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CISPA is back.

Remember when we defeated the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) last year? Well, it’s back with a vengeance. The leading Republican and Democrat on the U.S. House Intelligence subcommittee re-introduced the cybersnooping bill this week.

We beat it once. We can beat it again. Click here to tell your lawmakers to support privacy and oppose CISPA. 

To refresh your memory, Demand Progress co-founder Aaron Swartz called CISPA 1.0 a Patriot Act for the Internet. But now they’ve rebooted the effort, and Rolling Stone says that with CISPA 2.0, “Congress is trying to kill Internet privacy again.”

The bill gives companies like Verizon and AT&T protection from customers’ lawsuits when they give the Feds information about your Internet use.

Amazingly, Congress and big businesses are claiming they need to violate our privacy to protect us from Iranian and Chinese hackers, but they refuse to put any basic privacy protections in writing.

CISPA would undermine our basic rights and jeopardize our privacy online. Click here to tell your lawmakers to oppose to it.

CISPA sponsor Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger even said at a hearing this week that he didn’t see any reason why businesses needed to hide your personal data from the government.

Already over 200,000 Demand Progress members have contacted Congress to oppose this bill, but we need your help again.

Help us defend Internet privacy from the latest assault by Congress and big business.

Click here to tell your lawmakers to oppose CISPA 2.0

Please urge your friends to take action by forwarding this email.

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