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NWO Overman Is The Eupraxsophy Of Transhumanism


“I think our grandparents were Victor Frankenstein. I basically am the kind of deeply unnatural creature that Mrs Shelley instinctively dreaded. I not only eat her sacred cows but I eat them with ketchup. While I take her point, I think that transgressive monstrosity and tampering with the life force are both a lot more fun than she suspected” –  Bruce Sterling

The concept of Übermensch, is a German term generally associated with a superman. This Overman concept is much more than a school of thought viewpoint. It is a nightmare of untold propositions. Paul Kurtz is editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry. He states, “There is no word in the English language that adequately conveys the meaning of secular humanism. Secular humanism is not a religion; it represents a philosophical, scientific, and ethical outlook. I have accordingly introduced a new term, eupraxsophy, in order to distinguish humanistic convictions and practices from religious systems of faith and belief.

Max More, Ph.D. goes deeper into the construct.

“The concept of eupraxophy encompasses within it humanism, transhumanism (including Extropianism), and possible a future posthumanism. Humanism is a eupraxophy or philosophy of life that rejects deities, faith, and worship, instead basing a view of values and meaningfulness on the nature and potentials of humans within a rational and scientific framework. Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or transhuman) existence in this life rather than in some supernatural “afterlife”. Transhumanism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences and technologies such as neuroscience and neuropharmacology, life extension, nanotechnology, artificial ultraintelligence, and space habitation, combined with a rational philosophy and value system.

Finally, Extropianism is the foremost version of transhumanism. While all transhumanists as such will agree on many overall goals, they may differ over the principles that will get us to a posthuman stage. The philosophy of Extropianism affirms the values of Boundless Expansion, Self-Transformation, Dynamic Optimism, and Intelligent Technology, and Spontaneous Order.”

Before your mind hits overload, take the time to listen to the interview with Tom Horn on Future Quake Radio. If you are ambitious and have the time to delve into the extended insights of Mr. Horn, TransHumanism & Genetic Manipulation is an earth shattering experience.

So what does this Transhumanism mean for mankind? Well, Joe Kovacs in World Net Daily quotes the aforementioned Mr. Horn again.

“DARPA calls its project “BioDesign,” and in its 2011 budget, the agency explains it “eliminates the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement primarily by advanced genetic engineering and molecular biology technologies to produce the intended biological effect.”

Horn says the real purpose has to do with immortalism.

“DARPA has an interest in figuring out how to get around the decaying process of cellular life, and they use the term creating an immortal organism,” he explains. “But it’s more than just an organism. They consider it to be potentially a lethal force that can be used in military application.”

Putting aside the actual “weird science” technological developments and biological splicing chromosomal mutations, the basic issue of morals and ethics remain. All of Western Civilization is based upon the premise of “Natural Rights”. The implication that Natural Law is an inescapable component of individual purpose and social conduct is central to a cosmology of a grand design. The pursuit of understanding does not have to adopt a deist revelation in order to advocate a rational limitation on the human being. However, a belief in a divine creator is the very foundation of our common heritage and traditional culture.

The frontiers of Transhumanism scorns empiricism. The eupraxophy objective is to deny an external divinity, while professing to become gods in the process of honing their nanotechnology and neuropharmacology perfection. If Extropianism is possible, there is no need for a God Creator.

David Lawrence III, the editor of StrategicNews.com pens a provocative treatise called THE ELIJAH OPTION.

The religious argument based upon the oral and written biblical record stems from an acknowledgement on the fallen nature of man. Even the most optimistic extropian transhumanist cannot deny the dismal documentation of man’s inhumanity to man. Evil is real and this fact permeates every aspect of social and metaphysical experience.

Mr. Lawrence succinctly states the axiomatic, that every Christian should know and freely accept.

“God Almighty has no intention of helping man to install any kind of permanent command and control system for the management of evil, and it is monotheistic madness for any believer in the God of Abraham to attempt otherwise.

The entire purpose of the experiment on planet earth was to prove that evil does not work, and that we cannot live apart from Him. The moral law of the Almighty Creator is just as immutable as the natural laws that govern the universe. It cannot be broken.”

Transhumanism that rests upon a eupraxsophy of humanistic convictions that has no boundary of restrains, is erroneous. Wikipedia cites that the Ukrainian/Russian existentialist philosopher, Lev Shestov developed his reputation as an original and incisive thinker, In All Things Are Possible. Shestov adopted the aphoristic style of Friedrich Nietzsche and dealt with such issues as religion, rationalism, and science. His discovery of Kierkegaard prompted Shestov to realize that he shared great similarities, such as his rejection of idealism, and his belief that man can gain ultimate knowledge through ungrounded subjective thought rather than objective reason and verifiability. The artificial ultraintelligent Overman, sees no need to seek this outside help to achieve the ultimate paragon. Thus lays the fatal flaw in the hubris of the nihilism that fixates upon the same arrogance of Lucifer.

The sanctity of the individual created human soul is synonymous within all beliefs in God. It is symptomatic of the Totalitarian Collectivism that dominates the drive to delink man’s – Similarity, Community, Values and Human Nature – that promotes the Transhumanism dialectic.

The Elijah Option resolves,

“Mankind is on a collision course with destiny. The only thing that is not yet decided is the fate of each individual soul. Mankind will attempt to save itself, and in so doing, build the new world-wide city of Babylon, in defiance of the Almighty who declares that mankind will never succeed in the self-management of its own evil.”

Only a dullard believes that the insolvable global chaos is reversible through conventional means. Conversely, the Transhumanist readily professes that the New World Order fosters this disorder to further their migration away from the sub species that serves this new class of genetic Übermensch. The pitiful deniers that relinquish their Inherent Autonomy to this posthuman man-beast-robot entity, become not mere tools for their new masters, but actually provide no useful purpose for their continued existence.

With a pretended sense of mercy and compassion the Transhuman eugenicists deems justified, their self-convinced supreme right in their own divinity. The irony that their secular humanism claim of not being a religion, begs the practice of a devotion to rule over the inferior human descendents that did not make the leap into the immortal realm.

The essential question remains. Will the Transhuman have a soul in addition to their cyberspace matrix? Can a soul be created by an Extropianist or is a soul unnecessary baggage, when secular Transhumanism become the dominate ethic?

Sure preposterous postulations are reminiscent of the Genesis account in the rebellion of the cherub. Beelzebub goes high tech with the assistance of government research funding.

Britt Gillette of End Times Bible Prophecy referenced by Mr. Kovacs WND article, accordingly.

“Taken in its original context, Jesus did not necessarily say that unless those days are shortened, “humanity will not survive.” Instead, he said unless those days are shortened, “no flesh will survive.”

If the transhumanist movement succeeds in transforming the human race into a race of “posthumans” who no longer need flesh covered bones to survive, then these words of Jesus take on an entirely different meaning.

And it doesn’t take an illogical leap of faith to draw this conclusion.

After all, it seems reasonable to assume that humanity will have to undergo some sort of radical transformation in order to plot a war against God Almighty. The arrogant impulse already exists. All that remains is the need for an exponential increase in human power which deludes humanity into believing it can overcome the Lord of lords.”

Sounds like a Transhuman Satan featured in the final cut of the actual Apocalypse Now redux, waging an Armageddon in hopes of a different result. The New World Order has a decisive objective. The total subjugation of humanity is only a stage, leading to the elimination of all God fearing believers. The deification of substitute gods endowed by posthuman powers that overshadows Yahweh wants engineered Elohim clones.

The end of this age is rapidly approaching. What follows does not bode well for humanity under the reign of a Transhumanism world. Salvation for our created human beings from the evil transgressions of the Overman’s hubris requires our humbling before our Lord and Creator. Faith and belief is the alternative to malevolence and despair. Hope in providential intervention is intellectually founded and sound, when compared to the prospects of the DARPA superman. The Elijah Option challenges you. Whom do you serve?

Society’s only real ‘progressives’ are the deviants and mutants. Look at evolution – fish who didn’t deviate never became amphibians; frogs who didn’t mutate never became reptiles; conformist snakes never became mammals , etc. Normal Humans will remain humans, and they’ll be subjugated by the digital monsters of the next few millenia. – Jim Goad, ed. of ANSWER ME

SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, several successful ventures expanded opportunities for customers and employees. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce. He is retired and lives with his wife in a rural community. “Populism” best describes the approach to SARTRE’s perspective on Politics. Realities, suggest that American Values can be restored with an appreciation of “Pragmatic Anarchism.” Reforms will require an Existential approach. “Ideas Move the World,” and SARTRE’S intent is to stir the conscience of those who desire to bring back a common sense, moral and traditional value culture for America. Not seeking fame nor fortune, SARTRE’s only goal is to ask the questions that few will dare … Having refused the invites of an academic career because of the hypocrisy of elite’s, the search for TRUTH is the challenge that is made to all readers. It starts within yourself and is achieved only with your sincere desire to face Reality. So who is SARTRE? He is really an ordinary man just like you, who invites you to join in on this journey. Visit his website at http://batr.org.

Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order


During a fundraiser in Seattle this week, President Barack Obama called for a “new order” based around a collectivized system in order to quell people’s concerns about geopolitical strife and the economy.

“People are anxious. Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas,” said Obama, adding, “But whether people see what’s happening in Ukraine, and Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors in the manner in which it’s financing and arming separatists; to what’s happened in Syria … to the failure in Iraq for Sunni and Shia and Kurd to compromise … to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza….”

“Part of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people. … But here in the United States, what people are also concerned about is the fact that although the economy has done well in the aggregate, for the average person it feels as if incomes, wages just haven’t gone up; that people, no matter how hard they work, they feel stuck.”

In a geopolitical context, Obama’s call for a “new order” really doesn’t sound any different from the old unipolar world order that the United States has represented since the end of the Cold War, which is now being challenged by the rise of the BRICS countries.

Developments over the course of the past year have made it clear that the United States no longer considers Russia to be part of this “new order” as a result of its resistance to NATO encirclement.

In terms of the economy, Obama’s insistence on “economies that work for all people” based on “common humanity” is in direct contradiction to his actual policies, which have almost exclusively served to help Wall Street fat cats while the average American sees their household income decline year after year when adjusted for inflation.

This is by no means the first time that Obama has called for a new world order.

During a 2010 West Point speech, the President encouraged the development of a new “international order” to help secure America’s interests.

Obama also urged Europeans and Americans to embrace the idea of “global citizenship” during a 2012 Berlin speech.

Vice-President Joe Biden has also repeatedly called for a “new world order.”

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com, where this article first appeared.

EndGame (VIDEO)

*Note: This documentary is a few years old, but no doubt still applies to the plans of the New World Order. Please share with everyone you know.

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker Alex Jones reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME.

Jones chronicles the history of the global elite’s bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars—creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire. * Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to document their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world’s agenda and instigating World War III. * Learn about the formation of the North America transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever. * Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation. * View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union.

What Is The World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization, or WHO, was officially established in 1948 by the United Nations. It was created with the goal of standardizing international health policies and practices to achieve “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.”

WHO is the organization behind the curtain (or one of such) that pushes flouridation around the world as a means of eugenics. Since the organization is so large and has public support around the world, they have been very successful.


The WHO is very corrupt – the global mother of USA’s AMA. You see, big pharma, FDA, CDC, USDA, DHS (Department of Human Services) are becoming entwined and somewhat merged, causing a complete breakdown of our medical, health and human services systems.

I speculate that the deterioration of all of these organizations from the top down, is due to the WHO’s influence and control in round-about ways. The WHO is just another moving part of the New World Order (NWO); a branch of it, if you will – of which I am sure many will come to me and call me a conspirator for saying such ‘nonsense’. Any organization that seeks global dominance in any way is a dangerous organization, which we should all scrutinize. Not only does WHO wish to control our healthcare, they also wish to control our food supply. This is one avenue where Monsanto comes in. Monsanto is much bigger than most people think and the history goes way back.

As every nation in the world marches forward to a completely integrated and globalized society, the control of food is an absolute necessity for those who seek to accelerate amalgamation. It is for this reason that we see an increase in domestic legislation that mirrors the guidelines and demands of international standard-setting organizations. These attempts at harmonization of national laws, specifically those regarding food, are coming in daily from all sides of the globe.

Whether it’s the GMO fight in the United States, as well as other countries, or the question of the level of vitamins and minerals in supplements, the Biotech Corporations are continually winning most of their battles with the help of mass ignorance, national governments, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and similar entities.

Indeed, when one begins to examine many of the debates regarding food and food regulation, one name appears over and over – Codex Alimentarius.

For those who may be unaware of what Codex Alimentarius is, I refer you to a book called  Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom, or you can read it, via this website. Briefly speaking, however, Codex Alimentarius is an agency created under the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the WHO, and thereby functions under direction of the United Nations (UN).

Codex Alimentarius sets the standards by which the World Trade Organization implements its dispute settlements and international trade policies. Codex Guidelines, once agreed upon, are enforced by the WTO and other related treaties. Essentially, Codex Alimentarius sets the standards for the world regarding food, vitamins and minerals, GMO’s, and almost everything else that humans consume.

Although the influence of Codex Alimentarius can be seen the world over, New Zealanders were targets of the international standard-setting organization via a food bill titled Food Bill 160-2 in 2011.

Similar to legislation passed in the United States, the New Zealand Food Bill essentially turns the right to grow food and share it with others into a regulated and controlled privilege. Food Bill 160-2 would also allow for the control of seeds (specifically heirloom seeds), and the creation of Food Safety Officers that would serve to police the newly designated and loosely termed “food producers.” It would also effectively end the ability of individuals to become and remain self-sufficient. “Control the food supply; control the people”.

For instance, the bill defines food so as to include any plant or animal (living or dead by the definitions set forth in the bill) intended for human consumption, as well as: any ingredient or nutrient or other constituent of any food or drink, whether that ingredient or nutrient or other constituent is consumed or represented for consumption on its own by humans, or is used in the preparation of, or mixed with or added to, any food or drink; and anything that is or is intended to be mixed with or added to any food or drink.

Furthermore, giving broad and alarming levels of power to the Governor-General, “anything that is declared by the Governor-General, by Order in Council made under section 355, to be food for the purposes of this Act” will also fall under the jurisdiction of Bill 160-2.

So much is included in just the “Definitions” section of the bill one could almost write a twenty-page article just on the connotations provided by Section 8 alone. Regardless, as one can clearly see from reading the small portion of the bill quoted above, the terms of the bill are all-encompassing.

Herein, food is defined literally as anything that can be consumed by humans and it retains this definition at whatever the stage of its development.

Therefore, corn may be considered food whenever it is being sold at a market. It may be considered food when it is being shucked, and it may be considered food when it is being grown. It is also considered food before being grown — in seed form.

Not only that, but because many seeds themselves are consumed by humans, seeds naturally fall under this tyrannical legislation as much as anything else.

As a result of the new policies to be implemented as a result of Food Bill 160-2, anyone then engaged in producing and distributing food would be subject to the regulation and monitoring of the new authorization program. Of course, the classification of “food producer,” applies to individuals who grow two or three tomato plants for their own consumption as much as it does to major Agri-businesses.

That being said, there are clearly financial concerns with the new bill, as well. Obviously, Big-Agra would easily be able to pay the monitoring fees for the new Soviet program while small farmers, where they still exist, could not. In addition, individuals would certainly no longer be able to continue selling their food at the local farmers market, local restaurants, or even to other individuals.

True to form, the questions regarding the new legislation are being brushed off by the New Zealand government, particularly those individuals in the New Zealand government who have been pushing the bill from the start.

For instance, Kate Wilkinson, New Zealand Minister of Food Safety stated that concerns over the Food Bill were part of some kind of “conspiracy theory” and that she didn’t understand where all this “conspiracy theory” was coming from.

Before I continue, I must ask if all this doesn’t sound eerily familiar. It certainly does to me. (That phrase is getting so played out by now)

In 2010 when the United States Congress was busy passing S.510, a bill that was very similar if not identical in scope to the New Zealand Food Bill, we heard the same cat calls of “conspiracy theory” launched at anyone who criticized the impending legislation. Now, after the U.S. government is constantly publicly raiding organic food shops, raw milk distributors, the Amish, small farmers, nutrition supplement shops, etc. etc. with guns drawn by clownish looking SWAT teams, the name-calling is a bit harder to justify.

The similarities between the law in the United States and New Zealand are quite striking, so much in fact that they can scarcely be considered a coincidence — especially when both of these bills are themselves disturbingly similar to Codex Alimentarius Guidelines and recommendations. Indeed, upon closer examination it appears that there is more of a pattern than some members of national governments would have us believe. No doubt this is almost always the case.

But, back to Miss “Conspiracy Theory” Kate Wilkinson for a moment. To answer her question as to where all the “conspiracy theories” have come from, perhaps she should look at her own statements.

In a letter to Green MP, Sue Kedgley, who has expressed some attenuated level of criticism toward the bill, Wilkinson wrote:

“The barter or selling of propagation food seeds and food seedlings is in scope [of the Bill] . . . However the sale or exchange of seeds for propagation, and seedlings (whether this occurs in the context of a garden center, a market, or between those in a community of interest), is not intended to be captured.”

Wilkinson openly admits that seeds can and will be controlled under the new food bill. Hardly a conspiracy theory when the antagonist actually admits it to be true.

Of course, before one gets their hopes up in regards to the Green Party, one should bear in mind that politics are politics and the theater of public opinion is much the same in New Zealand as it is in the United States. The Green Party itself initially voted for this bill. The organization states, “Ignore the Green Party dog-and-pony show propaganda. The Greens, who voted for the Bill at first reading, know the truth is coming out now and are dissembling for extra election votes).” Obviously, the political climate is exactly the same in every country with exactly the same result.

In the end, there should be no mistake as to the goal of these new laws, whether they be in the United States, New Zealand, or anywhere else for that matter. As the world marches faster and faster toward totalitarianism, the ability of individuals to become self-sufficient must be destroyed before the control system can fully assert itself. This, in fact, is an integral part of the system in the first place. This is causing manufactured famines in areas and thus leading people to believe we are running out of resources, due to overpopulation. Just what the green parties and our governments want you to believe, to condone the eugenics programs.

The UN’s Agenda 21 is already making its way into every city, under the guise of “sustainable development”, also being pushed by the green parties, eco-friendly organizations and the Centers for biodiversity. Next, we will lose our rights to own property and procreate – it will be left to those with certain bloodlines. These organizations are merely the domestic ground-level implementation of international policy handed down from Codex Alimentarius, the WTO, WHO, and the United Nations, entities that are themselves nothing more than tools in the Great Work known as the New World Order.

Is Your Church Part Of The New World Order?


As Sunday comes and goes, I will not be attending church. With a scant few exceptions, the church has been invaded in the same manner that our Constitution has been obliterated.

Refusing to Stand Up to Evil

As the country struggles to come to grip with the illegal alien invasion, which threatens our economy, our collective health and out national sovereignty, we are unable to look to our churches to provide the leadership needed in this time of crisis. I have previously documented how several of the recent unscreened illegal aliens have very serious illnesses, some of which have been caught by the Border Patrol, and nothing is being done except for the federal government’s threatening the whistleblowers with prison. I have also documented how some of the illegal immigrants are members of MS-13 who have decided ties to the Mexican drug cartels and ultimately to the most dangerous terrorist organizations on the face of the earth. Instead of heeding these well documented warnings, many of our churches are not condemning the evil. Instead, they are embracing the evil.

Most of the disciples of Jesus Christ were martyred for their uncompromising views towards corrupt civilian authority, except for John, who died of extreme old age and Judas, who committed suicide after betraying Jesus. Many of Jesus’ followers met an untimely end. For example, Peter was crucified, head downward, during the persecution of Nero. James, was thrown from a pinnacle of the Temple, and then beaten to death with a club. Thomas, the doubter, was run through the body with a lance at Coromandel, in the east Indies. Yet, today, most of our 501 C3 tax exempt churches have embraced the suicidal course of Judas as they have made a deal with the devil by espousing government doctrine even when it violates the word of God.

In opposition to the early founders of the church and in opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ, today’s church bends over in the face of evil. It acquiesces to the evil and drags its followers to the gates of hell by demanding compliance to the illegitimate authority and decidedly non Christian forces which are subjugating this country. Today’s pastors are doing so under the guise of Romans 13.

Case In Point

Two San Bernardino-area churches; Fontana’s St. Josephs Catholic Church and St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Rialto. These churches have provided travel cash and bus tickets to recent illegal immigrants  as they are permanently embedded into the mainstream of our country. Many of these immigrants come from countries who have virulent outbreaks of very serious diseases and viruses for which the average American has no immunity. Yet, the Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino spokesman John Andrews told NBC Los Angeles that we will serve these people for as long as need to (even when it threatens the existing population). Why don’t these churches just hand out blankets on the street corners laced with small pox?

First, I would like to point out to these “benevolent” churches that we have homeless Vietnam veterans on seemingly every street corner begging for their next meal. Where is their compassion for these people? Charity begins at home and these two churches are examples on why I do cannot find a church worthy of trusting my soul to. If you want to feed today’s illegal immigrants, that is a noble cause. However, to pay to embed them in our society with no health screening or naturalization period is the height of social irresponsibility.

Today’s churches have been bought off by embracing a false interpretation of Romans 13.  IF these churches care so much for these recent immigrants, then pay for health screening physicals before transporting them into the heartland of country and exposing the reset of to some very serious health conditions. However, this will not happen, because the church has been successfully politicized and taken over.

The Church and Constitution Have Both Been Conquered

I recently condemned pastors who support and lead churches who “enjoy” the 501-C-3 tax exempt status offered by the IRS. Does your pastor command you to follow the will of the government because it is your Christian duty to do so under Romans 13? If so, your pastor is likely  a traitor to the word of God.

The modern interpretation of Romans 13 is pure blasphemy. This scripture has been morphed into a doctrine espousing the “Divine Right of Kings” in which God has somehow chosen a king to ruthlessly rule over a people and it is incumbent upon the people to accept their “God-given fate”,  The flock are commanded to “…submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.”  This false interpretation is nothing but a divine coronation of a ruthless, self-serving government and Christians are expected to capitulate and honor the same kind of thievery, lawlessness and murder which inspired Jesus to expel the moneychangers from the Temple.

As I contemplate what many of the churches will be like as they embrace a perverted interpretation of Romans 13, I am left wondering what kind of God would condone the horrific abuses being perpetrated by the Obama administration? What kind of God would command its religious leaders to simply ignore the American Holocaust which has witnessed the murder of over 50 million American babies, since Roe vWade, in 1973? What kind of God would not have its clergy and its followers fail to condemn the bankster controlled wars of American imperialism which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of human beings? What kind of God would fail to command his clergy to not speak out and to condemn the actions of the criminal money changers on Wall Street, who are inspired only by the love of money as they continue their heinous assaults upon humanity in the form of unlabeled poisonous GMO’s, the theft of solvent home mortgages by the mega banks, and the secret detentions and the murder of American citizens under the NDAA. What kind of God would order his followers to remain silent as the bankster controlled government plans to commence a world war starting with Ukraine, Syria and Iran in order to support the preservation of the Petrodollar which will result in the potential death of billions of human beings?

In actuality, no God of the Bible would ever command his followers to both enable and to serve the evil which permeates our government. For any church that encourages complete obedience to a corrupt government has taken a big step towards accepting the Mark of the Beast. This is a very dangerous precedent, and this could potentially imperil the salvation of millions if Christians allow this false doctrine to expand across our nation’s churches.

The Clergy Response Team

If your church attempts to solicit donations from you to support the ongoing infiltration of our country by unscreened hordes of people. Get up out of your seat and walk out and do not return to that church. Why? Because it is likely that your church is a member of the Clergy Response Team and NOVAD.

The Clergy Response Team falls under the umbrella series of programs known as National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NOVAD) which is a non-profit, member organization which shares knowledge and resources throughout a disaster. The organization helps to prepare, respond, recover and to mitigate the damage caused by some unknown disaster presumably which lies in the future of humanity.

Amazingly, NOVAD claims to be a faith-based coalition which is structured as a non-governmental organization and operates on a national scale and is supported by tax dollars funneled to DHS.

Instantly, Bible believing Christians should smell a rat. Since when, in the modern era, has the federal government ever sponsored organized religion? The answer is not since well before the advent of the atheist activist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who was successful in banning prayer in the public schools in 1963. Then why would the government suddenly fund and support a “faith-based organization” on a national scale?  The simple answer is that Homeland Security is seeking to control our churches and ministers, before the impending train wreck comes to fruition inside of America. DHS desperately is seeking to control all Christians through the perversion of Romans 13 and this is one of two cornerstones in this movement designed to control Christian leaders. And this government foothold into the control of our churches begins with accepting the 501-C-3 tax exempt status which gives the government license to control the message and to ultimately pervert the word of God.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, no substantial part of a religious, tax exempt church may engage in any activity which may be attempting to influence legislation and the church may not intervene in political campaigns. In other words, if the government decides to secretly disappear dissidents, the church must remain silent or risk losing its tax exemption. If the government continues to expand its infanticide policies by extending the murder of babies to include post-delivery abortion, then the church must remain silent. If the government engages in any heinous, genocidal act, such as the murder of 1.2 million Iraqi’s, under the false pretense of looking for weapons of mass destruction, the church must remain silent or risk losing the tax advantages for being a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Combine the 501 (c)(3) financial motivation with the DHS inspired NOVAD directive for clergy to remind their flocks of their Christian duty to obey their government under any and all conditions, we are witnessing the neutering of our most precious institution and the ultimate salvation of millions could hang in the balance.


Who do you think is behind the immigration crisis? The United Nations, that is who. Who is behind the United Nations? The New World Order. Who does your church support?

With each passing crisis, that this administration refuses “to let go to waste”, our people increasingly are looking for leadership in all the wrong places.  If your pastor is a member of these federal organizations, run from that church. If  your church is a tax exempt church which worships money over God, don’t let the door in your church sanctuary hit you on the backside as you run from your soon-to-be former church.

Form prayer and home study bible groups, do not let a perverted phrase from the bible be used to subjugate you.

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website (www.thecommonsenseshow.com) in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

The New World Order And The Rise Of The East

The Global Elite Are Losing Control

“Actually, as Winston well knew, it was only four years since Oceania had been at war with Eastasia and in alliance with Eurasia. But that was merely a piece of furtive knowledge, which he happened to possess because his memory was not satisfactorily under control. Officially the change of partners had never happened. Oceania was at war with Eurasia: therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible…” – George Orwell, 1984

Nations, cultures and populations are best controlled through the use of false paradigms. This is a historically proven tactic exploited for centuries by oligarchs around the world. Under the Hegelian dialectic (the very foundation of the Marxist and collectivist ideology), one could summarize the trap of false paradigms as follows:

If (A) my idea of freedom conflicts with (B) your idea of freedom, then (C) neither of us can be free until everyone agrees to be a slave.

In other words: problem, reaction, solution. Two sides are pitted against each other in an engineered contest. Each side is led to believe that its position is the good and right position. Neither side questions the legitimacy of the conflict, because each side fears this will lead to ideological weakness and disunity.

The two sides go to war, sometimes economically, sometimes militarily. Both governments demand that individuals relinquish freedom, independence and self-reliance, a sacrifice that “must be made” so that victory can be achieved. In the end, neither nation nor society has truly won. The only winners are the oligarchs, who sing words of loyalty to their respective camps, while acting in league from the very beginning. The oligarchs, who never intended to target each other in the first place. Their target, their ONLY target, was the citizenry itself — the dumbfounded masses now mesmerized with shock, awe and terror.

The false paradigm method and the Hegelian dialectic are in full force today. Only a few years ago, Russia, China and the United States were considered close economic and political allies. Today, those alliances are being quickly scrapped in order to make room for conflict, a conflict useful only to a select international elite. As I have outlined in numerous articles, including Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too and False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency, when one looks beyond all the theatrical rhetoric being thrown around between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the ultimate reality is that the relationship of both governments to the global banking elite is the same.

During both of Obama’s Presidential terms, he has flooded his cabinet with current and former employees of Goldman Sachs, a longtime proving ground for elitist financiers with globalist aspirations.

And who is the primary economic adviser to Vladimir Putin and the Russian state? Why Goldman Sachs, of course!

U.S. and European elites have been calling for a centralization of economic power under the control of the International Monetary Fund, as a well as a new global currency.

Not surprisingly, Putin also wants a new global currency under the control of the IMF.

Obama is closely advised by globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and cofounder of the Trilateral Commission, who in his book Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era states:

“The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty …[F]urther progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position…”

As long as he has been in power, Putin has been closely advised by Henry Kissinger, yet another member of the CFR and proponent of the Trilateral Commission, who has said:

“In the end, the political and economic systems can be harmonized in only one of two ways: by creating an international political regulatory system with the same reach as that of the economic world; or by shrinking the economic units to a size manageable by existing political structures, which is likely to lead to a new mercantilism, perhaps of regional units. A new Bretton Woods kind of global agreement is by far the preferable outcome…”

Both Kissinger and Brzezinski refer to this harmonized global economic and political structure as the “New World Order.” The fact that the political leaders of Russia and the United States are clearly being directed by such men should not be taken lightly.

China, too, has made demands for a restructuring of the global monetary system into a centralized currency basket under the dominance of the IMF.

China’s ties to the banking elite of London are well documented.

The call on both sides for a new monetary system and the end of the dollar as world reserve seems to greatly contradict the fantasy that the East and West are fundamentally at odds.  The progression towards a world currency and/or economic governance also appears to be growing along with the consolidation of economic and military ties between Eastern nations. This would suggest that the rise of the East and the crippling of Western elements is actually advantageous to global bankers in the long term.

While disinformation agents and media shills have attempted to downplay any danger to the strength of America and the dollar, Eastern governments have been swiftly establishing alliances and decoupling from U.S. influence.

The historic 30-year Russia/China gas deal has, of course, been finalized. This deal is already eating up market space and influencing the way in which the energy trade traditionally behaves.

China and Russia have also expanded on their bilateral agreements made in 2010, which remove the dollar as the reserve currency in transactions between the two nations.

China’s thirst for gold continues, while the country is now building its own gold exchange to rival the U.S. Comex.

Russia has recently established what Putin calls the “Eurasian Economic Union,” a deal which includes Kazakhstan and Belarus, two countries that hold large, freshly discovered oil fields.

In response to the engineered conflict over Ukraine, as well as the “Asian-Pacific Pivot” by the U.S., China has openly called for a new security pact with Russia and Iran.

Let’s also not forget that China is set to surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest economy by 2016, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

While the rise of the East is being painted in Western circles as a threat to U.S. and NATO dominance, the bigger picture is being hidden from view. Yes, indeed, the consolidation of the East is a considerable threat to the dollar and the U.S. economy — most importantly in the event that China refuses to accept dollars as payment on exports and debts. With the world’s largest exporter/importer refusing to take dollars as a reserve, most nations will inevitably follow their lead.  The argument against this development is, of course, that there is no rational trigger for such a violent fiscal attack. I would remind skeptics that there was no rational trigger for the current strengthened relations between Russia and China until the Ukraine crisis. Is anyone really foolish enough to bet against another direct or indirect conflict between NATO and the East? And is anyone really ignorant enough to assume that said event would not be used as an excuse to cut the legs out from under the dollar completely?

The New World Order players have positioned the East and West for just such a scenario. Why? In my article Who Is The New Secret Buyer Of U.S. Debt?, I give evidence indicating that the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF are preparing the financial world for a new global monetary system, brought into existence by a second Bretton Woods conference. The debasement of the dollar and the rise of the East are NOT obstacles to this plan.  Rather, they are required factors. There can be no truly global economic system without “harmonization”, the demise of the dollar’s world reserve status, and the end of sovereign economic governance.

For those who doubt this scenario, read Paul Volcker’s latest statement, as reported by Zero Hedge.

Volcker, the same man who was directly involved in the destruction of the first Bretton Woods agreement and the final death rattle of the gold standard, is now promoting a NEW Bretton Woods-style agreement in which currencies are pegged to a controlled market system — in essence, a centralized international monetary system. Volcker also suggests that a single nation-based reserve currency like the dollar may be a danger to overall fiscal health.

Volcker is right. The dollar-dominated forex casino and fiat fraud is a danger to the world. Volcker helped make it that way! And what a surprise, the former Federal Reserve chairman has a solution on a silver platter for the American people — all we need is GLOBAL centralization and bureaucratic oversight.

The propaganda is being carefully planted within the mainstream. Christine Lagarde of the IMF now spends the whole of her media interviews inserting the phrase “global economic reset” without explaining exactly what that would entail, while central banking elites like Volcker suggest a Bretton Woods II conference leading to a global monetary authority. In the meantime, Russian government-funded media outlets like RT produce pieces accusing the U.S. of being a nuclear menace while we Americans get to watch manipulative Hollywood films like “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” which depicts a Russian plot to collapse the U.S. economy.  China and U.S. representatives squabble with each other at geopolitical meetings fueling fears of diplomatic breakdown, while the Pentagon “suggests” they may have to revamp their military strategies in consideration of yet another World War.  Just as in Orwell’s book, 1984, old enemies become allies and then enemies once again, and at the top of the pyramid, it’s all a farce.

The best lies contain elements of truth. The truth here is that the East is forming alliances in opposition to the West, the West is involved in underhanded covert operations all over the planet, and both “sides” are in fact on the verge of a catastrophic battle for supremacy. The great lie is that important details have been left out of our little story. Both sides are merely puppet pieces in a grand game of global chess, and any conflict will ultimately benefit the small group of men standing over the board. They include the international financiers who have influenced the very policy fabric of each government toward a climactic crisis which they hope will finally give them the “New World Order” they have always dreamed of.

Brandon Smith is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join www.Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected].

Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here:


The State Department’s New World Order Agenda

“I have here in my hand a list of two hundred and five people that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.” – Joseph R. McCarthy

us state department

Flag waving Americans want to believe that their government is on the right side of history. Especially in the realm of foreign policy, the myth that the United States saved the world from despotic tyrants, popularly reflected in the victor’s account of post World War II, is the accepted viewpoint. Hidden from public education is that the New World Order was the actual winner. The specific inception of the globalist forces that originated the sub rosa directions behind formable institutions and governments dates well back over centuries. However, the modern technocratic era allows for the dramatic acceleration of a one-world system imposition, which was never possible in previous times.

Loyal citizens of the old republic want to trust that the State Department, commissioned to serve as the guardian and protector of the country, is conducting foreign policy in the best interests of the nation. There is a reason why the Secretary of State is third in line to succeed the President. That purpose, intended to defend diplomatically and promote the public safety and benefit, has served a very different master for a very long time.

Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg’s notorious adage, “politics stops at the water’s edge”, by no means ever really practiced by the political class a true national defense of the country because it was never the primary goal of the establishment.

The international corporate conglomerate of economic dominance sets the agenda for the imperium empire that deploys the worldwide military hegemony, which feeds upon endless manufactured conflicts and false flag operations. The State Department is the keeper of the keys that formulate policies, which serves only the globalist patrons that control the puppets who make up the federal bureaucracies.

The successors of the sinister cabal that planned World War I and II and created Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong are the same prodigy that dictates the constant regional conflicts, which engulfs the United States into destructive involvements that bleed unnecessary blood and squander national treasure.

It is this New World Order that is in charge. State Department lackeys; duped into thinking they serve the cause of freedom, implement tactics and objectives that cause profound hatred towards America by much of the world. Those who know the real score and direct the actual formulation of policy, seek to join the ranks of world dominators, who have no allegiance to country, principles or moral values.

Examine the pattern of State Department betrayal. What a great result from the liberation of Iraq to rid all those weapons of mass destruction. Expanding the opium trade in Afghanistan surely deserves praise. Then there is the killing Gaddafi that resulted in that Benghazi success. Next was the Egyptian coup d’état of Mubarak and the subsequent removal of the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood government. Finally, leading up to the current campaign against Syria, that is proving more difficult than usual, demonstrates that keeping the orthodox mission in the protection of Israel does not always go smoothly.

Yes, that New World Order playbook needs to produce a continuous crop of villains. How else can a permanent and undeviating condition of controlled chaos exist? Managing fashioned circumstances for the benefit of the crown elites is the prescribed procedure of the State Department.

Enter the bona fide “Big Dog”, Vladimir Putin Nemesis of the New World Order. Establishment reports by the Zionist owned mass media is a massive cover-up. The State Department conceived operation to expand the NWO and engulfing Ukraine into the European Union sphere of control goes unreported. The enforcement military machine of the New World Order is NATO. This pathetic attempt to reconstitute the cold war to save a dying economic banksters system is just the latest political propaganda to deceive the public.

The “so called” liberation thugs that engaged in street warfare are part of a western inspired scheme that used George Soros operative fronts as cover. When the US spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine, such illegal intervention undermines self-determination at its core. The correct conclusion to draw from such efforts follows:

“The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington-and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.”

That esteem champion of national sovereignty, Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, is hardly a protector of the duly elected Ukrainian government. Actively working to depose that regime for one acceptable to the EU/NATO system claims such actions as legal and sound policy, for the good of the Ukrainians. When Toby Gati, the former White House senior director for Russia, defended Nuland, the futility of a joint cooperative strategy exposes the reality of blowback to the EU.

“Nuland “was expressing in shortened form the frustration with the inability of the EU to come up with any kind of sugar to make the medicine go down,” said Gati. “What she is saying is we’ve got a crisis here, we’ve got to move, we can’t go by EU business as usual.”

The New World Order is build upon factions of elites that pivot around crux interests, while guiding their own governments into accepting the long-term outlook. One such foundational precept requires that the central banksters manage countries that are already in arrears in their debt payments. With the selection of Arseniy Yatseniuk, the central banker politico as PM for the post-coup Ukraine, the real purpose behind the upheaval becomes clear.

“Yats is also ready to impose IMF austerity on Ukraine, already one of the poorest nations in Europe. “Yatsenyuk is the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism,” Vladimir Signorelli, president of boutique investment research firm Bretton Woods Research LLC in New Jersey, told Forbes last month.

“He’s the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding.”

The announced EU $15B aid package to provide much needed cash to Ukraine accelerates the intrusion of NWO dominance into the heartland of the former Soviet empire. As the State Department Is Preparing Sanctions Against Russia, the NeoCons and International Libs in Congress eagerly want to ratchet up the appearance of a new cold war to divert away from domestic woes and a collapsing war on the terror hoax.

Yet the internal motivations out of the United States government carry little weight, when viewed within the context of the long-term master plans, for extending the current New World Order into a non-compete global dominion. Pushing Russia into the arms of an already hostile China certainly does not serve the security of America. However, that is exactly the probable outcome from getting involved, (like this designed covert regime change) in the internal affairs of Eastern Europe.

Lest one forgets, that Communism was the invention of the international banksters, recognize that authoritarianism is the normal condition of human governments. The totalitarian collectivism that the phony western democracies practice produces corporate fascism. This is the preferred version of global rule that the New World Order seeks.

Therefore, when the non-elected pawns of the transitional Ukrainian NWO protectorate states, Crimea ‘was, is and will be an integral part of Ukraine’, you get the Yats effect of a CNN reported illusion. For the reality, the RT coverage that Sevastopol and Crimean parliament vote to join Russia, referendum to be held, describes the actual circumstances.

The pathetic hypocrisy when Obama says Crimea referendum would ‘violate international law’, fails to account for the capricious attitude and deadly methods employed to oust the Viktor Yanukovych government. What legitimate international law standard did the snipers use to kill both police and protestors in Kiev?

Playing king maker is a very dangerous game that the State Department undertakes at its own risk. Applying these same tactics, what will be the response when the liberation dissenters surround the capital and start a national demonstration to oust the DC criminal class from power? Surely, calling out the tanks to restore the homeland order will be the official response.

With every assault orchestrated to establish a government regime change favorable to the New World Order, the prospects of meaningful resistance diminishes. When the State Department leads the parade to dump defiant state leaders, the actual legitimacy of our own government’s authority evaporates.

Calling on the world community for moral permission to eliminate opposition states is like applying for a loan from the World Bank. Strings are attached that only benefit the shylock.

One needs to distinguish the genuineness of Western Civilization from the immorality of US/EU/NATO interventionism. Permanent war is the lifeblood of the New World Order. The last thing this planet needs is a global empire, which removes any country that rejects and resists the NWO feudalist model. The essence of true liberty demands that ethnic populations organize around and among their own kind.

“The State Department desperately needs to be vigorously harnessed. It has too big a role to play in the formulation of foreign policy, and foreign policy is too important to be left up to foreign service officers.” – Evan G. Galbraith


SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, several successful ventures expanded opportunities for customers and employees. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce. He is retired and lives with his wife in a rural community. “Populism” best describes the approach to SARTRE’s perspective on Politics. Realities, suggest that American Values can be restored with an appreciation of “Pragmatic Anarchism.” Reforms will require an Existential approach. “Ideas Move the World,” and SARTRE’S intent is to stir the conscience of those who desire to bring back a common sense, moral and traditional value culture for America. Not seeking fame nor fortune, SARTRE’s only goal is to ask the questions that few will dare … Having refused the invites of an academic career because of the hypocrisy of elite’s, the search for TRUTH is the challenge that is made to all readers. It starts within yourself and is achieved only with your sincere desire to face Reality. So who is SARTRE? He is really an ordinary man just like you, who invites you to join in on this journey. Visit his website at http://batr.org.

Obama’s Neocon Appointments And The N.W.O.


I was all for Obama, literally cheering when he won the election; that quickly evaporated as soon as he revealed his true New World Order stripes.

You remember that day he showed up at the White House, even before being sworn in, to accept the burning bag of crap that Bush was eager to hand off…saying that he supported the bail outs, ostensibly because some corps really were ‘too Big to fail.’

Uh, forget that they were the very banks that sent the economy over the cliff. It was a nasty bit of fascism, though none dare call it that. In fact, that was the signal that every American (not fast asleep) should have realized and marked the end of our democracy.

But things rapidly degenerated from there. I have long since been unable to fathom the stupidity of democrats that cannot see through him. The reasons are simple, obvious and disconcerting in the extreme.

While Obama’s handlers are always careful to emphasize the black side of his heritage, his white side is never mentioned. But he is not only our first black/white president, Obama is the first republicrat president. In fact as far back as 2008, conservatives were elated with Obama’s picks.

Neocon, Max Boot wrote: “I have to admit that I am gobsmacked by these appointments, most of which could just as easily have come from a President McCain.” That should have hit all democrats like a blow to the solar plexus. Were liberal democrats, or any democrats paying attention or just reading the New York Times and Washington Post?

Equally as thrilled another neocon David Brooks wrote: “Believe me, I’m trying not to join in the vast, heaving O-phoria now sweeping the coastal haute bourgeoisie. But the personnel decisions have been superb. The events of the past two weeks should be reassuring to anybody who feared that Obama would veer to the left or would suffer self-inflicted wounds because of his inexperience”

The fact is that Obama was just G.W. Bush’s shadow.

If you were a democrat, left of center independent and failed to note these early signals of Obama’s true N.W.O. colors, then hopefully you subsequently noticed that neocon Richard Perle commented that,  “I’m relieved contrary to expectations, I don’t think we would see a lot of change.“

Neocon Mona Charen agreed: “Superstition almost forbids me to comment on President-elect Obama’s appointments thus far. The news has been so shockingly welcome that I’m almost afraid to remark on it for fear of breaking the spell.”

All of these happy neocon statements were made early on in Obama’s first term. If you still do not get it, let me decipher who Obama really is and what it all means. In short, Obama is a puppet of American’s oligarchy, which is and always has been, the authors of the New World Order.

Part of the overall N.W.O. strategy is to create confusion and chaos, to wit, the JFK assassination and 911; another leg of the strategy is to completely befuddle the American people through the propaganda machinery they own, the mainstream media pimps and ho’s.

Obama is a liberal democrat who appoints neo-conservative republicans to high posts in his administration, and no one notices that this does not compute with normal American politics. Strangely enough, very little of the N.W.O. overall strategy or their final objective — is being concealed at this late stage of the One World Government under their Rule — end game.

Of course, Obama re-affirmed the very same man Bush appointed to be the Defense Secretary. Why wouldn’t he? Any rational American with half-a-brain left should have been expecting a new appointment as the neocons, quite familiar with our political history, did.

But no, surprise, Obama had to tip his hat to the oligarchy – the owners of the “military industrial complex” again – so he could occupy the White House and partake of all that fine cuisine every night.

If you have or are starting to suspect that we are trapped in a downward spiraling vortex, and that what goes on in Washington D.C. is a puppet show, we are on the same page. There is already no value left in the US dollar. Putin can and will pull the plug on the dollar, along with China, the Stock Market and the US economy.

But that might be of little consequence.

The Ukraine is just one of the last triggers leading to WWIII, which the oligarchs have already warned they want in order to depopulate the world and re-start the monopoly game. Remember Putin did not initiate the crisis and look who got in the driver’s seat in Kiev, a billionaire banker…


By Will Hart. His latest book “The Late Great United States” will be available in April.

The Grand Chess Board Of World War III (Part One)

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. -William Shakespeare


Many times in the midst of a global crisis, it is easy to lose sight of what is important, take our eyes off of the ball and ignore what is truly important. In an ongoing effort to make sense out of the world we live in, there is one undeniable truth, the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking empire is the prime motivating force behind the systematic destruction of the old world and the roll out of the New World Order. Subsequently, it is important to establish what complete control the banksters have in moving the world towards total subjugation.

The primary weapon of mass manipulation is the planet’s central banking system which is headquartered in Basel. If a nation and its leaders do not follow the script, they tend to have a very short life span. Let’s take the assassination of the Polish government and military as a case in point.

It is difficult to discuss centralized banking and at the same time forget the very suspicious deaths of the entire Polish government, high ranking military establishment and members of its own national banking cartel after they refused to let their nation become the latest victim of this banking cartel’s loan sharking operation in which the IMF attempted to make Poland a debt slave. Poland was the only nation in 2009 to experience economic growth in the EU which totaled  2.75% in that year and 3.25% in 2011 at a time when the other 26 nations of the EU economy contracted by as much as 4.1%. The Polish government refused to capitulate to the IMF and enter the world of austerity, pension theft and the looting of bank accounts.

The plane crash which led to the death of the entire Polish government and banking leaders was staged and then a Russian/Polish hit team descended on the scene to kill the survivors before the first responders could arrive. Do you want to see what a bankster regime change looks and sounds like? Take a look at this video which keeps being taken down and then reappearing. I would suggest saving this video on your desktop.

The murderers seen on this tape are two Poles and two Russians. This is not about the nationality of the murderers, this is about the black-ops of both nations (the Polish secret police controlled by Basel and rogue elements of the FSB which were operating under the direction of the Mossad). The thinking of my sources is that this was ultimately a Mossad hit and the CIA provided the necessary tools to bring the plane down at the precise location where these “special forces” sprang into action and killed off all of the survivors. When this video made the light of day, it did not take long for retribution to occur. I have been told that the videographer was stabbed to death in Moscow while walking down the street. This is what criminal bankster, mafia inspired regime change looks like. Bankster inspired regime change does not begin and end with Poland.

Lincoln, JFK and McKinley are all US Presidents who have been murdered to fulfill bankster goals. Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez and Gaddafi were all murdered when they defied the central banking cartel. However, assassinating leaders to bring about policy change is one thing, simultaneously controlling the world is quite another. A strong move to control the entire world is underway and it will culminate in World War III and then the world will see a New World Order created out of the existing chaos (i.e. out of chaos comes order).

The Undeniable Facts

The US was made the world policeman following World War II. At the Breton Woods 1944 summit, the central bankers decided to also make the dollar the world’s reserve currency and thus the Petrodollar was born. The Petrodollar provides that all nations must first purchase Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. the dollar) prior to purchasing oil. This allows the bankers to continue to plunder the US treasury, under the auspices of the IRS, yet maintain some degree of dollar solvency by providing some measure of “backing up” the dollar in the world’s oil business.

There is no question that the Bank of International Settlement is managing a world crisis which permitted the rise of Russia and China on the world’s economic scene. The banksters have permitted Putin to acquire huge sums of mineral resources (e.g. natural gas and petroleum) and the Russian economy has been revived. The Chinese economy is riding the wave of industrialization. Predictably, both China and Russia as well as the other BRIC nations have grown weary of the rigged economic game being perpetrated by the Petrodollar and a predictable and planned bankster inspired conflict is arising.

The BRICS Strike Back

The BRIC nations have begun to strike back at the once complete dominance of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. What product could totally undermine what would be a totally fiat currency if it were not for the Petrodollar? It would be, of course, gold!

Any gold based economy, or even partial gold based economy backed currency will hold its value much more solidly than the oil backed dollar as gold is the most sound medium of exchange on the planet.

In order to challenge American dominance in the world in an economic system which guarantees last place for the rest of the world, it was predictable that the rising economies of the BRICS would seek to challenge the economic dominance of the US Petrodollar in order to close the economic gap which lies between the BRICS and the United States. For example, China can own the debt of the US, but so long as the Petrodollar is in play as the dominant medium of economic exchange, the BRIC will always compete for second place. Meanwhile, the US military and its NATO allies, the instrument of ultimate global oppression used against leaders who deviate from the script written in Basel, will continue to dominate until all parties are brought to the battlefield by a cleverly arranged plot being fermented by the likes of the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlement.

In the world of central banking there are three groups.

1. The Bank of International Settlement and its World Bank and IMF subsidiaries.

2. The central banks of the world such as the Federal Reserve form the second tier of power in the world.

3. Then there are the half dozen, or so, countries who are resisting central banking debt enslavement as a means of control coming out of Basel. Poland, Libya and Iraq are recent examples of nations who have been dealt with and their central banking resistant leaders have been exterminated. Venezuela is in the process of being dealt with after the demise of Chavez. Brazil, Russia, India and China, along with their puppet North Korean government are going to be dealt with in the upcoming World War III.

What Does This Mean for America?

The existence of the Federal Reserve Note and ultimately the Federal Reserve itself, is being challenged by the fact that the useful idiot nations of Iran and Syria are serving as a powder keg for a global war of ultimate unification. The BRIC nations have pinned their hope on circumventing the Petrodollar through purchasing Iran’s oil in gold in a move which ties together all the elements of this conspiracy.

Subsequently, the Federal Reserve Board have been put in the untenable position to be fighting for survival over the Iranian situation. Iran is the focal point of who and what is going to dominate the world’s economic scene. Will it be gold or the Petrodollar? The bastards from Basel are literally laughing all the way to the bank. Not only have they been funding the rise of the forces in this future conflict, these banksters know that the coming war between the gold backed BRIC nations and the Petrodollar will result in a conflict in which neither the dollar, nor gold will be the world’s future medium of exchange. Out of this chaos, will come the order of a new currency created in Basel.

The ultimate script here in America has to do with getting the American people to accept a slide into World War III. For that to happen, there has to be a monumental depression. I am still calling for an economic collapse which will most likely be triggered by a Stock Market collapse. Then the following scenario will come into play, a scenario which I have been touting for 18 months.

1. False flag event(s) to create absolute chaos and havoc.

2. The roll-out of martial law in order to martial all resources needed to help the Federal Reserve and subsequently squash all domestic resistance to the coming conflict.

3. World War III will proceed without American domestic opposition and simultaneously consist of confiscating all American guns and destroying the Constitution.

It is in this time, that the events surrounding the Petrodollar and the crisis in Ukraine will begin to make perfect sense to all who are paying attention.

Those of you who think that abolishing the Federal Reserve is the key to eliminating the oppression of the American people, are sadly mistaken. If you really want to understand what we, as Americans, are up against, you must set your sights much higher up on the food chain.

Part two of this series will identify the key chess pieces and their role in the perpetrating of the final act being played out on the world stage in which Obama, Putin, Assad et al., are merely actors in a play contained in a script which was written a long time ago… written by the ultimate masters of manipulation. The countdown to Armageddon has begun.


Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website (www.thecommonsenseshow.com) in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

“Extraordinary Crisis” Needed To Preserve “New World Order”

atlantic council

Writing for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.

In an article entitled War on Terror Is not the Only Threat, Ullman asserts that, “tectonic changes are reshaping the international geostrategic system,” arguing that it’s not military superpowers like China but “non-state actors” like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and anonymous hackers who pose the biggest threat to the “365 year-old Westphalian system” because they are encouraging individuals to become self-empowered, eviscerating state control.

“Very few have taken note and fewer have acted on this realization,” notes Ullman, lamenting that “information revolution and instantaneous global communications” are thwarting the “new world order” announced by U.S. President George H.W. Bush more than two decades ago.

“Without an extraordinary crisis, little is likely to be done to reverse or limit the damage imposed by failed or failing governance,” writes Ullman, implying that only another 9/11-style cataclysm will enable the state to re-assert its dominance while “containing, reducing and eliminating the dangers posed by newly empowered non-state actors.

Ullman concludes that the elimination of non-state actors and empowered individuals “must be done” in order to preserve the new world order. A summary of their material suggests that the Atlantic Council’s definition of a “new world order” is a global technocracy run by a fusion of big government and big business under which individuality is replaced by transhumanist singularity.

Ullman’s rhetoric sounds somewhat similar to that espoused by Trilateral Commission co-founder and regular Bilderberg attendee Zbigniew Brzezinski, who in 2010 told a Council on Foreign Relations meeting that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.

Ullman’s implied call for an “extraordinary crisis” to reinvigorate support for state power and big government has eerie shades of the Project For a New American Century’s 1997 lament that “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor,” an expansion of U.S. militarism would have been impossible.

In 2012, Patrick Clawson, member of the influential pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) think tank, also suggested that the United States should launch a staged provocation to start a war with Iran.

Ullman’s concern over failing state institutions having their influence eroded by empowered individuals, primarily via the Internet, is yet another sign that the elite is panicking over the “global political awakening” that has most recently expressed itself via the actions of people like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and their growing legion of supporters.

via, newswatch.us

Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable?

david rockefeller

We’ve all been acutely aware of this ploy. What strikes me about the timing of such a move, pulling the plug on the internet and otherwise, is how important communications are to crises. With so many looming potential devastating scenarios and the survival of our loved ones and each other so important, this is something to be very conscious of as well as prepared for.

Personally, I have no doubt this will either herald or accompany whatever nefarious major move is next.

When you think about a supreme court justice in a deliberately high profile statement warning of a renewed approval of internment camps, the existence of which we’ve followed for a very long time with the plethora of FEMA camps being erected in addition to the existing arenas and stadiums said to be ready for similar uses, …it stands to reason that a communications black-out would be their best way to work freely under the cover of informational darkness.

Not that anyone in authority is listening to our protests, but it’s clear the awakening is shining a very uncomfortable light on their ramped-up intrusions on the freedoms, protection, health and well being of the US and world populations while massively empowering untold millions of awakening souls.

It’s A Worldwide Crackdown

The notoriously fascist and warmongering US is something of the exemplary capstone of this militarist movement, but we’re seeing the same strategy in Saudi Arabia and Turkey and many other NWO allies to muzzle and detain dissidents. These maneuvers are apparently being “tried out” once again, a tactic used to condition and soften western minds to these ideas, just as they’ve used Cyprus and Greece and other countries to test out reactions to their draconian banking intentions.

The global plan knows no national boundaries.

They know they have their hands full with the fiercely independent American mentality, so they come at it from all angles. That they’ve openly listed the types of Americans who are potential terrorists in plain view should make anyone shiver. We are now, and always have been, their #1 enemy. Managing their cattle is their primary concern.

world brain

The Two Edged Sword of Censoring the World Mind

The Controllers have a dilemma on their hands and they know it. The rampant spread of awareness that has taken place via the internet, and now further enhanced by the use of hand held devices of all sorts has informed and empowered a massive change in humanity. While we know the creation of the internet had at the outset underlying goals of surveillance and control, Truth is a virus to their system they were not prepared for.

The collection of data and information, called the World Brain by eugenicist H.G. Wells many decades ago, was envisioned as tool for control. Little did they know what an awakening it would spawn in such a short amount of time.

In addition, trying to muzzle a population always has a major backlash. This is why the militarization of law enforcement and the proliferation of detainment camps are integral to their program. Eventually the population will blow, which is clearly their intention. Treat people like potential terrorists, remove their freedoms and start harassing them and you’ll get the population plenty riled up.

And these elitist bastards are making sure it happens – while they skip town to their hideaways and the polarized plebes fight it out.

Preprogramming – Threats, Threats and More Threats

It’s coming at us from all sides. Hollywood has laid massive groundwork with their “end of the world” scenarios played out to dutifully programmed audiences for decades, vividly imaging and planting into the hive mind everything “enemy” from asteroids and aliens to plagues and cyber-terrorism. Mainstain news augments this program with scientifically packaged potential polar EMP catastrophes, dutifully played out by “Homeland Security” drills which also intimate outside EMP, cyber and otherwise attacks by foreign powers.

Add the very real yet Orwellian suppressed threats posed by Fukushima, geoengineering, GMOs and the like, and the on-going WW3 buildup via the roll out into the Middle East and Syria crises and the overt targeting of Iran, and you’ve got a clustered humanity ready to scream “help – save us” with any incident right on cue.

It gets even more surreal when you factor in the parallel Orwellian police state crackdown playing out on American streets, paralleling the war scenarios being perpetrated in countless countries. And this is not just in the US but in the other compliant pawns such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Russia and their ever increasing brigade of New World Order sycophants. They can’t seem to climb on board fast enough.

domino affect


They all know something’s coming, something big. Whatever triggers this next phase, it will be a deliberately timed chain reaction that will make the world’s head spin like no other time in recent history. So what would you do to cover your next move on a population you want to subdue, quell and disable?

Shut down communications.

Don’t let the subjects talk to each other when crunch time comes, because information is power. If you don’t think they realize how massive our awakening is and the extent of its empowerment you’re living in a dream. These are psychopaths who’ve been planning this worldwide takeover a long, long time. This infinitesimal small minority of sick would-be controllers actually think they can pull this off but are strangely aware and fearful of our power.

We will not go quietly into the night, nor can we ever be extinguished.

While our spontaneous combustion has no doubt blown their minds, they have their mechanisms in place. We were asleep way too long leading up to all of this, but we’re not too late. Fatalism is not in our spiritual vocabulary, because they are operating on a very low density vibration and our time is always now. Theirs isn’t. What they want to perpetrate is so contrary to spirit and nature it cannot succeed.


Their machinations may appear to succeed for a while,  just as this current tide of lies, control and intended depopulation seems at times to be unavoidable, but their tower of deceit will crumble.

Truth wins by default. Always.

Their sole craving is power. Everything we’re witnessing on the world stage is a means to this. It is contrary to everything that underlies the creative power of the Universe. The parasite may feed for a while, but the true natural body will fight it off.

Truth and love are regenerative, while they are not. They must be synthesized. We however are eternal conscious awareness, infinite potential awaiting its full potential.

We’re not too late, off schedule, or destined to despotic rule. This potential reality is how it already is at a very deep level, but more importantly each of us is now awakened to fulfill our infinitely creative and powerful role in this grand finale.

take heed
The communication lights at some time will go off – it will not take much of a pretense, but they will do it. Whether it be a major false flag nuke event, phony cyber attack, or an “enhanced” earth change in order to create the image of the big emergency, they are poised to try anything.

It could be very soon, so be prepared. Have your alternative means of communication and survival in place.

Most of all, emanate love – in all its forms: righteous anger, passionate information sharing, full on non-compliance, intense spiritual intention or tapping into infinite peace. Or all of the above. They are not contradictory.

Respond to the call. The hour is late. Let the rest go.


Much love always, Zen



The Major Weakness Of The New World Order

einstein stupidity

This is the first of a two part series which explores the nature of those that would enslave humanity. The first part deals with the intelligence level of some of our most prominent leaders and the results are hilarious. The second part of this series examines the abject brutality that will accompany our subjugation. However, the brutality which will accompany our demise won’t be a laughing matter.

Our Seemingly Invincible Opponent

There are many times I have felt discouraged when I considered our prospects to defeat the New World Order and their globalist plans of ultimate enslavement of humanity. At times, the banksters who have hijacked our government seem invincible. However, when I look closely at the minions of the New World Order, that have been handpicked to rob us of our civil liberties, our property and even our lives, I can only come to one conclusion: The servants of the New World Order are absolute morons. They prove that in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.

We already know that the minions of the New World Order are evil beyond compare, but they are also incredibly stupid beyond repair. I bring to your attention three shining examples of this truth in the form of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

Joe Biden

joe bidenBiden reminds me of the old saying “Never argue with a fool, he might not know the difference.” If there is a more intellectually deprived person who has held high office in our government than Joe Biden, I have not seen it. Let’s let Joe tell us, in his own words, just how intellectually challenged he truly is.

“Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately.”

Don’t ask, don’t tell, Joe.

“Look at what the Republicans value, and look at their budget. And look what they’re proposing. Romney said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks write their own rules — unchain Wall Street. They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” — Joe Biden, speaking to a largely African-American audience in Danville, Va., Aug. 14, 2012.

I did not know that Joe was related to Archie Bunker.

“My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, I could be. I could be Vice President!”

And thank you Joe, for reminding us what Americans are up against.

“You know, I’m embarrassed. Do you know the Web site number? I should have it in front of me and I don’t. I’m actually embarrassed.”

Joe Biden, speaking to an aide standing out of view during an interview on CBS’ “Early Show,” in the midst of encouraging viewers to visit a government-run Web site that tracks stimulus spending.

“If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

There you have it from the Yogi Berra of the American government.

“Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.”

Joe, not just Hillary would have been better than you, try three monkeys sitting on an organ grinder.

“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent… I’m not joking.”

Joe Biden, in a private remark to an Indian-American man which aired on C-SPAN. I did not know Joe was a card carrying member of the KKK.

“Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.” Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair, Columbia, Missouri, Sept. 12, 2008.

Come on Joe, stand up and let’em see you think!

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.” — Joe Biden, apparently who flunked 11th grade U.S. History.

FDR wasn’t president when the stock market crashed in 1929, and only a few experimental TV sets were in use at that time.

“I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

Joe was apparently referencing Teddy Roosevelt’s famous quote, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Is there a rule that a high government official cannot have an IQ over room temperature?

“His mom lived in Long Island for ten years or so. God rest her soul. And… although, she’s… wait… your mom’s still… your mom’s still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul.”

Joe Biden, speaking about the mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen who is still alive.

Collectively, America owes Joe Biden a debt of gratitude. His stupidity gives me hope to that we can win this war against the globalists.

Nancy Pelosi

nancy pelosiNancy Pelosi is living proof that although beauty may fade, stupidity endures forever.

Every week we don’t pass a Stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs. — Nancy Pelosi trying to convince Congress to allow Wall Street to plunder the American Treasury.

Gee, Nancy, I guess that immigration problem is a lot worse than we originally thought.

“I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels. It’s cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels.”

Someone should break it to Nancy that natural gas IS a fossil fuel.

“First Bush cut taxes for the rich and the economy has rebounded with new record low unemployment rates, which only means wealthy employers are getting even wealthier at the expense of the underpaid working class.”

Thank you Nancy for exposing the true intent of the leadership of the democrats who desire to deindustrialize the economy and collapse the economy.

Nancy Reagan is the most evil person ever born.”

Come on Nancy, Mrs. Reagan did not hide your Botox.

“Bush was just like Hitler.”

Nancy forgot to tell us what that makes the masterminds of Fast and Furious, or the murderers of Chris Stevens in the form of Clinton, Holder and Obama.

“Just what is so bad about Communism?”

Thanks Nancy, but I think we are getting a pretty good idea.

“America will be far safer if we reduce the chances of a terrorist attack in one of our cities than if we diminish the civil liberties of our own people.”


“If you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps and have unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own…It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance.”

With half the country on public assistance, I would have to say that she has made good on this expressed desire.

“We have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market profits taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as “Americans”.”

Someone should tell Nancy that illegal aliens are NOT American citizens, even though, under Pelosi’s policies, they have more rights than American citizens. By the way Nancy, that would be 30 million illegal aliens and climbing by the moment.

“This budget says no more debt. We’re going in the opposite direction.”

Nancy has a gift for stating the obvious.

“Pass Health Reform So You Can Find Out What’s In It.”

What is this, Let’s Make a Deal? And Nancy, we are finally discovering what’s in the bill. It contains death panels, taxes on our home mortgages, loss of medical freedom and government intrusion into health records.

Pelosi is proof that every absurdity has a champion to defend it.

President Obama

obamaAmazingly, the Commander-In-Chief is almost as intellectually deprived as Biden and Pelosi. Consider the following:

“We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.”

That is OK, Mr. President. I hear that they don’t teach geography in Kenya.

 “I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” — at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon.

We understand Mr. President, it’s those darn schools in Kenya.

“[I]f you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.”

Well, Mr. President, you have managed to convince half the country, the 50% that is on welfare, of that fact. Government is, indeed, our third parent. While we are at it, do I have to quit my job to get an Obama phone?

“My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

Yes, Mr. President, didn’t you call that Hope and Change? The working 50% in this country only hope we can keep our change.

“On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”

Thanks for being honest about what you truly plan to do with returning Veterans under the MIAC report.

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Obama was explaining his concerns with winning over some working-class voters. You see Mr. President, working class voters really do want to work, they don’t want to sit on their backsides talking on their Obama phones. They are opposed to trade agreements which sends our jobs out of the country. Working class Americans want you to respect the Second Amendment and we want the borders secured (aren’t you worried about terrorism anymore, Mr. President?).

“I believe in the Second Amendment.”

Then Obama proceeds to tell us that he will gut the Second Amendment by Executive Order, if need be. This may be the dumbest statement ever made by a sitting President. It will be his misguided and unintelligent words and actions, regarding gun registration and then confiscation, which will ultimately drive this country to a civil war.


What does it say about us that we are seemingly unable to defeat such abject stupidity? Our people fail to realize that many of our leaders are not just stupid.

Henry David Thoreau once said that

“Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.”

Why would we submit to these morons?


Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website (www.thecommonsenseshow.com) in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

Is Humanity Declaring Checkmate On The New World Order?


What is the line between confidence and acknowledgement of victory? Early celebration versus clear vision of how nature will handle a conflict within itself? Is victory and hope truly all imaginary or is there something more to it?

As humanity exponentially wakes up to the plans of the global elite (those in power, the ruling class, the “illuminati” or whatever you want to call them), when will it officially become common knowledge that yes, we are in trouble as a species unless and until we put a working system in place that holds all politicians, government and private corporations accountable for their actions? This expected new level of accountability is the mass awakening and official paradigm shift we have all been waiting for and I suggest that we are mighty close to this point in history.

As the secluded and secretive government elite continue to struggle to push their global agenda only to run into increasing mass opposition, those at the very top of the control structure are now double worried that their time is up. They must know how humanity works as do we. Humanity generates thoughts which we share with each other. Governments are nothing more that organized thoughts and agreements among a set of people who also have logistical control and means to enforce their agreements (laws and statutes). Thankfully, grassroots movements, humanitarian efforts, and passionate displays of moral human consciousness also have a life of their own and ultimately have shown to have never-ending effects on humanity throughout history.

Fact is humanity applauds those who have stood for morality, justice, and peace more than it esteems warmongers and tyrants. The jury was in on this issue long ago. Thankfully we do not have to debate on the meaning of what is wrong and what is right on a personal level. The argument for war, killing, torture, and oppression of humans is only offered to humanity from a political perspective barring the rare religious fanatical belief that promotes this ideology which we now know, in this generation was and has been an engineered radicalization of groups now known to have been sponsored, armed, educated, radicalized, and trained by the very corrupt secret government and individuals who we are now fully exposing. In other words, we now know that the radical (Muslim) fundamentalism which has been alleged and has led to supposed violence around the world in our times was and is politically engineered.

With no clear justification for the atrocities that the U.S. Empire and the new world order has brought on the world, the global elite stand alone, hoping that humanity simply doesn’t wake politically to their agenda. We, the truth seekers of our time, are here to destroy that hope; the hope that the globalist had, that their Bilderberg meetings would remain secret. Yes that hope. The hope that the global elite had, to keep the masses believing their constant lies and their constant false flag operations in order to keep everyone in fear. That hope is now dwindling to nothing as humanity wakes up.

The globalists were hoping the 9/11 truth movement was going to go away, instead it grew into a worldwide phenomenon with more and more people waking up to the easy (9/11 was an inside job proving) 9/11 science every day. Then there was the hope that the global elite had, to keep the NSA spying a secret and that hope was shattered by Edward Snowden as the world now is fully awakened to this evil agenda of spying, recording, and filing mass records into fusion center databases. We are all now well aware of the drone killing programs paid for and approved by the Obama administration; the power grab to suppress free-speech even at the internet level; the push to take guns and gun rights away; the implementation of a global ‘climate religion’ carbon tax and international environmental laws to subvert and trivialize individual, local, and national sovereignty; the militarization of police nationwide including in states and towns with little to no crime. We are now aware of how evil Obamacare is and how it will be used to force the globalist style control grid on all forms of human activity here in the United States. People everywhere are going into their own ‘shock and awe’ seeing and understanding what Obamacare is really all about. Activists nationwide are working on solutions to these now very clear problems, solutions to disempower the federal government and return the power back to the people. America has experienced this before, we were all due for a tough challenge; we all knew from history that freedom is not free and that the only people in the world who deserve freedom are those willing to fight for it.

I now hear the wakeup call nationwide. I see and hear the voices of freedom that make me feel like I should be doing more. More than ever before people are wondering what they can do to make a difference. This is a good sign for America and for our future. We may not see it yet and the road ahead may still look dark. We all expect things to get worse before they get better. Deep down however, many of us are now realizing this is the cycle we were waiting for. Things must get worse in order for more people to wake up. This is the reality we must all see before we truly realize we are all in control and where this is going.

With that said I believe humanity may be arguably declaring ‘checkmate’ on the globalist elite. They are losing and we are winning the battle of information. We must prevail and we will prevail. We have the historic facts on our side and more importantly we have a source of human energy and a natural form of human conscious progression on our side that cannot be reversed.

Viewed holistically, this battle between freedom and fascism, controlling governments versus the people, good versus evil, and love versus hate seems to be the story of our lives and perhaps the central purpose of our journey on earth. The ruling class uses slavery, labor, intimidation, fear, coercion, and forcefulness to convert the existence of other humans into wealth. The wealth is then used to maintain this control. The rest of humanity on the other hand just wants to be free from this control. When simplified to its most elementary form it is and will not be very difficult for most humans to see this rational and to recruit their cooperation in a plan that involves creating a solution for the human race. Who doesn’t want this? Unfortunately for the global elite, they are the only ones in this planet who don’t want this and because of this they will eventually stand alone in their quest for full control.

A good chess player often knows several steps before the end of the game if he/she has the game clinched. In chess they call it checkmate. In this game of life we can call it anything we want. The most important thing is the concept which is now very clear to me. Looking back many years from now I believe many of us will be honored and thankful to have lived in times where we faced a historic and unprecedented real-time battle for freedom. This quest for freedom will be looked back upon as the driving force of our generation and to some like me, a candle of fire that lights our way.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

The Financial Pyramid Of Power

dollar pyramid

Sometimes it is beneficial to pause and try to intellectually understand what the American people are fighting against. We see the daily struggles (e.g. threats to our pensions, bank accounts and civil liberties), however, what seems to be missing is a narrative which provides a macro view which reveals that there is a centralized plot designed to bring the nations of the world and its people to its knees and then impose one centralized political and economic authority.

I will not mince words here, this is also a classic battle between good and evil and for now, evil is winning hands down.

You Are Playing In a Rigged Game

Let’s take a moment and examine the financial ground rules that we all live by. First, you need to realize that the first and only rule of the New World Order is that there are no hard and fast rules of the New World Order. I understand that in order to wrap your mind around this concept, it will require a huge paradigm shift because you have been raised to follow a set of established rules. This constitutes a naive world view and you need to realize that the rules that we are made to follow were only designed by the central bankers to keep you and me in line and to limit our ability to collectively compete with them both financially and politically.

Even though there are no rules when we deal with the structure of the central bankers, there are, however, two things that you can generally count on. Number one, most of you spend a significant portion of your day earning money to keep the wolf from the door. Your life is largely predicated on meeting your financial obligations so that you can survive. This principle was established by the elite in order to keep you working for them for your entire life. They have built a financial system in which they know how much to pay you and still keep you dependent on their system. Their system is a conscious predication of making you overpay on your home for 30 years because this keeps you working until just before you drop dead. Also, your retirement is the carrot they dangle in front of you for 50 years in order to keep you working for them.

For most of us, we work for peanuts in comparison to the wealth our labors collectively generate. On the other hand, the global elite spend their day trying to contemplate ways to add to their bottom line and, more often than not, your earned resources are their target. Directly, or indirectly, you work for the global elite and they compensate you with a miniscule fraction of what you make for the elite. Then your financial masters concoct plots designed to separate you from you money by using the power of government. We see evidence of this paradigm with the MERS mortgage fraud, stealing depositor’s money, rigging the stock market and the central bankers printing their own money so they can acquire hard assets.

federal reserve children debtEven though Americans have participated in a rigged game, mostly since 1913 with the inception of the Federal Reserve, the system has minimally sustained the middle class in this country. However, as I have written extensively about the economic assault against the American people over the past several weeks, these central banksters are preparing to collapse the system and any semblance of law and order in our financial systems will disappear. Most Americans will prove to be easy prey to this strategy because their collective cognitive dissonance will not permit them to see all the danger signs. In short, the people in our country expect our political leaders and our captains of industry to follow the same rules that they impose upon us and this is a grossly naive and fatal world view.

We Exist In a Predatory, Not a Benevolent World

Have you figured this game out yet? You are playing in a predatory game where “might makes right” is the standing order of the day. The global elite constitute the hunters and your resources are the hunted. Every strategy, and I mean every strategy being employed by the central bankers is geared towards the fulfillment of one goal: Separate the middle class from their money and then use that money to purchase hard assets in anticipation of the dollar collapsing, for when the smoke clears, the elite will have all the toys and the middle class will have all the debt. This is a classical Marxist example of total class warfare. However, before you judge the institutions of the global elite, please realize that they are fighting for their very lives.

The Food Chain Comprising the Global Banking Empire

If you want to know who is controlling the money in the world and who has the power to decide what direction the global economy will take, simply follow the money to its source.

bis collapse

As far as can be determined, the global economy has three players. Let’s call the executive directors of this grand economic scheme, the Bank of International Settlement. The second level of power is the one that we see making decisions on a daily level. These organizations include the global central banks. In the United States, this group is called the Federal Reserve Board which is an unelected cabal of private bankers who have wrestled the financial power of this country away from Congress and control the nation’s money. If an entity controls the money, they also control those who use their money (you and me), through the establishment of a predatory debt enslavement system. You learned this principle of finance as a teenager when your parents told you, “For as long as you live under this house, you will do what I say.” The power of the purse determines who controls behavior.

The third level of power of this unholy system are the financial institutions of a nation. In our case in America this would be institutions such as Goldman Sachs, other lesser Wall Street investment houses as well as the megabanks (e.g. Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.).

Technically, there is a fourth level and that would be you, me and the sheep of this country. However, this group has no real power because we have fallen victim to the global elite’s designed divide and conquer strategies (e.g. gay vs. straight, citizen vs. illegal, abortion vs. right to life, Democrat vs. Republican, etc.). If the fourth element comprising the people would develop a collective consciousness and some competent leadership, we could make the first three levels of power disintegrate. Don’t hold your breath, we are all too brainwashed by the system to achieve this level of awareness.

The BIS and Sun Tzu

art of warOver 2,000 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, imparted a knowledge of military strategy which is still being taught in our service academies and in our war colleges. One of the primary principles of Sun Tzu consists of the concept of placing one’s soldiers on “death’s ground” if you want them to fight hard and achieve victory against all odds. The best military example that comes to mind is what happened to the WWII Normandy invasion force at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. These men were thrown onto a beach where there was no retreat and they were only going to leave the beach dead or victorious. The BIS has employed a Sun Tzu strategy of placing its second level of power on death’s ground.

The BIS developed the money game that we refer to today as futures derivatives. It is a Ponzi scheme in which brokers quickly flip a product or service at a greatly inflated price in the hope of a huge profit and it does not matter if the selling price matches the real value of the product. The rules are to get into the game early, flip some product and then get out before it all collapses. As with all money games, eventually the game quickly rolls up and only the individuals and organizations who began the game are the only ones who make money.

When the derivatives were introduced, the second tier of economic power on the planet (i.e. the central banks and its financial enforcement arms) could not resist the allure of a quick financial score. No more patiently waiting for the 4% margin of profit to come to fruition through wise and deliberate investing. Profits of 100%, 1000% and much more were possible by following the new money game called derivatives.

What caused the global economy to collapse is that most developed nations require that derivative transactions be backed by financial organizations capable of endorsing and underwriting the transaction with their line of credit. It is the equivalent of a parent co-signing for a car loan for their children. When the Ponzi scheme eventually dried up these financial transactions, guarantors were on the hook for the losses. Hence, this is the reason that former Goldman Sachs executive, and then, Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson told Congress that if they did not provide the bailouts, the ensuing economic crisis would cause massive and violent civil unrest resulting in a brutal form of martial law. In short, the BIS money game policies have now placed the second tier of financial power on this planet on death’s ground and this was all by design.

The Goal of the BIS

debt enslavementThe overall goal of the global elite as expressed through the BIS, is to establish a New World Order which means the total elimination of the sovereign nation state which will enslave all the remaining people on the planet. They want a system in which they control the economy through one dominant currency and they desire to politically control the world through the United Nations through such policies as Agenda 21. In order to achieve these goals, two objectives must be accomplished. First, the rank and file must be economically devastated so that they will accept a global currency along with a new set of economic policies. To accomplish this objective, the people have to be placed in such dire straits that they will beg for relief from a relentless and crushing debt. As far as the second goal, political consolidation of the planet can only occur through WWIII in which all of the stubborn nation state members of the planet (e.g. Russia, China, Syria, Iran, etc.) are drawn into a war and are crushed.

Crushing the Global Economy

As the Ponzi schemes of the derivatives market began to fail and institutions such as Goldman Sachs were crumbling, this constituted placing this second tier of power on death’s ground. Institutions such as Goldman Sachs and to some degree, the central banks were having their very existence threatened. With a debt of at least $1 quadrillion dollars created by the derivatives, which is 16 times greater than the entire gross product of the planet, these institutions turned even more predatory than before in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge. As a result, the American people are facing a pack of level two wounded and desperate animals designed to steal every financial asset that they can. Now, does the MERS mortgage fraud make more sense? Do you now understand why selected institutions have been robbed blind (e.g. MF Global and Naomi Wolf)?  Do you understand that the worst is yet to come?

There is one other consideration in that the second tier of financial power on this planet will eventually run out of assets to plunder and will begin to prey upon each other. This is the breeding ground of WWIII in which both goals of the BIS can be accomplished.

Since Obama failed to deliver the beginnings of WWIII by not being able to invade Syria, he will not likely finish his term of office. I expect that he will be given one more chance to get us militarily into Syria as a starting point, or a scandal (Benghazi, IRS harassment scandal, etc.) will end his presidency. This is why Obama needs a false flag followed by martial law. The end game is to create a pretext for war and to eliminate all competition to his mandated views and subsequent actions.

Prior to the commencement of WWIII, more plundering is continuing. In fact, the IMF will soon be into your personal bank account in just another plot of the long line of financial tyranny being imposed by the second level of economic power on this planet. This will be the subject of the next article in this series.

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website (www.thecommonsenseshow.com) in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

The Government Shutdown Is A Slap In The Face Of The NWO

government shutdown

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), doesn’t speak to the fact that he was elected to serve the American people. Instead, he speaks to the fact that his allegiance is to the government, whom he serves. And who is the government? Reid can only be talking about the central bankers and their wall street minions who have hijacked the US government. Reid’s words are a testament to the fact that the shutdown of the US government is a slap in the face of the New World Order.

My Life Has Not Changed, Has Yours?

What government?

As we watch the ongoing staged theatrics associated with the so-called debate over the budget, associated with the now infamous government shutdown, I am left wondering if my life has significantly changed as we complete our sixth day of government shutdown.

I got up yesterday morning, dropped off my son at school and went to work. I performed my job, drove home, helped my son with his math homework and then I went to bed. I had a very average, yet productive day. If someone had not told me that the government was shut down, I would never have known. The sky did not fall and I rather enjoyed living in a government free country, if even for only a brief time.

For a Short While, We Can All Breathe a Little Easier

As I realized that I have survived six days without my big brother, I am kind of getting used to the idea. I rather like the idea that the government isn’t in my face.

Given the fact that the government is posturing to steal my bank account, my pension, my wife’s 401k and every other pension and social security check for every citizen in the country, I feel much safer knowing that my government cannot reign down terror on the lives of myself, my family and my fellow countrymen during this government shutdown.

I have been reading through the list of federal government furloughs and I believe there is cause for celebration, because there is a silver lining in the so-called government shutdown. Below is a partial list and a brief analysis of the supposed carnage in Washington DC and how this shutdown actually benefits the American people.


The unconstitutional Department of Education furloughed 94% of its employees totaling 3,983 out of 4,225 employees. Unfortunately, for the school children of America, the shutdown came after the haphazard national implementation of Common Core standards which will serve to undermine the education of most school children in America.

The Department of Education should be disbanded because the Constitution does not allow for its existence. Education is a state, not a federal function. Our children would be better off if we disbanded this agency. Maybe then, we could then see some real reforms instituted at the state and school board level.

irs child porn

The Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service furloughed 85,690 of 94,516 employees (91%).  Today, the children of America are a little safer, or at least some of these IRS employees will have to watch their kiddie porn on their home computers (in reference to the 2011 scandal). The furloughing of these IRS employees will also delay how quickly they can get their grubby little hands on your bank account for failing to register for Obamacare. Further, Tea Party members can rest a little easier knowing that the IRS does not presently have the manpower to harass and intimidate them as they have in recent history.

Homeland Security

tsa groping
If there is one agency that needs to be shut down, it is the American version of the East German Stasi. Unfortunately, only 14% of DHS employees have been furloughed giving credence to the saying that “evil never takes a holiday.” This means that granny still gets goosed at the airport and the rest of the flying public will still have sexual assault committed upon them by the TSA on behalf of the DHS. Also, DHS can continue to arm to the teeth as they prepare to go to war with the American people. Unfortunately, DHS can also continue to train 386,000 foreign troops to speak English, in FEMA Region 3, as these future occupation troops move one step closer to the inevitable.

The Grid EX II power take down drill will continue unabated on November 13th in what could be the largest false flag attack in American history. Big Sis may be gone, but the tyranny and the potential for catastrophic false flag attacks are still intact.

The Department of Defense

assassination of awlaki

Fifty percent of the Department of Defense was furloughed this week (400,000 of 800,000). Perhaps with the military having fewer support personnel, one less foreign child will be killed by a drone, one less wedding party will be bombed and other innocent civilians around the world will get to live a few more precious days.

Sacrifices for Thee but Not for Me

obama playing golf

Military families have been inconvenienced as military dependents (i.e. wives of men serving in Afghanistan) will not be able to shop for the cheaper groceries at the Base Commissary as they have been closed. Yet, on a brighter note, Obama’s federal golf course is still open for business.

I am truly sympathetic to the 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed as some will not be able to pay their mortgages and car payments. However, Congress is still paying themselves despite the number of federal employees suffering through this debacle.


When you had your last garage sale, did you really lament over getting rid of your junk? The same is true for the size of government. As we shed some government weight, doesn’t it feel good? Isn’t it about time we realize how worthless most governmental positions truly are? We are in need of a constitutional amendment which would permanently do away with 90% of all government positions. The size of government needs to be limited. I am thankful for the shutdown, because it exposes what needs to be done with regard to the scope and size of our government.

An attack upon government is an attack upon the forces of the New World Order. And that, my fellow Americans, is a great thing to behold!

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website (www.thecommonsenseshow.com) in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

Was JFK 1st Victim Of The New World Order?

john f. kennedy

Was John F. Kennedy assassinated as the first presidential victim of the emerging “New World Order” championed by former CIA directors Allen Dulles and George H. W. Bush?

Armed with recently declassified documents, New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi tackles that question in “Who Really Killed Kennedy” as the 50th anniversary of the  assassination approaches.

Corsi points out Kennedy had refused to authorize the Navy to launch a military strike from an aircraft carrier to save the faltering U.S.-backed invasion of Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs attack.

Kennedy also refused to authorize the use of U.S. military force in Laos and, just before he was assassinated, he had decided to pull out of  Vietnam.

Secret details of JFK’s assassination are finally  unlocked. Get your autographed copy of “Who Really Killed Kennedy?” by Jerome  Corsi now!

Hot war in Vietnam

On Sept. 2, 1963, Labor Day, at Hyannis Port, Mass., JFK had a relaxed interview outdoors with CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, who that sunny day was inaugurating a new television news program.

About midway into the interview, Cronkite asked about Vietnam: “Mr. President, the only hot war we’ve got running at the moment is of course the one in Vietnam, and we have our difficulties there, quite obviously.”

Kennedy answered directly, careful to set the stage for explaining why a military withdrawal from Vietnam was beginning to make sense to him.

“I don’t think that unless a greater effort is made by the government [of South Vietnam] to win popular support that the war can be won out there,” Kennedy explained.

“In the final analysis, it is their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it. We can’t help them, we can give them equipment, we can  send our men out there as advisers, but they have to win it, the people of Vietnam, against the communists.”

In the interview, notes Corsi, Kennedy distanced himself from saying the U.S. should withdraw from Vietnam, insisting it would “be a great mistake.”

Corsi says Kennedy properly worried that no direct U.S. military intervention in a region like Southeast Asia could succeed, regardless of how many troops were sent or what type of arms were provided, unless the indigenous population was ready to fight and die for their own freedom.

JFK also worried, Corsi writes, that the type of corrupt regimes common in countries such as Laos and Vietnam almost certainly promised defeat, since any victories won on the battlefield would be compromised as corrupt elites in power oppressed the very people they were claiming to save from communism.

By offering military assistance, the president believed he could  test the resolve and the ability of a nation such as Vietnam to win in a war against indigenous communists supported by China and Russia with a wide range of financial assistance, military training and sophisticated military equipment.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/was-jfk-1st-victim-of-new-world-order/#wQ1ISJ6FJtoXIOYY.99

WWIII And Global Smart ID (VIDEOS)

global id card

The drums of war are beating, diverting our attention, as always, to the stories scripted by the mainstream media. Meanwhile, plans for the New World Order are being perfected: large-scale biomass plants, to produce anything from fuel, to paints, and plastics; the monetization of natural, human, and social capital, and an Army of Mayors to create the ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable’ Local Communities. These eco-municipalities will be nodes in the global network, overseen by the Master Hubs, which function like the ‘vital organs’ of the vast complex adaptive system the Internet/life has become.

We must not focus solely on the war, or the shock, but what is to come after.

The Smart World Order will be run by an all-knowing quantum computer, for optimisation of the new capital (people, nature, and data) alongside the traditional products, services, and built infrastructure. Everything is to have a unique identifier, to enable the quantum algorithms and social simulations, which are required to keep the show running in what they hope will be a truly sustainable fashion. The United Nations is now calling for this ‘steady state system’, which requires an understanding of all capital stock, and all transactions. This is the oft-described transhumanist military-industrial complex – but with a purpose, an ‘ideology’ (the FULL blueprint of Agenda 21), which may sound alluring to many.

It may just be the power of the MSM, but recently it’s as though ‘us lot’ are feeling the sense of an imminent global shock of some sort – but the furthest people seem to get with how to respond to this is survivalism. Stocking up to survive a potential shock is very wise indeed, but what about afterwards? When things have ‘settled down’. We really should be paying attention – NOW – to the plans the powers-that-be have formulated, and the future they are envisioning, shock, or no shock.

I am already quaking in my boots, because as a UK citizen I am about to be forced to sign up with an Identity Provider. Against my wishes, the government is putting all of my personal details into the matrix, where, as we know, they are vulnerable to EMP attacks, and hacks of all kinds; they are often monitored; and they are always recoverable. To be able to function in society, I must not only submit to this, but I must grant a private company something akin to the power-of-attorney, to manage my digitised credentials, many of which are hosted in the cloud, by a one-manned company (Skyscape), using software contracted from a private American company called EMC Global Services.

Unless people wise up to this almost-unheard-of news, we will all be forced to get a global smart ID. What does that mean? It’s what we’ve all been dreading, is what it is … it’s your unique identification number; the sign of all that you are, including your biometrics. If allowed to happen, we will be ONE STEP AWAY FROM IMPLANTS.

Your ID will be smart because it’s stored on a microchip, and with it comes your one-and-only password for everything. You’re gonna need that password to be part of society in the near future, because the plan is to move everything online. And I mean everything.

So instead of having a driving licence, or a health card, or a student card, or a credit card, or whatever, you just use your smart ID. Life is moving to the matrix. No more paper. No more privacy, or self-control.

Even surfing the Web will be different, because you’re supposed to use your smart ID to do a one-time log-in, then your Identity Provider will vouch for you for every website you interact with.

You can store your identity data on your smart phone, or a smart card, or you could even buy a microSD (a secure element) to make your old mobile phone be smart.

The way it works is, you sign up with an Identity Provider (IdP), enrol your biometrics (probably face and fingerprints) and provide the appropriate evidence of who you are. This IdP will then be in control of all your private details. When you need to confirm your identity for some reason (such as applying for State benefits) you will be asked to produce the necessary credentials for that transaction, and the Identity Provider will act as a go-between, confirming the identities of both parties. The level of authentication required depends on the circumstances. If you wanted to get into a nightclub, say, you might just have to prove your age, so all the IdP will tell the nightclub is your date of birth. If, however, you are applying for a passport online, the highest level of security is required, meaning you’d have to authorise the IdP to confirm all your credentials.

Credentials can be the usual “name/age/address” sorta stuff, as well as your passport and/or driving licence, your digital history (which helps ‘prove’ you exist), your financial details, relationship network, police records, transaction context data, and biometrics. All of these details add up to the unique ID which is YOU. The IdP collates them for you. Sucked into the matrix, we would be, then watched and controlled by the AI machine.

Identity management already exists for military personnel and civil servants, and globally interoperable standards have emerged. Over the last decade, identity specialists have crafted a number of methods for a global system for all citizens of the earth. They hold meetings[1] and engage with the NFC community at the World e-ID Congress, for instance.

Most countries now have biometric passports, and the UK and the US are leading the way in creating the global identity ecosystem.

We’re told:

  1. ‘we need protecting, and they can protect us’ – but putting our identities into the matrix then granting control of our identities to a government-friendly corporation enables tyranny, forever.
  2. ‘the data isn’t centralised’ – but every time ID credentials are checked, they are aggregated!
  3. ‘It’s voluntary, and we are in control because we get to authorise which credentials are given out’ – but in reality, the service providers will dictate which details they require us to provide; if you don’t comply, you don’t the service.
  4. ‘It’s good for e-commerce’ – but the IdPs need to make money too.
  5. ‘Our identities will be hidden from other companies and organisations’ – but not all of them!

So they’re trying to sell it as if it’s all done for the benefit of the consumer. We are being told ‘this will make it so much easier to do things online – you only have to remember one password, you only have to log in once’.

But actually, the global interplay of production-and-consumption can only be managed from the top, in the name of sustainability, when each and every ‘thing’ is tagged and labelled with an ID. This Internet-of-things-and-people can then become an efficient machine, processing all transactions on a global scale, from the RFIDs in consumer products, to sensors and smart cards that process all the many identities of people and devices. The ultimate aim is to achieve (the illusion of) a global steady-state system, maintaining perfect ‘balance’.

What you take out, you must put back in.

Putting our identities into the matrix, instead of storing our own passports, driving licences, keys, tickets, credit cards, etc ourselves, will make us so very vulnerable.

We are soooo hackable!

An article entitled, ‘On technology neutral policies for e–identity: A critical reflection based on UK identity policy’ (Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology; Vol. 8, No.2; 2013), by Edgar A. Whitley, argues that there are other cryptographic techniques which, “offer zero–knowledge proofs and are not based on databases or transactional surveillance grids”, such as an age-verification method devised by Touch2id, which does not store a copy of the fingerprint. However, no effort is being made to develop “systems that are unable to distinguish between two transactions by the same person / device and two transactions by two different entities”. Nor are the public being involved in a debate. The system has been devised, and now they want us to comply.

What makes this all the more real, and happening right now, is that currently over a third of the world’s population are using the Internet regularly, and it is reported that,

The number of Internet users around the world is soaring and will total about 3.5 billion – or about half the Earth’s estimated population of about 7.4 billion in 2017, according to a Sept. 4 report from Forrester Research. That means that about 1.1 billion additional people around the world will be online in the next five years, up from about 2.4 billion people who are online in 2012.

The report, Forrester Research World Online Population Forecast, 2012 to 2017 (Global), “found that 2.4 billion people across the world use the Internet on a regular basis …

… One year ago, an IDC report predicted that mobile Internet usage will top desktop usage by 2015. The report noted that the impact of smartphones and tablet computer adoption would be so great that the number of users accessing the Internet through PCs would first stagnate and then slowly decline.

Mobile phone use has accelerated rapidly around the world, including the poorest countries; indeed;

Between 2000 and 2010, the number of mobile users in developing countries surpassed those in high-income nations, jumping from 29 per cent to 77 in less-developed areas.

Already, between 80 and 95 per cent of the population of Kenya, Mexico, and Indonesia send text messages.

In the 12 years since the turn of the century, mobile phones have multiplied the world over, growing from less than 1 billion in use, to 6 billion this year – a pace that is unmatched in the history of technology, the World Bank said.”

A report released by the ITU, called Measuring the Information Society 2012,

looked at 155 countries, assessing their access to and use of information and communication technology (ICT)…. The Geneva-based agency also said almost two billion people – about one-third of the world’s population – had been internet users by the end of 2011.

In developed countries, 70% of the population was online, compared with 24% in developing regions, it said.

There were almost twice as many mobile broadband subscriptions globally as fixed broadband ones, said the agency.

The director of ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau, Brahima Sanou, said: “The surge in numbers of mobile-broadband subscriptions in developing countries has brought the internet to a multitude of new users.”

What is more, a number of organisations and financiers have joined together to form the Better Than Cash Alliance, which is promoting the use of electronic payments in the developing world using mobile phones.

Natural Capital Accounting has also been agreed to by 172 nations, as per Agenda 21, and globally interoperable online identity systems are being created all around the world.

They just need us to have a smart phone, to get an IdP, and to stop using cash.

The chip for all these things will have to worn or implanted at some point, will it not? After all, the chip will be the key to life itself.

Will you comply?

Comments and bright ideas please write below, or email me at getmindsmart.com

Better still, write about this now… links available on my website. Thanks for reading. I cannot do this alone.

[1] See, for instance, “NSTIC in Motion: Pilots and Progress”, which mentions “the government’s new Federal Cloud Credential Exchange (FCCX), and updates from the privately-led Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG).”http://cloudidentitysummit.com/agenda/workshops.cfm

This article first appeared at Get Mind Smart

Julie Beal is a UK-based independent researcher who has been studying the globalist agenda for more than 20 years. Please visit her website, Get Mind Smart, for a wide range of information about Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Ethics, Bioscience, and much more.