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Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?


Why are small towns in conservative states being specifically targeted for refugee resettlement?  Of course the Obama administration will never publicly admit that this is happening, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is going on.  Just look at the uproar that refugee resettlement is now causing in small communities in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas.  The Obama administration has deemed large cities such as Washington D.C. to be “too expensive” for the refugees, and so large numbers of them are being dispersed throughout smaller communities all over the nation.  If you drop a few hundred refugees into a major city of several million people, it isn’t going to make much of a difference.  But if you drop a few hundred refugees into a small town that has only a few thousand people living there, you can start to fundamentally alter the character of the whole area.  Could it be possible that this is yet another way that Barack Obama is attempting to “fundamentally transform” America?

You would think that there would be more employment opportunities, cultural attractions and government services available for refugees in major metropolitan areas.  So it would seem natural to resettle them in those areas.  But instead, there seems to be a major push to resettle large numbers of them in small towns.

Needless to say, this is creating a huge uproar in many areas.  In fact, on Monday there is a major protest planned in Missoula, Montana.  The following comes from Leo Hohmann of WND

Another big battle is brewing over Syrian “refugees” sweeping into small-town America.

Rural folks in Montana are pushing back against plans by urban elites to plant hundreds of Muslims from the Third World into Helena and Missoula. They plan a protest rally at 10 a.m. Monday in front of the county courthouse in Missoula. And if the pattern holds of similar rallies in Twin Falls, Idaho, and Fargo, North Dakota, a contingent of pro-refugee people will show up to counter protest.

Well funded pro-immigrant NGOs have been searching out local politicians that are willing to work with them to invite the Obama administration to resettle large numbers of Islamic refugees in their areas.  Unfortunately for residents of Missoula, politicians there seem quite willing to open the door

Here in “Big Sky Country” local politicians in Missoula, working with pro-immigrant NGOs, are inviting the federal government to begin sending Syrians, comparing them to the Hmong refugees who fled Vietnam’s communists in the late 1970s. They have not been deterred by the fact that 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims, the vast majority of whom FBI Director James Comey admits are impossible to vet for ties to terrorism.

Despite Comey’s warnings, the Missoula Board of County Commissioners sent a letter on Jan. 13 to the U.S. State Department requesting Syrian refuges. “We look forward to seeing approximately 100 refugees per year resettled in Missoula,” the letter states.

“Missoula is an ideal city for resettling refugees,” the letter continues. “Our community enjoys good schools, incredible natural beauty, and a low unemployment rate, among other factors.”

We have all seen the chaos that has erupted in Europe as massive waves of Islamic immigrants have been allowed in and resettled in large numbers in small communities.  Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the epidemic of rape that is sweeping across formerly peaceful countries like Norway and Sweden.

And I am sure most of you have already read about the extremely alarming sexual crimes that Germany is dealing with now.  But many of us don’t seem to be connecting the dots.  What is happening over there could someday happen to our own wives and daughters.

Fortunately, there are some communities that are still willing to step up and take a stand against what the social engineers in Washington D.C. are trying to do.  One of those communities is Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint City Council members voted Wednesday night to withdraw a resolution supporting refugee resettlement, bringing an end to a heated, month-long controversy.

Cheers erupted from the audience when newly elected Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad asked the council to withdraw the resolution from consideration. A measure meant to counter statements from Bonner County commissioners and Sheriff Darryl Wheeler opposing the resettlement of refugees, the resolution was intended to restate Sandpoint’s commitments to human rights, according to Rognstad.

“This resolution has only served to divide us and this community,” said Rognstad, as he requested the withdrawal. “That saddens me.”

Once again, anti-refugee activists turned out in force to oppose the resolution and, once again, the council meeting procedure was punctured by applause and shouts. When Rognstad called for order, the crowd responded with catcalls.

But other small communities in Idaho are not so fortunate.

Just consider what is happening in Twin Falls

Beginning the next fiscal year (October 1), some 300 Muslim refugees, primarily from Syria, will arrive in Twin Falls, Idaho, the Twin Falls Times reports.

But this miniature exodus from the Middle East to the small southern Idaho town of 45,000 people is believed to be just the tip of the iceberg, according to WND, which indicates that many more refugees from Iraq, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and likely Syria, are on their way. The conservative news site received reports that community leaders were told at a recent Boise State University conference held for “stakeholders” — including church groups and social service providers — that a couple thousand refugees are planned to a arrive statewide soon.

Look, I am all for assisting people that need our help.

In particular, I would love for our country to take in Christians from Iraq and Syria.  The things that ISIS has been doing to those that believe in Jesus Christ are almost too horrible to put into words, and yet Barack Obama has been almost totally silent on the matter.

Instead of taking in persecuted Christians, it has been estimated that well over 90 percent of the refugees from Syria are Sunni Muslims, and surveys have found that a significant percentage of them actually have a favorable view of ISIS.

In the mainstream media, we are told quite often that the number of refugees being brought in is 10,000 a year.  But that simply is not accurate.  In a previous article, I documented the fact that the White House has admitted that the number of refugees being resettled in this country has been increased to 100,000 per year.  The following is a message that was tweeted by the official White House Twitter account on September 28th…


I don’t see how there could be any confusion.  Barack Obama himself says that we are bringing in 100,000 refugees a year for the next two years.

Not all of these refugees are coming from Syria, but the vast majority of them are coming from countries where a radical version of Sunni Islam is practiced as a way of life.

When large numbers of refugees are injected into a small community, the character of that community can be fundamentally altered.  And at this point, it appears that there is a concentrated effort to funnel large numbers of these refugees into small towns in some of the most conservative states in the country.

If you are concerned about what is going on in places like Missoula, Sandpoint and Twin Falls, you might want to check on what your own local politicians are doing.

An insidious agenda is at work, and I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and has a law degree and an LLM from the University of Florida Law School. He is an attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.C. and who now spends his time researching and writing and trying to wake the American people up. You can follow his work on The Economic Collapse blog, The Most Important News, End of the American Dream and The Truth Wins. His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

Obama: Serial Killer


On Wednesday, a banner was displayed on the top floor of a building across from Washington’s Moscow embassy – the word “KILLER” prominently displayed on Obama’s image in blood red.

The previous evening, a laser display projected the accusation “Obama Killer #1” on the embassy itself. Moscow-based Glavplakat art society took credit, calling its action a response to Washington’s “plans to invade the territory of yet another sovereign state.”

“The word ‘killer’ defines the 44th US president, and is given to him because of his decision to send the infamous 101st Airborne Division into the Syrian conflict,” it said.

“Let’s keep in mind that this division (notoriously called “The Screaming Eagles”) carried out practically every US military invasion in the last decade.”

Ahead of peace talks beginning in Geneva on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said “there will be no business as usual between Russia and the West.”

Obama’s sordid record in office exceeds the worst of his predecessors, including endless wars of aggression.

He terror-bombed or remains complicit in naked aggression against seven countries.

They include Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak), Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen – along with orchestrating US-installed putschists’ war on its own Donbass people, Israel’s slow-motion genocide against Palestinians, and US special forces operating overtly and covertly in over two-thirds of  world nations, destabilizing them.

Like his predecessors, Obama is addicted to endless wars of aggression, raping one country after another, responsible for millions of deaths, the severest refugee crisis since WW II, and unspeakable human misery.

Advancing America’s imperium matters most, fundamental rule of law principles discarded, democratic values ignored.

America is a pariah state, the world’s most hated and feared country, wanting unchallenged world dominance, willing to risk destroying planet earth to own it.

Its nuclear arsenal is humanity’s greatest threat, on hair-trigger alert. Never before in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like America.

Lunatics in charge risk the unthinkable. All US wars are illegal, violating international, constitutional and US statute laws.

Reports indicate Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking a measure introduced by lunatic fringe Republican Senator Lindsey Graham – authorizing unlimited war, supporting Obama’s intention to keep waging them, likely against new targeted nations.

The measure places no restrictions on naked aggression, deployments of US combat troops anywhere at Obama’s discretion.

McConnell’s spokesman Don Stewart said the new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) won’t “tie the president’s hands.”

It’s a prescription for possible global war – all sovereign independent nations vulnerable, targeted by Washington for regime change, wanting them transformed into US vassal states, perhaps willing to wage nuclear war to achieve its objectives – risking ending life on earth.

Today’s thermonuclear weapons are a 1,000 times more powerful than ones used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Large cities and surrounding areas can be turned to smoldering rubble, countless millions incinerated.

Lunatics run the Washington asylum, a bipartisan criminal class, Obama their nominal head.

Militarism is a national addiction. The business of America is war – multiple ones, endless ones, an ideologically over-the-top agenda able to kill us all.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

Obama’s Gun Control Order Faces First Lawsuit Challenging Its Legality

President Barack Obama speaks at Fort Hood memorial ceremony (Photo U.S. Army/Flickr)

President Barack Obama speaks at Fort Hood memorial ceremony (Photo U.S. Army/Flickr)

By: Joseph Jankowski, Planet Free |

A lawsuit is challenging the Obama Administration’s recent executive order to expand restrictions on the transfer of firearms.

The lawsuit claims that the administration is illegally circumventing the legislative power of congress.

The conservative advocacy group Freedom Watch announced its filing of the lawsuit on Monday.

Plaintiff Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department lawyer who heads Freedom Watch, states in the suits complaint that his fundamental rights under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are being violated by the order.

The lawsuit reads:

Defendants Barack Obama and Thomas Brandon have announced and initiated actions under the purported inherent authority of the President of the United States to rewrite statutes enacted by Congress by executive order or executive action. The President states that he is doing so purely because he does not like the legislative decisions of the Congress. The Defendants’ rewriting of laws burdening and abridging the fundamental rights of the Plaintiff and other U.S. citizens under the Second Amendment by the President and his executive branch is unconstitutional, illegal under the Administrative Procedures Act, and ultra vires under the applicable laws and the Second Amendment. These actions are unconstitutional abuses of the President’s and executive branch’s role in our nation’s constitutional architecture and exceed the powers of the President as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Even where Congress has granted authority to the executive branch, these particular programs are ultra vires, exceeding the bounds of authority delegated by the Congress.

This is the first lawsuit in what many experts expect to be a long political and legal battle.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and lists President Barrack Obama, Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of Justice Thomas Brandon, and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the defendants.

Earlier this month the Obama Administration announced several executive actions to restrict gun ownership further, including an expansion of the federal government’s definition of who is considered “engaged in the business” of selling firearms.

The order also details a push to prevent some beneficiaries of Social Security from being armed if they are deemed “unable to manage their own affairs”.

Larry Klayman slammed Obama in a column for World Net Daily last week in which he pointed out the President’s former role as a constitutional instructor and questioned whether or not it was the U.S. constitution he was teaching.

Klayman worte:

Obama taught constitutional law as an instructor (not a professor). What we don’t know is which nation’s constitution Obama was actually teaching at the University of Chicago law school. It does not appear that it was the United States Constitution he has ever read. Perhaps it was the so-called constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where guns are banned under its vicious anti-Christian and anti-Semitic dictatorship.

Klayman previously has filed other lawsuits against the Obama administration, including a suit against Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Joseph Jankowski is a contributor for Planet Free His works have been published by recognizable alternative news sites like, and

2016 The Last Election? Insider Spills Clinton’s Secrets And You Won’t Believe What Else (VIDEO)


Clinton Insider, Larry Nichols— the man who exposed numerous Clinton scandals including Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and others—shares some of the most critical, crucial and concise information about Hillary, President Obama, Joe Biden and the upcoming 2016 election and how it could be the last election! This information will not only blow your mind wide open, but it is also reveal deep secrets that only an insider would know. Please, please don’t miss this vital report…

Lisa Haven is an independent Christian news analysis and one of the top contributors on She is also author of and runs her own youtube channel (Lisa Haven) with tens-of-thousands of views per day. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more! Before launching her journalism career, she wrote many bible studies and lead women ministries for a number of years. She will also complete her ministry degree at International School of Ministry this year.

Was Sandy Hook Used To Bury Obama’s SSN Records?

obama shhh

By: “Barry Soetero, Esq” | Memory Hole Blog

The real owner of Obama’s STOLEN SSN, Harrison J Bounel, was a patient at Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown Connecticut.

Would access to Harrison Bounel’s Death Records prove Obama stole Bounel’s SSN?

After the Sandy Hook “school shooting,” the State of Connecticut made a bizarre move.

CT locked down ALL Death Certificates — for any deaths in the entire State of CT.

Governor Malloy signed three Orwellian bills into law, after they were crammed thru at 2AM, “for the children.”

As a result, CT Death Certificates are NO LONGER public record — you cannot obtain them.  Death Certificates have been PUBLIC RECORD for hundreds of years…. but suddenly, NOT ANYMORE.

Was the Sandy Hook “massacre” a ruse to lock down the Death Records of Harrison J Bounel — the real owner of Obama’s STOLEN SSN:  #042-68-4425 ?

Harrison J Bounel died at Fairfield State Mental Hospital (circa 1978) in Newtown CT. Where is that location?  It’s 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary school.


In other words, the rightful owner of Obama’s SSN died in the SAME TOWN where the historic “Newtown school massacre” occurred.  Just 1 mile away.

Same State (CT). Same town (Newtown). Same town clerk’s office with same records (Newtown town clerk).

Amazing coincidence – or the reason for the Sandy Hoax coverup?  Could this be why approximately $200 Million in taxpayer money changed hands surrounding this “massacre?”


Bounel’s SSN starts with an (042) Prefix, which was allocated only to Connecticut.

Yet Obama is from Hawaii/Chicago – he never lived in Connecticut.  So why did Obama use this (stolen) Connecticut SSN on Obama’s 2009 Federal Tax Return?

Would access to Bounel’s Death Certificate (from his death in NEWTOWN CT) prove Obama used Bounel’s SSN?

Is that why Governor Malloy locked down Public Records for ALL DEATHS in the entire State of CT?

Is that why the White House funneled $2.5 Million to CT Police (for “healing,” as Eric Holder said)? As a reward for their silence on Sandy Hoax?

The official report claims “Adam Lanza shot his way thru” the school’s glass entrance with his Bushmaster AR-15 rifle.


But here is Forensic Proof that a shotgun “breaching round” (Police equipment) shattered the front window of Sandy Hook Elementary (NOT the much-demonized AR-15 rifle):

Was the “biggest school shooting in US history” just another staged Gun Grab Hoax to trick the American people into surrendering their guns?

Or was Sandy Hook orchestrated to bury documents PROVING that Obama stole Harrison Bounel’s Connecticut-issue SSN?

Is his stolen SSN why Obama cannot pass E-Verify?  Does it explain why Obama’s famed application for Obamacare got rejected?

Shocking Facts – Sandy Hook COVERUP  explores the (3) bizarre “public-record lockdown” bills crammed into law after Sandy Hook. We discuss WHO likely staged Sandy Hook, and WHY they took such a huge risk.

An Eerie Visit To Sandy Hook  explores (citizen journalist) Barry’s trip to the spooky Newtown Mental Hospital, where Harrison Bounel died.  We show you Barry’s stunning photos, and discuss what really happened at the historic “Sandy Hook Massacre.”



sandy hook drill

sandy hook staged cars

sandy hook kid actors


sandy hook demolition

 obama ssn


 Barry Soetoro is the nom de plume of an independent investigator, citizen journalist, and contributor at Birther Report.

Obama: “I’ve Been Good To The Gun Industry” (VIDEO)


(The Real Agenda) In a free country, the Federal Government should not have a say about who owns guns and who does not. State and local governments should be responsible for overseeing that people respect existing laws regarding gun ownership. No new laws need to be created in order to modify the access to firearms. The laws that are in place are enough.

A one-size fits all policy that places everyone -law-abiding people and criminals- into one single category is not only unfair, but also irrational.

The Federal Government does not know the particularities of a determined state to create and apply a new law accordingly, which is why it should not be the creator of laws that have an effect on people who are culturally different.

For example, people who were born in Texas are culturally different from those who were born in Oregon, so a one-policy solution is obsolete from its very inception.

One of the reasons why States representatives do not take a stronger position on banning gun ownership is that they can be removed from office more easily and more often than the President, a Congressman or a Representative.

State governments should be the ones enforcing constitutional laws already in existence, and the president should have no power whatsoever to issue executive orders that promote a one-size fits all policy, especially if those policies directly erode the Second Amendment.

According to Barack Obama, his proposals are all about protecting people from gun violence, not about restricting gun ownership. His logic is based on the fact that “closing loopholes” in certain states will make it harder for people who sell guns across state lines to purchase and then sell those firearms without having done a background check.

This idea is preposterous for many reasons. One of them is that a person who legally purchases weapons at gun fairs or stores does not know what is the intent of someone who buys a firearm from him.

Obama’s proposal is in reality a step closer towards forming a national gun registry program which is the Federal government’s goal. In his proposal, Obama requires that State governments provide all information they have on gun owners so the Federal government can create a national database of who owns guns and who does not.

The result of such a plan would be that the Federal government would have it easy should it decide to confiscate firearms whenever it decides it is time to declare a national emergency.

Obama blames opposition to his plan on people who “sell” his idea as an attempt by the Federal government and the President to ban the Second Amendment. During a CNN-staged Town Hall Meeting-style interview, Obama said that his position was consistently mis-characterized. The US President equaled what he called the good record on driving safety to his gun proposal, implying that a Federal government-created plan does indeed help keep people safe. He also implied that passing gun laws to stop gun violence is equal to passing laws to obligate people to wear seat belts.

Obama also took the opportunity to denigrate the National Rifle Association (NRA) because, according to him, they had not shown up at the Town Hall meeting. “The notion that we can’t apply the same basic principles to gun ownership to everything else that we own, just to try to make them safer, or the notion that everything we do is somehow a plot to take away guns, that contradicts what we do to create a better life,” said Obama.

As we reported on Wednesday, Obama has been the best ally to gun manufacturers ever since he was elected. Him and his constant attempts to restrict gun ownership along with his governments incapacity to provide security, has prompted law-abiding people to purchase more firearms. Every new mass shooting is an alarm bell that rings loud and clear to warn people that the police cannot be there at all times to keep them safe, and any new plan to restrict access to firearms is another warning that the Federal government is slowly and surely pursuing people’s right to have a Second Amendment.

Obama’s Gun Violence Irony

Perhaps, the aspect that gets more attention every time Obama presents a new plan to restrict gun ownership is the fact that while he says he defends the Second Amendment and that he cares about innocent lives, his government does exactly the opposite. As we have explained before, the United States government is the largest arms dealer in the world. The US profits the most from arms sales globally. US-made weapons are responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. US-sponsored wars are responsible for the death of millions. Therefore, expecting government protection from crime or terrorism is an illusion.

The US government sells billions of dollars in weapons that are capable of killing not 10 or 20 people at a time, but hundreds or thousands, yet Obama says he cares about the deaths of men, women and children. He blames all law-abiding citizens for the crimes of a few lunatics who, different from most gun owners, do not follow any laws. When questioned by Anderson Cooper, Obama admitted that his proposals will not eliminate gun violence. In fact, he said that it was just an attempt to do something about it.

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton, have shown support for Australian-like restrictions on legal gun ownership, even though none of the measures proposed by Obama to restrict gun ownership makes any difference in avoiding mass shootings, because most weapons used by criminals are not registered or purchased following established laws.

Another ironic point in Obama’s growing concern for gun safety is that under his administration, the US Federal Government was responsible for running guns illegally into Mexico in an operation known as Fast&Furious. These guns ended in the hands of Mexican drug cartels whose members used them to kill innocent men, women and children in that country. Many of those guns also made it through the US southern border and into the hands of drug cartel operatives on US soil as well as gangs and other criminal organizations. The questions is, where is the outrage of a Federal Government when it comes to gun violence when it illegally provides guns to drug cartels, gangs and other criminals?

Last but not least, there is the case of the genocide committed by the US president via the US drone program. More innocent people in Yemen and other countries have been killed under Obama than under any other president. The secret documents that tell the details about the American drone program were published by The Intercept. According to the report, faulty intelligence is often used to carry out drone attacks against unsuspecting populations. Drone operators themselves have come out to give details about the horrifying experience they went through when having to shoot innocent people.

During the question and answer sessions of the Town Hall meeting, an audience participant questioned Obama’s plan by saying that laws cannot outlaw crime because criminals do not have the same morals than law-abiding people. She added that perhaps it was better to explain to people that, right now, the US has the lowest murder rates in history and that such a fact coincides with the highest rate of gun ownership in history. “We are at the lowest murder rate in history, and yet I think that most people in this country are like, it could happen at any moment, it could happen to any of us at any time.” The participant, a middle age woman said that to say that new gun laws will protect people from gun violence gives people false hope.

Obama responded to the woman’s argument by saying that he challenged the correlation between high gun ownership and lower crime. He said that “places with high gun ownership did not experience significant declines in gun violence, where places with strict gun laws did indeed have a significant decline”. The reason for this is that places with high levels of gun ownership already have the lowest levels of gun violence, which is why a decline in crime would be much lower than in places where new gun laws are enacted.

Another audience member questioned Obama on what she believed is her right to purchase any gun she felt comfortable with and to carry it anywhere she went in order to protect her two children. “It is part of my responsibility as a parent,” she said. The participant was a victim of rape and she raised another caveat in the gun ownership debate: People should not only have the right to own guns, but also to open carry them in public places.

Obama responded that open carry was a State issue and that none of his proposals was addressing what States should do regarding open carry or any other issue. That is false, as Obama proposals do mandate that states provide all information on gun owners, implement new controls on how a person can purchase a gun or not, whether someone on a no-fly list can purchase a firearm and many others. Obama had the nerve to tell the participant that “there are questions about whether or not having guns at home protects you from rape.” He added that people argue on both sides of the issue.

Most likely the biggest grilling of the night came from Sheriff Paul Babeu, from Pinal County, Arizona, who has asked people to arm themselves to protect their families. He reminded Obama that just as he did after being elected Sheriff, he had also sworn to defend the Constitution and that he needed to remember that. “You say that often you get frustrated, and I also get frustrated, but I don’t make laws, and I sworn an oath to enforce the law and to uphold the Constitution, the same oath you’ve taken. Babeu then brought up the fact that no gun laws that the government could pass would prevent mass shootings.

The last nail on the coffin for Obama’s gun grabbing proposals came from the President’s own mouth: “We can’t guarantee that criminals will not get guns,” he said, when answering a questions about how could the government prevent weapons from moving freely from states with looser gun laws into others with tighter restrictions. Obama said that his measures would simply make it “a little more difficult and a little more expensive” for criminals to get guns, as if criminals had cash flow problems to purchase high power firearms.

You can watch the video of the complete town hall meeting below:

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Admiral Fired For Leaking Obama Bought Mansion In Non-Extradition Country (VIDEO)


By: The Voice of Reason |

Stars and Stripes has reported HUGE news this week! First, on February 20, 2014, I went on the record saying Benghazi would be the scandal that ultimate lands Obama either with a private suite in the Grey Bar Hotel, otherwise known as Leavenworth, or with a fate far worse for his treasonous activity. In a post was titled, Admiral Says Obama Conspired With America’s Enemies to Kidnap Chris Stevens, I said the following:

THIS will be what Obama EVENTUALLY gets locked up for, or flees the country in shame from… but only AFTER ALL the dust FINALLY settles.

A separate article in PJ media reported at the time:

The former diplomats inform PJM the new revelations concentrate in two areas — what Ambassador Chris Stevens was actually doing in Benghazi and the pressure put on General Carter Hamm, then in command of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) and therefore responsible for Libya, not to act to protect jeopardized U.S. personnel.

Stevens’ mission in Benghazi, they will say, was to buy back Stinger missiles from al-Qaeda groups issued to them by the State Department, not by the CIA. Such a mission would usually be a CIA effort, but the intelligence agency had opposed the idea because of the high risk involved in arming “insurgents” with powerful weapons that endanger civilian aircraft.

You may recall from that time, General Hamm, like over 300 other military personal at the highest levels, was relieved of duty by Obama. It has been said that when General Hamm received the stand down order for Benghazi, within minutes of saying screw it and planning to proceeding anyway, he was relieved of his command.

February 20th was the first time I put it in writing, but ever since the 400 Stinger Missiles being stored in the Benghazi embassy (uh, missiles in an embassy? Hello?) went missing, I’ve been saying that Barack Obama would flee the country when the heat finally gets too hot for him. Those would be the same Stinger missiles that one of them shot down the Chinook carrying 22 members of Seal Team 6, and the investigation into Obama has been stonewalling for some time now. 



AWD News Writes:

A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that one of the United States Navy’s top commanders was relieved of his command a few hours ago after he sent out an “email/posting” revealing that President Barack Obama was in the process of purchasing a multi-million dollar seaside luxury villa in the United Arab Emirates city (UAE) of Dubai.

According to this report, the Commander of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 15, Rear Admiral Rick Williams, posted a “pointed” query on 8 January [since deleted] to the US Naval Institute’s “Readiness Kill Chain” “recipients/responders” list as to why Navy security and intelligence personal had been dispatched from Naval Support Facility Thurmont (aka Camp David) to Dubai on what he termed an “Obama house hunting mission”.

Within 18 hours of Admiral Williams posting this query, this report continues, the US Navy’s Third Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Nora Tyson, acting on direct orders from her Commander-In-Chief, President Barack Obama, fired Admiral Williams stating her action was “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command” because of “allegations of his misuse of government computer equipment”.

When further questioned by Russian Today journalists via email to provide more details about Admiral Williams firing, this report notes, the Pentagon failed to reply—but then began releasing “anonymous” stories to the US press that Admiral Williams had been viewing pornography on his computer.

To such an absurd claim that Admiral Williams (or any US Navy officer or seaman in fact) could view pornography on their computers, SVR analysts in this report note, is an impossibility due to the US Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), which not only blocks such sites, but also requires each single user to log in with their own unique password and username and whose records are meticulously kept and reviewed on a daily basis (thanks to Edward Snowden)—and which one would logically think one of the highest ranking officers in the US Navy would surely be aware of.

As to the “Obama house hunting mission” Admiral Williams was making his query about before being fired, this report continues, SVR intelligence “assests” in the UAE identified it as being a luxury seaside villa located in the Palm Jumeirah development of Dubai being offered for sale at the price of $4.9 million (18 million United Arab Emirates Dirham), and which a deposit on it was made this past week by the Washington D.C. based global public affairs company Podesta Group.

Important to note about the Podesta Group, this report notes, is that its leader is Tony Podesta, who aside from being one of the most powerful oligarchs in the US, is a close personal friend of President Obama too.

Equally important to note about the Podesta Group’s purchasing of this Dubai luxury seaside mansion for President Obama, this report says, is that is being legally represented in this purchase by the equally powerful Washington D.C. based global law firm DLA Piper—both of whom have long been identified as being the nexus power brokers behind Saudi Arabia’s massive multi-million dollar “PR machine” operating behind the scenes corrupting the entire United States political establishment.

To if Saudi Arabia itself is behind the purchase of this luxury seaside villa in Dubai for President Obama this report doesn’t state—but to the cost of it being to high after it cost the job of one of America’s top Naval Commanders is beyond dispute.

Something Big Has Surfaced! Obama Makes His Move Before Exiting! (VIDEO)

obama gun control

American citizens are soon to become endangered species under the current tyrannical regime that is now in charge of our country. Secretly and behind closed doors the United Nations is gearing up for gun confiscation in the event of an economic collapse in numerous countries by hiring “disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration” officers who will be trained to seize guns from the civilian population. Not only that but laws are being shoved through that specifically restrict certain firearms, armor, ammo and the like. The Obama administration has made it clear that their agenda is to disarm American patriots. Just like Hitlter, Stalin, Pot, and Mao, Obama is taking a play straight out of their playbook, and we are headed for disaster:

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.”– Adolf Hitler

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” ― Adolf Hitler

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”– Mao Tse Tung

In the video below I delve through the real facts about gun laws and statistics and how Obama just initiated his plan to ignite new executive actions against our gun rights. I include staggering documents presented from whitehouse.gove and more!! Trust me this is one video you need to be aware of…

 “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!” – Diane Feinstein

“We’re bending the law as far as we can to ban an entirely new class of guns.” – Rahm Emmanuel, senior advisor to Bill Clinton

“If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” – President Bill Clinton, August 12, 1993

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings.  Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours.  So we know there are ways to prevent it”.  President Obama

“I don’t believe people should to be able to own guns.” – Barack Obama

So What Exactly Does History Show About Gun Confiscation??

1. In 1911 in Turkey guns were restricted and a result one and a half million Armenians were unable to defend themselves and were ethnically cleaned by the government.

2. In 1929 the former Soviet Union established gun control and as a result Stalins government killed 40 million Soviets.

3. Hitler in Nazi Germany established his version of Gun control in 1938 where millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill, disabled, and eventually some of the “brown shirts” who worked for the government were killed.

4. In 1935 Communist China established gun control and 50 million political dissidents were arrested and killed.

5. In 1964 to 1981 Guatemala established gun control and 100,00 were killed.

6. In 1970 Uganda established gun control and from 1970-1979 300,000 Christians were killed by the dictatorial government.

7. In 1975-1977 Cambodia gun restriction laws prevented people from defending themselves against the tyrannical government who arrested and killed one million people.

8. In 1994 Rwanda disarmed the Tutsi people and being unable to defend themselves one million were executed.

Therefore 70 million people died due to gun control!!

For More Information See:


Obama Fact Sheet-

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Obama Sheds Tears As He Tries To Convince America Gun Control Will Save Lives (VIDEOS)

obama crying
By: Joe Jankowski, Planet Free Will |

On Tuesday, President Obama spoke in the East Room of the White House about the executive actions the administration is seeking to take on the transfer of firearms in American.

Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, introduced the President to undoubtedly pull the heart strings on what is being played up as a emotional decision for the White House.

At the end of his address the Presidents brought himself to tears (questionably real tears) as he explained his grief when thinking about the young kids killed at Sandy Hook elementary school.

On Monday the White House put forth a plan to unilaterally place requirements that would expand background checks for buyers. The measures would mandate that individuals “in the business of selling firearms” register as licensed dealers, effectively closing the so-called “gun show loophole,” which exempts most small sellers from keeping formal sales records.

“Each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common-sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, or the one before that, so why bother trying,” Obama said. “I reject that thinking.”

Its important to note that these measures would not have saved the children at Sandy Hook who died in a gun free zone. Every mass shooting which Obama uses as a excuse to push his gun control agenda all happened in gun free zones where there is a absence of proper defense against a armed criminal.

Also, Adam Lanza, the convicted shooter, used a gun that was purchased legally by someone else.

These new measures would be ineffective in achieving the reduction of gun violence that the President claims is his main motive.

Interestingly, in 2015 the FBI recorded a record number of firearm-related background checks. Over 23 million in all.

It seems as if the American people are taking up arms rather then putting them down.

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting guns sales and concealed carry permit applications shot through the roof in some parts of the country.

What all these gun sales tell you is that the American people are not counting on Obama to protect them. The power of self protection, as common sense tells us, is in the hands of the individual.

Just prior to the announcement of what executive actions the administrations would like to take, Gallup released a poll showing that guns and gun control ranked near bottom of the American people’s concerns in 2015.

From Gallup:

In fact, guns/gun control ranked 19th out of 23 top problems facing the country last year.

According to Gallup, only one percent of respondents mentioned guns/gun control as a concern for most of the months in 2015, although mentions spiked to 7 percent in October and December following mass shootings in those months that dominated the news. (The overall average for the year was 2 percent.)

If gun control is to be the presidents last attempt to escape his lame duck status, let the label only become more glaring then ever. He has completely failed the American people in all aspects of representation.

Lets please applauded the President for one thing, his improved acting skills since the last time he attempted to shed tears in front of everyone.

Now, lets take a note to ourselves, from a human standpoint, on the fact that there were zero tears shed from Obama when U.S. airstrikes murdered children at a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, Iraq, in October.

If the life of all children is not consistent with the President’s morals, then how can he take those tears seriously?

Obama Is The Best Ally For Arms Sales

AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON / AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON / AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama’s latest push for gun control is an Executive power-grab.

(The Real Agenda) The United States government is the largest arms dealer in the world, but it restricts access to firearms domestically to law-abiding citizens.

The US profits the most from arms sales globally. Strangely, for its president, Barack Obama, it is not right for American citizens to own firearms to protect themselves. In fact, Obama has been a continuous offender when it comes to eroding the Second Amendment.

By selling the most weapons around the world, the US is responsible for massive genocide all over the world. Meanwhile, Barack Obama wants to ban legally-owned firearms such as semi-automatic weapons. He says those weapons should only be in the hands of military men and women.

US wars are responsible for the death of millions of , , and . At home, Obama wants people disarmed. He blames all law-abiding citizens for the crimes of a few lunatics who, different from most gun owners, do not follow any laws.

Given America’s effective cleansing of millions of people in the countries mentioned above, it is hard to think that there is any American, who in his right mind, would prefer to be disarmed.

Expecting government protection from crime or terrorism is an illusion. It is simply wishful thinking. That is why it is necessary to ask the US president why he allows the murder of innocents in the Middle East & Africa, but he wants to restrict the Second Amendment at home. Why does he want the American people disarmed?

As explained by Paul Craig Roberts, The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization. Presidents are no longer presidents, they are wanna be dictators, who legislate from their own imaginary thrones.

Every time Barack Obama or anyone in government promises to take action against the Second Amendment, gun sales skyrocket. It has happened again this week. That is why Obama is undoubtedly the best ally for arms sales rallies.

According to The Intercept, “stocks for two major gunmakers skyrocketed as President Obama unveiled a long-awaited series of executive orders intended to reduce gun violence. Gunmaker Smith & Wesson’s stock price closed at $25.86, higher than at any point in 2015. A year ago, on January 7th, 2015, it closed at just $9.93.”

Sadly, neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton, who wants Australian-like restrictions to legal gun ownership, want to admit publicly what everyone else knows: none of the measures passed so far to restrict gun ownership would have made any difference in avoiding mass shootings. The same is true for the ‘loophole-closing announcement‘ that Obama issued yesterday.

One of the reasons for the lack of effectiveness that older and new gun restricting measures do not prevent mass shootings is simply because most weapons used by criminals are not registered or purchased following established laws. But it gets worse for Obama & Co., because many shootings that took place last year in the US were carried out with guns purchased legally.

According to AP, “the gun control measures a tearful President Barack Obama announced Tuesday would not have prevented the slaughters of 20 first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, or 14 county workers at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California.”

When it comes to gun ownership, it all comes down to common sense. Nothing guarantees that a potential criminal will buy a gun legally. Nothing guarantees that a gun bought by a law-abiding citizen will not be used to commit a crime. Nothing guarantees that any law-abiding citizen will suffer stress or become mentally-ll and use a gun he bought legally to carry out a shooting.

It is impossible to get all criminals just as it is impossible to prevent all crime. The only way to reduce the number of mass shootings and the number of potential victims is to have the population take responsibility for their own security, but the gun-grabbing club which both Obama and Hillary belong to, do not support people guaranteeing their own safety even though it is quite apparent that government cannot protect us all at all times.

One detail that is even more concerning that any new gun restrictions is the path those restrictions are taking. “Obama’s executive action expands mandatory background checks to gun shows, flea markets and online sales, adds more than 230 examiners and staff to help process them and calls on states to submit accurate and updated criminal history data.”

Government agencies, the Executive and most Democrats in Congress are moving towards baseless preemptive measures. Governments are pumping billions of dollars into surveillance and pre-crime, initiatives of the sort that were sold in the movie Minority Report. In the near future, society will be governed by a massive surveillance AI apparatus where everyone is guilty and where the right to prove someone’s innocence will no longer be awarded.

Obama was clear yesterday: He will not uphold his role as president of the United States as he swore almost eight years ago. He will not uphold the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights. He will not uphold the Second Amendment, because according to his close mind, he can only keep one, the right to bear arms or the security of the people. He cannot keep both.

“I made statements like this one too many times,” I said in June last year when I had to speak again after a white racist massacred nine young blacks in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. We have become insensitive to the shootings“, he alleged. A more precise description would be that Obama and the other members of his club have become more cowardly and the people who believe him have become more hopeless. Obama also purposely omitted the proper context in which mass shootings occur.

In the United States, the homicide by firearm per 100,000 is of only 2.7%. About 89 out of 100 people legally own a firearm. A total of 270 million people own a gun in the US. Most homicides committed with firearms in the country correspond to gang related events as well as drug cartel operation. “The number of people murdered in the drug war inside the United States between 2006 and 2010 exceeds the US-troop death toll in the Iraq War since it was launched in 2003, according to a Narco News analysis of FBI crime statistics.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of all government agencies explains that “Gang homicides account for a substantial proportion of homicides among youths in some U.S. cities; however, few surveillance systems collect data with the level of detail necessary to gang homicide prevention strategies.” The CDC studied gang homicides in Los Angeles, California; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Long Beach, California; Oakland, California; and Newark, New Jersey. Many of these cities suffer from drug cartel violence. Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spreading To Rural U.S. As Police Crack Down In Big Cities.

According to FOX News Latino, “while most law enforcement agencies want to make clear that the level of violent crime currently embroiling Mexico is not likely to spread to the U.S. anytime soon, officials from both local and federal organizations say that the reach of that country’s feared drug cartels has spread north and with it, at least to some degree, so has the violence,” yet Obama wants to impose restrictions on citizens owning guns to defend themselves from this type of crime.

In the last few years it is also related to police homicides of unarmed people. This last factoid is something Obama conveniently left out. Police officers who commit homicides of Black, Latino and other minorities usually do not face the consequences. Where is the proposal to end police violence?

As of 2013, the United States suffered an average of 5 deaths by firearms per 100,000 people, that is around 3,200 deaths for the whole population. Places with the most restrictive gun laws, such as Chicago, New York and Detroit are see the highest crime rates and the largest number of homicides. Conversely, states like Texas, where people can not only own guns, but also carry them in public, show the lowest crime rates in the country.

At his announcement, Obama said that “America is not the only country where there are violent and dangerous people. But we are the only advanced country in the world suffering this kind of mass violence with this frequency.” Obama left out the fact that most mass shooters are mental patients who are under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, and that most of the violence seen in the last few mass shootings stems from the effect of those synthetic drugs. Obama would not go near the relationship between gun violence and pharmaceutical drugs, because addressing that issue would mean he would be obligated to review the use of psychiatric drugs and healthcare practices and that is just too complex for him.

In the case of Obama and his gun-grabbing followers, they can say whatever they want about guns ownership and restrictions they want to impose. However, nothing that they say can obscure reality, and reality says that in order to avoid more mass shootings it is necessary to have a more prepared population. This is not an opinion, but the professional assessment of people like Swiss Lieutenant General André Blattmann, who has just declared that the societies of Western Europe are on the verge of collapse by the combined effect of the tremendous economic crisis, mass immigration and terrorism, which will lead to bitter civil wars. For this reason, he said,  his government has launched a warning to the Swiss people, especially for those who do not possess firearms, or who do not belong to the Swiss Army reserves. He called on people to acquire firearms.

In Switzerland the possession of firearms, even semi automatic assault rifles, and not surprisingly the country has the lowest crime rates worldwide.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Obama Says New Gun Control Executive Orders Are “Well Within My Legal Authority”

obama gun control

By: Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media |

Even as critics in Congress are blasting Obama’s upcoming new gun control executive orders as “dangerous overreach” targeting the 2nd Amendment, Obama has defended them, claiming his plans are “well within my legal authority”.

Obama, via Reuters:

“The good news is .. these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they’re also ones that the overwhelming majority of the American people, including gun owners, support,” Obama said during a meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other advisers.

The new gun control measures are likely to be announced sometime this week. Wonder if another perfectly timed mass shooting will accompany them.

Even though the stock market fell today, stocks in gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson rose against the news. Pro gun control president Obama is perhaps the best gun salesmen in America, it seems.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan released a statement blasting the president:

“While we don’t yet know the details of the plan, the president is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will. His proposals to restrict gun rights were debated by the United States Senate, and they were rejected. No president should be able to reverse legislative failure by executive fiat, not even incrementally. The American people deserve a president who will respect their constitutional rights – all of them. This is a dangerous level of executive overreach, and the country will not stand for it.” (source)

That’s great and all, but Paul Ryan doesn’t even sort of have a backbone, so this statement, while absolutely true, pretty much means zip.

In the meantime, the president will simply continue to chip away at the 2nd Amendment as much as he can before his final year is up, just as he has repeatedly threatened to do.


Obama Wants to Pass Gun Control Laws Like Australia’s False Flag Mass Shooting Gun Control Laws?

Obama’s Four-Point Gun Confiscation Plan

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


Obama Caught Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year On UPS Planes! (VIDEOS)

By: The Voice of Reason |

Many of you probably remember the following from an enormously successful post about six weeks ago, when a brave individual caught and filmed what he believed was supposed to be a UPS cargo plane, but instead was filled with people, presumably Muslim refugees who were then given escort by DHS to some unknown destination:

Is history repeating itself? Is Obama circumventing the law once again to bring in refugees, just like he did with the “refugees” from South America who were actually given rides on D.H.S. busses for protection???

Without knowing precisely what is going on, there is no doubt something nefarious is afoot. There is no reason for 30 busses of people to be flying on a UPS flight designated for parcels, under the cover of night, filled with people, who are met on arrival with busses already waiting, and whisked away in secret. In the video, the person recording is in hot pursuit of up to 30 busses that he claims are filled with people he just watched land in Harrisburg International Airport on a UPS plane.

Upon the plane’s arrival, which was alleged to be a “parcel flight,” there were 30 busses already lined up, and ready receive, what turned out not to be parcels, but dozens and dozens of people. According to whoever took the video, he watched as the planes occupants were quickly escorted onto the busses that were already waiting, and then he began filming as the busses departed with all the “mystery flyers.”

Understandably, the person recording is very excited, and almost flipping out over what he is filming. You can bet there is no above the board answer to who or why there were that many people secretly being flown in on UPS planes. The video is shaky and tough to make out, but at one point one of the busses is identified as Bus #245 (a company name was not revealed), and what sounds like license plate number: J0191B.


FIRST, above all else, let me give my thanks to the video camera operator who started this whole investigation roughly six weeks ago. When you read what follows, you’ll realize the nation owes this man a great debt for catching Obama in MORE crimes…. by the looks of it… 100,000 of them! SECOND, Bill has done a TREMENDOUS JOB and we should thank him as well! I suppose that when Obama said he wanted there to be 100 Million Muslims in the US Before Leaving Office, He Wasn’t Kidding.

TO SUM UP WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIVE INTO: In the first 5 years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. gave out green cards to over 680,000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent years, 100,000 new Muslim immigrants are brought into the United States EACH year, and it’s growing at a rate of about 10% per year. So this battle in the press about whether or not to reject the president’s plan to bring in 10,000 more is nothing but a distraction. The truth is that in the last 5 years, we have admitted more Muslims into the U.S. already than the entire Muslim population of Belgium – and that entire country is on lockdown from the Friday the 13th terrorist event in adjoining France. Not only is what you are about to learn worse than anything we could have imagined… We the People were CHUMPED the whole time…

In addition to the fantastic research provided by Bill Still, I have inserted many of the HUGE stories that I coverd into this timeline, for one reason: So you can see the WHOLE picture. It’s so you can SEE without question that this is no damn “conspiracy theory,” but rather the President of the United States is doing EVERYTHING in his power to take down or severely weaken the United States, all while the media and liberals in Congress go right along with him… It’s time YOU decide where you stand on all this…

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I don’t know what to make of the video. The allegations it makes are totally unsubstantiated. All you hear is the excitement in the driver’s voice as he tails two busses from the Harrisburg, PA airport – apparently late last night.

There is a doctor’s office directly across from the cargo terminal where the UPS planes would come into. In fact, here is a Google Earth view from the Doctor’s office parking lot. You con see their sign down by the road and there is even a UPS plane coming into the cargo area. You can see the brown tail.

If I was sneaking people in, a small airport like Harrisburg late at night would be perfect. At that time, there is no one around – even in the terminal, but even fewer away from the terminal. If I was in charge of this operation, I’d take them up to Penn State in Happy Valley – about an hour’s drive away. There is I huge, diverse population of students there and a couple hundred Syrians walking around town would cause absolutely zero concern.

The only reason I’m putting this up is just on the random chance that someone up in Penn State or the surrounding area saw this caravan of busses last night and we might get some additional information.

11/27        Shocking Truth Revealed: Obama Wants 100 Million Muslims in US Before Leaving Office

11/27        CIA Agent Says Obama Not Even Close to Telling Truth About Terrorist Threats


After some investigation, Bill finds out that there are KNOWN instances where UPS has converted a few planes for passengers as charters, primarily on the weekends. There are several articles on this if you do a search on it. One such article begins:

Every Friday morning just before 6 o’clock, a crew of United Parcel Service ramp workers leaps into action at the company’s air-service hub at Philadelphia International Airport.

Their goal: Convert the cold, unattractive, utilitarian interior of UPS jets into carpeted passenger airplanes with cushy seats, overhead luggage bins and reading lights, a kitchen that produces hot meals, and a lively flight crew that specializes in trivia quizzes.

The workers, their tasks performed with military precision, begin by pulling out the hundreds of packages that represent the company’s core mission and, two or so hours later, end with safety checks that make the planes ready for passengers who have bought four-to-seven day hotel-and-air travel packages.

Upon still more investigation, in an interview with a commercial pilot last year, the pilot,  “…refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement that allowed him to break FAA regulations but lost his job in his refusal. He was to fly [refugees] in from some middle east country into JFK in the middle of the night bypassing security.

A person Bill could only name as “Please Stay Tuned” alerted him that this: “Could be the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program. Seems to be a very quiet government funded org.” Well, as it turns out, earlier in the week, 2 Governors Came Forward (Christie being One) Dropping a Bombshell About What Obama Is REALLY Doing With “Refugees.”  The Washington Examiner reported:

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night that the federal government has resettled refugees in the Garden State without giving his administration any notice.

“We have refugees in New Jersey we don’t even know about,” the GOP presidential candidate told Fox News.

Christie claimed 75 Syrian refugees have been placed in New Jersey since January and that his staff was never advised because the federal government uses local charity organizations to resettle the refugees, omitting state officials from the process.



And just look at the numbers. Everyone is getting all excited about Obama saying he would bring in 10,000 refugees from Syria. In the first 5 years of the Obama presidency, the U.S. gave out green cards to over 680,000 immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent years, 100,000 new Muslim immigrants are brought into the United States each year, and it’s growing at a rate of about 10% per year.


THE VOICE OF REASON is the pen name of Michael DePinto, a Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School, and an aspiring attorney in Florida. Having worked in the World Trade Center, along with other family and friends, Michael was baptized by fire into the world of politics on September 11, 2001. Michael’s political journey began with tuning in religiously to whatever the talking heads on television had to say, then Michael became a “Tea-Bagging” activist as his liberal friends on the Left would say, volunteering within the Jacksonville local Tea Party, and most recently Michael completed law school. Today, Michael is a major contributor to, he owns and operates, where Michael provides what is often very ‘colorful’ political commentary, ripe with sarcasm, no doubt the result of Michael’s frustration as he feels we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. The topics Michael most often weighs in on are: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm, Economic Issues, Government Corruption, and Government Conspiracy.

It’s Official: Over A Trillion Dollars A Year Will Be Added To The Debt During Obama’s Presidency

uncle sam

Under Barack Obama, the U.S. national debt has risen from $10,626,877,048,913.08 on January 20th, 2009 to $18,795,033,928,275.59 on December 21st, 2015.  That means that the debt that we are passing on to future generations has increased by 8.16 trillion dollars since Barack Obama was inaugurated.  There is still a little more than a year to go in Obama’s presidency, and it is already guaranteed that Obama will add more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt during his presidency.  In fact, when you do the math, we are stealing more than 100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of every single day.  It is a crime of a magnitude that is almost unimaginable, and at this point it is mathematically impossible for the U.S. government to pay off all of this debt.  To say that we are in trouble would be a massive understatement.

And of course not all of the blame goes to Obama.  The Republicans have had control of the House of Representatives for all but two years while Obama has been in the White House, and they have gone along with all of this reckless spending.  Without the approval of the House, Obama could not spend a single penny, but the Republicans have consistently chosen not to stand up to him.  In fact, the Republicans in Congress just approved another massive 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill that essentially gave the Democrats every single thing that they wanted.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi even admitted that the Republicans “were willing to concede so much” during the negotiations.

So why do we even have a Republican Party?  They always just go along with pretty much whatever the Democrats want anyway.  Why shouldn’t we just disband the Republican Party and let the Democrats completely run things?  How would Washington D.C. be any different if the Republicans didn’t even exist?

At this point, even Rush Limbaugh is completely disgusted with the Republican Party…

I have a headline here from the Washington Times:  “White House Declares Total Victory Over GOP in Budget Battle.” That headline’s a misnomer.  There was never a battle.  None of this was opposed.  The Republican Party didn’t stand up to any of it, and the die has been cast for a long time on this.  I know many of you are dispirited, depressed, angry, combination of all of that. But, folks, there was no other way this could go. Because two years ago when the Republican Party declared they would never do anything that would shut down the government and they would not impeach Obama, there were no obstacles in Obama’s way and there were no obstacles in the way of the Democrat Party.

Do you remember when Republican politicians were running around promising that they would defund Obamacare?

That didn’t happen.

Do you remember when Republican politicians were running around promising that they would defund Planned Parenthood?

That didn’t happen.

Do you remember when Republican politicians were running around promising that they would defund Obama’s refugee program?

That didn’t happen.

In this new spending deal, the Republicans got nothing.  It was a sham, a farce and a total insult to the American people.  Here is more from Rush Limbaugh

It fully funds Planned Parenthood.  That, to me, is unforgivable, with everything now known about what goes on behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood, and that the federal government, led by a Republican Party, sees fit to pay for it.  It is beyond comprehension, and it is a total squandering of moral authority to fully fund the butchery at Planned Parenthood.  This spending bill fully pays for Obama’s refugee plans, fully.  This spending bill, this budget bill quadruples the number of visas Obama wants for foreign workers.  This is even a slap at American union workers.  Not the leaders.  The union leaders seem to be in favor of it, but blue-collar people, known as working people, have been sold down the river along with everybody else here.

This spending bill even fully pays for every dime asked for by Obama on all of this idiocy that’s tied up into climate change.  Everything Obama wanted, everything he asked for, he got.  You go down the list of things, it’s there.

Even after watching all of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos that came out over the past year, the Republicans in Congress still voted to fund the harvesting and sale of body parts from aborted babies.

And surveys have found that the American people support the continued funding of Planned Parenthood by about a 2 to 1 margin.  After everything that we have seen, the vast majority of Americans still want to continue giving those butchers hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year.

No wonder so many people are comparing America to Nazi Germany these days.  We truly have become an exceedingly wicked nation.

We like to think that we are an “example” for the rest of the planet, but in reality the only example that we are is a bad one.  Our guilt has been put on display for all the world to see, and yet we just continue to race toward even more evil.

Not only did the Republicans not defund Planned Parenthood, the truth is that not a single pro-life amendment of any sort even got into the bill thanks to Paul Ryan.  The following comes from

“The bill failed to include a single major pro-life policy rider, despite the requests of over 120 members of Congress and the disturbing revelations about Planned Parenthood brought to light this year,” said Congresswoman Diane Black, R-TN, who voted against the bill.

The House Freedom Caucus offered a series of amendments to the bill defunding Planned Parenthood, strengthening conscience protections for pro-life physicians and organizations, and ending all U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The House Rules Committee rejected these riders earlier this week, as Speaker Paul Ryan said he did not want conservative amendments added to the bill that would drive away his Democratic colleagues.

The committee also rejected an amendment to increase vetting of refugees who enter the United States from the terrorist hotbeds of Syria and Iraq, which had previously passed the House, with 47 Democrats adding strong bipartisan support.

Like I said, the Republicans completely capitulated, just like they always do.

Now the U.S. national debt is nearly double the size that it was just before the last financial crisis struck, and our leaders continue to borrow and spend as if there is no tomorrow.

Perhaps they have convinced themselves that there will never be any consequences for acting so foolishly.

Perhaps they believe that in the end everything will turn out okay somehow.

Perhaps they are able to rationalize the theft of more than a hundred million dollars an hour from future generations of Americans.

But nothing can erase what they have done to us.  The promising future that our children and our grandchildren should have had has been completely wiped out, and the leading edge of the greatest economic crisis that any of us has ever known is now upon us.

If we had done things differently, things wouldn’t have had to turn out this way.  But now the die is cast, and we are all going to pay a very high price for the mistakes that have been made in Washington.

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and has a law degree and an LLM from the University of Florida Law School. He is an attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.C. and who now spends his time researching and writing and trying to wake the American people up. You can follow his work on The Economic Collapse blog, End of the American Dream and The Truth Wins. His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

Sandy Hook And Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Connection

obama social security
By: Josey Wales | Before It’s News

There has been much controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s social security number since he has became president without so much as providing his birth certificate. Now, as you are about to see, there is new evidence that Obama, his family and his life are a fraud.

Americans have been lied to throughout his two terms in office. Now it seems people are starting to wake up to the fact that Obama has been put in power to take America down. He has been destroying American values, American tradition and America’s way of life.

Obama has opened America’s borders to allow illegal immigrants to come into America unabated, all to establish a stronger progressive voter base to further destroy this country. He is allowing illegal immigrants to join our military after establishing that American soldiers would never turn arms against the American people.

Obama has diminished the leadership of our military by firing 200 of America’s top military leaders over the last 6 years, marginalizing the U.S armed forces.

Obama has created the greatest racial divide in this country since the civil rights movement in the early 60′s. He is demonizing our law enforcement officers, and supporting race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

All of these actions are reason to remove him from office. But now there is more damning evidence that Obama was never qualified to be president of the United States in the first place.

In this article by “The Last Great Stand” released today, you will see the mounting evidence against him.



Considering EVERYTHING we have been told by Obama thus far has been a LIE, and as the links at the bottom make very clear, Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President of the United States. Nowhere is that made more clear than in my post titled: CONGRESS NOT NEEDED: OBAMA MUST BE ARRESTED FOR IMPERSONATING A PUBLIC OFFICER.

The fact is that Obama is illegitimate and any attempt to impeach him would be an unlawful attempt to validate his “presidency” — Nothing can be done to validate him as “the President,” so he cannot be lawfully impeached … If the House of Representatives unlawfully impeaches Obama, then they will also say that everything Obama has signed is legal. If the House acknowledges that Obama is a usurper and therefore cannot be impeached, they will for the first time be formally acknowledging the fact that Obama has usurped the Office of the President.

How the American people could be duped into supporting this man for president is hard to understand. Now his actions speak louder than words.

NOTE: Congress has been avoiding the word “usurper,” because they knew he was ineligible in 2008 and 2012 when they counted the electoral votes without objecting to his ineligibility. For the members of Congress to come to the conclusion now that Obama is a usurper would be like putting a rope around there own necks. So, I doubt that they will change direction now. I believe that if they unlawfully try to impeach Obama it will not be for usurpation, but some other reason. They want the American people to think they are working for and representing them, when in fact they are avoiding the fact that Obama is a usurper and therefore willfully violating our representative form of government.

America’s Constitution specifically provides that a president can be impeached. It does NOT provide for the impeachment of a usurper. Obviously a usurper is not a president. Dr. Vieira in Thought Must Precede Action states:

“Although Mr. Obama may have succeeded in gaining physical access to the office-space a legitimate President of the United States occupies in the White House, he never acquired legal access to “the Office of President,” because, not being “a natural born Citizen,” he was never constitutionally eligible, and is not now eligible, for that “Office”. For Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution declares (in pertinent part) that “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President”. If words have any meaning, a “Person” whom the supreme law of the land declares not to be “eligible to the Office of President” can never “gain access to” that “Office” in the sense of legally holding it or asserting any claim to it.”

Definition of “Office”

“Office” is defined to be a right to exercise a public or private employment, and to take the fees and emoluments thereunto belonging.

NOTE: We know that Obama’s father was never an American citizen, so the evidence proves that Obama is not a natural born Citizen and therefore he does not have the right to be a president of the United States of America. We need go no further to prove that Barack Hussein Obama II was never constitutionally eligible, and is not now eligible for the “Office of the President.”

Based on these facts the talk of impeaching president Obama does not apply. All of the American people need to understand this. He has broken the law and needs to be prosecuted for his actions, not impeached.

Where are the great military leaders Obama is so scared of?


Blank American Social Security Card

One of the many curiosities about The sitting President of the United States is the fact that, unlike us, he has not one, but Multiple Social Security Numbers!!!

This is also a crime according to the law. Each U.S. citizen is appointed one SSI number, having multiple SSI numbers is against the law.

In 2010, two licensed private investigators, Susan Daniels and Neal Sankey, found that multiple SS numbers are associated with Barack Obama’s name. Daniels and Sankey put their findings in sworn affidavits. Dr. Orly Taitz further verified their information with a third source, a retired Department of Homeland Security senior investigator named John Sampson.

In May 2010, the mystery deepened when it was determined that the SSN Obama is currently using (042-68-4425) has a Connecticut prefix, 042.

Considering Obama has never lived in Connecticut, how can this be legal?

Obama has never lived in nor had an association with Connecticut!

Obama has been using that 042 SS number since he turned 18…

In an article for Western Journalism, Stephen Baldwin writes:

All told, there are 49 addresses and 16 different Social Security numbers listed for a person whose name is spelled “Barack Obama.” […] the one Social Security number Obama most frequently used, the one beginning with 042, is a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977, yet there is no record of Obama ever living or working in Connecticut. Indeed, during this time period Obama would have been 15-16 years old and living in Hawaii at the time.

In late February 2011, the mystery further deepened when retired US Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, the litigant in an Obama eligibility lawsuit, conducted a search for Obama’s Connecticut SSN in the Social Security Number Verification System used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility. The results came back as:

Failed: SSN not in file (never issued)

To the question of why Obama obtained a Connecticut-issued SSN instead of one by Hawaii, Joel Gilbert, maker of the documentary Dreams from My Real Father, has a plausible explanation: Obama’s peculiar Connecticut-issued SSN is related to the question of Obama’s birth certificate.

Again, evidence that Obama is not eligible to hold office of president of the United States of America.

At the inception of the program, all SSNs were assigned and cards issued based solely on information provided by the applicant. However, in the 1970s, Social Security Administration began requiring proof of age, identity, and citizenship. In 1977, lacking a valid birth certificate, Obama was forced to buy a SS number so he could get his first job at a Honolulu Baskin Robbins. Gilbert surmises that Obama was sold an SSN that was Connecticut-based so it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii SS office. (See “Why Obama has a Connecticut Social Security no.”)

It goes without saying that it is a crime to use a Social Security number that isn’t yours. It is also a fact that once the Social Security Administration issued a SSN, even after the recipient died, SSA will never reissue that number to another person. There is one Numident record for each SSN ever assigned. A numident is the social security number itself, which is only assigned once and is never used again unless it is stolen.

The question remains, how did Obama get away with this fraud? There are checks and balances in our constituion to prevent this from happening. This indicates that the fraud goes beyond Barack obama himself. There has to be many more people involved in this conspiracy.


In May 2011, blogger The Obama Hustle conducted a database pull for SSN 042-68-4425 and got the names of Harrison J. Bounel and Barack Obama (see below), indicating that one SSN was being used by both men.

Take a close look at the following documents.

(click images to enlarge)


Since Obama uses Harrison Bounel’s SSN, a search for the relatives of Harrison Bounel SHOWS MICHELLE OBAMA AS BOUNEL’S SPOUSE!!! (SEE BELOW!)  



Leslie Bishop, a genealogy expert with over 25 years of experience, found a 1940 Census document showing a Harry Bounel, age 50, residing in Bronx, NY, which would make 1890 Bounel’s birth year. Harry Bounel’s listing is on line 48.



In September 2012, Leslie Bishop sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Social Security Administration for information on a Harry Bounel with the SSN 042-68-4425. Below is the letter she received (you can also see the letter on Scribd):


In the letter dated November 16, 2012, Dawn S. Wiggins, Freedom of Information Officer at the Social Security Administration, wrote that in spite of Leslie Bishop’s FOIA request, her request is declined because “disclosing this information would be a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” Mind you, in 2012 Harrison Bounel would have to be 120 years old, which means he had long died. But SS Administration nevertheless claims revealing information about his SS number would be an “invasion” of the dead man’s privacy.

Bishop stated that Social Security Administration “acknowledged my request for THAT numident and denied my request. In other words, that record exists and since there is only one Numident per SS# and that Numident for Harry Bounel with SS# 042-68-4425 apparently exists, then its not possible that O is using that number legally and it is apparent that Bounel is the original holder of that number.” (Source:The Obama Hustle)

Does this indicate that the majority of America’s elected representives are being influenced by higher powers than “We the people”? Corporate interests? New World order interests?

Dr. Orly Taitz writes on Jan. 18, 2013:

According to 1940 census Harry Bounel was born in Russia in 1890.This is the date of birth on some of Lexis records associated with the Social Security number 042-68-4425…. Also, we had some records showing Harry Bounel residing with Robinson family in CT in 1910.

So Harry Bounel iwas not actually an American born citizen either, how appropriate that Obama, not a natural born American citizen, holds a SSI number from a person who was not a natural born citizen. With today’s technology, how could the other people in our government not catch this before Obama ran for president? This indicates that the conspiracy is much larger than most Americans can grasp.

By “Robinson family,” Dr. Taitz means Michelle Obama’s family, the Robinsons (Michelle’s maiden name is Michelle Robinson). Taitz continues:

Michele Robinson Obama’s great grand mother Rose Ella Cohen, the name strikes me as a name of a Jewish woman from Russia…. It actually was not uncommon in those days for Jewish immigrant women from Russia to marry African American men, these Jewish women were not raised with any prejudice against African American men and also were persecuted.  I want to know, if Harry Bounel was related to her. He was born in 1890. She was born in 1893-1896. Very close in age, he could be her cousin. From what I understand Harry Bounel never married. In this case the only family, who would be his next of kin, would be Robinson family.

Another weird coincidence. We see Bounel residing in CT in 1910. The Social Security [number] was issued in 1977 in CT. He was 87 at that time. There was a hospital next to Newton [sic]. It was a Newtown psychiatric hospital, where some elderly without family resided their last days. The hospital later was renamed to Fairfield state hospital. This is where the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims were taken for autopsy.

Dr. Taitz received the letter below from a reader:

I’m in my 60’s and grew up in Bridgeport CT until 1961. When I was a kid in the 50’s, we used to joke that if you’re bad you’ll be sent to the “Newtown nut house”, a psychiatric hospital in NEWTOWN that was just next to Danbury. […] You had surmised that the identity [Obama’s Connecticut SSN] was taken from someone at a local Danbury NURSING HOME. The official name of the “Newtown nut house” was the FAIRFIELD STATE HOSPITAL. (renamed Fairfield Hills Hospital). Mentally ill patients who had died were buried on site.

Dr. Taitz found that in 1976-1977, when new SSN laws were adopted, elderly individuals like Harrison Bounel needed to get a SSN in order to get Medicare benefits. “When people were elderly or patients in the psychiatric hospital, the applications were filled out by the hospital employees,” that is, personnel at Fairfield State Hospital probably helped Bounel to fill out his application for a SSN.

According to Wikipedia, Michele Obama’s great great grandfather Jim Robinson’s second wife was Rose Ella Cohen.

A sharp-eyed reader of Taitz’s blog named Marshman noted that in the 1940 Census, right beneath the entry for Harry Bounel was Sam Cohen (line 49), which meant the two men lived next door. Bounel was identified as a “lodger” while Cohen was a “head” of household. Was Rose Ella Cohen a daughter of Sam Cohen?


There you have it:

The original owner of Obama’s stolen Connecticut-issued Social Security number was Harrison J. Bounel, an Immigrant from Russia who was born in 1890, who seemed to have had some connection with a Jewish woman named Rose Ella Cohen, who was the second wife of the great great grandfather of Michelle Obama. This same Bounel, whose Social Security number is one of Barack Obama’s many SSNs, was institutionalized in and probably died in the Fairfield State Hospital, a now-abandoned psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut. The same Newtown, CT, where on Dec. 14, 2012, an alleged lone gunman named Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School — a massacre that every available evidence and sound reasoning point to it being a gigantic hoax.


Here are 2 pictures of Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital taken by citizen journalist “Barry” in his recent visit to Newtown. Barry said Newtown has a spooky ghost-town quality, with many abandoned buildings like Fairfield. Read his account here.



The weirdness doesn’t end. Stephen Baldwin writes:

Nevertheless, all this mystery surrounding Obama appears to be a generational thing. Researchers have discovered nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses for [Stanley] Ann Dunham, his mother. […]

The lack of documents regarding Obama also extends to his mother and to his [maternal] grandparents [Stanley and Madelyn Dunham]. Indeed, researchers have been unable to find marriage licenses for his mother’s two marriages, assuming she was ever legally married. Ditto goes for the marriage license for Ann’s parents. They cannot find birth certificates for her, her parents, or even for her grandparents. Even more so, despite Obama’s boast of his grandfather’s military service, there’s no record of that either. For reasons no one knows, much of Obama’s life, his mother’s life and his grandparent’s life has been erased from the records as if they never existed.

Article contributed by Josey Wales of Before It’s News.


The Voice Of A Tyrant: Obama Wants Your Guns! (VIDEOS)

 A drone designed and constructed by Concepcion University and the Chilean army is seen during a flight test at Concepcion city

“To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.” –Adolph Hitler

Is it not absolutely astounding that at every incident in which a gun is used in a crime, engineered or otherwise, the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, along with other corrupt politicians and Hollywood’s hypocritical ant-gun teachers, stands against The Bill of Rights.  This is the very Bill of Rights that our founders established, which these treasonous individuals attack only to disarm, to strip and to leave defenseless the American people from defending themselves against criminal.

It is the duty and obligation of the president to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not to tear it down and attempt to recreate it in his devilish and tyrannical image (John 10:10). Friends, this is the voice of a tyrant!

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
- William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

As a reminder, this individual took to the people’s White House after Sandy Hook allegedly took place, stood up in the actor’s presidential bully pulpit and wiped a tear from his eye over the loss of the lives of children. Of course, in the end, he called for more gun control. The problem with that is, this man voted over 242 times to make sure that innocent babies in the womb were snuffed out before entering this world.

Additionally, we cannot forget about Operation Fast and Furious, in which Obama and the Attorney General Eric Holder put high powered guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords where hundreds of innocent Mexicans died only for Barack to go over to Mexico and blame the American people for the crimes that he and his administration were directly responsible.

Americans need to get this deep into their hearts and minds that this is an important move for corruption to have absolute control over every aspect of American lives by disarming you.

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.”
- Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, October 10, 1787

Antithetical to what Our Founders Established

Amendment II of the Bill of Rights

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
- Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached, and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.”
- James Madison, Federalist No. 46, January 29, 1788

America, rights are given to you by God, not the generosity of the state ( Exodus 18:21) Rights are not taken away, they are forfeited. The Laws of our Constitutional Republic are on your side.

Therefore, in closing, if you decide to relinquish your right to bear arms, the rest of your rights will go right along with it.

Bradlee Dean is a syndicated columnist for WorldNet Daily, nationally syndicated talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, ordained preacher, and musician. Combined with his constitutional forefather style of writing, what makes him unique from every other columnist is that he includes a video for every commentary he posts, blending the new age of video with the traditional written commentary. Bradlee Dean is also known for his bold stand of truth in the public square reflected in his recent lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. He speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International. Who is Bradlee Dean? Twitter @BradleeDean1 – Facebook :

Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?


Do you know what an “extremist” is?  Barack Obama is speaking very boldly about the need to win the war against “extremists”, and he has announced plans to host a major global summit on “extremism” next month.  And on the surface that sounds great.  But precisely how are we supposed to determine whether someone is an “extremist” or not?  What criteria should we use?  As you will see below, your definition of an “extremist” may be far, far different from the definition that Barack Obama is using.  When you do a Google search, you will find that an “extremist” is defined as “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.”  According to Wikipedia, “extremism” is “an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards.  Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and economic.”  Please notice that neither of those definitions uses the word violence.  In this day and age, you can be considered an “extremist” simply based on what you believe, and as you will see later in this article there are now tens of millions of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” according to official U.S. government documents.

When you use the word “extremist”, you may have in your mind a picture of ISIS fighters or the terrorists from the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

But for elitists such as Barack Obama, the word “extremist” has a much broader meaning.  In recent years, it has become a code word for those that do not have an “enlightened” view of the world.  If your views on politics, religion or social issues are extremely different from the liberal, progressive views of “the mainstream” (as defined by the mainstream media and by “mainstream” politicians such as Barack Obama), then they consider you to be an extremist.

Early in the presidency of George W. Bush, we were told that Islamic terrorists were the enemy.  And so most of the country got behind the idea of the War on Terrorism.  But over the years that has morphed into a War on Extremism.  In fact, the Obama administration has gone so far as to remove almost all references to Islam from government terror training materials

Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole confirmed on Wednesday that the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive.

“I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security,” Cole told a panel at the George Washington University law school.

Now, much of the focus in law enforcement training materials is on “domestic extremists”.  We are being told that “domestic extremism” is just as great a threat to our national security as terror groups overseas are.

But exactly who are these “domestic extremists”?

Well, the truth is that you may be one of them.

I want to share with you a list that I have shared in a couple of previous articles.  It is a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” or “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents.  This list will really give you a good idea of what Barack Obama means when he uses the word “extremist”.  Each of these 72 items is linked, so if you would like to go see the original source document for yourself, just click on the link.  As you can see, this list potentially includes most of the country…

1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”

2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”

4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”

5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”

6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”

8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”

9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”

10. “Anti-Gay”

11. “Anti-Immigrant”

12. “Anti-Muslim”

13. “The Patriot Movement”

14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”

15. Members of the Family Research Council

16. Members of the American Family Association

17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”

18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol

19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition

21. Members of the Christian Action Network

22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”

23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”

24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21

25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps

26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”

27. The militia movement

28. The sovereign citizen movement

29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”

30. Anyone that “complains about bias”

31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”

32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”

33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”

34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”

36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”

37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”

38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”

39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”

40. “Militia or unorganized militia”

41. “General right-wing extremist”

42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.

43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”

44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

45. Those that are “anti-global”

46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”

47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”

49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”

50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”

51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”

53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”

54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”

55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”

56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”

57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”

58. “Rightwing extremists”

59. “Returning veterans”

60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”

61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”

62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”

63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”

64. “Anti-abortion activists”

65. Those that are against illegal immigration

66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner

67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations

68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”

69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr

70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)

71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies

72. Evangelical Christians

Do you fit into any of those categories?

Personally, I fit into a couple dozen of them.

That is why alarm bells should go off whenever Barack Obama speaks of the need to crack down on “extremism”.

If Barack Obama wants to denounce Islamic terror, he should do so.  But because of his extreme political correctness, he goes out of his way to avoid any connection between Islam and terror.  Instead, he speaks of the need to recognize “Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings” and he insists that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Meanwhile, our liberties and freedoms are being eroded a little bit more with each passing day.  In the name of fighting “terrorism” or “extremism”, our government is constructing a Big Brother police state control grid all around us.  I like the way that Ron Paul described what is happening to us just the other day

If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took many years of neglect for our liberties to be given away so casually for a promise of security from the politicians. The tragic part is that the more security was promised — physical and economic — the less liberty was protected.

With cradle-to-grave welfare protecting all citizens from any mistakes and a perpetual global war on terrorism, which a majority of Americans were convinced was absolutely necessary for our survival, our security and prosperity has been sacrificed.

It was all based on lies and ignorance. Many came to believe that their best interests were served by giving up a little freedom now and then to gain a better life.

The trap was set. At the beginning of a cycle that systematically undermines liberty with delusions of easy prosperity, the change may actually seem to be beneficial to a few. But to me that’s like excusing embezzlement as a road to leisure and wealth — eventually payment and punishment always come due. One cannot escape the fact that a society’s wealth cannot be sustained or increased without work and productive effort. Yes, some criminal elements can benefit for a while, but reality always sets in.

Reality is now setting in for America and for that matter for most of the world. The piper will get his due even if “the children” have to suffer. The deception of promising “success” has lasted for quite a while. It was accomplished by ever-increasing taxes, deficits, borrowing, and printing press money. In the meantime the policing powers of the federal government were systematically and significantly expanded. No one cared much, as there seemed to be enough “gravy” for the rich, the poor, the politicians, and the bureaucrats.

The country that our forefathers founded is dying.

Now, individuals and organizations that attempt to restore the values that our founders once believed in so strongly are regarded as dangerous “extremists” that need to be watched carefully.

Sadly, most Americans don’t even realize what is happening to this nation.  As long as they are fed a constant diet of mindless entertainment, most Americans are perfectly content to let “the experts” do their thinking for them.

We are steamrolling toward oblivion, and most of the country is dead asleep.

So is there any hope for us?  Feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

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Happy New Year! Obama Has Targeted Your Gun Rights For Just After Christmas (VIDEO)


By: The Voice of Reason |

Robert Gehl, for The Federalist Papers reports:

Enjoy the holidays, because when the New Year comes, Barack’s going to throw down some unconstitutional “executive orders” on gun control.

After he gets back from his long Christmas holiday in Hawaii, President Obama is planning to use his “executive powers” to tighten gun laws, RollCall is reporting.

Since the San Bernardino terrorist attack (which has nothing to do with access to guns), liberals have been apoplectic about more and more gun control.

From limiting purchases, to banning people on the sketchy “no-fly” list, to background checks, the dictates will come down soon after Obama returns.

Obama DOES NOT CARE that the American people are decidedly against him on this one.

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