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The US Government Has An Internet Killswitch — And It’s None Of Your Business

By: Derrick Broze, Anti-Media |

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a petition concerning the Department of Homeland Security’s secretive internet and cellphone killswitch program.

On Monday the Supreme Court declined to hear a petition from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) that sought to force the Department of Homeland Security to release details of a secret “killswitch” protocol to shut down cellphone and internet service during emergencies.

EPIC has been fighting since 2011 to release the details of the program, which is known as Standard Operating Procedure 303. EPIC writes, “On March 9, 2006, the National Communications System (‘NCS’) approved SOP 303, however it was never released to the public. This secret document codifies a ‘shutdown and restoration process for use by commercial and private wireless networks during national crisis.’”

EPIC continues, “In a 2006-2007 Report, the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (‘NSTAC’) indicated that SOP 303 would be implemented under the coordination of the National Coordinating Center (‘NCC’) of the NSTAC, while the decision to shut down service would be made by state Homeland Security Advisors or individuals at DHS. The report indicates that NCC will determine if a shutdown is necessary based on a ‘series of questions.’”

Despite EPIC’s defeat at the hands of the Supreme Court, the four-year court battle yielded a heavily redacted copy of Standard Operating Procedure 303.

The fight for transparency regarding SOP 303 began shortly after a Bay Area Rapid Transit (“BART”) officer in San Francisco shot and killed a homeless man named Charles Hill on July 3, 2011. The shooting sparked massive protests against BART throughout July and August 2011. During one of these protests, BART officials cut off cell phone service inside four transit stations for three hours. This kept anyone on the station platform from sending or receiving phone calls, messages, or other data.

In July 2012, EPIC submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the DHS seeking the full text of Standard Operating Procedure 303; the full text of the predetermined “series of questions” that determines if a shutdown is necessary; and any executing protocols related to the implementation of Standard Operating Procedure 303, distributed to DHS, other federal agencies, or private companies.

After the DHS fought the FOIA releases, a district court in Washington, D.C. ruled in EPIC’s favor, but that ruling was later overturned by the court of appeals. The appeals court told EPIC the government was free to withhold details of the plan under the Freedom of Information Act because the information might “endanger” the public.  In 2015, the digital rights group asked the Supreme Court to review the ruling by the federal appeals court.

With the Supreme Court’s refusal to address EPIC’s petition, the issue seems to have reached a dead-end. The American people are (once again) left in the dark regarding the inner-workings of another dangerous and intrusive government program. It is only through the hard work of activists and groups like EPIC that we are at least aware of the existence of this program — but knowing bits and pieces about the protocol is not enough. In order to combat such heavy-handed measures, we need to have access to the government’s own documents. Hopefully, there is already a whistleblower preparing to release these details.

What we do with the information we do have is up to each of us as individuals. We can sit back and watch the United States further devolve into a militarized police and surveillance state — or we can spread this information, get involved locally, and create new systems outside of the current paradigm of control and exploitation.

Derrick Broze joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014. His topics of interest include solutions to the police state, the surveillance state, economic inequality, attacks on Native communities, and oppression in all its forms. He was born in Houston, Texas.

Obama Caught Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year On UPS Planes! (VIDEOS)

By: The Voice of Reason |

Many of you probably remember the following from an enormously successful post about six weeks ago, when a brave individual caught and filmed what he believed was supposed to be a UPS cargo plane, but instead was filled with people, presumably Muslim refugees who were then given escort by DHS to some unknown destination:

Is history repeating itself? Is Obama circumventing the law once again to bring in refugees, just like he did with the “refugees” from South America who were actually given rides on D.H.S. busses for protection???

Without knowing precisely what is going on, there is no doubt something nefarious is afoot. There is no reason for 30 busses of people to be flying on a UPS flight designated for parcels, under the cover of night, filled with people, who are met on arrival with busses already waiting, and whisked away in secret. In the video, the person recording is in hot pursuit of up to 30 busses that he claims are filled with people he just watched land in Harrisburg International Airport on a UPS plane.

Upon the plane’s arrival, which was alleged to be a “parcel flight,” there were 30 busses already lined up, and ready receive, what turned out not to be parcels, but dozens and dozens of people. According to whoever took the video, he watched as the planes occupants were quickly escorted onto the busses that were already waiting, and then he began filming as the busses departed with all the “mystery flyers.”

Understandably, the person recording is very excited, and almost flipping out over what he is filming. You can bet there is no above the board answer to who or why there were that many people secretly being flown in on UPS planes. The video is shaky and tough to make out, but at one point one of the busses is identified as Bus #245 (a company name was not revealed), and what sounds like license plate number: J0191B.


FIRST, above all else, let me give my thanks to the video camera operator who started this whole investigation roughly six weeks ago. When you read what follows, you’ll realize the nation owes this man a great debt for catching Obama in MORE crimes…. by the looks of it… 100,000 of them! SECOND, Bill has done a TREMENDOUS JOB and we should thank him as well! I suppose that when Obama said he wanted there to be 100 Million Muslims in the US Before Leaving Office, He Wasn’t Kidding.

TO SUM UP WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIVE INTO: In the first 5 years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. gave out green cards to over 680,000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent years, 100,000 new Muslim immigrants are brought into the United States EACH year, and it’s growing at a rate of about 10% per year. So this battle in the press about whether or not to reject the president’s plan to bring in 10,000 more is nothing but a distraction. The truth is that in the last 5 years, we have admitted more Muslims into the U.S. already than the entire Muslim population of Belgium – and that entire country is on lockdown from the Friday the 13th terrorist event in adjoining France. Not only is what you are about to learn worse than anything we could have imagined… We the People were CHUMPED the whole time…

In addition to the fantastic research provided by Bill Still, I have inserted many of the HUGE stories that I coverd into this timeline, for one reason: So you can see the WHOLE picture. It’s so you can SEE without question that this is no damn “conspiracy theory,” but rather the President of the United States is doing EVERYTHING in his power to take down or severely weaken the United States, all while the media and liberals in Congress go right along with him… It’s time YOU decide where you stand on all this…

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I don’t know what to make of the video. The allegations it makes are totally unsubstantiated. All you hear is the excitement in the driver’s voice as he tails two busses from the Harrisburg, PA airport – apparently late last night.

There is a doctor’s office directly across from the cargo terminal where the UPS planes would come into. In fact, here is a Google Earth view from the Doctor’s office parking lot. You con see their sign down by the road and there is even a UPS plane coming into the cargo area. You can see the brown tail.

If I was sneaking people in, a small airport like Harrisburg late at night would be perfect. At that time, there is no one around – even in the terminal, but even fewer away from the terminal. If I was in charge of this operation, I’d take them up to Penn State in Happy Valley – about an hour’s drive away. There is I huge, diverse population of students there and a couple hundred Syrians walking around town would cause absolutely zero concern.

The only reason I’m putting this up is just on the random chance that someone up in Penn State or the surrounding area saw this caravan of busses last night and we might get some additional information.

11/27        Shocking Truth Revealed: Obama Wants 100 Million Muslims in US Before Leaving Office

11/27        CIA Agent Says Obama Not Even Close to Telling Truth About Terrorist Threats


After some investigation, Bill finds out that there are KNOWN instances where UPS has converted a few planes for passengers as charters, primarily on the weekends. There are several articles on this if you do a search on it. One such article begins:

Every Friday morning just before 6 o’clock, a crew of United Parcel Service ramp workers leaps into action at the company’s air-service hub at Philadelphia International Airport.

Their goal: Convert the cold, unattractive, utilitarian interior of UPS jets into carpeted passenger airplanes with cushy seats, overhead luggage bins and reading lights, a kitchen that produces hot meals, and a lively flight crew that specializes in trivia quizzes.

The workers, their tasks performed with military precision, begin by pulling out the hundreds of packages that represent the company’s core mission and, two or so hours later, end with safety checks that make the planes ready for passengers who have bought four-to-seven day hotel-and-air travel packages.

Upon still more investigation, in an interview with a commercial pilot last year, the pilot,  “…refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement that allowed him to break FAA regulations but lost his job in his refusal. He was to fly [refugees] in from some middle east country into JFK in the middle of the night bypassing security.

A person Bill could only name as “Please Stay Tuned” alerted him that this: “Could be the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program. Seems to be a very quiet government funded org.” Well, as it turns out, earlier in the week, 2 Governors Came Forward (Christie being One) Dropping a Bombshell About What Obama Is REALLY Doing With “Refugees.”  The Washington Examiner reported:

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night that the federal government has resettled refugees in the Garden State without giving his administration any notice.

“We have refugees in New Jersey we don’t even know about,” the GOP presidential candidate told Fox News.

Christie claimed 75 Syrian refugees have been placed in New Jersey since January and that his staff was never advised because the federal government uses local charity organizations to resettle the refugees, omitting state officials from the process.



And just look at the numbers. Everyone is getting all excited about Obama saying he would bring in 10,000 refugees from Syria. In the first 5 years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. gave out green cards to over 680,000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent years, 100,000 new Muslim immigrants are brought into the United States each year, and it’s growing at a rate of about 10% per year.


THE VOICE OF REASON is the pen name of Michael DePinto, a Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School, and an aspiring attorney in Florida. Having worked in the World Trade Center, along with other family and friends, Michael was baptized by fire into the world of politics on September 11, 2001. Michael’s political journey began with tuning in religiously to whatever the talking heads on television had to say, then Michael became a “Tea-Bagging” activist as his liberal friends on the Left would say, volunteering within the Jacksonville local Tea Party, and most recently Michael completed law school. Today, Michael is a major contributor to, he owns and operates, where Michael provides what is often very ‘colorful’ political commentary, ripe with sarcasm, no doubt the result of Michael’s frustration as he feels we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. The topics Michael most often weighs in on are: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm, Economic Issues, Government Corruption, and Government Conspiracy.

DHS Drones Equipped To Eavesdrop On Americans


The US Department of Homeland Security already has an arsenal of drones to be deployed for whatever the agency deems fit, but the actual capabilities of those vehicles exceed what many Americans may expect.

The unmanned drones being used inside of the United States right now can’t shoot Hellfire missiles like their overseas counterparts. They can, however, conduct surveillance, intercept communications and even determine whether or not a person thousands of feet below the aircraft is armed.

The latest revelation comes courtesy of a DHS document that was recently obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, through a Freedom of Information Act request. After analyzing a partially-redacted drone “performance specification” file received through their FOIA plea, EPIC said that records indicate “the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection is operating drones in the United States capable of intercepting electronic communications.”

Of the ten Predator B drones currently maintained by the agency, EPIC adds that the document confirms that those aircraft “have the capacity to recognize and identify a person on the ground.”

“The records obtained by EPIC raise questions about the agency’s compliance with federal privacy laws and the scope of domestic surveillance,” the center writes on their website this week.

Speaking to CNet, EPIC’s Open Government Project director, Ginger McCall, says the discovery shows just how dangerous drones could be to the privacy of the millions of Americans who could have drones overhead right this moment.

“The documents clearly evidence that the Department of Homeland Security is developing drones with signals interception technology and the capability to identify people on the ground,” McCall says. “This allows for invasive surveillance, including potential communications surveillance, that could run afoul of federal privacy laws.”

Since EPIC published their FOID’d documents last week, Cnet has managed to scrounge up an unredacted copy that outlines what the DHS was looking for in drones when the report was written in 2010. Specifically, the performance specifications note that while the DHS is not implementing drones for eavesdropping on America right now, “Further tasks, such as communication relay and interception, although not yet evaluated in the field, are assessed to also be best performed” by the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Additionally, DHS drones must “be capable of identifying a standing human being at night as likely armed or not” and “be capable of marking a target into a retrievable database.” No information is given as to what database that refers to, but a Homeland Security official speaking on condition of anonymity tells DHS that the drones lack — for now, at least — the ability to read a subject’s face to find out who they are.

“The drones are able to identify whether movement on the ground comes from a human or an animal, but that they do not perform facial recognition,” Cnet reporter Declan McCullagh says the DHS source’s claims.

“Any potential deployment of such technology in the future would be implemented in full consideration of civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy interests and in a manner consistent with the law and long standing law enforcement practices,” the source adds.

The Homeland Security department’s drones are currently used to allow federal officials to monitor any criminal activity on America’s borders to the north and south. As RT reported recently, however, a 2012 Supreme Court ruling determined that the government can conduct border patrol operations within 100 miles of an international crossing. By that logic, the approximately 200 million Americans residing within that parameter are subject to Border Patrol searches and, perhaps soon enough, surveillance drones.

Source: RT

New Yorkers Without “Enhanced” ID Could Face Travel Restrictions From Homeland Security

By: John Galt, Activist Post |

It has been speculated by those who have been researching the ongoing encroachment of the national security state that it would be fully implemented through  a range of restrictions that would make it all but impossible to engage with modern society if one is “non-compliant.”

Enter the “enhanced” driver’s license.

First off, it’s worth noting that having a driver’s license at all is a restriction on one’s liberty. Nevertheless, for those who have given in to that bit of soft tyranny, it now appears that the standard license is not going to be sufficient to travel as you wish.

New Yorkers looking to board a domestic flight or take a cruise next year could find themselves grounded unless they have driver’s licenses containing additional security data soon to be required by the federal government.

That’s because the state has failed to comply with the minimum standards of the federal Real ID system, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security…

The enhancements include essentially turning the driver’s license into a passport even for domestic travel and access to many domestic locations. Naturally, it also is replete with the latest tracking tech.

  • It contains an American flag image and has the word “Enhanced” on the front.
  • Contains a machine-readable zone on the back.
  • It also has a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, a requirement of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that can help expedite traffic and reduce the environmental effects of traffic at border crossings. Border equipment can recognize an RFID tag from as far as 30 feet away.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Social Security number through employment and tax records.
  • State residency also must be proved from a list of specific records, which include bank statements and school report cards.

When originally announced to New Yorkers in 2009 it was intended to “be used instead of a passport to return to the US by land or sea from Canada, Mexico and some countries in the Caribbean.” Now, however, it appears to have expanded to “go on a cruise or to enter most federal buildings.”

The insult added to injury is that it is going to cost significantly more than the standard licensing fees, which has thus far slowed any talk of mandatory adoption by the state of New York. And as an added bonus applicants must show up in person. Emphasis added:

New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles has resisted making everyone get them, because of the additional administrative costs to the state and the 50 percent increase in the license fee for drivers (an enhanced license costs $30 more than a standard license), DMV spokesman Joseph Morrissey said. It also wants to avoid forcing all applicants to make the required in-person applications to obtain the licenses, he said.

This announcement is troubling on more levels than just the enhanced tracking of one’s movements and potential restrictions on one’s innate right to travel freely. It all stems from the federal Real ID Act that was passed in 2005 in the ongoing opportunistic wake of September 11th. The federal guidelines have been adopted by most states, but a few holdouts like New York feel that they are compliant with the federal regulations simply by offering the enhanced IDs as an option to their residents. So far 800,000 New Yorkers have an enhanced ID, but this falls far short of the nearly 12 million active licenses, highlighting just how excited people seem to be about giving up more rights … and paying to do it.

In the end, it might take quite a while for individual state bureaucracies and constitutions to sort this all out. The federal government would like to see full adoption by 2016, but one blogger in Arizona highlights that a law prohibits her state from complying with federal mandates. This appears to be one significant hurdle among many in the attempt at the full usurpation of states rights by the federal government, in addition to the egregious imposition of federal rule in what is a Constitutional Republic comprised of independent and autonomous states filled with supposedly free citizens.

One must wonder, then, what other restrictions will be imposed in the name of national security if this is not fully resisted while still in its early stages?

What is happening with Real ID in your state? Please leave your comments below.


John Galt writes for

[SPECIAL REPORT] A $1 Billion Agenda 21 Ghost City Is Being Built In New Mexico


By: Andrew Pontbriand | Resistance Journals

Imagine if you would, a sprawling city in the middle of the desert with technologically advanced roads, buildings, homes, street lights, and cars that drive themselves, without humans. A sustainable living project, of course without such a label, known as CITE (Center for Innovation and Technology Evaluation) is being built in the New Mexico desert.

The project is being financed by Pegasus Global Holdings, which is in bed with government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Marine Corps, and White Sands Missile Range.

Also involved in this advanced Ghost City, is the Department of Homeland Security.

The first of its kind real life Sim City, will have drones, driver-less cars and will include tall office buildings, narrow alleys, parks, houses, churches and, a simulated interstate highway. The project is a live testing ground of a city with a population of 35,000 people. Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Screenshot of CITE Website.

Screenshot of CITE Website.

In short, Agenda 21 is a “non-binding” action plan developed and run by the united nations, implemented at the local level. It is sustainable living where humans have no freedoms or rights, and must conform to a living structure straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. A technocrats dream, where our energy output can be taxed and regulated, and mega cities are jam packed with humans in a technologically advanced city that is controlled. Quite literally. — Will it ever come to fruition? Let’s hope not. (Note: This description is Agenda 21 at it’s worst, pulling in to the plan all other programs with Agenda 21, this what you would get at as a result.)

CITE-CITY, could very well be the first real world laboratory where the technocrats get to test their dream of a techno-controlled city that is nearly fully automated. Looking into the ghost city planned for New Mexico, it is hard to find in-depth descriptions and plans on exactly what scientists are looking for in terms of specific studies and research, other than the ability to test cities of the future in a controlled environment. The experiments could revolve around intelligent transportation systems (such as AI-enabled traffic management and roads filled with driver-less delivery vehicles), alternative energy power generation such as solar and geothermal, smart grid technologies, or experiments in the areas of data collection, sensors, public monitoring, security, and computer systems.

From the CITE website: 

The planned initial core user application areas envisioned to be tested and evaluated within CITE include, but are not limited to:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Green Energy: Alternative Energy Power Generation (e.g. Geothermal, Solar)
  • Smart Grid Technologies
  • Telecommunications
  • Resource Development (e.g. Desalinization)
  • Security

As a privately-owned, privately-operated test and evaluation center, CITE is open and accessible to a wide array of public and private customer segments – domestic and international. The structure and policies in place at CITE are specifically designed to remove legal, cultural and budgetary impediments as are currently prevalent in the process of moving beyond basic research and development activities.

At its core, CITE is about the establishment of developmental partnerships, bringing researchers from federal, university, commercial, international and other sources together to collaborate, forge relationships, and channel funded research and development into new  products and partnerships.

The CITE project has received relatively low media coverage, which is suspicious for such an ambitious project that the DHS has a hand in. According to Pegasus Global “Homeland security is a key component of the plan for CITE, which will include a secure testing area for first responder technology with the benefit of proximity to the civil and commercial infrastructure.”

An Agenda 21 test city would look just like this. Although Agenda 21 has received some push back from citizens across the country, it is still a program most people know nothing about. With the public-private type approach Pegasus Holdings/CITE is using, it is much easier to get around certain restrictions a full-on government project would be subject to. Not far from the projects location, is the White Sands Missile Range, which is interesting considering CITE plans to simulate what would happen to a city if an EMP attack were to occur.

The “ghost city,” will also have a sort of central nervous system, where data can be collected, or data mined, and analyzed in the Lab. Is this what we can expect in the near future for all cities?

Is this an Agenda 21 trial run? That is up to you to decide.

Federal Government Ordered To Explain Why It Needs A Cell Phone Kill Switch

Phone_Kill Switch

Monday is the court-ordered deadline for the government to explain a secretive policy that allows it to use a “kill switch” on cell phone service among the population. The policy, adopted by the Department of Homeland Security in 2005, is called Standard Operating Procedure 303 and allows

“…for the orderly shut-down and restoration of wireless services during critical emergencies such as the threat of radio-activated improvised explosive devices.”

It allows the government to cut service “within a localized area, such as a tunnel or bridge, and within an entire metropolitan area.” The policy comes with a murky, questionable history.

The implementation of the policy was a reaction to the 2005 London subway bombing and was deemed necessary for national security. In 2005, all cell service in New York’s Hudson Tunnel was cut off for two weeks—a move that by the DHS’s own admission created

“disorder for both Government and the private sector at a time when use of the communications infrastructure was most needed.”

Due to the secrecy surrounding the policy, there is no concrete documentation to suggest that SOP 303 has been used to cut cell service. In 2011, however, all cell phone communication was cut on San Francisco’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). This was done to disrupt a protest against a violent police officer who killed a homeless man. That same year, the White House claimed that the government had the right to

“control private communications systems in the United States during times of war or other national emergencies.”

In an effort to learn more about the justification for the BART shut down, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a FOIA request with DHS in July of 2012. DHS claimed it could not find any relevant documentation, leading EPIC to file a FOIA lawsuit. A lower federal court found the agency insufficiently complied with the request. By February of 2015, however, a higher court sided with a DHS appeal and ruled that

“the [DHS] permissibly withheld much, if not all of SOP 303, because its release…could reasonably be expected to endanger individuals’ lives or physical safety . . . .”

In spite of the federal government’s aggressive attempts to keep this information secret, EPIC filed a request last month for the court to revisit its decision, arguing that “if left in place, [it] would create an untethered ‘national security’ exemption.” This time, the court gave the government until this Monday, April 27, to explain the details of its policy, including under what conditions it may be implemented.

Alan Butler, a lawyer for EPIC, explained plainly that,

“We’re not asking for detailed information about how [SOP 303] works … but about the rationale and the policy guidelines.”

The push toward a “kill switch” has been building for years (and predates cell phones and the Internet). In July of 2012, Obama signed an Executive Order that “granted the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications.” In 2010, a Senate Subcommittee on “Homeland Security” approved a kill-switch for the Internet and in 2014, the House of Representatives introduced a cell phone kill switch bill in the name of preventing smartphone theft. In August of that same year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring all smart phones made after July 2015 to have a built in kill switch. The bill has been criticized for granting dangerous power to both law enforcement and hackers.

The use of a kill switch has also been lambasted for what some view as an inability to prevent terrorist attacks. In fact, previous terror attacks have relied not on cellular communication, but merely on an alarm clock built into a phone—which would be unaffected by the use of a kill switch.

The dangers of granting such broad authority to government seem not only abundant, but obvious. As seen in the 2011 BART instance, the state is more than willing to dismantle communication for reasons beyond national security. The power to disrupt the citizens’ right to organize protests against state action is an unconscionable effort to control the population and silence dissent. That the government is so resistant to explain this power is reason enough to distrust it.

As Howard Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge, a public advocacy group, pointed out,

“Understanding a policy should not compromise national security.”

The DHS stubbornly disagreed. Asked to explain the decision to withhold basic procedural information from the public on the program, it responded only with,

“We have no comment on this.”

Although the court-mandated deadline has come and gone — as of midnight yesterday — without a response from the government, this story will be updated when and if they ever decide to offer an explanation for the shrouded policy.

Originally published at The Anti Media

The TSA/DHS Police State Expands To Biometric Iris And Fingerprint Scans At Airports

By: –

New York-based CLEAR, has iris and fingerprint scanning kiosks at TWELVE airports with more to follow! They verify travelers’ identities through fingerprint and iris scans which are integrated into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) existing Pre-Check system.

CLEAR iris scanner:

CLEAR fingerprint scanner:
CLEAR Fingerprint
Irony: Earlier this month I reported how the TSA/DHS thinks terrorists own & operate mall kiosks.

Why would the govt target mall kiosks you ask? Hint: they’re a billion dollar business. Terrorists running kiosks you say? What does that make CLEAR?  It seems to me the real terrorists are corporations and govt profiting from the never-ending war on terror!

The TSA ‘Pre-Check’system recently let an ex-terrorist breezed through security.

Convicted domestic terrorist Sara Jane Olson, 68, of St. Paul, was allowed to go through TSA’s expedited security screening known as TSA Pre Check last year, despite her criminal background. And when a TSA Agent at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recognized Olson, and alerted a supervisor, his concerns were ignored.

The Inspector General makes two recommendations in the report. The first is heavily redacted and reads: “We recommend that the TSA Chief Risk Officer: Discontinue _____ Secure Flight program _______________.” TSA disagreed with that recommendation. The Inspector General said in considered TSA’s action “non-responsive to the intent of the recommendation which remains open and unresolved.” It appears from the exchange that TSA considered Olson a low risk, and therefore acceptable for TSA Pre Check.

Click here to read the heavily redacted report. Click here to read about what needs to be done to fix the ‘Pre-Check’ system.

Warnings about the TSA’s ‘Pre-Check’ system go back to 2012.

A look at the ‘Pre-Check’ system claims over ONE MILLION people have registered! Allowing a private corporation and the TSA/DHS to scan your Iris & fingerprints is beyond imagination!

The company said it is certified as a “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and has already been used 2 million times by travelers in airports across the country, from New York to Colorado and California.

Dulles is the nation’s third most popular airport enrollment site, with 17,844 applications filed there as of March 22, the TSA said. Reagan has seen 9,214 applications.
BWI does not offer on-site enrollment, but an off-site location in Dundalk has received 9,404 applications and another in Linthicum has seen 1,931.CLEAR proudly boasts:

We are thrilled to bring CLEAR to BWI, one of the nation’s fastest-growing airports and one our CLEAR members have requested be added to our network,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman Becker. “Increasing our east coast presence and joining the DC Metro Area is a 2015 priority for us and we are thrilled to be accomplishing this in partnership with BWI.

Of course they’re thrilled! CLEAR & DHS’s shareholders must be doing cartwheels and law enforcement must be throwing block parties at the prospect of having over One MILLION+ Americans hand over their biometrics freely.

Those interested in joining CLEAR’s membership program can apply online or at BWI’s A, B and D concourses for a fee of less than $15 a month, which also includes discounts to other services such as Hertz car rentals. The company also offers “preferred rates” for military personnel and corporations.

Giving discounts to corporations, is a no-brainer they’re the ones behind our Police State!

Incredible! You have to pay a private company and the TSA $15.00 a month to let them use your biometric info. and as an added bonus they’ll give you a discount on Hertz car rentals!

What do you not want for Valentines day or any other day? A DAMN CLEAR gift card for $49.00! It’s come to this, biometric companies have the audacity to offer gift cards to your loved ones! Send them to everyone in congress, see if they’ll scan their iris and fingerprints.

I say BOYCOTT Hertz now, and fight for our rights. Things have gone so incredibly off the reservation we have to stop this!

Article first appeared at

DHS Claims ISIS Terrorists Could Be Working In Mall Kiosks

mall kiosk
By: MassPrivateI –

The news had security analysts examining potential vulnerabilities in those relatively anonymous purveyors of bedazzled cellphone accessories, cheap jewelry, and names emblazoned on grains of rice.

And talk among kiosk vendors at the city’s shopping centers has turned toward trying to figure out where in Philadelphia Abror Habibov, 30, hung his shingle.

Federal agents arrested Habibov on Wednesday outside Jacksonville, Fla., and charged him alongside two other Brooklyn, N.Y., residents with plotting to recruit for, and support, Syrian operations of the terrorist group ISIS.

Habibov’s work at mall kiosks had no direct tie to his alleged terrorist activities, according to law enforcement sources who have been briefed on the case against the men.

But the allegations against him and the nature of his business prompted some to draw comparisons to federal terrorism raids at immigrant-run jewelry kiosks at malls in Philadelphia and around the country in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks.

On Friday, departing Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. pointed to Habibov’s case and a recent video in which the Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabab threatened to attack the Mall of America in Minnesota as signs that shopping mall operators needed to beef up security.

“It would be the responsible thing for operators of these malls to increase their capabilities when it comes to keeping people safe who are just going about their everyday lives,” he said.

Which is 100% B.S., Homeland Security had no credible threats to ANY malls in America, it was just a ploy to keep them funded and Americans running scared.

Click here & here to see how DHS manipulates Congress & the public by using the magic word “TERROR”.

“Malls are obviously paying more attention,” said Jack Tomarchio, a former U.S. Homeland Security official and president of the Wayne-based Agoge Group. “They’re bringing in more security guards. They’re heavily invested in technologies. In the common areas of malls, they have perimeter and indoor cameras.” Really what they’re saying is they’re bringing in DHS trained security guards, click here & here to read more.

Oh, that’s funny did you know that Mall of America works with DHS and enters EVERYONE in a terrorism database? So smile and show them what you really think when you go shopping.

What is DHS really after you ask?
Money pure and simple, kiosks make billions of dollars. So when budgets are being cut or threatened what does law enforcement do? They look for alternative means to supplement their budgets, see the video below:
This is not the first time federal authorities have targeted kiosk owners for suspected terrorist ties. Months after the 9/11 attacks, FBI and federal immigration agents descended on a street-level jewelry kiosk at the Gallery, part of a coordinated operation of raids on more than 75 stands at malls across the country. Most targeted franchises of the Florida-based company Intrigue Jewelers.

Lawyers for several of those questioned at the time said authorities were investigating whether the immigrant-operated shops were funneling money to overseas terror groups.

Some 30 employees across the country – including two workers at an Allentown-area Intrigue outlet – were eventually charged with immigration violations. But no terrorism-related charges were ever filed, prompting defense lawyers and some Muslim organizations to accuse the Justice Department of pursuing baseless claims and racial profiling.

“They’re questioning me about Osama bin Laden, if I knew him, or if I knew anybody like that,” Tariq Hussain recalled. “I was like, ‘Come on. How the hell do I know him?'”

In the weeks after Sept. 11, about 1,200 foreign nationals were detained by federal investigators. Most were of Arab or South Asian ancestry, charged only with immigration violations, and the vast majority are no longer in custody. Several businesses and Islamic charities have also been accused of funding terrorism.

The Justice Department had conducted its investigation in secret, refusing not only to acknowledge who was in custody but on what charges. That position had the support of the U.S. Supreme Court, which blocked an effort to open hearings to the public.

Nothing like a democratic & transparent justice system right? Can anyone say Patriot Act!

Article was first published at MassPrivateI.

DHS Admits: We Stage Domestic Terrorism (VIDEOS)


Maryland Mall Shooting

Maryland Mall Shooting


By: “Barry Soetoro, Esq” 

Great news:  I’m not crazy. 

DHS just admitted it:  They stage FAKE SHOOTINGS inside US shopping malls. 

jeh johnson fake terrorism

Read that again – let it sink in. 

Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) just announced that FBI is staging FAKE Domestic Terrorism. 

Inside your shopping malls. For at least 2 years.  Got that?

The US Government is taking your money, and using it to terrorize your children. And Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted it on 2/23/2015.

I explored fake mall shootings a couple weeks before that – and got slammed.  But two weeks later, here we are.  Conspiracy theories just became reality.

FBI claims it “Began staging the [FAKE SHOOTING] ‘drills’ after the 2013 attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.”  So that shooting in Kenya somehow authorized FBI to terrorize Americans? That logic is twisted enough – but get this:

Kenya mall “shooting” appears fake too.  Oddly, Kenya’s Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by Westfield Group, which allegedly has connections to the World Trade Center.  Bizarrely, Westfield Group malls/hotels keep getting “bombed” and shot up. 

Is FBI using this fake Kenya “mall shooting” as an excuse to wage domestic terrorism against US Citizens? Are we to believe FBI stages domestic terrorism in shopping malls (as Jeh Johnson announced), yet balks at using abandoned schools? 

Two years of “shopping mall shootings” were “REAL” until this week – when Jeh Johnson was forced to admit they were “FAKE.” Other shootings/bombings will be “REAL” until the government is forced to admit they’re “FAKE” too.  Let’s review some of those: 

WTC Attacks 

Tania Head was considered a “real” survivor of the WTC attacks, until she was exposed as a fraud in the NETFLIX documentary, ”The Woman Who Wasn’t There.”

Turns out, Tania’s real name is Alicia Esteve – and she was home in Barcelona, Spain, as the WTC collapsed. Tania wasn’t “thrown to safety under a parked car by a nameless Fireman as the WTC collapsed.” Nor did her “husband die in the North tower” – because she never had a husband. She made up the whole story. 

Here is Tania Head, escorted around lower Manhattan by Giuliani, Pataki, and the irrepressible Michael Bloomberg (who recently announced that blacks shouldn’t own guns).
 tania head fake 911 survivor

If Tania Head can fool THREE security teams of the most powerful politicians in New York – with a fake name and a wink – is it any wonder fake shooting victims fool us? 

Boston Hoaxathon 

The Boston Marathon “bombing” was a Martial Law dry-run disguised as an FBI sting operation.

That’s why you noticed so many Arabs carrying backpacks. They were lured to the Marathon thinking they carried real bombs.

Meanwhile, the Regime’s larger goal in this Capstone Event was (i) Terrorizing the American public, (ii) Locking down Boston for 3 days, and (iii) Conditioning Americans to accept door-to-door home searches by soldiers in military vehicles.
  boston hoax martial law dry run

The military on neighborhood streets – pulling Americans from their homes?  That’s not supposed to happen. But it did, because the Regime manufactured a Crisis – then didn’t let it go to waste.
 balloons mark position boston bombing

See the female with yellow balloons? She’s arriving with a cluster of bright balloons at 2:37PM – the very end of the Marathon day, when the event is all but over.  Conveniently, she keeps a couple yards ahead of the Tsarnaev brothers.  Her bright balloons mark the position of the Tsarnaev brothers (FBI crisis actors) for spotters – as the brothers proceed along their planned route toward the Marathon. 

In the footage released by FBI to “ask the public’s help in identifying these two suspects in baseball caps,” you’ll notice FBI blurred out their own FBI agent. He’s lurking in the doorway, for no apparent reason. Watch as the FBI agent reports the Tsarnaev brothers’ position into his earphone.  FBI knows exactly who the Tsarnaev brothers are – because the Tsarnaev brothers are FBI’s star actors in this Capstone Event drill. 

Sandy Hoax 

Jeh Johnson calls his (newly announced) Domestic Terrorism, “drills.”  Let’s apply that term to the Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) shooting, and see what we find.

Do drills involve fake parents lobbying Congress on behalf of their nonexistent “dead kids?” 

Do drills involve CT cramming thru bizarre “public record lockdown” laws at 2AM – to conceal all Death Certificates and Homicides across CT?

 sandy hook death records 

Do drills involve Air Force One flying fake “parents whose kids died” around the Gun Grab circuit – peddling bogus sob stories?
  fake sandy hook parents

Do drills involve coaching children to go on TV tricking Americans?
 sandy hook drill
Do drills involve funerals for
kids of foreign diplomats where Anderson Cooper’s nose vanishes on green screen?

Watch as TVNews interviews Sandy Hook “student” Alexis Wasik, the day of the Newtown “shooting.”  Do her interviews look like a “drill,” or do they look coerced?
 anderson cooper veronique pozner

Do drills involve planting evidence to frame people? Look what Police “found” inside Nancy Lanza’s home after “Adam” killed her and 26 others:
 adam lanza target

Yes, that’s a gun range target stamped “FBI USE,” behind Adam Lanza’s basement sofa.  And what else did police find at Nancy Lanza’s house?
 sandy hook hoax 

That’s right, folks. Police conveniently found the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting, along with an “NRA Certificate” for Nancy Lanza. But as NRA promptly announced, “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association.”

Little did NRA know, there’s also no record of anybody getting murdered in Newtown CT during 2012 – according to the FBI Crime Report.  There’s also no record of the Sandy Hoax vicSIMS ever being born – according to the Social Security Index. There’s also no Death Certificates for Sandy Hoax victims – or for ANYONE dying in CT – since Gov Malloy permanently locked down public records to conceal the scheme. 

Someone created that “Nancy Lanza” NRA certificate. Someone planted it, along with the NRA book, inside a house on Yogananda Street in Newtown CT – then claimed the home belonged to “the shooter’s mother.” Thus, it seems the government is planting fake evidence to frame NRA along with “Republican gun-nut Prepper” parents.  All this, while DHS Crisis Actors demonize Home Schooling and demand “mental evaluations” of your kids – to diagnose/medicate them EARLY. That way, your child can never become a gun owner.

The official Sandy Hook report claims Adam Lanza “shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary with his Bushmaster AR15 rifle.” Look at the school foyer window, which Adam Lanza “blew out” to gain access:
  sandy hook breaching round

Evidence photos show damage NOT consistent with an AR15 rifle.  Rather, we see SHOTGUN damage – consistent with 12-gauge Police “breaching” ammunition. Police/FBI use this special ammunition to destroy door locks – without killing people beyond the door. See the telltale metal powder on the school foyer’s magazine rack?
 sandy hook shattered window
Surely, NRA doesn’t believe this shotgun breaching damage was caused by Adam Lanza’s Bushmaster AR15:

 But to explain this damage, a shotgun “magically appeared” in Adam’s Lanza’s car trunk – 9 hours later – AFTER DARK. 

NOTE: NRA has 5 million Members. Some of you are reading this. Can you please show these clips/photos to Wayne LaPierre and NRA Leaders?  I don’t understand how I can gather this evidence, while NRA seems unable to. Perhaps NRA is afraid of questioning the official Sandy Hoax narrative – and getting demonized. In that case, maybe NRA can ask FBI to explain why FBI reports “zero” murders for Newtown CT in 2012. Or, raise this issue at the annual NRA Meeting. Other interested parties might include Bushmaster – apparently getting “sued” – along with various gun manufacturers demonized over Sandy Hoax. 

But we were talking about “drills.” 

Do drills involve creating fake “parking lot evacuations” in PhotoShop that are easily disproved by 3 Police dashcam videos?
 sandy hook evacuation

Do drills involve silencing local Police who drove all over town, unable to find Sandy Hook Elementary until hoax participants gave the cops directions?

Do drills involve fake boogeymen – to terrorize American parents that “their kid will die next?” Adam Lanza’s two school ID cards were manufactured from the exact same “face image.”  Watch how they overlay perfectly:

But wait, that’s impossible – because Adam’s ID photos were supposedly taken 4 years apart:  First when Adam was 16, then again when Adam was 20.  

Try this experiment:  Compare photos of yourself (or your child) at age 16, and age 20. Can the photos be overlaid perfectly with every facial feature precisely matching, at the same angle? No, they cannot. Real photos don’t precisely match other photos. Manufactured photos do. 

This is sick stuff, folks. Only a National Socialist Regime would plant fake evidence at an abandoned school, set-dress a fictional shooter’s “house,” and pay actors to tour the USA pretending to be parents of dead children from a “historic school shooting.”

All that, while strong-arming little girls to repeat canned lines on TV – claiming they were caught in the dramatic fake massacre:
 sandy hook hoax

Can your kids tell which terror attacks are “real” and which are fake?  Can YOU discern which terrorism is “real” and which is fake? The US government is betting you can’t. And for a long time, they were right. For example, Americans don’t know the Ferguson riots were planned 2 years in advance in conjunction with the Port Authority, and allegedly funded by George Soros. 

But how frequent are fake shootings? So frequent that I managed to predict the Cassidy Stay shooting (Houston, TX) 2 weeks before it happened:

cassidy stay shooting
Clues suggest that other fake shootings (aka “drills;” aka US Government Terrorism) may include the Aurora “Batman” shooting, the Santa Barbara (Elliot Rodger) rampage, and the historic Columbine school shooting. 

But here’s the bad news. Since FBI admits staging fake shootings inside the USA, it logically follows that the suspects, arrests, search warrants, trials, and “evidence” of those shootings are also fake. Not to mention the fake News reports. 


Why is the government using money they took from you, to terrorize you?  Is that a legal, or moral, role of government? To terrorize, panic, and wage Psychological Warfare against its own citizens? 

Are these staged shootings part of UN Agenda 21 gun confiscation?

Is this simple Treason – trying to terrify Americans into surrendering their guns? Is this a last-ditch attempt to grab your guns before America discovers we’re ruled by a cabal of perverts and crooks?

Because the crooks in “your government” know their game is over. They know folks are waking up – and smelling the Treason. 

And now, the Regime will do what they always do: Attempt to lie their way out of it, while distracting Americans with the next “domestic terror bombing” or “school shooting.”  From crisis to bigger crisis.

In the wake of each crisis, tighter restrictions shackle your freedoms.  The US Government stokes your anxiety – then feeds on it.

Coming Soon to a shopping mall near you:  The famous “ISIS terror attack.” MSM is frantically laying the groundwork for that “subject change.” 

And where does this end?  Only when (i) Traitor “politicians” finally disarm the American people, or (ii) Citizens expose and stop the Gun Grab Roadshow.
 gun grabbers

Those are the only outcomes possible: The Gun Grab Roadshow either stops. Or it succeeds in finally disarming the American people. 

As Joseph Goebbels said, “Keep telling the Big Lie. And eventually, they will believe it.” 

Thus far, folks are buying it.  

They can’t imagine politicians telling a lie this sick. 


Eric Holder announces, “We need to BRAINWASH people” into rejecting guns: 

Kitty Werthmann survived the Nazi occupation of Austria. Kitty says: “Keep your guns – and buy more guns.” 

Trauma Town USA  explores odd shootings/stabbings in Monroeville PA. It sounded “tinfoil hat” until Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted the US Government has been staging fake Shopping Mall shootings for 2 years. 

Shocking Facts – Sandy Hook COVERUP  explores the (3) bizarre “public-record lock-down” bills crammed into law after Sandy Hook. We discuss who likely staged Sandy Hook, and WHY they took such a huge risk.   

Sandy Hook Death Records and Obama’s SSN  explores connections between Newtown CT and Obama’s SSN. Was Obama’s SSN stolen from a man who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary? 

Police Couldn’t Find Shotgun For 9 Hours  explains how a shotgun magically “popped up” 9 hours after the Sandy Hook shooting.

An Eerie Visit To Sandy Hook  explores (citizen journalist) Barry’s trip to the spooky Newtown Mental Hospital, where Harrison Bounel died.  We show you Barry’s stunning photos, and discuss what really happened at the historic “Sandy Hook Massacre.” 


I long for the days when our biggest problem was Al Capone smuggling alcohol. At least Capone wasn’t staging fake shootings to trick Americans out of their rights, while sending actors to sob during congressional testimony that their fictional children got “shot to death” by a Pixar reject. 

Adam Lanza was the world’s most polite Homicidal Maniac:
  sandy hook

Don’t forget to give money to your favorite Sandy Hook “charity.” Who cares if they’re criminals defrauding the public? They worked hard – building donation websites BEFORE the shooting. 

Boston Marathon vicSIMS are rolling in cash.
 boston marathon victim
Off the air so soon, Jon Stewart? Snark can’t justify Treason by the US Government.

I recommend foster care for Noah Pozner. He can’t keep dying like this. Stop dying, Noah!
  noah pozner died twice

There they are – the Pozners.  Lenny, Noah, and Veronique. Little Noah dies like clockwork – every 2 years.
  pozner family

Noah, I said Stop Dying! Don’t make me come to Pakistan. 

Did “Ryan Lanza” land a reality show? Where’d he go?
 ryan lanza

No False Flag attack is complete without the government hiring “people who knew” the patsy. Even Adam Lanza’s (fake) barber famously told CNN he wished he had “slipped and stabbed Adam by accident.” 

Economist Paul Krugman touts the Obama Jobs Program:
  sandy hook teachers hired

Anyone seen gun-grabber Piers Morgan?
  piers morgan

I was skeptical, until Robbie Parker laughed about his dead daughter, Emilie:
  robbie parker

Robbie Parker, where are you now?

David and Francine Wheeler (parents of “Ben Wheeler”) are semi-professional ACTORS on the Gun Grab Roadshow. They even replaced Obama for the White House weekly address:
 sandy hook david and francine wheeler

In the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, David Wheeler shoots himself in the head:
 david wheeler
Sandy Hook Elementary – parking lot was staged. All cars point the same way.
 sandy hook staged cars

William Podgorski (former DHS; CT State Police). “Dropped dead” halfway thru his Sandy Hoax “investigation.” We see you, Podgorski. You’re out there somewhere.

 How did 16 State Troopers crawl thru Sandy Hook Elementary’s broken window without knocking out more glass?
  sandy hook broken window

Find the (2) Sandy Hook school evacuation photos on your own. Then ZOOM IN, to see they were created in PhotoShop. The shoulder of Bright Blue Girl is a perfect, razor-sharp T-square. And her right hand is shaped like a LEFT HAND.

 sandy hook evacuation cropped
CT Governor Malloy has some explaining to do. What did Malloy know, and when did he know it? Who told Malloy to lock down Public Records across the State of CT – based on a Gun Grab hoax?
  malloy sandy hook

Gabby Giffords got “shot thru the head, point-blank, with a 9mm pistol,” yet made a full recovery to join the Gun Grab Roadshow:
gabby gifford congress

Hello, NRA? There’s NO EVIDENCE anyone named “Adam Lanza” came within 10,000 miles of Newtown CT.  There’s NO EVIDENCE anyone got shot at the (mothballed) Sandy Hook Elementary. There’s NO EVIDENCE the school was operational after 2008.   FBI claims ZERO MURDERS in Newtown CT (2012).

Where is NRA. Where is Wayne LaPierre. Where are gun makers. Where are sportsmen and hunters on this Sandy Hoax scam?

We always give Lieutenant Vance (CT State Police, or DHS?) the last word:

  lieutenant vance sandy hook



DHS Report Warns Domestic Right-Wingers Bigger Threat Than Terrorists

Right Wing Extremist

They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority.

A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.

Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.​

Read full article at

Real ID Is Slowly Changing State Drivers’ Licenses


By: Daniel C. Vock | Stateline

Nearly a decade after Congress passed the Real ID Act to thwart terrorists from getting driver’s licenses, the law will finally go into effect in April. But 13 states still are not ready.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security repeatedly put off enforcement of the law, as states complained about its costs and civil rights groups objected to it as an invasion of privacy. But in December, while DHS was temporarily headed by counterterrorism expert Rand Beers, the agency unveiled a gradual rollout for enforcing the law.

Brian Zimmer, president of the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License, which supports Real ID, praised the agency for its “deliberate approach.” The slow ramp-up will give the agency time to address practical problems and avoid technical or training snafus before the requirements affect the general public, he said.

“Nobody has ever done this before… so enforcing this law is going to be a major challenge,” said Zimmer, who helped draft the law’s provisions on driver’s licenses as a congressional committee staffer.

But Chris Calabrese, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the new timetable will do little to convince holdout states to comply with the law.

“Nothing has changed,” he said. “It is impossible to imagine DHS keeping the citizens of any of those states off of airplanes…I don’t see that most of these states are going to have a whole lot more incentive than they have ever had to do this, which is to say, none.”

Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma and Washington state do not currently meet the law’s standards, according to DHS.

Another 15 states do not yet meet the requirements but have asked the federal government for more time to do so. They all have extensions through October and can renew those extensions.

Soon after Real ID became law, 17 states passed laws restricting or banning its implementation within their borders, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Liberals and conservatives alike recoiled at the law in its early years. They objected to the law’s costs, federal pre-emption of state practices and the potential threat to personal privacy.

But two of those states—Georgia and Utah—now issue Real ID-compliant licenses. Seven more are among those granted extensions to comply with the law.

The controversy over Real ID faded in most state capitols as DHS repeatedly delayed enforcement. Technically, the law does not impose new rules on states. But by requiring Real ID-compliant licenses to board commercial aircraft, the law could put a lot of public pressure on states to issue licenses that meet its standards.

Slow rollout

In the final report it issued in July 2004, the 9/11 Commission recommended that states improve driver’s license security, because four of the 19 hijackers in the terrorist attacks used state-issued driver’s licenses to board the planes they later crashed.

The Real ID Act, which President George W. Bush signed into law in May 2005, requires states to verify that an applicant is in the country legally, using federal databases and original documents such as birth certificates and Social Security cards. It also imposes security measures for workers who handle driver’s license information or who produce the physical documents.

The federal government has delayed enforcement of Real ID four times since it was originally supposed to go into effect in May 2008.

As those deadlines neared, the law’s proponents raised the specter of residents in noncompliant states not being able to board flights with their state-issued identification. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican, often cited that as a reason to bar unauthorized immigrants from getting driver’s licenses there.

The federal government’s new open-ended schedule would put off that type of widespread enforcement until the waning days of the Obama administration—at the earliest.

The consequences for residents living in holdout states will be minimal, at least at first. They will have to present alternate forms of identification (such as a passport) to get into Washington, D.C. headquarters of DHS, nuclear power plants and restricted federal facilities.

But sometime after 2016, they will no longer be able to board commercial aircraft with only their driver’s license.

Gradual compliance

The federal government relies on information from states to determine whether they comply with 43 requirements under Real ID. In a statement, the agency said states’ progress so far shows that the law’s requirements are achievable.

Vermont first started issuing Real ID-compliant licenses at the beginning of this year. Michael Charter from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles said his agency gradually put in place more and more security measures over the years to comply.

“It’s been easier to accomplish than we initially thought it might be. There really hasn’t been tremendous backlash from the public up to this point,” he said.

The state had to add facial-recognition technology to the computers that store photos from driver’s licenses. The software alerts workers if a new photo matches one that is already in the database for a different person. DMV employees follow up on the potential matches to determine whether there is any fraud.

The state also had to change how it screens and trains workers who handle driver’s license data, Charter said. The agency lets police and prosecutors use the data, but only if they submit requests to the agency with documentation of ongoing investigations. DMV workers run the actual queries.

The biggest change to the physical ID cards is for unauthorized immigrants. Vermont has always required driver’s license holders to show they are in the country legally, but the legislature decided last year to grant driving privileges to undocumented immigrants.

So Vermont lawmakers decided to issue two forms of cards: the typical driver’s license and a separate driving privilege card for the immigrants. The second card states that the ID is not valid for federal identification or official purposes, so that the state would meet the requirements of Real ID.

In fact, all nine states that passed laws allowing unauthorized immigrants to drive last year specified that cards for those immigrants must have marks to distinguish them from licenses for people in the country legally, according to the National Immigration Law Forum.

Before last year, only three states allowed unauthorized immigrants to drive, and only one of them—Utah—included physical distinctions for the immigrants’ licenses. New Mexico and Washington still do not.

Remaining obstacles

Many technical, legal and philosophical obstacles remain for states that have not complied with Real ID.

For many, meeting the law’s requirement that states secure the locations where driver’s licenses are produced can be challenging. Many states, such as Tennessee, now issue licenses from a single, secure location. That means applicants get their licenses in the mail, rather than at a state office.

The law’s many security provisions have prompted states such as California and Texas to consolidate facilities where residents can get driver’s licenses, said Zimmer, from the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License.

A legal challenge doomed New Jersey’s TRU-ID program in 2012. The ACLU sued to block the state’s rollout of Real ID-compliant licenses, because, the group said, the state did not follow state law for getting public feedback before putting its new license rules into effect. New Jersey officials said they would include the public if they try to roll out similar changes in the future.

Ohio officials decided last year to stop work on Real ID compliance, because of privacy concerns. They were especially concerned about storing digital copies of sensitive documents and about the use of facial recognition technology, according to

The Columbus Dispatch

The state’s facial recognition technology generated controversy last year, when it came to light that as many as 26,500 people could access the state’s database of driver’s license photos, far more than in other states.

Stateline is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts that provides daily reporting and analysis on trends in state policy.


What Are The Odds? Guy Caught Plotting Violent Jihad Against Capitol As Republicans Hold Out On DHS Funding Bill (VIDEO)


By: Melissa Melton | Truthstream Media –

It just keeps getting better and better here in the American headlines. Are even diehard Fox and MSNBC viewers still buying any of this stuff?

Just a few days ago, news hit that ISIS supposedly hacked CENTCOM at the same time that President Obama was announcing new cyber security legislation. Superb Wag The Dog timing, no?

Now, a violent jihad on the Capitol has been thwarted by the FBI. WHEW!

But wait! There’s more…

For weeks now, the mainstream media and Democrats have continued to rail on Republicans for holding out on passing a bill to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security. It’s a little political gamesmanship, as the Republicans hope to pass a Homeland Security bill that would effectively block President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty moves.

Nearly a week after the Paris attacks, two days ago on January 13th, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats met on the Capitol steps to “highlight the recklessness” of the Republicans’ “dangerous Homeland Security funding proposal” according to a press release on her official site, including a call to “stop playing games with the security of American families.”

At the gathering, Pelosi said she thought the Paris attacks would’ve been enough to get the Republicans to knock it off:

“In December, the Republicans were frivolous with it and decided they would kick the can into the new year.  That was in December – they said: no, we’re not going to fund Homeland Security for the next year.  In January, a horrible, horrible terrorist attack took place in Paris.  You think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a Homeland Security bill, but Republicans still say ‘no,’ still say ‘no’ to passing a clean bill, unless they can be a menace to immigration.” [emphasis added]

Just two days ago, Reuters reported that the Republicans do have a Senate majority but would still need some Democrats to vote against Obama’s immigration initiatives by approving their Homeland Security bill which is set to ban funds from being used to implement Obama’s executive amnesty.

According to the White House, any DHS funding bill with immigration restrictions will be immediately vetoed.

Now it’s two days later and right on time like clockwork the FBI has stopped a violent jihad plan to blow up the Capitol building and kill members of Congress.

It’s all over the news that a 20-year-old “mama’s boy” Christopher Lee Cornell from Ohio was planning an “ISIS-inspired plot” to use pipe bombs to blow up the Capitol and shoot any officials who ran out in the aftermath.

Christopher Lee Cornell, alleged violent ISIS-inspired jihadist set to blow up the Capitol

Christopher Lee Cornell, alleged violent ISIS-inspired jihadist set to blow up the Capitol

And once again, just like the majority of terror plots in this country, this guy Cornell just so happened to have met with an FBI informant twice in the last year and the FBI was tracking him right up until the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested him as he was attempting to buy two M-15 semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition to carry out the plan.

Great timing on that thwarted jihad, guys. Gee, I guess that means the Republicans should pass the Homeland Security bill and stop messing with Obama’s immigration right away, you know, for the security of American families and stuff.

Soap operas have less obvious plot twists than what’s taking over the national stage these days. This is like watching a who-dun-it movie and knowing who the bad guy is in the first 60 seconds (or less).

On an aside, every day lately continues to reaffirm that we’re living in the movie Brazil.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


Secret Homeland Report Warns Solar Storm Could Leave 100 Million Without Power: “We Are Running Out Of Time To Prepare” –

APTOPIX Solar Observatory

By: Mac Slavo, |

Homeland Security officials are warning that a major coronal mass ejection, solar flare or electromagnetic pulse may be inevitable and catastrophic to modern civilization. The devastation to the electric grid and modern infrastructure could impact the lives of more than 100 million, and cause untold casualties during prolonged outages.

Homeland Security conducted a study assessing the risks with these extreme solar events (as well as manmade EMPs).

Via Free Beacon

DHS’ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stated in an internal 2012 fact sheet outlining its response plan for severe “space weather” that the actual impact and damage from a future solar storm is not known.


The report outlines the scenario for a major “coronal mass ejection” from the Sun that will first be detected by U.S. satellites. The magnetic band reaches the earth within 24 to 72 hours, affecting up to 100 million people.

The largest such storms, called G-5s, would cause transformers and transmission lines to be “severely damaged.”

The storms last from hours to a day but can disrupt electric power grid operations, GPS satellites, aircraft operations, manned space flight, satellite operations, natural gas distribution pipelines, and undersea communications cables.

Though acknowledging they lack sufficient information about what exactly might happen, it is clear enough what kind of damage and disruption of service it might pose for the infrastructure that everyone depends upon.

Major solar events happened in 1859 with the Carrington Event and in 1921 with huge magnetic storm. The federal government and the utility companies both admit that another event of this magnitude would take down the existing power grid and could affect some 100 million people, likely damaging many other services as well.

Former CIA official Peter Pry warned that a large solar flare “could have catastrophic consequences for civilization.”

“We are running out of time to prepare,” Pry said, noting that NASA reported in July that Earth narrowly missed a second Carrington Event.

While the grid might be repaired within in hours and days for most, as many as 10 million could face prolonged life without electricity. It could be literally months – and possibly even years – before the power is restored.

Are you even remotely prepared for that kind of event? The government is admittedly NOT prepared and has no way to feasibly take care of that many people during a mass disruption event:

“How would the government deal with 10 million, or many more, Americans without power for two months, or even longer?”


“An analysis of the space weather impacts indicates that the greatest challenge will be to provide life-saving and life-sustaining resources for large numbers of people that experience long-term power outage from damage to the U.S. electrical grid,” the FEMA document, dated March 1, 2012, states.

The FEMA fact sheet noted the findings of a 2010 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the agency that monitors sun storms, warning that an extreme solar storm could leave “130 million people without power for years,” and destroy or damage more than 300 hard-to-replace electrical grid transformers.

Even more worryingly is the government secrecy and failure to adequately prepare the public for an event that could happen at any time, and is considered ‘overdue.’

The report was released only after Mark Sauter, a security adviser and published author on Homeland Security, filed a FOIA request:

Sauter said FEMA’s more-than-200-page response plan for dealing with a solar storm was blacked out from the released documents.

“This makes one wonder why FEMA is refusing to release the government’s space weather response plan,” he said.

Sauter questioned whether the government is taking the threat of a major solar storm seriously, or is “just going through an obligatory bureaucratic exercise that in reality reflects DHS/FEMA crossing its fingers and hoping that such a plan will never need to be used.

Though it should be strongly noted, it should come as no surprise that the federal government cannot and will not be able to take care of everyone during a massive power outage, and especially not during an extended breakdown of society, services and infrastructure.

Many preppers have been hedging for this cataclysm for some time, and have known that extreme solar events pose a significant threat that, again, may prove to be a question of when not if.

Daisy Luther outlines several important areas to consider when preparing to survive potentially prolonged power outages and disruptions to services. Going off-grid requires significant planning, investment and a reorientation of mindset – but it can be done.

Have you planned for:

Off-grid Water

If you haven’t located water sources near your home,  it’s time to break out the topographical maps of your area and find them!  A low-tech water plan might include some or all of the following:

  • A manual pump for your well
  • Buckets and wheelbarrows for hauling water from a nearby source
  • Rain barrels for water harvesting (THIS is an inexpensive option with mixed reviews)
  • A gravity-fed water filtration system (we have THIS ONE)
  • A water dispenser for convenient access to filtered water (Be sure to get one with the bottle on top so that it can be operated without electricity, and not one that uses an electric pump to pull the water up from the bottom)
  • Storage units for water such as cisterns or tanks
  • Portable water filter bottles for safe water when you are away from home (we have THIS ONE)

Off-grid Shelter and Warmth

Homes these days aren’t built to function without a connection to the power grid.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in an older home that was designed for off-grid living, look at some ways to take your home back a century or so. A secondary heating system is vital in most climates.

  • An antique oil heater can use lots of different oils and requires little effort for installation (THIS SITE is loaded with information about Perfection oil heaters)
  • Have a woodstove installed
  • Clean your chimney and get your fireplace working
  • Set up an outdoor fireplace with large rocks to bring inside for radiant heat (this won’t get you super warm but it’s better than nothing)
  • Have a good supply of blankets, warm clothes, and cold-rated sleeping bags
  • Learn techniques to stay warm with less heat

Off-grid Food

Not only do you need access to food, but you also need a way to cook it and a way to keep your refrigerated and frozen items from spoiling.

Off-grid Sanitation and Hygiene

How will you keep clean and deal with human waste in the event of a long-term emergency?

Off-grid Lighting

The world is a scary place when it’s dark, and most of us have forgotten how dark TRUE dark really is, due to light pollution and the proximity of neighbors. Here are some lighting solutions for an off grid world:

  • Solar garden lights – store them outside to be charged during the day and bring them in and put them in vases where they’re needed at night
  • Oil lamps – you can recycle used cooking oil or use rendered fat to power these – they give a brighter light and can be used for reading and close-work (Learn more HERE)
  • Candles – stock them and learn to make them
  • Solar powered flashlights

Renewable power is practical power.

One exception to my no-generators rule is renewable power. If you can afford a solar set up for your home, then very little would change about your day-to-day life, aside from you being one of the few people with power.  You don’t have to go totally solar to have power for a few important items.  Assuming you have electronics in working order, they can be powered with solar, wind, or water.

Most of us can’t afford an entire set up but these are some options to consider:

  • Build a DIY portable solar recharging station – learn how to make it HERE
  • Solar-powered systems for specific items – learn more HERE
  • Use wind power – learn more HERE
  • Use water power – learn more HERE

Mac Slavo is the editor of, a resource hub for alternative news, contrarian commentary and strategies that you can take to protect yourself from the coming global paradigm shift.

DHS Wants Private Surveillance Cameras In Every Neighborhood

CitiWatch Surveillance


By: MassPrivateI

Baltimore is expanding its public surveillance network to include private security cameras that city officials hope will quadruple the number of digital eyes on neighborhoods and make residents and business owners feel more secure, reports the Baltimore Sun.

CitiWatchBaltimore has nearly 700 pole cameras, and wants access to private cameras, too, where they’ll spy on citizens 24/7.
The new city database builds on the Police Department’s arrangements with several large organizations that have granted the agency access to their security cameras. Officers spy on visitors to Johns Hopkins Hospital, riders on Maryland Transit Administration buses and shoppers at Harborplace and The Gallery downtown, among other locations.
The database will act as a directory of cameras with information on where each is located, its owner and how long footage is retained. The listings will then be built into an interactive map.
The city launched a program two years in the making that gives police quicker access to the hundreds of private cameras mounted outside of businesses and homes around Baltimore. The voluntary program allows property owners to be part of the CitiWatch Community Partnership, which maps where cameras are located and points detectives to available security footage.
CitiWatch Community Partnership, is being funded with a $53,000 grant from the Abell Foundation. The city will use the money, in part, to build the database through which the Police Department will have access to feeds from the cameras of businesses that opt to take part. The grant also will pay for outreach to businesses.
The first 300 cameras cost about $10 million to install, with $3 million coming from the city budget and the rest from federal Homeland Security (UASI) funds and money seized from drug dealers. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the city spends $1.4 million a year to operate the system.
Philadelphia, San Jose, Calif., and Chicago are among other cities that have similar private security camera registries or networks. In St. Louis, the American Civil Liberties Union released a report this month saying the plethora of surveillance cameras is threatening residents’ right to privacy. The report recommended that “any private cameras that become part of a larger government network need to maintain the same standards and procedures that govern the network.”
The ACLU has written numerous articles warning Americans of the dangers of mass surveillance, here’s a few you should read:
The state agreed to spend nearly $700,000 in federal stimulus funds to upgrade the video system at terminals including North Locust Point, South Locust Point and Fairfield.
The city action comes as the Maryland Port Administration is enhancing its surveillance in Baltimore
CitiWatch & SecuredCities are both tied to DHS, SecuredCities tag line is “Secured Campus, Secured Transit, Secured Healthcare” Yes, you read that right DHS is spying on your healthcare records!
SecuredCampus,  Secured Transit Secured Healthcare are insidious DHS surveillance programs.
SecuredCities is funded by DHS grants, DHS claims to be focused on high-risk cities, DHS also recommends using private businesses to fund their spying. If you guessed its for your safety, you get a gold star!
For more info. click here & here.
The Rawlings-Blake’s administration moved away from the blinking “blue light” cameras that became ubiquitous in some of Baltimore’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods. The city has been taking them out of service and adding cameras that stand out less, officials said.
Blinking “blue light” surveillance cameras in Baltimore are so bad Kenny Colvin wrote a rap  song about it, the lyrics …”so tired of blue lights” should send shivers down your spine:

The expanding camera program was an issue of concern for former State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy, who said the cameras resulted in few arrests for violent crimes. After studying the program for one year, Jessamy said the vast majority of those arrested were for drug offenses.
The city’s Board of Estimates agreed last week to create a database that will make it easier for businesses to give the Police Department access to their private security cameras. The result could be hundreds more cameras connected to the city’s system.
“We’re going to focus on even small people, like mom-and-pop stores,” said Ian Brennan, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “We’ve got to go do the outreach: ‘Hey, do you have a camera? Would you like to help?'”
Here’s what DHS/police are really asking: Would you like to help spy on innocent citizens?

DHS Is Using Surveillance Drones To Spy On Americans

DHS drones


By: –

The Department of Homeland Security flew drones equipped with video cameras over the United States–away from border and coastal areas–for 1,726 hours from fiscal 2011 through this April, according to the Government Accountability Office.

The report, written by Brittany M. Hughes, concludes that aerial drones were indeed flown outside of approved and mandated border patrol zones to in fact spy on American citizens being monitored by the police or FBI. Moreover, “1,726 hours” of flight were logged between “fiscal 2011 through this April” outside of border zones, i.e. over the interior of the U.S..
In a series of briefing slides provided in August to the staffs of the House and Senate appropriations subcommittees on homeland security (and publicly released this week), the GAO examined whether DHS’s use of drones complied with U.S. privacy and civil liberty laws.
In the slides, the GAO noted that DHS border patrol drones, which are primarily used to “support border security operations,” were sometimes flown away from the border “in support of other federal, state or local law enforcement activities and for emergency humanitarian efforts.”
“DHS’s review reported that CBP operates UAS in accordance with its authorities, which do not limit use to border and coastal areas,” the GAO reported on briefing slide No. 2. “The location of UAS operations is limited by FAA requirements and CPB policies and procedures.”
These flights included missions to “provide aerial support for local law enforcement activities and investigations,” to agencies including the FBI and multi-agency task forces, and to “provide aerial support for monitoring natural disasters,” the report added on slide No. 11.
On briefing slide No. 27, the GAO quoted the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which states: “For necessary expenses for the operations, maintenance, and procurement of marine vessels, aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, and other related equipment of the air and marine program, including salaries and expenses, operational training, and mission-related travel, the operations of which include the following: the interdiction of narcotics and other goods; the provision of support to Federal, State, and local agencies in the enforcement or administration of laws enforced by DHS; and, at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security, the provision of assistance to Federal, State, and local agencies in other law enforcement and emergency humanitarian efforts.”
According to the GAO, CBP has nine drones equipped with a video camera, infrared cameras, radar to detect movement, imaging systems to show terrain and buildings, and radar used to detect images of maritime vessels, the report stated.
The GAO added that the video recorded by drones is stored for a maximum of five years “to use in analysis and intelligence products.”
DHS has customized its Predator drones, originally built for overseas military operations, to carry out at-home surveillance tasks that have civil libertarians worried: identifying civilians carrying guns and tracking their cell phones, government documents show.
The documents provide more details about the surveillance capabilities of the department’s unmanned  Predator B drones , which are primarily used to patrol the United States’ northern and southern borders but have been pressed into service on behalf of a growing number of law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Secret Service, the Texas Rangers, and local police.
Homeland Security’s specifications for its drones, built by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, say they “shall be capable of identifying a standing human being at night as likely armed or not,” meaning carrying a shotgun or rifle. They also specify “signals interception” technology that can capture communications in the frequency ranges used by mobile phones, and “direction finding” technology that can identify the locations of mobile devices or two-way radios.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center obtained a partially redacted copy of DHS’s requirements for its drone fleet through the Freedom of Information Act and published it this week. CNET unearthed an unredacted copy of the requirements that provides additional information about the aircraft’s surveillance capabilities.
“I am very concerned that this technology will be used against law-abiding American firearms owners,” says Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation. “This could violate Fourth Amendment rights as well as Second Amendment rights.”
“The documents clearly evidence that DHS is developing drones with signals interception technology and the capability to identify people on the ground,” says Ginger McCall, director of the Open Government Project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “This allows for invasive surveillance, including potential communications surveillance, that could run afoul of federal privacy laws.”
Irony: DHS Releases 2014 Privacy Report:
DHS released the 2014 Privacy Office Annual Report to Congress. The report describes a joint review conducted with the European Commission regarding the transfer of EU Passenger Name Records to the US. The European Commission found the redress mechanisms were lacking for passengers denied boarding.
The Commission also found that DHS would often review passenger records without a legal reason. The Annual Report describes the sixth Compliance Review of the department’s social media monitoring program.

FEMA/DHS 12/14/12 Plan For “Mass Death Of Children At A School By Firearms”

Attorney General Eric Holder, Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy, and top US Prosecutor in Connecticut David Fein announcing Project Longevity on November 27, 2012 . Image Credit: National Network for Safe Communities/WABC.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy, and top US Prosecutor in Connecticut David Fein announcing Project Longevity on November 27, 2012 . Image Credit: National Network for Safe Communities/WABC.

Document Originated on October 8, 2012.

A newly discovered Federal Emergency Management-Department of Homeland Security document designated “For Official Use Only” reveals plans for a “Site Activation Call-down Drill Exercise Plan,” otherwise known as a “Mass Casualty Drill.”

The plan, created on October 8, 2012, explicitly references a scenario where the “Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms” is followed by a “Suicide or Apprehension of [an] Unknown Shooter.”

The 20-page document further instructs the “Use of Media” to be employed for “For Evaluation” and “for Information Distribution.”

Download drill-site-activation-call-down-exercise-plan (PDF)

While the date for the drill is marked “December 14, 2012″ on the document’s cover page, on page 12 under Chapter 2: Exercise Logistics, the event is scheduled one day earlier. “The Preparation for Mass Casualty Drill will be conducted on 12/13/12 beginning at 8:00AM. Exercise play is scheduled until the exercise director/Controller determines that the exercise determines that the exercise objectives have been met. Everyone must sign in with Controller upon arrival.”

The instructions emphasize, “All Spoken and Written Communication will start and end with the statement, “THIS IS A DRILL.”

At a minimum, the attached materials will be disseminated only on a need-t0-know basis, and when unattended will be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection against theft, compromise, inadvertent access, and unauthorized disclosure.

The document’s directs parties to direct queries to FEMA’s “Point of Contact” person, Executive Director Tom Romano.

Is this a plan for what came to be widely-known as the Sandy Hook School Massacre? No location for where the exercise is to take place appears on the document. Yet in July 2014 Wolfgang Halbig announced that Connecticut State Troopers intimated to him that the Sandy Hook event was “scripted,” and that some had submitted false affidavits on what had taken place that day.

Also, on December 14, 2012 two similar exercises were apparently transpiring in very close proximity to Newtown. At roughly 9:00AM an “Active shooter drill” exercise commenced in Carmel Connecticut, 45 miles away from Newtown. “By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning,” the Southeast Brewster-Patch reported,

 the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel, and team members were at that very moment engaged in a mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school. The ERT is comprised of specially trained and heavily armed officers from the Sheriff’s Office and the Carmel and Kent Police Departments.  When news broke of the Newtown shooting, the Putnam County ERT commander called Newtown Police and offered to have the ERT respond to the Sandy Hook school, but that response was not needed because Connecticut police had already secured the scene.

Ashley Tarr, “Sheriff: Putnam Officials to Talk School Safety This Afternoon,” Southeast Brewster-Patch, December 18, 2012.

A second federally sponsored “course” with the stated goal of “enabl[ing] participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children,” was slated for December 14, 2012 in nearby Bridgeport, CT.

Some other curious observations:

A HSEEP Training Course was held in 2010 at 18 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT, with Tom Romano listed as the Contact Person.

The International Movie Data Base lists ABC News coverage of the Sandy Hook event, complete with “cast” including Kaitlin Roig, Paul Vance and Barack Obama, lists a broadcast date of December 12, 2012.

Other relevant entries from the Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline:

December 14, 2012

9:35AM [Estimate]
In the Sandy Hook library three faculty members hear noises and move 15 or so students to a storage closet in the library filled with computer servers. “Hold hands. Be quiet,” one teacher tells the children. One child questions “whether there are pots and pans were clanging. Another thought he heard firecrackers. Another worried an animal was coming to the door,” the Washington Post reports. “They were children in a place built for children, and the teachers didn’t know how to answer them … ‘It’s a drill,’ said a library clerk named Mary Anne Jacobs.” Eli Saslow, “Sandy Hook Massacre: Teachers Sought to Soothe Children in Moments of Terror,” Washington Post, December 15, 2012.

December 17

A special broadcast of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s syndicated television program is devoted to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Oz asks “Louie,” a Sandy Hook 3rd grader, “what you remember from that day.” “I remember that a lot–a lot of policemen were in the, uhm, school,” Louie responds. “Uhm, well, a lot–I was like [pause] hiding under–when we were having a drill we were hiding under, like … ” As Louie hesitates and takes several deep breaths, his mother nudges him while Oz taps the boy on the shoulder and changes the subject. “Take your time. There’s no hurry. Let me ask you, What would you like to say to your teachers?” Semuj1, Hurry–D/L Dr. Oz Interview, Sandy Hook Third Grader Louis ‘Having a Drill‘ – National TV,” Youtube, February 4, 2013; See also The Dr. Oz Show, “Dr. Oz Visits Newtown,” n.d.

January 13, 2013

Attorney Alexis Haller, Noah Pozner’s uncle, authors and submits a detailed memorandum to the Obama Administration’s White House Task Force on Gun Violence on behalf of the Pozner family. ” The eight-page document “proposes a range of [state, federal and local] legislative reforms to help prevent another targeted school shooting … The proposals … are based upon conversations within the family, consultations with school security experts, independent research related to prior school shootings, and discussion with legal professionals to focus on criminal law.” The statement urges linking gun control measures to mental health diagnoses, federal grants for school security system upgrades, and mandatory lockdown drills at public schools. Alexis Haller, “Memorandum from The Maternal Family of Noah Pozner to The White House Task Force on Gun Violence,” January 13, 2013.

Professor James F. Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. James Tracy’s work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. James is editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s Journal Democratic Communiqué and a contributor to Project Censored’s forthcoming publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012. Additional writings and information are accessible at

When ‘Anti-Government’ Violence Erupts, Who Is Really At Fault?


This past week, I have been examining a recently leaked document from the Department Of Homeland Security entitled “Domestic Violent Extremists Pose A Threat To Government Officials And Law Enforcement.” (Yes; the title leaves nothing to the imagination.)

Generally, such documents are not classified. But it is internally accepted within establishment agencies that they should not be shared with the public. Similar documents like the Missouri Information Analysis Center report titled “The Modern Militia Movement” and the Virginia Fusion Center’s Terrorism Threat Assessment are not designed to import in-depth knowledge to law enforcement. In fact, if you actually investigate these white papers thoroughly, you will find they read like a mentally challenged middle-school student’s last-minute book report on liberty groups in America.

Rather than convey the complexity of the conflict between federal bureaucracy and constitutionalists, the papers linked above are meant to indoctrinate law enforcement officials against even considering what we have to say or why we take the actions we take.

Often, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a shameless propaganda outlet known for its Saul Alinsky tactics, is tapped as the primary source of “data” for these reports. At no time have I ever seen a government report on “domestic extremism” accusing liberty activists that actually allows a subset of the liberty movement to personally describe our position.

Often, the DHS will claim to LEOs that there is a “disparity in our beliefs that makes us unpredictable” or that they do not have a full understanding of our motivations during a particular event. The confrontation at Cliven Bundy’s ranch was the latest shock, after which federal officials acted as though the standoff attitude of armed liberty activists was incomprehensible.

The reality is that establishment cronies know all too well why Americans are angered to the point of taking up arms.

In any piece of propaganda, including the leaked DHS report, the goal is to paint opposition to state power in the darkest manner possible, so that the useful idiots (oath breaking LEOs and federal agents) can maintain the false sense that they hold the moral high ground. It is the information that such propaganda fails to mention that holds the key to unraveling the government position. For instance, the paper overtly mentions armed patriots at Bundy ranch as a brand of escalation, but does not mention the heavily armed Bureau of Land Management agents and contracted snipers that came first, seeking to terrify the Bundy family into compliance.

Nor does the paper mention the trampling of protester 1st amendment rights with the BLM’s absurdly inadequate, fenced-off “First Amendment Area.” In light of this, I ask: Who triggered the confrontation at Bundy ranch?

Is the federal government really all that surprised that liberty activists from all across the country came armed and ready to fight or even die? Some people believe the establishment is so ignorant or blinded by hubris that they can’t see the typhoon at their door, but I don’t think they are as dumb as they pretend.

Tragedies like Waco and Ruby Ridge do not have a shelf life. They accumulate in the minds of the people over time, and generations can pass without the rage ever fading. At Bundy ranch, the liberty movement resolved that we would not allow another such event to occur again without direct consequences – meaning nonsensical false-flag terrorism like the Oklahoma City bombing will never be our method, though the Feds would like you to assume as much. No, our method is to stand in between the aggressors, whoever they may be, and the victims, whoever they may be, and stop the tragedy before it happens.

At Bundy ranch, the BLM and its military contractors ran away, returning Bundy property as they went. Thus, the liberty movement removed the immediate threat and prevented another possible Waco. This is called “escalation of violent extremism” by the establishment. I call it de-escalation of violent government abuse by liberty activists.

The federal government would have you believe that the rise of “militias” and violent opposition is somehow taking place in a vacuum; that government officials can’t understand why such escalation is occurring now; that it must be a product of “racism” due to a black president; and that it’s all a chaotic, self-mutating mess of extremist insanity. This is ridiculous.

Why are people gearing up for revolution? I’ll break it down simply:

If you try to take our freedom, our chance at prosperity or our lives, we are going to fight you until one side or both sides dies. Period.

I’m not sure how this could be difficult to comprehend, and I do not think the feds haven’t grasped it. I think if they are surprised at all, it is because they have been steamrolling over Americans for so long that they are not used to the idea of regular people stopping them cold. Powder kegs are revealing themselves all across the U.S., from Bundy ranch to Ferguson, Missouri, and all caused by authoritarian overreach by federal and state officials.

In Ferguson, anger over perceived as well as legitimate state abuse has developed into street activism, but also random looting. Michael Brown himself is not necessarily an endearing character, but that is not a rationalization for the outright execution of suspects by the police, which has taken place with increasing frequency across the country in recent years.  The strange behavior of Ferguson officials at the onset of the shooting combined with a lack of immediate transparency leads some to believe a cover-up is in progress, while others in government seek to exploit the event to ignite race divisions.

Whether or not Michael Brown actually “charged” at Officer Darren Wilson is not yet confirmed.  However, we do know that regardless, Brown was unarmed, and that the officer in question had less-lethal-means at his disposal, including a taser and pepper spray.  Whatever new facts come to light, it was still the choice of Darren Wilson to fire his handgun six times into Brown’s head and arm, instead of using other available methods.  Darren Wilson’s refusal to make an official statement at the beginning of the event allows him to shift his story according the evidence that becomes available to the public.  The entire situation and handling by Ferguson police only feeds already existing distrust of LEOs, who, with their federal funding and supplied military hardware, have become the front line mascots of government abuse.

The Ferguson shooting itself almost becomes irrelevant in comparison to the government response to public protest.  State officials cite the explosion of looting and violence as a reason for the insertion of heavily armed and armored SWAT units, as well as the National Guard.  However, riot police and militarized units IGNORED looters and rioters, and instead aimed the brunt of their attacks at peaceful protesters.  This reveals a government disdain for 1st Amendment activities that goes far beyond the controversy of Michael Brown or even the inevitable “race-war” propaganda.

What is the solution? To stop the rise of anti-government violence, we must remove government intrusion into people’s lives, and the public must take community security into its own hands.  Why did police use riot control measures against peaceful protesters in Ferguson, while such tactics were abandoned during the Bundy Ranch incident?  Why does Eric Holder express “alarm” over the use of the National Guard in Ferguson, yet, he and the White House discussed plans for military intervention at Bundy Ranch?  Why have leftists expressed shock over militarized police in Ferguson, when many of them were calling for drone strikes and blood in Bunkerville?  Why have some “conservatives” set aside their 1st Amendment concerns when it comes to Ferguson when they were livid over the initial 1st Amendment trampling of Bundy Ranch?

The bottom line is this – outsiders will always have their opinions, and in most cases their opinions don’t count for much, but that does not stop people from trying to force their ignorant views upon you.  Whatever the community and whatever the circumstances, the only way to solve the problem of the state & statists vs. the people is for the people to take responsibility for their own surroundings.

If the citizens of Ferguson (and the rest of America) really want to erase this conundrum from their lives permanently, they are going to have to establish neighborhood watches and even community “militias” (there’s the dreaded “M” word again) to bring peace to their town.

By refusing to take responsibility for their own security, Ferguson residents have invited city and state LEOs to do the job for them, and this has resulted in the possibility of unwarranted death-by-cop. Ferguson residents can and should remove LEO presence by establishing their own security. But this means they would have to stop the looting by petty thugs using protests as cover, and it also means they would have to prevent or intervene in criminal activities of less honorable residents.

The Founding Fathers answered the question of “who watches the watchmen” by creating a system by which the people ARE the watchmen. This was the militia system, a system that the federal government now labels “domestic extremism” and violent escalation.

I have been saying it for years, and I’ll keep saying right up until the shooting starts: Americans must take responsibility for their own futures and their own defense. Whether or not the people of Ferguson accept this, I have no idea, but the crisis will never stop until they do. And this problem applies to all other communities across the nation as well.  Corruption of a community and the application of tyranny is rather difficult when every able bodied person within that community has the ability to defend themselves.  Therefore, it remains up to each individual, and each sovereign neighborhood, town, county, and state, to man-up and become combat capable so that less honest institutions do not fill the void.

Dupes and statists will argue that the only way to change the system is to play by the rules, build a majority, elect the politicians you want and fight unconstitutional laws in the courts. But what should the people do when our political structure is rigged by special interests representing only a handful of elites? What should the people do when independent parties are muscled out of the mainstream and the leaders of the major parties sabotage any internal movements to change the status quo? What do the people do when their protests and redress of grievances are bashed by the media, violently attacked by the authorities or outright denied by government-enforced curfew? What do the people do when the courts stall justice and drown dissent with legal red tape? What do people do when playing by the rules only makes the situation worse for us all?

Americans must realize an important fact: There is no power over us but that which we give away.

The original intent of our republic is that the people ARE the government — not a select few elitists handpicked by corporate bankers. Politicians are supposed to be our employees, not a ruling class that sits above the populace. The current growing conflict between the citizenry and the government is igniting exactly because our government does not represent the common man anymore. The government is not “by the people, for the people.” It is a separate entity, representing corrupt and hostile parties. It cannot be changed from within. The federal government is now foreign to us, a guarded enemy with malicious motives.

Americans can take back the power they have neglected by taking responsibility for themselves and their communities. The government can only do two things in reaction: accept that we are in charge of our own lives and walk away, or try to stop us with force and assert its dominance. If it chooses the latter, then all violence that follows after will be on its hands, not ours. Anti-government activities arise only because of destructive government attitudes. If the establishment really fears a wave of violence against it, then it should do exactly as it did in Bunkerville, Nevada — walk away and leave people in peace.

Brandon Smith is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected].

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