particles into the air to try to alter the clouds. But the model found that this would be far less effective than once thought.

Another explored the option of injecting sulphate aerosols into the air above the Arctic in an effort to reverse the decline of sea-ice.

A key finding was that none of the simulations managed to keep the world’s temperature at the level experienced between 1986-2005 – suggesting that any effort would have to be maintained for years.

More alarming for the researchers were the potential implications for rainfall patterns.

Although all the simulations showed that blocking the Sun’s rays – or solar radiation management, as it is called – did reduce the global temperature, the models revealed profound changes to precipitation including disrupting the Indian Monsoon.

But blocking the Sun’s rays could have undesirable effects, such as disrupting the Indian Monsoon.

Prof Piers Forster of Leeds University said: “We have found that between 1.2 and 4.1 billion people could be adversely affected by changes in rainfall patterns.

“The most striking example of a downside would be the complete drying-out of the Sahel region of Africa – that would be very difficult to adapt to for those substantial populations – and that happens across all the scenarios.”

Despite the risk of catastrophic side-effects from geo-engineering, the study authors believe that research should continue just in case runaway warming leaves no other options.

Prof Forster said: “If we were in a really desperate situation, trying to cool the temps for a 10-20 year time period, there could be some merit in those circumstances in introducing solar radiation management to give you a 10-20 year time period.”

Lack of knowledge.

Dumping iron into the sea was seen as a way to stimulate plankton blooms, and trap carbon

According to Prof Steve Rayner of Oxford University, it is easier to devise the technology than to understand its effects or how its use should be governed.

“If you were just thinking of the capability of putting sulphate aerosols in the atmosphere, that you could do in less than two decades – whether you would know it was smart to do it in less than two decades is another question.

“We don’t know enough – we have a few islands of knowledge in a sea of ignorance and it’s absolutely worth knowing more. There is the potential that some of these technologies may be part of a broader tool kit of ways in which we can better manage climate change.

“People decry solar radiation management as a band-aid but band-aids can be useful for healing.”

Geo-engineering has long been one of the most controversial aspects of the debate about solutions to climate change and few experiments have been conducted in the field.


By Zen Gardner at Zengardner.com.


Chemtrails: The Secret War (VIDEO)


“This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” -Antonio and Rosario Marciano

Antonio and Rosario Marciano administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY produced the film : “ Chemtrails the secret war ”. This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails. It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still going on !

This documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

*Video produced with English Captions.

Ciel Voilé


These 15 Arguments Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers (VIDEOS)


As we approach the end of another year let’s remember that humanity is now subjected to yet another full year of spraying with metal particles. Not just humanity but all the poor creatures on earth are being sprayed, every plant and every tree, the bees and birds, the soil and all the little creatures that live in it, even the fish and inhabitants of the sea are suffering as aluminum, sulfur, barium and other toxic metals pile on everywhere altering the pH of the soil, contaminating the water and attacking the very essence of life on earth.

Yes, chemtrails spraying is this big a deal and as another year goes by the globalist and their military industrial complex marches forward with their insanity to control the weather, deliberately engineering a much cooler planet by literally blocking our sunlight, and dumping enough toxic metals all over the planet to explain the destruction and slow death of many crops (ie food supply), all to the benefit of companies like Monsanto and the U.S. government.

So as we wrap another year, let us refresh our memory and lay out 15 points about chemtrails and chembomb spraying that everyone should be mindful of. Points that can be used as a weapon to silence online “contrails” trolls whose only mission is to keep the blind sheep asleep and in doubt about the otherwise plain-to-see, in-your-face evidence of the chemtrails/chembomb geoengineering programs which are ongoing. Let’s remind our uneducated friends and online trolls that:

1. Often we see ordinary planes who are not spraying, flying in the same air space and altitude as those who are spraying leaving long trails. Given that “contrails” are dependent predominantly on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding atmosphere at that particular atmospheric pressure (which is measurable), and given that changes don’t occur very quickly in nearby airspaces, this should offer no less than a head scratch for anyone with an understanding of the issue and willing to apply science, reason and common sense.

2. Planes spraying are almost always unmarked, not ordinary commercial planes with passengers. To this day, no one has filmed an ordinary commercial (labeled) passenger jet spraying. It doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened or is not happening, but it is something to consider. This goes along with the unusual government dual strategy of both:

A. Admitting that spraying is real, it’s necessary, cheap, important, developing and well planned, all in an effort to save the planet.

B. Simultaneously the government and in particular its politicians and media and (Hollywood) TV mouthpieces have made a collective decision to DENY chemtrails spraying 9/11 style. Amazingly, when the issue is brought up to the general public it is said to not be happening and it’s all a “conspiracy”. The unmarked planes is a reminder of their commitment to operating in a clandestine manner while simultaneously advancing their plans and quietly conditioning the scholastic types that these are indeed legitimate programs to save the earth.


I was entirely wrong about the filming of commercial jet spraying. I came across this video showing 100% proof of several clearly marked commercial passenger planes in mid air spraying us. See video here. Though most of the planes seen and actually videotaped spraying us have been largely unmarked planes, clearly there is video proof evidence as well for commercial airlines involvement with the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense to cooperate with the spraying programs. – Bernie Suarez

3. Planes that are spraying almost always fly with transponders off. One can verify flight data information by logging on to a site like flightaware.com and look for the plane when it flies over. Rarely if ever, will you see the plane show up on the website flight listing because it is not sending out signals. This speaks again to their commitment to secrecy and denial.

4. Spraying planes seem to fly in senseless patterns. They often fly in directions not commonly known for commercial flight including making U-turns and sharp turns.

5. Easily verifiable money-making weather modification and atmosphere-manipulating patents are available for anyone to review. These are not conspiracies or secret rumors, these are real patents. These patents are in use or they wouldn’t exist.

6. Spraying planes don’t follow any order of nature with respect to temperature and humidity (important to the “contrails” claims). Unlike a natural (“contrails”) event, the chemtrails we see being sprayed in our skies sometimes every day follow no set temperatures or humidity. In Southern California for example, we see spraying regardless of whether the temperature on the ground is 50, 70, or 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  We also see the spraying at very low and
very high humidity. This disjointed pattern with nature’s temperature and humidity is a stark contrast to what government geoengineers claim is the nature of contrails. All supposed government “contrails” studies show that “contrails” will only form under certain specific temperatures and humidity in accordance to the rules of nature. In other words, according to the rules of nature there are set temperatures and humidities that guarantee no contrails. These temperatures and humidities unfortunately never translate over to reality when one applies the Environmental Lapse Rate (ELR) formula to the known current temperature on the ground to calculate the temperature at plane altitude level.

7. Jets that spray our skies can often be seen to stop their spraying suddenly then restart seconds later. Something characteristic of a deliberate shutting off or perhaps a pause to change chemical canister from which the chemicals are being drawn from. With contrails on the other hand we would expect a smooth steady continuation of the condensation trail being created by (supposedly) the ice crystals that (supposedly) form spontaneously from the combustion of ordinary jet fuel. This is not at all what we see when we look up.

8. Throughout the year anyone can easily predict when they chemtrails will stop. In regions with very steady climate as in Southern California, this prediction is based strictly on observation of their spraying schedule not on the temperature or humidity. Hot or cold, we will see spraying throughout the year, and we’ll see the spraying (predictably) stop at specific times of the year.

9. We can observe weather patterns that are often inconsistent with the established weather forecast. The difference? The spraying of the sky. Often the forecast calls for sunshine and blue skies and we’ll observe the planes ruin the sky leaving cloudy overcast skies instead. A sharp difference from the predicted weather.

10. There are known weather modification private companies who admit they manipulate the sky for the purposes of weather modification. This information is public, real and easily verifiable.

11. Attempt at cloud seeding, weather modification, engineered drought, rain making and other manipulation and geoengineering of our skies is admitted by government agents, educators, geoengineers and other entities all claiming it’s for the purposes of “global warming” and planet cooling. This admission is nonetheless the proof these programs are ongoing.

12. Patents for specifically aluminum resistant seeds are secured by the USDA and promoted by Monsanto. A bizarre coincident if this is not related to spraying programs which also employ the spraying of aluminum in the sky which eventually falls back to the ground.

13. Photographs of our skies prior to 2000 show little to no lines in the sky. Everyone with a photos collection has this proof in their hands.

14. Where is the documentation of protestors protesting sky lines back in the 1990’s? How about the 1980’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s etc? Where is the history of genuine writers (not government scientists), authors of books and activists writing about the problem of lines in the sky? Where are the photos of activists packing the streets protesting sky lines in the 1970’s? Did no one care about the environment back then?? These images and activist literature don’t exists because movements only occur to address things that are actually happening in that generation. Chemtrails and sky lines are actually happening now thus we NOW have a movement to address this serious issue.

15. Trolls and disinformation agents claim ordinary planes have always made persistent contrails when they combust fuel and these trails inevitably change our weather and global climate as a result and block our sunlight. These wild claims suggest that dating back to the Wright brothers invention of the first plane, the invention turned out to be a weapon of mass destruction. As bizarre as this sounds, this shifting of the blame for the destruction of our skies from today’s U.S. government, U.S Air Force, the DOD and all its private contractors and accomplice allies to the Wright brothers is inescapably at the root of their argument. Also at the root of this argument is that blue skies were never the norm even in sunny southern California or Hawaii due to natural contrails formation. This bizarre argument of course is a psyop on those who are unaware of the issue and the younger generations who are now being conditioned to believe this statement is true and that massive weird feathery and smudgy looking clouds injected in the stratosphere and troposphere with chemical trails flown into them is normal.

One thing we should all keep in mind about chemtrails/chembomb spraying is that the military owns this issue. Activists have as much chance of stopping the U.S. Military Industrial Complex as they do of stopping chemtrails. The battle we face is a very long one and de-funding the U.S. military in particular the U.S.A.F may be one option for stopping this. To stop chemtrails we’ll need other countries and power figures to step in to help. The depth of brainwashing, TV and mainstream media hypnosis and conditioning that Americans are under makes this an even more concerning issue. All hands are needed on deck to push back against the U.S. Military Industrial Complex on this issue.

I firmly believe chemtrails/chembombs spraying is by far the greatest challenge humanity faces and could very well seal its doom. Help spread awareness of this issue, don’t give up and keep doing what you can to expose this issue.
As I’ve stated many times, those of us who are alive now are firsthand eyewitnesses to this crime against humanity. We are that generation that people 200 years from now would love to interview regarding the legend of the blue skies which by then will be a fairytale. Future generations will not even know that there was a time when the sky was plain blue without any lines in the sky. They will be so conditioned to see the artificial manipulation of our skies they will not have a clue that blue skies were once the norm.

Save your personal evidence for future generations. I urge everyone to store and preserve all your childhood photos of plain blue skies and keep them somewhere safe. Make copies of your old photos if possible, you have no idea how valuable these will be to someone in the future.

As for us here and now, we cannot take on the Military Industrial Complex head on but we can strategize other steps for fighting back including filing lawsuits and writing letters at least if only for the sake of keeping a physical record of our protest recorded in government records. Also write about this crime in articles, blogs and books especially. This will leave a trail of literature for future generations to see.

Related videos: Are Chemtrails Forever?

Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


Is Covert Geoengineering Steering The Polar Vortex? (VIDEO)


This is just a quick update to show a huge amount of chemtrail aerosols were sprayed, to keep the jetstream notch, or “Polar Vortex”, in place, and on schedule. This shows 2 1/2 days of jetstream development and how Mother Nature is trying to bring rain to California, but the Haarp and Chemtrail operators, won’t allow the natural process to take place. Instead, they sprayed VERY heavy off the coast of Oregon, and all over the eastern Pacific. Also, the Baja Haarp is keeping a stationary blockage in the jetstream, west of San Diego.

Please use planefinder.net, to identify chemtrail spray planes, when they pass over your area. The chemtrail (geoengineered aerosols) were extremely thick, off the coast of Oregon, and the satellite maps confirm the ground reports (thanks to Bonnie V for her local reporting, and for the link to planefinder.net)

This spraying, and Baja Haarp bockage in the jetstream is ALL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! This is both a mind control psy-op, to keep the idea of “global cooling” alive, and probably, to cash in on the CME weather futures. We may see this psy-op continue, making extreme cold, in the big cities, until the city managers buy enough Heating Degree Day futures contracts. Then, after the cities have placed their bets, the Haarp operators will bring normal winter temperatures, so they don’t have to pay out on the contracts. There are lots of possible ways for them to make money, by controlling the weather, and this is just one way. We will see, as the winter progresses.

US federal law enforcement, and the US Military, must find the criminals behind these programs, arrest them, and put them on trial.

The best chance to slow down, or stop, chemtrails, and the death they cause, is to protest at this geoengineering conference in San Francisco, on December 15 – 19, 2014: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm14/webpr…

This is PROBABLY the “roll out” to take the intense aerosol program over the USA, and make it international. This is a chance for scientists to submit research papers that are critical of the chemtrail program, and the planetary death, they are causing. We need thousands of people to show up, in San Francisco, protest, and submit their own research papers.

The HAARP Report

Pilots, Doctors And Scientists Tell The Truth About Chemtrails (VIDEO)


Experts in Shasta County present revealing evidence of the dangerous effects of Geo-Engineering Chemtrails has had on nature and human health.


MI Congressional Candidate: ‘Investigate 9/11, Chemtrails’


Rick Strawcutter

Rick Strawcutter

By: Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post 

As the November elections grow closer, a number of candidates have thrown their names into the ring for consideration as the next elected leader or representative of the American people in their respective states, cities, or districts. The November 2014 elections are of course made up by a majority of Democrats and Republicans but a large number of Independent candidates are also taking part in the races all across the country.

Few of these candidates, however, bear a resemblance to Rick Strawcutter, a congressional candidate running on the U.S. Taxpayer Party ticket for the 7th district of the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan.

Both a pastor and a natural doctor by trade, Strawcutter has pastored the “Church on Bent Oak Hwy” for 38 years and holds a degree in Holistic Nutrition and a doctorate in Naturopathy. He is also the founder of Secrets of Eden, a natural healing products distribution company.

Strawcutter is also one of the few political candidates that has had the courage to call for an investigation of 9/11 and the practice of geo-engineering, also known as “chemtrails.”

In regards to the former issue, Strawcutter’s website states that he will,

Call for a complete investigation of the attack of 9/11. This day of infamy had to be an inside job. The Twin Towers and building 7 were obviously imploded with detonations not jet fuel. One of many extremely credible presentations that debunks the government’s official story is found at this youtube link. Additionally, it defies logic to believe that a 757 with a wingspan of 123 feet could enter a 30 foot wide hole in the side of the Pentagon, then disappear with no residual evidence such as engines, tail sections, etc. typical of a crash site. 

While Strawcutter’s position on 9/11 is bound to cause controversy with mainstream media outlets, establishment politicians, and the portion of Americans who are unaware of the facts surrounding the attacks, his candidacy might very well bring much needed attention to the issue for those who may be unfamiliar with the information.

Such potential for controversy is also the case with his position on chemtrails. Strawcutter’s “About” section of his website states,

Stop the Chemical Spraying of America via Chemtrails.(scientifically referred to as geo-engineering) Millions of tons of nano sized aluminum and berium have been dumped on us without our knowledge or consent for at least 10 years. The government is silent on the reason for it, but our health is being damaged by it. Dr. Russel Blaylock respected neurosurgeon and author predicts more early alzheimers and a general increase in virtually all other diseases because of this unregulated government spraying . When all these things are taken together it is not beyond reason to ask “who is trying to kill us?”

Among Strawcutter’s 15 platform points is his statement of unwavering support for the Second Amendment. Strawcutter states that he supports the “Complete and unfettered right to keep and bear arms. Which includes open carry and carrying concealed.” His website also adds

Stock up now while you can. Those of the evil force that seek to exercise complete control will surely cook up some phony “attack on the homeland” like they did on 9/11 or Oklahoma City, perhaps a school or theater shooting as another pretense for a call for gun confiscation. ( Yes, virtually all of the above incidents were MK Ultra orchestrated false flags staged to move the anti-gun agenda and suppress the people’s right to protest and dissent. )

Strawcutter also states his support for “the right of unfettered free speech,” and the decriminalization of drug use. He opposes the use of the United States military in aggressive combat operations overseas that “benefit international banksters and oil barons.”

In his promotional video , Strawcutter can be seen standing on an Adrian, Michigan street corner holding campaign signs with his volunteers as cars can be heard honking as they pass by. Strawcutter says that people in the area are very supportive of his campaign.

“What’s my campaign?” asks Strawcutter. “Well, basically just tell the government, ‘Shove it!’” And ‘Leave us alone!’ and ‘Quit ruining our lives!’”

Strawcutter continues by saying, “I mean we have had enough with IRS scandals and VA scandals and NSA spying scandals and now it’s come to light that there’s these fake cell towers. Who knows what they’re for? But it’s probably the government doing more spying on us. We’ve had it! I mean, enough is enough already!”

Strawcutter has no illusions about his chances against his well-funded opponents, Incumbent Republican Tim Walberg and Democratic challenger Pam Byrnes. However, he intends for his campaign to send a clear message.

Strawcutter states, “If you vote for Rick Strawcutter for Congress . . . I may not be able to win this but every single vote you place in my favor will send a message to Washington and the rest of the United States that “We The People” are ready for third party action, we’re abandoning Republicans and Democrats. C’mon. They have had their chance.”

In the end, Strawcutter’s website slogan says it all. “Never waste your vote! Always vote third party.”

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 300 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com. 

The Midwest Respiratory Crisis – Infected Chemtrail Beta Test?


Call me paranoid but color me suspicious. You can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the case. A localized area experiencing mass respiratory illness, targeting America’s “heartland”. We don’t need to know the full on “facts” to assume such actions, we’ve been following their plans and activities for decades.

Hospital sets patient record as virus spreads

Medical officials admitted a record number of children to a local hospital over the weekend because of what they believe to be a rare respiratory virus spreading throughout the country.

Although there’s been no confirmed cases of the enterovirus at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, officials admitted 540 patients Friday, said Dr. Derek Wheeler, associate chief of staff at the hospital.

The previous record was around 515, Wheeler said.

Some reports out of Missouri and Colorado suggest the virus, with symptoms similar to the common cold, brought sicker patients to hospitals, Wheeler said.

“We’re just seeing the (increased) volumes, we haven’t seen (patients) sicker than usual yet,” he said.

Hospitals from other states have placed restrictions on visitations, but Wheeler said there are no plans to do that in Cincinnati.

The virus is similar to what doctors treat during cold and flu season. That means nothing really changes if a child comes down with the rare virus, he said.

“The bottom line is this is a virus you wouldn’t treat with antibiotics, so other than the (high-level of) interest, there’s no reason we would need to know it’s an enterovirus,” Wheeler said. (Source)

This isn’t the only report by any means. CNN of course is running with it and as usual whipping up a frenzy of fear regarding this “unknown” virus, another extension of this “test” on an unsuspecting public:

Virus hitting the U.S. could be ‘tip of iceberg,’ CDC official says

(CNN) — A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals throughout the Midwest and beyond, health officials say.

The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported could be “just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases,” said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Viral Diseases.

Twelve states have contacted the CDC for assistance in investigating clusters of enterovirus: Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Utah. Four — Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa — have confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68.

There You Have It

The amount of disease laboratories around the US is staggering. They’re not looking for answers, but cultivating bioweapons. That the current powers that would be weaponize anything and everything is a common fact. Add chemtrailing to the equation and you have the ultimate delivery system. Those of us who are awake and aware have been virtually expecting this. We don’t want to bring it on via intention, but this is a reality staring us in the face.

But this is only a test. There have been many, as well as hundreds of other documented “experimentations” by the mad ruling elite.

On the grand scale they are likely to unleash something much more lethal and diabolical, which is why I’ve said to keep protective masks on hand at all times. We’re up against a monstrous force and cannot remain naive to their intentions.

Stay healthy, eating fresh, green and living consciously, and beware these mechanisms. Respiratory problems are already off the charts yet we’ll never hear about that unless you dig for that info. Besides the air, the plants, ground and water are being contaminated relentlessly as long as this aerosol program persists.

Make your stand, and make it known.

Awakened responsiveness is what turns the tide. It’s the loving thing to do no matter the reaction from others.

The truth is to be shared. Just do it.

Love, Zen

By Zen Gardner at ZenGardner.com.

Undeniable Footage Of Jet Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails (VIDEO)


The extremely compelling footage in this 3 minute video should be yet another powerful tool to be used in the battle to awaken the sleeping masses to what is occurring over their heads day in and day out. The sprayed disbursements that are clearly occurring behind this jet tanker can not be rationally denied. All of us must help with the challenge of bringing awareness to this dire issue.


The Psychospiritual Electrochemical War On Humanity

war propaganda

Perhaps the best literal manifestation of our current induced containment and control system is the electro-chemical invasion of our atmosphere via the chemtrail program. Begun decades ago, our very breathing environment has been radically altered by massive dumping of electrically excitable nano-particles and chemical toxins to not only restrain our connectivity with natural and empowering energies, but transmit and maintain severely disempowering health, mental and spiritual influences.

This is just one of their wicked programs, but a very revealing one. The electromagnetic control grid is another. The list is long. They clearly fear our capabilities and power and realize we are a force to be reckoned with.

Without a bigger picture of their agenda we will never be able to effectively fight and overcome these parasitic invaders of our realm of existence. While seeming to reinforce their fascistic and genocidal agenda, each of their control programs now being exposed at an increasing rate are subsequently contributing to a massive awakening in consciousness.

A total backfire. Why? Because we can see it and we’re on to them, and as one revelation leads to another we fully awaken and break free, leaving their machinations to crumble and cave in on themselves.


An Ever Present, Aggressive Danger – Realizing the Threat to Our Existence

The entrained mindset today is fundamentally reactive, and hence inept as well as relatively passive. As long as we follow their lead by reacting to their impulses with submission or even occasional outcries, we remain on the defensive. Exposure is imperative, and it’s intrinsic to the awakening. But as long as people do not realize the end game is ultimately the annihilation of our kind we’re not fully coming to grips with the severity of our predicament.

When a virus attacks an organism, anti-bodies are sent to destroy that threat. There’s no dealing with it except elimination. It needs to be exterminated or the original organism’s very life is in danger. It doesn’t need to be entertained, understood or allowed to “co-exist” with the host it is attacking.

Yet the nature of today’s warring affronts on humanity are treated as “issues” and “geo-political problems” to be debated, as if the opposing force would ever offer any kind of understanding or consideration of our needs. This is because the host, humanity, does not understand the utterly invasive and death dealing nature of its stealthy parasitic invaders.

So You Just Want to “Get Along”?

The Zionist Agenda – Enabling Carriers of the “Subdue and Destroy” Gene

Another illustrative phenomenon being clearly displayed on humanity’s consciousness screen is the outright wicked genocidal nature of supremacist Zionism. There’s no going back to anyone’s previous, carefully programmed conceptions of the  “poor defenseless Jews” whom God himself called “the chosen people”. The psycho-spiritual infection now called Zionism has hijacked this religiously cloaked identity like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They’re clearly an inhuman, abusive, maniacal murderous force, if anyone hasn’t happened to wake up and notice before.

This clearly non-human onslaught on defenseless and even caged Gazans could not be more indicative of this invasive, non human mindset. And now it’s front and center for all to see. While the world has been hoodwinked to believe these people cannot be criticized, they’ve taken over countries, the media, entertainment, business and the world banking cartel and are manipulating world armies at their whim. And have been for a long, long time in various guises.

Some are born with it, others are indoctrinated into this spiritual possession, and multitudes are now infected with it. Most can be delivered from this almost hypnotic spiritual entrainment but there are those who are clear and present dangers to humanity who can no longer be tolerated on our planet. Coexistence is not on their agenda. Either we are morphed into a subhuman form to work as slaves, or face extinction. Either way, humanity is being eaten alive by this parasitic force.

It’s said that the evil archonic race offered this insatiable warring bloodline, now clearly exemplified by the American/Zionist agenda, a deal that they could “inherit the earth” if they would follow their program, beginning with worshipping their inserted “god” and performing their duty of world domination and its eventual annihilation.  They apparently took up the offer, and are carrying out this genocidal agenda with panache. All while much of a spell bound earth population watches, supports and even cheers it on.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. The script is right there. Especially while other Zionist and similarly influenced forces of many faces are doing the same in Ukraine and other war “theaters” while also pushing for a global conflict of world-ending proportions along with a host of other population reduction and alteration programs. Pretty obvious if you ask me.

Light Destroys Darkness – The Warrior Mentality

We are not powerless in the least. Our primary task is to wake up and live up to our true, inherent nature. This takes some doing to fully realize but is attainable by anyone and can happen quite quickly. Once we awaken to these simple truths and the dots start to connect we’re well on our way to activation to help dispel this dangerous threat, however each of us are called to do.

We’re not used to fighting for our very survival, especially against an enemy entrenched in ruling positions and so seemingly powerful that they can create an entire alternate reality in order to enslave and destroy our species. That this is under way is without dispute.

They cannot succeed. In fact, they are scrambling to contain our awakening as we speak, as this is their ultimate threat. Those in public leadership and their hidden controllers are some of those at the forefront of foisting this death-dealing control system upon us. They are not of us, but have given over to these parasitic influences, whether you call them devils, demons, djinn or archons. This invading force needs to be clearly recognized, acknowledged, repelled and ultimately eliminated.

It’s Us or Them

The best thing we can do is allow ourselves to be so fully consumed with truth and the passion for righteousness that we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace, protection and survival for our fellow humans. If we can alter the current system drastically enough perhaps that would help alter the playing field and lead to greater victories. However, the change we need is much more profound, immediate and intensely personal. And it requires concerted action. Most of all, fully awakened souls fearlessly issuing a clarion call to awaken and rise up.

We will not create a new world without a fully aware and conscious understanding of where we are, and where we are intended to be. After that is realized, we’ll each know what we are supposed to do, day by day, conscious minute by conscious minute.

There’s no standing still or hiding our heads in the sand. Whether it’s the informational war, social action you’re called to, any manner of civil disobedience and rejection of their control grid, or direct spiritual confrontation, it’s time to sound off with our lives, clearly and without flinching. The reaction of those around us is not what concerns us, it’s being true to the stand we know needs to be taken in our hearts. The rest will follow as we each set the example of fully alive, awake, aware and activated souls.

Keep your eyes open and stay on the alert. We’re each being called to battle in various, wonderful ways. Just do it when the signal comes. Our spiritual warfare is based on taking the initiative; creating, not reacting.

It’s not a time to hold back. We are in a unique time in human history and have an amazing opportunity set before us, but it all depends on us. The awakening is approaching critical mass and needs our shoulders to the wheel spiritually, informationally, actively and wholeheartedly.

If even one spark can ignite a conflagration of truth, then let’s burst into flames!

Remember, light destroys the darkness, while the darkness cannot even touch the light!

Love, Zen

By: Zen Gardner at ZenGardner.com

Has “Persistent Contrails” Become The New Thought Blocker?


Only those deeply entrenched in the truth movement, those that are dedicated to knowing and understanding the truth at any cost would truly appreciate what I’m about to say. Many people who look for truth ultimately find themselves in a conversation where they are ridiculed of being a “conspiracy theorist” or perhaps charged with speaking “conspiracies” by someone who is conditioned and trained to think by the very system we fight to expose. By now many if not most individuals who have found themselves in these situations have figured it all out. Yes, “conspiracies” and “conspiracy theories” is no ordinary word or phrase. It (the phrase) was officially adopted in the aftermath of the murder of president John F. Kennedy when CIA document 1035-960 which instructed its intended recipients on how to discredit those who questioned the JFK murder, or as the document states, those who entertain “conspiracy theories” about the murder.

What this well planned out use of the phrase has done decades later is create a generation full of individuals who are physically, emotionally and mentally moved by this single term in one way or another. Amazingly, we can now observe and confirm the results of this experiment on humanity, and declare with certainty that the term is a thought blocker. It acts as a trigger word for many people who don’t want to believe that their government would ever harm them or do anything that is illegal or immoral. For these individuals who live amongst us, the term “conspiracy theories” shuts off all critical and analytical thought and an emotional impulse shoots into the lower brain and literally takes over the decision making part. Those controlled by the phrase will react instead of analyze. This reaction is one of rejection of the information. This mass thought blocking phenomenon triggered by one phrase is, I believe, one of the great psychological accomplishments from government in the last one hundred years or so. It is likely that Edward Bernays, the founding father of propaganda, who served as an advisor with the CIA as well as other dignitaries, influenced many of the elements in document 1035-960 addressing how truth tellers or those who opposed government view were to be dealt with.

Fast forward to our current times. Decades have passed and government has accomplished quite a few other conspiratorial crimes which have left their marks on humanity. Today, more than ever we hear accusations of “conspiracy” all over the mainstream media news. No doubt the phrase may have lost some of its power with so many people waking up to the reality of our corrupt leaders. Despite mass awakening, the phrase however, still does have its effect on many people’s natural tendency and ability to resort to reason, logic and common sense.

But, you may be wondering, are there other words or phrases that quietly may be carrying the same thought blocking capacity, that we may not be as aware of? Among all the issues that truth seekers seek answers on, the topic of geoengineering and chemtrails operations, which now span the entire planet, seems to have risen to the highest level of taboo and secrecy. If geoengineering is the mother of all conspiracies, which I argue it is, then you may wonder what tactics are currently being employed to keep the public in the dark? Our lesson here can be taken from history. Fast rewind back to the CIA document 1035-960, read and understand. I often say, look for the pattern first, then focus on the details. Government, just like a person, has a pattern of behavior that is easy to observe and predict. The reason we can observe and predict this pattern of behavior is that government, like any other entity, has every reason to repeat an action that is successful. This is a reasonable and logical deduction that when applied can be counted on to produce reliable predictive results. As in sports or any competitive event, if you do something that is successful you will likely seek to repeat the thing that brought you the success. This simple analysis can be used to arrive at some reasonable suspicions regarding government participation in the geoengineering of our skies and our planet.

Those that are active and staying informed in the geoengineering movement know that there are many issues that together point to the fact that government is involved in dangerous and nefarious geoengineering programs. The means, the motive and the opportunity is all there. We have heard from whistleblowers and former federal agents, warning us of these programs. Critical thinkers and humble doubters of the more recent government alternative theories regarding the chemical spraying of our skies, have had plenty opportunity to step back and look at all the evidence available in light of the historic patterns discussed above.

Among other things that I observe, I now clearly observe that the so often used term “persistent contrails” may itself be a thought blocking weaponized term, just like the term “conspiracy theories”. Clearly this was carefully thought out before spraying operations went into a full go after the late 1990’s. The “persistent contrails” phrase is being implemented on humanity in a manner referred to in psychology textbooks as ‘classical conditioning’. During the 1890’s Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist, discovered that a response observed (in a dog) due to a particular stimulus (unconditioned stimulus) could eventually be reproduced without the stimulus (conditioned response) as long as the dogs made the association between the two stimuli. Likewise, “persistent contrails” may be triggering a conditioned response where the recipient associates the feelings they get when they hear the phrase “conspiracy theory”. This association my then trigger a thought blocking effect. Although these two phrases differ in that “conspiracy theories” is designed to discredit the messenger. Both terms however, trigger a reaction in the listener which causes the listener to ignore what is being said. Association (with conspiracy theory) or not, the end result is the same.

Like the “conspiracy theories” phrase, the phrase “persistent contrails” is designed to assure the listener that no matter what the activists is saying, you should ignore them and move on with your day because what they are saying is ridiculous unproven claims. With government having taken over science and reason as admitted by Obama in his election campaign in 2008, more than ever the individual must apply critical thinking skills that do not rely on what government “scientists” have to say. As I approach the conclusion of yet another observational chemtrails study, I have also raised my suspicion that the phrase “persistent contrails” may be nothing more than another weaponized trigger term. When I first heard the term, I found the argument and theory of ‘persistent contrails’ entirely unconvincing, but that is not the case for many others who would prefer to believe government wouldn’t do such a thing. Among other things that convinced me, one of the greater (striking) comical truths was how the “persistent contrails” argument suggested that a normal plane using ordinary jet fuel was expected to block the sunlight intended for the earth and subsequently alter our entire ecosystem. That the Wright Brothers did not as much as event an aircraft for convenient high speed travel, but that instead they ruined the planet for good with their weapon of mass destruction capable of creating a global ice age and exterminating humanity. Ridiculous narratives such as these shine the light squarely on those that claim that this is the case. Though this argument (The exoneration of the Wright brothers conspiracy) is not necessarily rooted in hard facts it is rooted deeply in reason and logic.

I believe the term “persistent contrails” is very likely now being use as a weapon on humanity as the controllers hope that people hear the term and look away from the issue for good. “Persistent contrails” offer the listener an unusual opportunity to relax and believe that their government would never do this to you. It shifts the battle field from the mainstream media (where it would get a lot of attention) to rapid private decision making. Given the world wide catastrophic spraying we are seeing daily including the massive stratospheric chem-bombs and the threat all of this means to the ecosystem, there is no more important term in the globalist playbook that seems to be giving the globalists a great return on their investment than “persistent contrails”. Would the globalist gangsters miss out on a chance to spin a term on the public that would buy them enough time to take full control of the weather and give themselves “god-like power”? I don’t think they would and for this reason we should be aware of this latest and most effective deception being employed by those who would have you say nothing about geoengineering and accept your fate.

Let’s counter the psychological effects of this term and force those that claim the spraying we are seeing every day is due to contrails, to prove their case. As I near the conclusion of another observational study to debunk the persistent contrails myth, I want to encourage activists who are passionate about this topic to challenge those who are using this thought-blocking term, and look for ways to regain the attention of those currently under the “persistent contrails” psychological spell. It isn’t the first thought-blocking spell-bound term we have dealt with and it will probably not be the last.

We have watched for the last decade, as the establishment searches for blind unproven theories to put out to the scientific community to explain the catastrophic results of the spraying program, and we are left with government “climate science” abstracts, papers and Youtube videos put together to deceive the average person into alternative pseudo-scientific claims to explain the sky spraying. We saw the same level of deception with regard to the global warming (pseudo) science as scientists for decades tried to recreate their understanding of climate based on CO2 (instead of the sun) as the primary global thermostat controller. That a tyrannical government has taken over the science should not surprise anyone. We’ve seen government takeover of science in almost every conspiracy from JFK’s ‘back and to the left’, to massive WTC towers disintegrating at free fall speed due to deoxygenated office fires, to planes that disappear without a trace. No one should be surprised that there are other buzz words and trigger phrases amongst us. The important thing is to be true to yourself and purpose to critically analyze every piece of information that comes (especially) from so called government scientists or scientists whose work is promoted openly by Wikipedia, the establishment and by our own corrupt politicians. History has a long record for ‘unpopular’ science eventually being proven right and the politically accepted science being debunked.

It’s time we look at our political reality from a psychological point of view and remember that we are psychological beings open to being manipulated by the controlling systems. Only then will we be in search of new trigger terms, weaponized words, and deceptive phrases that are all engineered by design to keep you asleep in the matrix of lies where you can be easily controlled. Free yourself now of the cobwebs of psychological deception engineered by professional thinking systems that work for government who have collectively existed much longer than you have been alive. Let your free mind then explore the amazing world around us in a way that is uninhibited by government narratives whose primary goal is to keep you enslaved. Then, and only then, you will discover that the gift of free and critical thought is a beautiful thing.

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

Science vs Government Science: Exposing The Persistent Lies Of “Persistent Contrails”


My interest in chemtrails began about four years ago when someone pointed them out and I researched the topic for myself. The first thing I noticed (about myself) is how I was consciously ignoring them until someone actually pointed them out. I’ve since been fascinated by how these crimes against humanity and the planet have been allowed to continue unchallenged. Given that those participating in these programs are also the ones denying they are doing it, I decided to do whatever I can to make a difference, by conducting another simple observational study to see if my observations match the “persistent contrails” claims.

When attempting to hide a crime, government has proven prepared with it’s weapons of mass deception, mind-control, propaganda and lies to push through any idea they want accepted by the general public. Even when evidence is overwhelming (like it is with 9/11, JFK, etc.) government has proven up to the task of boldly denying the truth and carrying on openly with their lies. So, I thought, how much more effective would they be if they are the only ones privileged to the “evidence” which they can easily manipulate? Would you expect the U.S. to make an announcement telling us the truth about missing flight MH370? How about a confession on the errors of the N.I.S.T report regarding WTC 7?  

The “persistent contrails” myth, I reckoned early on, comes with the full package (of disinformation, manipulation and control of the evidence), and it goes something like this: Only we (government) have the evidence, and it is up to you (the individual at home screaming foul about the lines in the sky) to disprove our claims. Good luck getting funded for a counter study that will make it past Wikipedia, the mainstream media or any legitimate science text book because we (government) provide both sides of the argument, thanks for playing.

I’ve never anticipated that the “persistent contrails” theory would turn out to be much of a scientific battle/debate but more a psychological battle of disinformation and propaganda. The “persistent contrails” argument is a psychological operation of denial from a to z, and we have to, at some point, provide a fitting balanced counter-attack to ensure that the undistorted message gets through to the masses in hopes of a future solution, which at this point seems nowhere in sight. For this reason I’ve put together this small scale science related simple study for others to hopefully build upon.

It was only a year ago when I conducted a simple observational study in which I confirmed the radically disjointed relationship between the official “forecast” and the actual (post chemtrails) weather conditions for that day among other things discovered. This year (2014) I decided to do another simple observational study. This time I wanted to observe the skies in the month of July since every year there seems to be a decrease in spraying during July. I’ve always argued that the secret to debunking “persistent contrails” is by exposing when they DON’T occur as much as when they do. With that said, I observed the skies for “persistent contrails” formulating my hypothesis carefully. I hypothesized that in July (in Los Angeles, Southern California) we would see (for the fifth year in a row that I’ve been counting) a radical decrease in sky lines being sprayed by planes. Here are the results:

Sky Observation July 2014 Final Observations (click to view)

1. First, we wanted to know if the globalist private contracted companies and the U.S. Air Force would take a break in spraying the skies as they seem to always do in the month of July in the Southern California area. That was our first observational goal and we observed that predictably they did for almost the first two weeks. That is, despite no changes in the climate conditions in June 2014, from July 1st through July 11th we saw no lines of any kind in the skies (picture this!). The skies looked as clean as they did before the late 1990’s except for the much lighter blue we now see today. For those concerned about chemtrails spraying, you may see this as a deliberate summer vacation taken by the pilots spraying us or perhaps as evidence that, like all government programs, there seems to be a set annual schedule to the spraying operations. For those who claim that all the disfigurement of our skies is due to “persistent contrails”, they would have to explain how exact weather, humidity, pressure and temperature conditions would yield a situation where almost two weeks into July 2014 we would predictably not see a single line appear in the sky. It would warrant an explanation on how someone could predict this pause without foreknowledge of the future or even a background in meteorology. Obviously science does not suspend itself without a specific, clear and reproducible explanation. This is one explanation that those pushing “persistent contrails” would be hard pressed to explain given the known atmospheric conditions during this period.

2. Second, we found that in the second half of July they started an aggressive campaign shooting chemicals high up in the atmosphere reaching as high as the stratosphere in what is being termed “Chembombs“. This interesting and radical change of spraying technique was the greatest finding of the July studies. During this one month study, planes were actually seen spraying primarily in the second half of the month, and even then it was rare. I became much more familiar with what to look for when looking to identify the much broader undefined spraying (chemical plumes) programs. Many people are confirming all around the world that this is what they are seeing in their cities and towns. Apparently the mass chembomb spraying has (for now) become the norm and we are seeing a lot less atmospheric unmarked planes spraying their usual chemtrails like we often have seen over the years.

3. We also observed that with the stratospheric (high and feathery looking) chembombs you will rarely if ever see the planes spraying the massive plumes instead other chemtrails planes will fly into the center of the plume after they are formed, dropping their chemical concoction into it as if mixing chemicals in the sky.

4. At all times throughout this observational study, we observed that all other planes flying at exactly the same altitude were not producing sky lines. One of the purposes of this study was to temporarily blindly accept the “persistent contrails” myth and then try to prove it right. Seeing all other planes flying in the same path and watching them not create “contrails” makes it very difficult to prove “persistent contrails” of course.

5. Specifically, from July 1-16 we witnessed only one day of spraying (making “contrails”). See our results and appreciate that climate conditions (temperatures and relative humidities) were exactly the same after and before the 16th.

6. In this study we adjusted documentation of spraying in response to the sight of chembombs. In other words, on a few days there were no visible planes spraying, while at the same time huge white trails (and plumes) appeared in the sky. Huge trails with no planes seems to be one of the signatures of the ‘chembombs’ phenomenon.

7. All chembombs seem to have very similar shapes. In other words, it seems now possible to photograph a massive chembomb in Los Angeles, another in San Francisco, Phoenix, or Miami and then match the photos to appreciate the similarity in shapes and appearances. Ever see any two clouds shaped the exact same way? This is not surprising since geoengineering spraying programs are automated and sprayed by the same engines and chemical canisters, and sprayed from planes moving at the same speed and at the same altitude.  As I discuss in another video, chembomb plumes always have a stalk and often you see the trails curve. Its seems the pilots need to spray the chemicals while turning. This is likely for the purpose of timed chemical mixing.

This small scale observational study hopefully will begin to smudge and debunk the climate condition claims that government papers like to link to contrails (and persistent contrails) formation. In fact, in an often touted Minnis paper, Minnis concludes that at atmospheric temperatures above -39 Celsius we should not expect to see contrails. In another study by Mark L Schrader, he puts the “Contrails forecast” minimal temperature even colder, around minus 40-43 degrees Celsius and he lists the finding of another (Appleman) study which lists the minimum contrails forecast atmospheric temperature (for the typical airplane cruising altitude atmospheric pressure of 300hPa) at minus 41.93 degrees Celsius. These readings are all based on the assumption of 100% relative humidity (RH). Any lower RH and the required temperature would be even colder.

All of this is important when you realize we have a formula that is useful for calculating the atmospheric temperatures at say, 33,000 feet or 10 kilometers high. The formula for this takes into consideration the temperatures on the ground and the altitude. It’s called the Environmental Lapse Rate or ELR. Applying this formula to the known temperatures on the ground one can come up with a reasonably close approximation of the given temperatures at plane altitude level at any given time. We can say this because the environmental (temperature and humidity) conditions play the most important role in determining and predicting contrails formation according to these government so called studies. In his paper, Mark L Schrader says this regarding the importance of temperature and relative humidity:

“The sensitivity of the forecast to temperature uncertainty is illustrated by the narrow critical temperature range (~3 degrees C) between 0% and 70% ambient relative humidity. Within this region, contrail forecast errors are dominated by errors in forecast temperature and are relatively unaffected by humidity uncertainty. At relative humidities higher than about 70%, contrail forecast errors are dominated by uncertainties in the forecast relative humidity.”

As you can see, the conditions that determine successful forecasting of “contrails” are primarily related to the actual atmospheric conditions (as opposed to fuel quality, flight patterns and frequency, etc.) and they are precise, meaning you must be within the temperature range for contrails to occur, you cannot be above the range and hope that another factor induces the contrails. 

Applying the ELR formula alone helps someone understand that in a stable climate like Southern California, we should be able to apply what we know to predict when “contrails” will appear in the sky. We can apply the formula and using Minnis’ claims of the warmer minus 39 degrees Celsius, we can say that (all things being equal) at temperatures above 79 degrees Fahrenheit we should not see contrails in the sky in Southern California. Minnis himself would have to agree these July 2014 observations are not consistent with his findings published in 2002. This is also not consistent with Schrader’s study which place the predictable contrails in the atmosphere at even colder minimal temperatures.

It is important to note that all of these “studies”, for which no experiments are available to the general public, are conducted by U.S. Air Force, NASA and government contracted personnel. The entire “science” of persistent contrails” is actually 100% government sponsored. That’s right, the same government that brought us global warming, the free fall destruction of 47 story towers due to office fires, and the magic bullet, is the government giving humanity the exclusive persistent contrails theory.

As non-government scientists and contractors, who are not privileged to their private atmospheric science, we need to expose the “persistent contrails” myth by reviewing their claims, abstracts and predictions and showing how these claims don’t fit with what we observe every day in out skies. Know which factors are involved in their “persistent contrails” theory. Know which of the factors are verifiably steady and play a lesser role in predicting persistent contrails formation. Refuse the excuses that the trolls who push these theories offer to dodge challenges to “persistent contrails”. Instead let’s force them to answer basic questions about their own conflicting theories.

Here is a NASA page attempting to explain persistent contrails with graphs showing the relationship with temperature and humidity. Notice how they directly attribute atmospheric temperatures and relative humidity very tightly to the occurrence of contrails. They may have forgotten that some regions, especially in Southern California and other places like Hawaii, have both a steady day to day climate and are nonetheless being bombarded with sky lines every day. In climates like these, big changes in atmospheric temperatures and relative humidities are not commonly seen from day to day.

Understanding this argument is critical to appreciating the observations we’ve made in the Los Angeles region in July 2014. By observing the relative humidity and taking the known temperatures, converting to Celsius and subtracting 6.5 degrees Celsius for every kilometer of altitude we can reasonably predict these environmental factors and thus airplane altitude conditions.

Furthermore, it was observed that the ‘chembomb’ plumes are reaching high up to the stratospheric level where the cruising altitude planes fly. That alone should concern you as the stratosphere is known for one thing, it does not contain clouds. Knowing this to be true has individuals like film maker David Dahl scrambling to find an explanation for placing white trails in the stratosphere. They needed another lie, a twist to throw at environmental activists concerned about the spraying, so Dahl concocts an imaginative theory called the “Vonnegut connection” theory, where he suggests that due to a quietly ignored and underlying “silver iodide” layer that floats all around the planet’s atmosphere, the “contrails” are mixing with this matrix of (never before acknowledged) silver iodide and thus spreading like “plumes” (as in chembomb plumes) including into the stratosphere where (according to Dahl) “stratospheric jet clouds” are waiting to mix with the silver iodide to spread and become massive sunlight blocking clouds. This theory concocted by Dahl (with of course, no proof) shows us how desperate the globalists are to get these theories and the global spraying that come with them, approved by the general public. Anyone following this for 4-5 years or more can think back when the contrails disinformation people just a few years ago were only talking about contrails formation. Remember that? Now we’re talking about naturally occurring global dimming plumes!

Imagine for a second, if one were to agree with the “persistent contrails” government theory,  the accompanying “Vonnegut connection” claims and the new “stratospheric jet clouds” suggestions, here are some (radical) conclusions they would have you believe:

1. That the Wright Brothers are to blame for the condition of our atmosphere (instead of those that are perpetrating these crimes) due to their invention of a weapon of mass destruction in 1903 (which Dahl essentially implies in his video admitting we are experiencing a catastrophic global dimming!).

2. That our memories of blue skies never happened and is only an illusion. Will you fall for this government claim?

3. That loose, secret, unverifiable and non peer-reviewed government “science” is acceptable, even when the argument involves something that is destroying our planet and the entire ecosystem and certain individuals are profiting greatly from all of this.

4. That the solution for the globalist concocted “global warming” theory just happens to match the side effect of the Wright Brothers flying machine. In other words, the similarities between the occurrence of “persistent contrails” and the need for the planet to manage solar radiation is a lucky coincidence.

5. That the fact that no major study has been allowed, published, funded, or put forth from the U.S. government that actually disagrees with the “persistent contrails” theories and attempts to disprove it is also coincidental. Scientist still disagree on things today, don’t they?

6. That the missing American and global history of activism against sky lines up until about tens years ago is also a coincidental mystery. Apparently the globalist geoengineers and persistent contrails trolls would have you believe that no one cared about the environment and the disfiguring of our skies prior to before the turn of the 21st century.

7. That humanity’s collection of a lifetime of family photos, collective images, films and videos which do not include images with sky lines in the background is also a coincidence since sky lines have been the norm all along.

These are just some ideas to consider before abandoning reason and falling for the “persistent contrails” myth.

Don’t just listen to government claims and so called government scientists, but instead pin them against science itself. You will then start seeing a real concrete difference between the two. One is real and the other a counterfeit. Start with the basics and do your own research about ELR and the environmental factors that determine a successful prediction of contrails. This is what critical thinking is all about.

Even without any attempts to crack their psuedo-science we have evidence put forth by Congressman Dennis Kucinich in the 2003 Space Preservation Act specifically addressing “chemtrails”. We also know that geoengineers for years have been talking about spraying the planet with Aluminum, Barium and Strontium for which Hugh Aircraft and other government contractors specifically have patents which state clearly this is for solar radiation management. Whistleblowers have spoken up both here in the U.S. and in Europe. The U.S. Air Force has been caught teaching the Air Force cadets about chemicals. Why would pilots need to know anything about chemistry and chemicals? Tested water, soil and air samples nationwide show alarming levels of these and other metals consistent with the years of spraying we have witnessed.

The time to debunk pseudo-science and expose propaganda and mind-control games is now. We must all do what we can to expose the chemical contamination of our skies and destruction of our planet. Do your own small scale study and share with the internet community. Every small effort counts as we continue to expose these climate altering operations.

Sky Study Exposes “persistent contrails” Persistent Inconsistencies!

We studied the skies in Los Angeles for the entire month of July 2014 and here is what we found. See related article here

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

Forget Chemtrails, How To Identify Chembombs! (VIDEO)


Everyone should start getting familiar with the newer ‘chembombs’ which are now becoming the norm in our chemical contaminated skies. One of the signs is a ‘cotton candy on a stick’ appearance of the super high fake clouds which look feathery and strangely distorted. Start knowing what to look for and don’t wonder so much why we have longer periods where no planes are actually seen spraying us. Help spread the word about chembombs.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions Of People

Geo-engineering is an umbrella term for deliberate climate intervention that includes spraying the sky with aerosols to reflect solar radiation away from Earth in order to cool the planet and to save the environment and humanity from the effects of supposedly man-made global warming. There is evidence that this program has already been implemented for many years using unidentified chemical aerosols, known as chemtrails.

A geo-engineering/chemtrails experiment using a balloon to spray sulfur particles into the sky to reflect solar radiation back into space is planned for New Mexico within a year by scientist David Keith. Keith manages a multimillion dollar research fund for Bill Gates. Gates has also gathered a team of scientist lobbyists that have been asking governments for hand-outs to for their climate manipulation experiments with taxpayer money.

Geo-engineering is touted as a last-ditch effort to save people and the planet from global warming. But the truth is that geo-engineering can alter rain cycles leading to droughts and famine that could result in billions of deaths!

Therefore, Bill Gates appears to be using his concern over global warming to cloak his real intent of controlling weather and/or depopulation.

Mount Pinatubo Model for Geo-Engineering Drought, Famine & Death

The Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines erupted in 1991, spewing 22 million tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) into the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. A 2008 study from Rutgers Universitybased a model on Mount Pinatubo sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions and applied it to geo-engineering; the scientists said that they expected overall global cooling, but some regions would experience an increase in greenhouse gases and warming, as was recorded after Pinatubo erupted.
Based on the SO2 volcanic model, the scientists reported that geo-engineering aerosols sprayed in tropical or Arctic regions are likely to disrupt African and Asian/Indian summer monsoons, threatening the food and water supply for billions of people!
Additional negative consequences include ozone depletion, reduced strength of hydrological cycles resulting in decreased river flow and soil moisture.While the scientists, led by Alan Robock, who performed the experiments appear to believe in man-made global warming, they do have stern warnings against the dangers of geo-engineering.2012 Geo-Engineering StudyThe Max Planck Institute conducted a study of geo-engineering models based on volcanoes, but the study was unrealistic because it used climate models with 400% more carbon dioxide than the pre-industrial era. However, their results showed that geo-engineering will cause a strong decrease in rainfall (a 15% loss in North America and Eurasia and a 20% decrease in South America). Overall, global rainfall would be reduced by 5%. (Source)Unless one considers the financial benefits (government and private grants), it is bewildering why the academia would support geo-engineering.
Geo-Engineering Can Cause Warming
Geo-engineering can actually cause global warming when tampering with clouds in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. The Gates-funded scientist lobbyists propose spraying sulfur dioxide 30 miles above Earth and the New Mexico experiment proposes spraying 15 miles above surface- both of these fall within the parameters of the upper atmosphere/stratosphere.The troposphere is the lowest portion of the Earth’s atmosphere, extending an average of 4 to 12 miles above surface. Clouds that are in the lower troposphere are generally thick white clouds with a high rate of albedo or reflectivity of the sun’s rays away from Earth that produce a cooling effect. However, the experiments are to be conducted above this level in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere.The upper atmosphere is called the stratosphere and extends as high as 31 miles above the Earth’s surface. The clouds in the higher stratosphere are generally thin, have a lower albedo reflective rate and act like a blanket that traps heat. Both experiments propose dumping SO2 in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere, creating a heat-trapping blanket that would theoretically increase warming. This is the opposite of Gates’ stated goal to cool the planet.(Note: most long-distance planes fly at 6 miles above surface, in the lower atmosphere/troposhere)What About the EPA?

Given that the EPA claims that sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions cause health problems and early death and that they are shuttering coal plants over emissions, you may be wondering why the EPA isn’t screaming bloody murder over Gates’ SO2 aerosol-spraying experiments.
The answer can be found on the EPA’s own website where they promote giving regulatory power over geo-engineering/chemtrails to the UN and/or developed countries that fund the programs. The EPA is abdicating power to international interests.Bill Gates’ failure to address the EPA’s dire warnings of the dangers of SO2 is proof that he is aware that the EPA’s claims are grossly overstated or that he doesn’t really care about the environment and has ulterior motives.Global Warming and UN Control
Global warming is a ruse that claims that life on planet Earth is in grave danger- this alarmism is used for political gain. Global warming is a hoax based on manipulated science from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The UN currently is assuming control over geo-engineering through its Convention on Biological Diversity treaty that declared a moratorium on experiments, except in some cases.
Geo-engineering is either a risky adventure to test ignorant theories or a scheme to control weather, water and food supplies.

Bill Gates’ record as a depopulation enthusiast supports the argument that geo-engineering is a weather domination scheme that may be used as a weapon threatening the lives of billions of people.

This article first appeared at Morphcity, a great resource for information about Agenda 21, the environment, and the globalist agenda. Read other articles by Cassandra Anderson HERE.