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Horrific Mistreatment Of Migrant Refugees


Refugees fleeing war zones, persecution, or poverty and unemployment are the world’s least welcome people. America bears full responsibility for millions leaving Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Donbass and elsewhere – seeking safe havens in Europe or countries bordering their own.

Hungary deployed thousands of police to its border with Serbia. It’s “under attack (by) increasingly aggressive migrants,” according to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff. Around 130,000 arrived this year so far – triple 2014’s number.

Over 160,000 arrived in Greece – about 50,000 in the last month alone. Welcome mats don’t greet them. Conditions are deplorable. Families sleep outside because of overcrowding.

Sanitation is lacking. Little medical care or nutritious food is available. Babies are given sugar water instead of milk.

A UNHCR report said 60 million people were forcibly displaced by end of 2014. Globally one in every 122 people are asylum seekers, refugees or internally displaced persons. More than half the world’s refugees are children.

Last month, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said Greece’s Dodecanese Islands reception center is on the verge of collapse.

Thousands of migrants sleep outside or in abandoned buildings for lack of accommodations. They haven’t enough food, clean water, medical care, and basic sanitation.

In Kos, hundreds sleep on floors “amidst rubble and shattered glass in an overcrowded, dilapidated building.” MSF teams do their best “treating conditions linked to unhygienic living conditions, including scabies and skin infections.”

Desperately needed humanitarian aid isn’t available in amounts needed. MSF’s Stathis Kyroussis called the situation “a violation of Greece’s and the EU’s obligations toward asylum seekers and migrants…”

Given Athens’ struggling economy, it can’t cope on its own. Help from EU member states is needed. MSF’s Lesvos emergency coordinator said “(l)eaving people to fend for themselves in a field full of garbage or in an abandoned building where there is hardly any water or latrines is simply unacceptable and is putting people’s health at risk.”

Growing thousands needing shelter, toilets, organized food distribution, access to medical treatment and other essentials aren’t getting it.

Despite urgent calls for help, there’s been little or no improvement. Migrants are increasingly on their own to survive. Thousands perish at sea from drowning, starvation, thirst or weather conditions en route to safe havens. Arrivals don’t find it.

A July Amnesty International report said “migrants heading for Europe fac(e) abuse and extortion in the Balkans…at the hands of the authorities and criminal gangs…”

They’re abandoned by EU policymakers – left “trapped without protection Serbia and Macedonia…” Deplorable conditions await them wherever they arrive. According to AI’s Europe and Central Asia deputy director Gauri van Gulik:

“Refugees fleeing war and persecution make this journey across the Balkans in the hope of finding safety in Europe only to find themselves victims of abuse and exploitation and at the mercy of failing asylum systems.”

“Serbia and Macedonia have become a sink for the overflow of refugees and migrants that nobody in the EU seems willing to receive.”

Both countries “have to do much more to respect migrants and refugees’ rights. But it is impossible to separate the human rights violations there, from the broader pressures of the flow of migrants and refugees into and through the EU, and a failed EU migration system.”

“As increasing numbers of vulnerable refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants become trapped in a Balkan no-man’s land, the pressures on Serbia and Macedonia are mounting.”

“These stresses, like those on Italy and Greece, can only be resolved by a much broader rethink of EU migration and asylum policies.”

Migrants come from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey after arriving by sea, then to Greece followed by land travel to Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and other EU destinations.

They endure nightmarish conditions along the way and after arriving – including beatings, financial extortion and other abuses.

A previous article discussed Britain’s appalling centers for refugees and asylum seekers. They’re locked up indefinitely like criminals with no concern for their welfare or right of appeal. They endure torture and other forms of abuse.

Conditions are so bad, some migrants attempt suicide. Detainees are left to rot. Some give up in despair.

A separate article discussed Syria’s refugee crisis – the gravest since WW II, nearly half the nation’s population internally or externally displaced, fleeing Obama’s war to hellhole refugee camps, largely on their own with minimal lifeline help.

RT International interviewed Dr. David Isaacs. He faces possible prison for exposing Australia’s horrific mistreatment of migrants on Nauru island 3,300km northeast of Brisbane, he explained.

“I am breaking the law by talking to you about this, and I could even go to prison for doing this,” he said. “Anyone who works there – doctors, teachers, nurses – could go to prison for two years for telling the truth about what is happening.”

Things are so bad, he felt he had no choice. One young girl “tr(ied) to hang herself,” he said. Many children developed PTSD. Migrants endure “mental torture.” Conditions are hellish.

Letters written by children said they live in dirty tents, flooded during rainstorms. Officers “treat (them) like animals.”

Isaacs compared Nauru  detention centers to “prisons.” A former employee responsible for security speaking on condition of anonymity said waterboarding and other forms of torture are used.

A May Australian parliamentary inquiry found rampant child abuse. Many detainees complained of sexual assault. No one was held accountable. No changes in deplorable conditions were made.

Refugees and asylum seekers increasingly are unwanted – especially as their numbers grow exponentially from mostly US-devastated war-torn countries and others where they’re abused. The end of their long anguished nightmare is nowhere in sight.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Two Reports Ignore Obama’s Aggression On Yemen


Obama bears full responsibility for waging US-orchestrated, Saudi-led naked aggression on Yemen – raging nonstop for nearly five months with no end in sight, another horrific war crime on his rap sheet.

UNICEF and Amnesty International (AI) issued new reports omitting what’s most important to explain.

UNICEF titled its report “Yemen: Childhood Under Threat,” saying “nearly 400 children have been killed and over 600 others injured since the violence escalated some four months ago.”

It began on March 25, nearly five months ago. Casualty figures reported way undercount reality. Total deaths by Saudi terror bombing, ground fighting, starvation, disease and overall deprivation can only be estimated – likely at least double official reports, maybe far more, along with many thousands injured, some maimed for life.

A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions exists nationwide. Over 80% of Yemenis are food insecure. People are starving to death out of sight and mind. Healthcare is unavailable or in short supply in most provinces.

UNICEF reported “(d)isrupted health services (hundreds of facilities shut down), increased levels of child malnutrition, closed schools and higher numbers of children recruited by fighting groups are among the effects of the conflict now ravaging the Arab world’s poorest country.”

“This conflict is a particular tragedy for Yemeni children”, said UNICEF’s Julien Harneis. “Children are being killed by bombs or bullets, and those that survive face the growing threat of disease and malnutrition. This cannot be allowed to continue.”

Around 10 million Yemeni children don’t get enough to eat – 20 million overall, including youths and adults. Acute malnutrition reached epidemic proportions. Well over 1.5 million are externally or internally displaced.

UNICEF reports 900 hospitals and health facilities closed since March along with 3,600 schools. US supported Saudi blockade created a humanitarian crisis. Small amounts of aid only are allowed in – way too little to matter, a deliberate attempt to starve people to death or kill them for lack of medical treatment for wounds or diseases.

AI titled its report “Yemen: Bloody trail of civilian death and destruction paved with evidence of war crimes” – ignoring US/Saudi naked aggression, the supreme high crime against peace.

Yemenis face daily terror bombings – including against civilian neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, mosques, food storage areas, shelters and other nonmilitary targets.

Saudi-recruited death squads, its own forces and UAE’s commit horrendous war crimes. Houthi fighters are defending their country against foreign invaders.

AI’s Donatella Rovera holds both sides responsible for ongoing conflict – instead of laying blame where it belongs.

Saying “(a)ll the parties to this conflict have displayed a ruthless and wanton disregard for the safety of civilians. The report depicts in harrowing detail the gruesome and bloody trail of death and destruction in Ta’iz and Aden from unlawful attacks, which may amount to war crimes, by all parties.”

It ignores Obama’s full responsibility for aggression complicit with Riyadh – to return Yemen to US client state status and give Saudi Arabia more influence over its southern neighbor, perhaps steal some of its territory.

AI is right accusing so-called “coalition forces” of (i)ndiscriminate attacks that result in death or injury to civilians amounting to war crimes.”

It fails to explain Houthi fighters respond in self-defense against foreign invaders threatening Yemeni sovereignty. It’s their fundamental right and responsibility.

No UN “commission of inquiry” is needed to “investigate alleged war crimes” when the whole world knows Washington, Riyadh and complicit partners bear full responsibility for horrific genocidal crimes against millions of defenseless Yemenis.

It’s time AI and UN authorities laid blame where belongs and demanded responsible officials in culpable countries be held accountable for their high crimes.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Serial Killers And Dopes: An Empire Thing

military industrial complex

Op Ed Commentary –

Just finished reading Ann Rule’s book on serial killer Ted Bundy, a man she knew as a co worker and friend way back when in Washington State. Of course, Ann did not have the slightest inkling that this fine, intelligent, charming and empathetic soul ( they worked together for a suicide hotline ) could commit the most gruesome and enraged murders of young women… over and over again. To Ann and most of Ted’s friends, coworkers and fellow college and law school students, he was such a calm and cheery guy. Who would have thunk it? Even after the information filtered down to them, bit by bit over the years, most of them still dismissed any notion that Ted was the one. Even after the police had the name ‘ Ted ‘ as a possible suspect, fitting Bundy’s age and looks, and he drove a VW Bug just like the guy they were searching for, many who knew him waved off the coincidences as just that. How dopey can a person be to not begin to have second thoughts?

Well, we have serial killers running our government. These men happen to be not only our presidents, but others in their administrations who sign on to mass murder. LBJ and Nixon signed off to the carpet bombing of civilian areas during the Vietnam debacle. Bush Sr. did the same during that orchestrated ‘Gulf War’. Then, the crème de la crème of serial killing went to his son, the ‘compassionate conservative’, who signed off on first the carpet bombing of Iraq, replete with that sick phrase by war criminal Rumsfeld of ‘collateral damage’. From that the Bush gang began using drone missiles to destroy terrorist suspects and anyone else who happened to be around  them at the time… usually little kids with their moms and of course a few of the elderly thrown in for good measure. Then Mr. ‘Hope and Change’ took office and decided to amp up the use of drone attacks by 10 times! Lots of blood and loose body parts, making the Ted Bundy crime scenes pale in comparison. Oh, I know, what these presidents and their ‘fruit salad wearing’ generals used as justification: It was to win a war! Yet, no war was declared on North Vietnam or Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or even Iraq . Thus, to any historian worth his or her salt, when these stories are told years into the future, the term ‘serial killers’ should be used. It won’t .

Now we come to the dopes of empire. Goodness, we have millions of them don’t we? Remember, those of us who opposed the first and second so called ‘Wars’ on Iraq had to put up with the constant cheerleading by both our ’embedded in empire’ media and of course many of our neighbors and coworkers. They couldn’t get enough news of the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Who cared about the actual civilians who had to wait hours for fresh drinking water each day, if lucky to ever get any at all? Who cared about the little kids missing an arm or leg or ear from our ‘Smart bombs’? We won the peace and that is all that mattered. We brought democracy to those countries… as well as massive recruitment for the fanatics calling themselves ISIL or Al-Qaeda. What the dopes who still cherish what our country has done will not come to grips with is that if we never invaded and occupied Iraq, there would be no threat from the fanatics.

Next we come to the dopes amongst us who really think that the next horserace has any viability.  I hear them all over the place talking of the candidates from both parties running for president.  Most of them buy into the rhetoric spewed out by these hypocrites from both parties… You see, to this writer, anyone who runs for office from either of those two corrupt and hypocritical parties has to be a sellout. Now, I like most of what Bernie Sanders has to say, but… he is running as a Democrat, and will eventually sell out. He did so on Obamacare didn’t he? Sanders railed against the plan as a ‘gift’ to the private insurers, and demanded Medicare for All. Yet, when push came to shove he voted along with his Democratic colleagues, so that Medicare for All is all but forgotten isn’t it? Let’s take Trump. He is ahead in the ‘dopey polls’ for some time now. After all, his whole ‘pitch’ is that he is not part of the corrupt Washington political herd. Yet, as he himself admits, it was he who bribed (legally of course, they are called ‘campaign donations’) many from both parties to get the things he needed done for his companies. Now he’s a populist who happens to want to wave our WMDs at the Iranians and perhaps do more than that (“This means war!” shouted Groucho in Duck Soup). Other dopes think Dr Ben Carson is the answer… he of the Fair Tax. How many of those dopes who support him are working stiffs, or who have families of working stiffs? Well, the Fair Tax AKA Sales Tax would be at least double the current sales tax rates now. Anytime a working stiff dope who supports Carson pumps gas or buys shoes, socks, toaster ovens, television sets, or a car… they will pay double in tax what they pay now. It will be the 99+ % of us out there that will pay the most, not the super rich, if the federal income tax is ever eliminated. Others in the Republican camp want to send more soldiers into Iraq and then into Syria… with of course a subsidy of increased military spending, which is only about 50% of our current federal taxes now!

How many more lives have to be destroyed by our serial killer empire… Not only via our WMDs but through the strangling of our already depressed economy? Like lemmings running over the cliff of reason, our fellow American dopes may never learn!

Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a free lance columnist (found on World News Trust, Nation of Change Blog, Truthout.org, TheSleuthJournal.com, The Intrepid Report , The Peoples Voice, Information Clearing house, Dandelion Salad, Activist Post, Dissident Voice and many other sites worldwide). Philip works as an environmental products sales rep and has been an activist leader since 2000. In 2010 he became a local spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at [email protected]

Israel Planning Ground Operations In Syria?


Israel partnered with Obama’s war on Syria since conflict began in March 2011. It supports ISIS and other takfiri terrorists – providing arms, treating wounded fighters in Israeli hospitals.

It conducted half a dozen or more terror bombings on Syrian targets as well as several cross-border attacks.

It’s kept a relatively low profile in partnering with Obama’s war to topple Bashar al-Assad, eliminate a regional rival and isolate Iran ahead of likely greater destabilization and possible war on the Islamic Republic based on fabricated threats – the same scheme used to ravage other regional countries.

On Sunday, Israeli media reported IDF preparations for possible Golan Heights ground operations on Syria’s side of the border if alleged terror attacks occur against Israel – likely false flags it can use as justification for aggression.

Israeli media reported state propaganda about threatening Islamists along Israel’s border. The IDF on high alert in response conducted a large-scale drill last week simulating three scenarios: countering a claimed terrorist attack on Israeli forces, a ground incursion into Syria, and repelling an alleged Iranian directed Hezbollah attack.

Fact: No evidence suggests Islamic State or other terrorist elements in Syria turning on their sources of support.

They haven’t attacked Israel or its military any time throughout nearly four and a half years of conflict. Nor has Iran or Hezbollah – neither indicating any intention to do so.

Israeli claims about earlier Iranian and Hezbollah attacks on its territory from Syrian Golan positions or Lebanon are a complete fabrication – used as pretext for possible aggression.

On Sunday, an IDF source lied claiming “(i)t’s clear that Iran is behind all of the (Golan area) terror attacks…in the past two years. The Iranians are using the border –  they establish units – whether it’s (Jihad) Mughniyeh (a Hezbollah member Israel killed), (Samir) Kuntar (a Palestine Liberation Front operative), and more – to carry out” attacks.

These and similar reports are part of Israel’s propaganda war (at times turning hot) against Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for balkanizing Syria – part of their scheme to redraw the Middle East map, first by likely establishing a buffer and no-fly zone with Ankara in northern Syria.

US warplanes have been bombing Syrian infrastructure targets for nearly a year on the pretext of targeting ISIS. Turkey is involved attacking Kurdish forces in Syria.

Perhaps Israel now plans joining them more directly by sending troops cross-border into southern Syria – against Assad, not nonexistent terrorist threats. Will Libya 2.0 follow?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Obama Heads For Full-Scale War On Syria

obama war on syria

It’s been coming for a long time – facilitated by repeated Big Lies about Bashar al-Assad, ignoring his overwhelming public support, especially for defending Syria responsibly against imported Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists, enlisted by Washington as foot soldiers to topple his government.

Obama upped the stakes a year ago by authorizing the bombing of Syrian infrastructure targets, a bandit diktat without Security Council or congressional authorization – on the phony pretext of fighting IS.

Now in collaboration with Turkey, plans are to establish illegal buffer and no-fly zones in northern Syria bordering southeastern Turkey.

Its airbases are being used to bomb Syrian sites – again on the phony pretext of fighting IS. Belligerent comments from Washington suggest full-scale war may be imminent.

Deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner lied saying Washington seeks a political solution to Obama’s war. It “cannot include President Assad,” he added. A litany of Big Lies followed:

Toner: “The Assad regime has carried out brutal attacks on the civilian population of Syria.”

Fact: Syrian military forces defend the civilian population against US enlisted death squad invaders.

Toner: Assad “had been instrumental in creating the kind of lawless area to the north where ISIL has been able to” get control.

Fact: Blaming victims is longstanding US policy. Washington, rogue NATO partners, Israel and other regional allies bear full responsibility for nearly four-and-a-half years of conflict in Syria.

Toner: “(W)e’re trying to dislodge (IS), destroy it, defeat it.”

Fact: IS is a US creation – a proxy death squad force to do Washington’s killing for it on the ground wherever it’s deployed.

Toner: Iran is excluded from efforts to resolve Syria’s conflict diplomatically as “long as it supports Assad.”

Fact: Tehran supports his legitimate right of self-defense. UN/Arab League envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura believes Iran’s involvement is essential to have any hope for resolution.

Toner: “The Assad regime, frankly, is the root of all evil here. It has created conditions in which we find ourselves.”

Fact: Truth is polar opposite. This comment and numerous others like it show Obama’s war will continue until Assad is toppled, assuring Syria will be more greatly ravaged and destroyed than already.

All signs point to Obama intending to use US warplanes extrajudicially (with no Security Council or congressional authorization) against Syria’s military, strategic sites, as well as perhaps Damascus and other cities – putting civilians more in harm’s way than already.

Libya 2.0 may be imminent – maybe launched while Congress is on summer break, political focus is on the 2016 presidential race, and many Americans are enjoying summer activities.

Reports indicate Turkish military forces are deployed near Syria’s border. Washington warned Assad against attacking so-called moderate rebels or face a direct US response.

No moderate elements exist. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said “(f)or us…there is no moderate opposition and immoderate opposition. Whoever carries weapons against the state is a terrorist.”

All other countries operate by the same standard. They’d act no differently from Syria in defending their territory against foreign invaders. It’s a fundamental obligation.

Assad responsibly defending Syria and its population from US enlisted IS and other terrorists may now become pretext for Obama initiating full-scale war – perhaps jointly with Turkey and other NATO partners.

Another Libya-type conflict looms – perhaps planned all along because imported terrorists can’t topple Assad on their own. They’re no match against Syria’s superior military in head-to-head fighting.

With full-scale US war perhaps imminent, the fate of another regional country hangs in the balance.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Red Cross Warns About Dire Situation For Civilians In Yemen

Red Cross Warns About Dire Situation For Civilians In Yemen

(The Real Agenda) The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, visited South Yemen. According to him, his visit highlighted the suffering of Yemeni civilians and the difficulties of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance.

Maurer visited hospitals in Aden and patients who have been injured by torture and landmines, and reported through its official account of Twitter about the “terrible suffering” of these people.

He also said through the social network that the medical staff of these hospitals work tirelessly to treat the wounded, in the town that was hard hit by fighting between government forces and rebels since March.

Maurer arrived in Aden from the capital Sanaa, on board a plane on which also traveled seven fighters from the Popular Southern Resistance, a group that fights for President Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, currently in exile in Saudi Arabia.

ICRC spokesman in Sanaa, Adnan Hizam, said that the seven militants were released by the Shiite rebel movement as part of a prisoner exchange supervised by the Red Cross.

Before flying to Aden, Maurer told reporters in Sanaa that the situation in Yemen is “catastrophic” and requires more work by the Red Cross, but this work is limited by a “volatile situation” .

“The work of the ICRC and other organizations is not nearly enough to address the humanitarian dimensions of the problem,” he said.

He also called on the international community to help “stabilize” the situation that is causing so much suffering to the Yemeni people.

At the same time, he called on donor countries to respond consistently to humanitarian needs through donations to organizations working on the ground.

“If we do not reach stability of the Yemeni society, the spiral of violence that we have seen in recent weeks will continue and the peace process will be more difficult,” he said.

The ICRC representative visited Sana in the past two days, which is in the hands of houthis and that has also been greatly affected by the violence and the bombing of the Arab coalition that acts against the rebels since late March.

Since the beginning of the military operation, the Red Cross estimates that 3,800 people have died in Yemen, 19,000 have been injured and 1.2 million have been displaced by war.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Hiroshima And Nagasaki: Gratuitous Mass Murder

Hiroshima And Nagasaki

The atomic age began on August 6, 1945 in real time – after its July 16 pre-dawn open-air birth in successful Alamogordo, NM testing.

At the time, perhaps prophetically General Thomas Farrell said “(w)e were reaching into the unknown, and we did not know what might come of it.”

Called by some “the father of the atomic bomb,” Robert Oppenheimer quoted from the Bhagavad Gita saying: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

August 6 marks the 70th anniversary of one of history’s great crimes, followed three days later by incinerating Nagasaki.

At least 200,000 died, many others scarred for life, future generations to this day harmed by radiologically caused birth defects and other serious health problems.

Big Lies still claim bombing both cities hastened war’s end and saved many lives. Truman informed the public deceitfully saying bombing Hiroshima “destroyed its usefulness to the enemy.”

“It was to spare the Japanese people from (further) utter destruction…If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the likes of which has never been seen on this earth.”

Nuclear bombing both cities were two of numerous American genocides – beginning with a conquering the new world from sea to shining sea, ravaging and destroying one country after another ever since, endless wars of aggression continuing today.

Japan was defeated ready to surrender when Truman authorized testing America’s new toy in real time – twice, not once. Not to win a war already won. To show Soviet Russia America’s new might, what its leadership already knew, what might follow against its cities if Washington decided to attack its wartime ally.

US leaders always considered human lives expendable. Many thousands of Japanese victims were considered a small price to pay.

Terror bombing is an international high crime. Article 25 of the Laws of War: Laws and Customs of War on Land (1907 Hague IV Convention) states:

“The attack or bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or building which are undefended is prohibited.”

Post-WW II Geneva IV protects civilians in time of war – prohibiting violence of any type against them, requiring sick and wounded be treated humanely.

The 1945 Nuremberg Principles forbid “crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” including “inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war,” – notably indiscriminate killing and “wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.”

In his book, “The Good War: An Oral History of World War II,” the late Studs Terkel explained its good and bad sides through people experiencing it.

The good was America “was the only country among the combatants that was neither invaded nor bombed. Ours were the only cities not blasted to rubble,” said Terkel.

The bad was it “warped our view of how we look at things today (seeing them) in terms of war” and the notion that they’re good or why else fight them. This “twisted memory….encourages (people) to be willing, almost eager, to use military force” to solve problems, never mind how they exacerbate them.

Wars are never just or good. In the nuclear age they’re “lunatic” acts – horrific by any standard.

On February 24, 1945, Japan wanted surrender, asking only to retain its emperor. Roosevelt wanted war continued. So did Truman after his April 1945 death.

The late Howard Zinn said “(t)he bombing of Hiroshima remains sacred to the American Establishment and to a very large part of the population in this country.”

It’s been falsely portrayed as an expeditious way to end war and save lives – a myth believed to this day by most Americans, ignoring appalling gratuitous mass murder by any standard.

“Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unforgivable atrocities,” Zinn explained – “perpetrated on a Japan ready to surrender…a wanton act of gargantuan cruelty (not) an unavoidable necessity.”

What “could be more horrible than the burning, mutilation, blinding, irradiation of hundreds of thousands of Japanese men, women, and children?”

“And yet it is absolutely essential for our political leaders to defend the bombing because if Americans can be induced to accept that, then they can accept any war, any means, so long as the war-makers can supply a reason.”

Endless US wars of aggression from summer 1945 to this day killed countless millions from conflict, subsequent violence and chaos, starvation, untreated wounds and diseases, as well as overall deprivation.

“There is endless room for more wars, with endless supplies of reasons” justifying the unjustifiable, said Zinn.

Before bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Secretary of War Henry Stimson briefed Dwight Eisenhower on their imminent use, saying: “Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary.”

After its use, Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral William Leahy called the atom bomb “a barbarous weapon. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender.”

In mid-July, four days before Truman, Churchill and Stalin met in Potsdam to discuss post-war issues (two months after Nazi Germany’s defeat), a Japanese Foreign Minister Togo telegram to ambassador Sato in Moscow discussing negotiated surrender terms said:

“It is his Majesty’s heart’s desire to see the swift termination of the war.” Washington intercepted the message. Japanese codes were broken before war began.

At least from summer 1940, US intelligence began reading Japan’s diplomatic messages. Earlier in 1945, Japan sent peace feelers.

Two days before the February Yalta conference, General Douglas MacArthur sent Roosevelt a 40-page summary of its terms.

They were nearly unconditional. The Japanese would accept an occupation, cease hostilities, surrender its arms, remove all troops from occupied territories, submit to criminal war trials, let its industries be regulated, asking only that their Emperor be retained.

Roosevelt categorically refused. So did Truman. They wanted war continued followed by unconditional surrender.

America “was determined to drop those bombs,” said Zinn. Churchill advisor PMS Blackett called using them “the first major operation of the cold diplomatic war with Russia.”

The bombs of August are an ominous reminder that what happened to Japan can repeat whenever lunatics in Washington believe its to their advantage. Humanity may not survive their madness.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

US Airstrikes Kill Hundreds Of Civilians In Syria And Iraq


US warplanes began bombing Iraqi targets in June 2014. Last September, US Syrian airstrikes followed. Washington falsely claims it’s waging war on the Islamic State (IS) – with pinpoint accuracy against positions and fighters targeted. It’s just the opposite.

Bombing aims to destabilize Iraq and Syria more than already. Infrastructure sites are struck – not IS fighters as claimed. America is its de facto air force.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) in charge of the air campaign falsely claims few civilian deaths at most – saying pinpoint targeting avoids them, one of the many Big Lies proliferated in all US wars.

Civilians are considered legitimate US targets. Hundreds of thousands were willfully slaughtered since Operation Desert Storm aggression against Saddam Hussein in January 1991 alone.

In his book titled “A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present,” Ward Churchill explained:

After four centuries of systematic slaughter from 1492 – 1892, “the US Census Bureau concluded that there were fewer than a quarter-million indigenous people surviving,” in America, reduced to at most 3% of their original numbers.

Millions were “hacked apart with axes and swords, burned alive and trampled under horses, hunted as game and fed to dogs, shot, beaten, stabbed, scalped for bounty, hanged on meathooks and thrown over the sides of ships at sea, worked to death as slave laborers, intentionally starved and frozen to death during a multitude of forced marches and internments, and, in an unknown number of instances, deliberately infected with epidemic diseases,” Churchill explained.

Shockingly, “every one of these practices (continues in new forms). The American holocaust was and remains unparalleled, in terms of its scope, ferocity and continuance over time,” – systematically erased from the historical record, suppressed by denial or silence.

Chris Woods is an investigative journalist specializing in conflicts and national security issues. He heads the “Airwars project – aimed…at tracking and archiving the (US-led) air war (falsely claimed) against (the) Islamic State, in both Iraq and Syria.”

His data “draw heavily from US and allied militaries” – as well as reporting on “credible allegations of civilian casualties” from eyewitness and other sources.

Take all Pentagon and allied military reports with a grain of salt. They have no credibility whatever. This article focuses solely on Airwars.org reported civilian deaths.

It tracks CENTCOM-led Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) in Iraq since 2006 –  estimating up to 1,250 civilians killed, likely many more not included in its count.

After less than one year of largely US airstrikes in Syria, it estimates over 400 civilians killed – citing 57 incidents with documented evidence of noncombatant casualties, suggesting many more unknown ones.

It lists 5,866 airstrikes to date – 3,591 against Iraq, another 2,275 targeting Syria. It neglects to explain premeditated aggression in both cases – despite the US-controlled Iraqi regime allegedly approving the campaign. It continues without Syrian authorization.

Given this number of airstrikes if accurately counted, far greater numbers of civilians were likely killed plus many more wounded.

At the same time, the report states “(d)espite claims by the US-led coalition that its airstrikes in Iraq and Syria are ‘the most precise and disciplined in the history of aerial warfare,’ there are clear indications from the field that many hundreds of non-combatants have been killed.”

Given longstanding US practice of considering civilians legitimate targets in all its wars, the report likely way undercounts noncombatant casualties in Syria and Iraq.

Likely many thousands were killed or wounded – numbers increasing daily. The Air Wars report cites one strike in December 2014 killing 58 noncombatants in Al Bab, Syria.

Another in February 2015 killed farmer Ibrahim al-Mussul and his two daughters near Shadadi, Syria. An eyewitness said “(t)heir bodies were shredded. We found Ibrahim’s hand next to the house, and we were still collecting bits of flesh and body parts into the early hours of the following morning.”

Air Wars Syria researcher Kinda Haddad said “(c)ivilians are dying in unacceptable numbers as a  result of military action by so many different actors in both Syria and Iraq.”

Washington bears full responsibility for waging multiple regional wars of aggression – ongoing for the past generation with no letup.

Millions died from war related casualties, post-combat violence, illegal Iraqi sanctions, starvation, untreated wounds and diseases, exposure to the elements and overall deprivation.

In total, among history’s greatest crimes – genocide against multiple populations to further America’s hegemonic madness, criminality on an unprecedented global scale, continuing with no letup with perhaps the worst to come if Washington dares confront Russia and/or China militarily.

Previous articles discussed lunatics running the Washington asylum. They may destroy planet earth in their maniacal crusade to own it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

UK Special Forces Fighting Assad In Syria


On August 2, Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper headlined “SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis,” saying:

“More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.

Maybe covert US special forces and CIA elements are involved the same way. During Obama’s war on Libya, Britain deployed hundreds of Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) paratroopers – drawn from SAS (Special Air Service) and SBS (Special Boat Service) personnel.

Around 800 Royal Marines and 4,000 US counterparts were on standby to intervene on short notice if ordered.

The latest revelation comes two weeks after learning Prime Minister David Cameron last year approved British warplanes joining US ones in bombing Syria despite parliamentary rejection in August 2013.

At least part of its current covert ground operation is under US command – so-called “smash” units traveling in pickup trucks able to launch mini-UAVs to scan terrain for targets to attack.

Over 250 UK (and perhaps US) specialists are involved to provide communications support, the Sunday Express explained.

British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said “(o)ur actions and surveillance capabilities are freeing up other countries to strike in Syria.”

UK SAS forces are in Saudi Arabia training anti-Assad terrorists along with US operatives doing the same thing – including in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and perhaps Israel.

US and UK claims about training so-called “moderate” rebels reflect smoke-screen cover for working directly with ISIS terrorists – trained, armed and funded abroad, funneled cross-border into Syria to fight Assad, now with US/UK and Canadian air support along with covert commandos on the ground.

The Express cited former British Army General David Richards saying “tanks will roll” as part of UK operations in Syria.

A separate article discussed US airstrikes defending ISIS terrorists serving as US foot soldiers against Assad.

The Wall Street Journal reported what appears ominously like prelude to Libya 2.0 – falsely claiming Obama authorized airstrikes against Syrian forces if they attack (nonexistent) US-supported “moderate” rebels.

Separately, Turkish media reported President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saying Putin may have softened on Assad. (H)e may give up on” him.

Obama said he was “encouraged by the fact that Mr. Putin called him (in late June) and initiated the call to talk about Syria.”

“I think they get a sense that the Assad regime is losing a grip over greater and greater swaths of territory inside of Syria and that the prospects for a (jihadist) takeover or rout of the Syrian regime is not imminent but becomes a greater and greater threat by the day. That offers us an opportunity to have a serious conversation with them.”

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said both leaders discussed combatting terrorism – especially the Islamic State.

“The Russian view is well-known,” he explained. “(I)t was reiterated by (Putin) during (his) conversation” with Obama. It hasn’t changed.

Putin opposes outside interference by any nations in the internal affairs of others. He supports the sovereign right of Syrians and other people to choose their own leaders and legislators.

Putin aide Yury Ushakov said “the current leadership of Syria is one of the real and effective forces confronting the Islamic State.”

Nothing indicates less Russian support for Assad. His liberating struggle is overwhelming backed by Syrians.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Syria’s Refugee Crisis Just Got Worse

syria refugee crisis

US wars on humanity caused the gravest refugee crisis since WW II – millions displaced, mostly victims of imperial conflicts and chaos, suffering hugely, many perishing from deprivation, an appalling high crime too horrific to ignore.

How do displaced people cope with limited access to nutritious food, at times any, inadequate or no medical care, lack of education for children and other essentials?

How do they survive? How can anyone not experiencing their suffering imagine life in hellhole refugee camps or displacement on their own without minimal lifelines?

Nearly half of Syria’s 23 million people are imperial war victims – displaced by violence (internally or abroad), fleeing for their lives to unknown destinies. Many perhaps running out of time, minimal resources, energy and will to go on.

It bears repeating what other articles stressed. There’s nothing civil about war in Syria. Obama planned and launched it to topple its government, destroy its sovereignty, and install pro-Western stooges – using proxy Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists to do his dirty work, supplemented by US bombing Syria’s infrastructure on the phony pretext of waging war on IS.

Millions of adversely affected Syrians are considered a small price to pay – including hundreds of thousands killed, many more wounded, an entire population traumatized by US state terror. Imperial arrogance has no limits.

In early July, the World Food Program (WFP) announced major cuts in food assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan because of inadequate funding.

“Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, we are forced yet again to make yet more cuts,” Muhannad Hadi, WFP Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe explained.

“Refugees were already struggling to cope with what little we could provide.” Now they’ll get much less – around half what they got before.

In Lebanon, food vouchers were cut to $13.50 per person monthly – less than 50 cents a day to survive, not enough for single bare bones meal in pre-war Syria.

WFP said without enough funding in August, it’ll suspend all aid to around 440,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan living outside camps.

Its regional refugee operations are currently over 80% underfunded. An immediate $139 million is needed to continue feeding desperate refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt through September alone.

Inadequate resources forced major cutbacks in aid afforded around 1.6 million Syrian refugees in five countries.

“We are extremely concerned about the impact these cuts will have on refugees and the countries that host them,” Hadi stressed.

“Families are taking extreme measures to cope such as pulling their children out of school, skipping meals and getting into debt to survive. The long-term effects of this could be devastating.”

Contributions from governments and other sources don’t keep pace with growing needs. WFP tries providing aid for around 80 million people in 75 countries.

In June, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said wars and persecution “forced more people than at any other time since records began to flee their homes and seek refuge and safety elsewhere” – around 60 million at yearend 2014, numbers increasing daily, overall about a 50% increase since 2005.

In July 2015, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre estimated nearly 1.3 million internally displaced Yemenis. Many more fled abroad.

UNHCR called displacement unprecedented, the highest level ever recorded. One in every 122 people is either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.

If they comprised the population of one country, it would be the world’s 24th largest. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said:

“We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before.”

UNHCR said war in Syria is currently “the world’s single largest driver of (internal and external) displacement. An astonishing 42,500 people became refugees, internally displaced or asylum seekers daily on average last year – a four-fold increase since 2011.

“It is terrifying that on the one hand there is more and more impunity for those starting conflicts, and on the other there is seeming utter inability of the international community to work together to stop wars and build and preserve peace,” Guterres explained.

One of the most visible consequences of imperial wars is the dramatic increase in refugees risking life and limb to reach safe havens in Western countries, mainly European ones. Other cross borders to neighboring nations.

Half are children, many too young to understand the turmoil affecting them. Numbers of desperate people grow while aid provided declines. The world’s most needy people are increasingly abandoned.

Washington and rogue allies responsible for global conflicts and chaos don’t give a damn if they perish from starvation, untreated diseases or overall deprivation.

The price of imperial arrogance is horrendous human suffering, deprivation and death – millions of nameless, faceless people affected.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Video Games, Predictive Programming, And The 21st Century Skinner Box


By: Rusticus | Stateless Homesteading

Perhaps the most encouraging development in fostering freedom in our modern era is the rise of effective “counter-propaganda” to the machinations of Globalism, the likes of which have (arguably) not been circulated so widely since the pamphleteers of the 16th and 17th Centuries. The digital era has brought rise to propaganda and psychological warfare’s perfect foil: The alternative media’s adoption of open source intelligence analysis.

Open source investigations abound on virtually every subject of Deep Political significance today, and as a result, propaganda can be deconstructed by anyone with an Internet connection. Didn’t know that Ben Affleck was a CIA agent whose handler is Chase Brandon? That information is available to you. Interested in the weaponization of novels, or CDC and Defense Department “assistance” given to big-budget Hollywood disaster flicks? Just point and click.

However, if one were pondering why the first-person shooter they just purchased for their Xbox was laden with pro-war propaganda while simultaneously training the player in reflexive shooting, one might have a more difficult task ahead of them; despite the vast influence of the gaming industry on 21st Century culture, virtually no investigative mettle has been assigned to the task of rooting out Deep State actors within the field.

That is, until today.

Foundations, Think Tanks, and Academia: The Usual Suspects and the Revolving Door

Collusion between video game developers and the Military Industrial Complex has come a long way since Atari’s 1980 tank combat game Battlezone was used by the US Army as a Bradley tank training simulator. It’s come an equally long way since the 1996 creation of “Marine DOOM.” The vector graphics of Yesteryear have given way to ever-increasing polygon counts, the shoot-em-ups of the 2D-gaming era dissipating in a sea of first-person shooters (or FPS games). The US Army, too, has evolved in kind; no longer are such training simulators masquerading as video games aimed merely at enlistees, but the populous at large. In this respect, the Army’s pet project, America’s Army, is the Bradley Tank Simulator’s modern analogue.

Originally published in 2002 (with over 40 iterations released since as of 2015), America’s Army is the brainchild of one Colonel Casey Wardynski. Running on the widely used Unreal Engine, the game is distributed at no cost on multiple platforms; in line with Wardynski’s original vision, the series’ intention is to “[use] computer game technology to provide the public a virtual Soldier experience that was engaging, informative and entertaining.” In other words, a “soldier simulation FPS,” more realistic than its big-budget, Hollywood-esque counterparts.

Some might even characterize it as military training software, somewhat ham-fistedly and morbidly marketed the towards the very teenagers and young men the Army intends to recruit.

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Blogging under the pseudonym of Rusticus, the author and freedom activist operates a website tracing the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment throughout history while simultaneously documenting the process of creating a truly off-grid homestead. (www.statelesshomesteading.com)

The Plan To Balkanize Syria


Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for redrawing the Middle East map – including balkanizing Iraq and Syria along with installing regional puppets serving Western/Zionist interests.

The ugly scheme involves endless wars – killing millions through violence and deprivation. Imperialism works this way – causing unspeakable human misery for power, resource control and profit.

America, key NATO allies, Israel and rogue Arab states like Saudi Arabia are allied in potentially embroiling the entire region and beyond in endless conflicts – wanting regime change in Iran, Syria and elsewhere.

Washington wants all independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes. Israel wants all its regional rivals eliminated – Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Assad in Syria.

Former US Political Advisor for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, current Consul General to Jerusalem Michael Ratney was just appointed US Special Envoy for Syria.

It comes when Turkey joined America’s war on the Syrian Arab Republic directly – by attacking Syrian Kurds on the pretext of fighting Islamic State terrorists it actively supports – providing them safe haven in its territory, training them and funneling them cross-border to wage war on Syria as US proxy foot soldiers.

Last week, Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed on letting US warplanes use Ankara’s Incirlik and Diyarbakir air bases to bomb Syrian targets – along with the first step toward balkanizing its territory by establishing a buffer and no-fly zone in northern Syria bordering Southeastern Turkey.

At Monday’s daily State Department press briefing, AP’s Matt Lee asked spokesman Admiral John Kirby “what’s going on with the Turks? (I)t seems like a really bizarre situation has unfolded over the course of the past week with them (claiming to join) the air strikes against ISIS, but at the same time bombing PKK positions” in Syria and Iraq.

“So what exactly is going on here, and doesn’t this just make an even bigger mess out of the situation than” earlier?

Kirby ducked the question saying “(w)e are grateful for Turkey’s cooperation against ISIL (America’s ally, not enemy) to include now use of some of their bases for coalition (US/Britain/Israel and now Turkey) aircraft to go against targets – ISIL targets, particularly in Syria.”

Fact: Washington provides air support for IS proxy foot soldiers. Syrian infrastructure is targeted. Easily visible columns of IS elements (via satellite imagery) move free of US attacks.

They could easily be destroyed if Washington wanted them eliminated. Just the opposite. Kirby and other US officials claiming America is at war with IS is polar opposite truth.

Matt Lee pressed Kirby on attacking PKK fighters in Iraq and YPG Kurds in Syria – “perhaps the most effective (ones) on the ground against ISIS/ISIL,” he said. “You don’t have a problem with that,” he asked?

Kirby disagreed on Kurdish effectiveness, called the PKK “a foreign terrorist organization” because Washington say so, and added “Turkey has a right to self-defense” – the same rationale as Israel’s phony claim about a Palestinian threat.

Lee pressed further asking “(i)s the US telling Turkey not to go after the PKK if the PKK in Syria are going after ISIL – yes or no?”

Kirby seemed nonplussed – interrupted by another reporter asking “(s)o you don’t know (about Kurdish elements) fighting inside Syria?”

Kirby lied saying “I have no specific information.”

Question: “Who is shooting at whom at this point?”

Kirby ducked the question – without explaining sophisticated US satellite imagery he understands well as a retired navy admiral, able to follow ground activity wherever the Pentagon wishes.

An unnamed US official said Washington and Ankara are cooperating to create “an ISIL-free zone and ensure greater security and stability along Turkey’s border with Syria.”

Fact: The last thing Washington wants is stability anywhere in Syria or other targeted countries – regionally or elsewhere. It defeats US imperial aims. Endless wars serve them.

On Tuesday, all 28 NATO ambassadors are meeting in Brussels (at Turkey’s request) to discuss Ankara’s intervention in Syria and Iraq along with US/Turkish plans for Syrian buffer and no-fly zones – escalating Obama’s war to oust Assad and perhaps enlisting greater NATO involvement even if not announced.

An Alliance statement said member states “follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey.” Whether it suggests direct NATO involvement in Syria and/or Iraq (including ground forces) remains to be seen.

On Monday, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Ankara will press ahead with military action against PKK forces – claiming it’s part of its “war on terror” even though the secular PKK is bitterly opposed to IS extremists, engaged in combat against them.

A Syrian Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) spokesman accused Turkey of attacking its positions. Ankara claimed unidentified elements fired cross-border from Syrian territory.

US officials said they’re unaware of any such attack but support Ankara’s right to self-defense – even if its forces committed naked aggression.

Meanwhile, US/Turkish plans call for a 60-mile-long buffer and no-fly zone around 30 miles into Syrian territory, according to various reports.

If established, it’ll constitute a blatant violation of international law without Security Council authorization, besides breaching Syrian sovereignty – along with a first step toward balkanizing the country, destroying it by dismemberment.

At the same time, a shaky 2013 established Turkish/PKK truce was breached. A group spokesman said “(i)t seems Erdogan wants to drag us back into war.”

“When things reach this level and when all of our areas are bombed, I think by then the ceasefire has no meaning anymore.”

White House deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes expressed support for Turkey’s “right to take action related to terrorist targets.”

So did EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Germany’s Angela Merkel – “expressing solidarity and support in the fight against terrorism.”

The region already is boiling. Turkey’s intervention ups the stakes.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Obama Approves Airstrikes On Syrian Troops (VIDEO)


Two years ago this month Western intelligence and military attempted regime change of the Assad regime via a staged poison gas attack allegedly carried out by Syrian forces against their citizenry that was later proven false. After the CIA-backed ISIS was introduced as a ploy, the Obama administration is now similarly suggesting that the US will uphold “R2P” principles, by openly confronting the Syrian army “to help defend” the Syria people.

As RT reports today.

“For offensive operations, it’s ISIS only. But if attacked, we’ll defend them against anyone who’s attacking them,” a senior military official told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday. “We’re not looking to engage the regime, but we’ve made a commitment to help defend these people.”

Neither the Pentagon nor the White House officially commented on the decision about the new broader rules of engagement, Reuters reports. So far the US has been avoiding direct confrontation with the forces of President Bashar Assad.

“We won’t get into the specifics of our rules of engagement, but have said all along that we would take the steps necessary to ensure that these forces could successfully carry out their mission,” said White House National Security Council spokesman Alistair Baskey, stressing that so far only US-trained forces have being provided with a wide range of support, including “defensive fires support to protect them.”

The Kremlin said that US airstrikes against Syrian troops would further destabilize the situation.

Moscow has “repeatedly underlined that help to the Syrian opposition, moreover financial and technical assistance, leads to further destabilization of the situation in the country,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, adding that IS terrorists may take advantage of this situation.

What appears obvious at this point is that the Obama administration with the assistance of Israel and Saudi Arabia has sought all along to destabilize Syria with low intensity conflict in order to remove the Assad regime and replace it with a barbaric one along the lines of what has presided in Libya since 2011. Six years after the George W. Bush regime and his pro-Israeli foreign policy maniacs vacated office, the fraudulent and destructive “war on terror” agenda remains firmly in place, even to the extent that Iran has been diplomatically appeased to ensure the plan’s continuation.

Professor James F. Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. James Tracy’s work on media history, politics and culture has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets. James is editor of Union for Democratic Communication’s Journal Democratic Communiqué and a contributor to Project Censored’s forthcoming publication Censored 2013: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012. Additional writings and information are accessible at memoryholeblog.com.

New ‘Safety Zone’ Will Be A Launchpad For Terrorism In Syria

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose regime has been aiding ISIS forces in their attempt to destroy Syria.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose regime has been aiding ISIS forces in their attempt to destroy Syria.

NATO wants to place war refugees in a so-called safety zone from which anti-government forces, armed and funded by Turkey, NATO and the US, will attack civilians in Syria. Should Assad respond to those attacks launched from the safety zone, he will be accused of bombing the refugees, which will in turn build support for an open military intervention in the country.

The Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition to the Syrian political alliance, urged NATO to impose a “security zone” in northern Syria, as proposed by Turkey.

That area would be “an important first step to ensure the protection of civilians throughout the country,” said the president of the coalition, Khalid Joya..

In his view, the security zone would contribute to “protect civilians from terror of the Islamic State and the indiscriminate bombing by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the greatest murderer of Syrian civilians”.

He also suggested that NATO consider a new mechanism for a comprehensive approach that addresses both ISIS and the regime in Damascus.

The Syrian opposition leader, whose organization is based in Istanbul, also praised “the initiative from Turkey to address directly the danger presented by ISIS and the root of extremism.”

The North Atlantic Council, the main organ of decision of NATO, held a special meeting in Brussels at the request of Turkey. The meeting concluded that the alliance is indivisible and showed its ‘solidarity’ with Ankara after the recent terrorist attacks.

The Council also stressed that terrorism is “a direct threat to the security of NATO countries and that it threatens international stability and prosperity.”

At dawn on Friday, Turkey began an air offensive against alleged ISIS positions in northern Syria, which extended to the next day expanded to bomb positions of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) in northern Iraq.

However, activists and kurdo-Syrian sources reported yesterday that Turkish artillery had targeted objectives of the People’s Protection Units, kurdo-Syrian militias in the province of Aleppo.

The US newspaper The Washington Post reported yesterday that Washington and Ankara had agreed on the details for creating a “safety zone” that would be free from ISIS fighters on the border between Turkey and Syria’s northwest.

In theory, the intention of both states is to build an area of ​​more than 100 kilometers along the border and 65 kilometers into Syria, whose control would be given to opposing Assad regime military forces.

Reality is stranger than fiction

The case of ISIS in Northern Africa and the Middle East is part of the Problem, Reaction, Solution strategy, whereby western powers create a threat, observe the reaction of those affected by it and then offer a ‘solution’ to that threat.

Despite all claims about Assad and all the colorful descriptions made about ISIS, we now know that it has been the United States and Turkey the ones responsible for training and supplying ISIS fighters with weapons. In fact, a report by Business Insider tells how Turkey is undoubtedly linked to ISIS, which confirms earlier reports about how the Erdogan regime transported weapons and ISIS fighters into Syria to help destabilize the country.

It is not a surprise that the request made by Turkey and the Syrian Coalition has been immediately supported by NATO, mainly the United States and Turkey who have already announced the creation of a “safety zone” in northern Syria under the excuse that it is intended to keep war refugees safe, when in reality the plan is to give ISIS fighters a launching pad to continue attacking Syria.

United Nations issues warning on “safety zone”

The UN official for humanitarian affairs, Stephen O’Brien, has urged caution when talking about the creation of a “safety zone” in Syria and stressed that it should be done only when the safety of civilians who arrive there can be guaranteed .

“What we do not want is to call something a safety zone, to have people flee there, but then find out it does not have enough protection,” O’Brien said.

Mr. O’Brien is way to naive to understand the western-backed strategy. What the western imperialists supported by NATO want to do, is to place war refugees in a so-called safety zone from which anti-government forces armed and funded by Turkey, NATO and the US will attack civilians in Syria. Should Assad respond to those attacks launched from the so-called safety zone, he will be accused of bombing the refugees, which will in turn build support for an open military intervention in the country.

The Turkish government has announced it intends to establish, in cooperation with the United States, a “safety zone” in northwest Syria, which Erdogan says will help moderate opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad and to expel the jihadists of the Islamic State.

O’Brien, speaking to reporters, said his office is in permanent contact with all parties on these new proposals.

“Since our main objective is the protection of civilians, we need to be sure that there will be protection,” he said. O’Brien appeared before the Security Council of the UN, where he said the violence in Syria has continued to increase in recent weeks, with “indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks by all parties.”

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Unprecedented Human Suffering In Yemen


Yemen is Obama’s war – planned months before conflict began, using Saudi and other regional rogue state partners as proxies, doing America’s dirty work, wanting Yemen returned to US client state status at the expense of thousands of mostly civilian deaths so far (many more than officially reported) and unprecedented human suffering, according to the ICRC.

It issued a press release expressing alarm over intensified conflict, saying:

“The suffering of the civilian population has reached unprecedented levels. More than 100 days into the crisis, severe shortages of water, food and fuel continue across the country, together with airstrikes and fighting on the ground,” ICRC Yemen delegation head Antoine Grand explained.

“The last two weeks have seen an intensification of fighting in the southern governorates of Aden and Taiz where it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to reach affected areas, to evacuate the dead and the wounded and to provide life-saving assistance.”

“We remain ready to facilitate the evacuation of the dead and wounded – as we are currently doing in both Aden and Taiz – and to visit detainees on both sides, but all parties must facilitate our access and respect our mandate.”

The ICRC has 262 personnel in Yemen – 144 in Sanaa (the capital), 70 in the southern port city Aden (Yemen’s second largest city), 36 in Saada governorate and 12 in Taiz (the nation’s third largest city).

Well over a million Yemenis were displaced so far – thousands more daily. More than 80% of the population desperately needs humanitarian aid. US-supported Saudi blockade prevents most vital supplies from entering.

Terror bombing and imported takfiri terrors continue ravaging and destroying the region’s poorest country before conflict began.

Over half of Yemen’s 24 million people live on less than $2 a day with no access to clean water. Pre-conflict child malnutrition was severe – much worse as war rages.

Most Yemenis today are food insecure. They don’t get enough to eat. Around of 90% of food needed is imported – greatly impeded by Riyadh’s blockade.

Vitally needed medicines, medical supplies and equipment, fuel and other essentials aren’t getting in as needed – small amounts only.

Saudis are willfully bombing residential neighborhoods and other civilian sites, including the Mazraq refugee camp in Hajjah province.

Banned weapons are used, including toxic chemicals and US-supplied cluster munitions. On Friday alone, Saudi terror bombing murdered 120 Taiz residents, injuring at least 150 others.

A Riyadh-announced five-day truce beginning Sunday night local time is meaningless. It violated two earlier ones straightaway – blaming Houthis for its duplicity. Its proxies on the ground continued fighting. Don’t expect them to stop this time.

An official statement said Saudi forces reserve the right to resume fighting in response to continued Houthi military activity – true or false, even if it’s defensive against imported takfiri attacks.

Separately, Saudi helicopters terror bombed their own territory – targeting Akhdoud, Najran region residential districts bordering Yemen.

The Ahrar al-Najran opposition movement gained control over Akhdoud. A local activist said Riyadh seeks revenge by targeting noncombatant civilians -the same tactic used in Yemen.

It annexed Najran earlier along with other areas bordering Yemen. Another local activist said “(t)he Najran tribes in a statement declared war against the occupying Saudi regime, stressing that the House of Saud represents corruption on the Earth and sheds the blood of innocent people across the globe in a very routine and normal manner.”

Riyadh uses US-made weapons to terror-bomb Yemen daily, arm regional Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists, along with targeting its own people wanting international law guaranteed rights they’re denied.

The US Defense Department just authorized the sale of hundreds more air-to-ground missiles so Riyadh can continue terror-bombing Yemen and internal areas at its discretion.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest arms buyers. It significantly increased purchases in recent months. So far this year, it’s the world’s top importer of weapons and munitions.

Many are used to murder Yemenis – Obama’s latest atrocity putting an entire population at risk. Who does he have in mind to attack next?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Turkey Trains And Supports Terrorists In Syria

What the US and its allies are establishing are new effective “direct channels” for increasing their support to their Al Qaeda foot soldiers.

What the US and its allies are establishing are new effective “direct channels” for increasing their support to their Al Qaeda foot soldiers.

(The Real Agenda) The Syrian government accused Turkey today of supporting terrorism and criticized the neighboring country by describing himself as a victim of terrorists, according to the official Syrian news agency Sana.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent two letters today to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Security Council, in which he said that Turkey has not stopped conspiring against Syria in four years of war.

According to the government of Damascus, Ankara has lent his support to terrorists from over 100 countries who have crossed into Syria through its territory to join groups like the Islamic State and Al Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda.

Therefore, “Syria rejects the Turkish regime’s attempts to portray itself as a victim who is defending itself, when everyone knows what this regime has done everything to provide all kinds of support to terrorist organizations,” the letters explained.

Syrian authorities put as an example the fact that ISIS is stealing oil, grains, cotton and antiquities from Syria and is selling them in Turkey, with the knowledge of the Turkish Government.

They added that Turkey trained terrorists of the Al Nusra Front and other groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, acting under the name of “Army of Al Fatah”, in addition to providing them artillery ammunition when they entered the province of Idleb, in northern Syria.

In doing so, Turkey helped the coalition formed by the Al Nusra Front and other armed factions in Idleb, to snatch the territory of the province from Syrian army forces.

Regarding the Turkish offensive against ISIS in northern Syria, the Damascus government said that “it is better late than never,” but questioned the honesty of Turkey’s intentions as it warned that it may be a pretext to attack Kurds in Syria and Iraq, or that Turkey is carrying out the attacks to respond to national policy objectives.

Friday morning, Ankara allegedly launched an air offensive against ISIS targets in northern Syria. One day later the bombings were extended to targets from the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) in northern Iraq.

Proposes new United Nations approach to conflict

While Syria is attacked by terrorist groups, the UN proposed today a new process of negotiation to end the war in Syria on the basis of the Geneva Communique, the document agreed three years ago to promote a ceasefire and a political transition.

After consulting for months with the parties, the United Nations mediator, Staffan de Mistura, plans to launch a series of “parallel, simultaneous and thematic discussions” that through “working groups” formed by the different Syrian factions, address the “key aspects of the Geneva Accord”.

“Amid the huge gaps, there are points on which consensus can be built and under which a credible political process can have a chance,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, when he presented this new initiative before the Security Council.

As we reported yesterday, the only two other options taken into consideration at this moment are continuing the war being waged against Syria by western-backed forces and establishing a so-called safety zone, which will then be strengthened with a no-fly zone.

Western powers intend to use this buffer zone to establish a launchpad for terrorist guerrillas that will attack other areas of Syria.

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 18 years and almost every form of news media. His articles include subjects such as environmentalism, Agenda 21, climate change, geopolitics, globalisation, health, vaccines, food safety, corporate control of governments, immigration and banking cartels, among others. Luis has worked as a news reporter, on-air personality for Live and Live-to-tape news programs. He has also worked as a script writer, producer and co-producer on broadcast news. Read more about Luis.

Phony Claims About Syria Retaining Chemical Weapons

A U.N. chemical weapons expert holds a plastic bag containing samples from one of the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus, August 29, 2013. (Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Abdullah)

A U.N. chemical weapons expert holds a plastic bag containing samples from one of the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus, August 29, 2013. (Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Abdullah)

Since Obama began waging proxy on war in Syria in March 2011, numerous false charges about Assad using chemical weapons followed – discredited by verifiable facts on the ground.

Clear evidence of imported takfiri terrorists using banned toxic agents was systematically covered up – even after Saudi Arabia was caught red-handed supplying sarin gas and other chemical toxins to anti-Assad elements.

Barrels containing banned chemicals were found marked “Made in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).” Protective masks were found. So were drugs used when inhaling chemicals.

On June 17, 2015, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) headlined “Disposal of effluents from neutralised Syrian chemical weapons completed,” saying:

OPCW “welcomes the completion of disposal of effluents resulting from neutralisation operations aboard the US vessel Cape Ray.”

“These operations governed the destruction at sea of almost 600 metric tonnes of sulphur mustard and methylphosphonyl difluoride (DF) from Syria’s chemical weapons programme. DF is a key precursor chemical for manufacturing nerve agent.”

“On 12 June 2015, a OPCW team verified the disposal of approximately 335.5 metric tonnes of sulphur mustard effluents at the German Government facility, Gesellschaft zur Entsorgung von Chemischen Kampfstoffen und Rüstungsaltlasten MBH (GEKA MBH). This was a significant in-kind contribution by the Federal Republic of Germany.”

“On 11 June 2015, Ekokem Riihimäki Waste Disposal Facility in Finland announced the disposal of 5,463 metric tonnes of DF effluents received from the Cape Ray.”

“This process was part of a commercial contract, which included destruction of other chemicals from Syria’s chemical weapons programme. An OPCW inspection team will shortly deploy to Finland to verify completion of this process.”

OPCW Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu called the above efforts “yet another milestone on the path to eliminating chemical weapons stocks from Syria – one that was achieved in a safe and efficient way, thanks to the valuable support provided by the German Government and Finnish industry.”

“Of the 1,328 metric tonnes of chemical weapon agent declared by the Syrian Arab Republic, only 16 metric tonnes of hydrogen fluoride remain to be destroyed at the facility of Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. at Port Arthur in Texas in the United States. The destruction of the 12 former chemical weapons facilities is also underway.”

A feature article last Friday from Wall Street Journal headlined “Mission to Purge Syria of Chemical Weapons Comes Up Short.”

The dubious source: US intelligence agencies complicit with the administration, State Department, other Washington agencies, Congress and go-along media scoundrels in vilifying Bashar al-Assad irresponsibly – spreading Big Lies about his activities, ignoring his responsible campaign to rid Syria of imported Islamic State and other terrorist groups operating as US proxies to oust him and his government, replacing it with a pro-Western puppet regime.

The Wall Street Journal outrageously called Assad’s full cooperation with OPCW inspectors “a ruse part of a chain of misrepresentations by President Bashar al-Assad’s regime to hide the extent of its chemical-weapons work.”

“…US intelligence agencies have concluded that the regime didn’t give up all of the chemical weapons it was supposed to.”

Despite evidence otherwise, they claimed Assad “controlled where inspectors went, what they saw and, in turn, what they accomplished…according to the inspectors and officials.”

The above OPCW comments contradict these assertions. The only restrictions involved securing the safety of inspectors operating in a war zone. Their statements say nothing about restricted or impeded activities in any way. They suggest precisely the opposite – Assad’s full cooperation.

The Journal repeated the exposed Big Lie about Syria using sarin gas in Ghouta “kill(ing) some 1,400 people.” A British report suggested one-fourth this number.

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig John Murray, called John Kerry’s accusations about the Ghouta incident “sheer lies.” Independent evidence confirmed it.

The Journal cited US intelligence claiming (with no verifiable evidence) Assad “hid caches of even deadlier nerve agents, and that he may be prepared to use them if government strongholds are threatened by Islamist fighters.”

US intelligence claims it “tracked the regime’s increasing use of chlorine-filled bombs” earlier this year – despite no evidence proving it. Takfiri terrorists are known to have access to chlorine gas. They’ve shown willingness to use it. Incidents are wrongfully blamed on Assad.

The new US intelligence report is the latest propaganda effort to vilify Assad – perhaps prelude to greater efforts to oust him.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. www.claritypress.com/Lendman.html Visit his blog site at www.sjlendman.blogspot.com.