What Does It Take To Motivate The Resistance?

What Does It Take To Motivate The Resistance? | agenda-21 | Agenda 21 Globalism Protestors & Activists United Nations US News

As I travel around the world speaking about UN Agenda 21 and the powerful totalitarian corporatocracy through regionalization and the standardization of all systems, I rage.  What does it take to motivate the Resistance further?  It’s a hassle to take action, I know that.  You risk loss of friends, embarrassment, ostracism from colleagues—-the list goes on.  

But what do you gain? You meet new people who can work with you to open eyes and hearts to the fight against the viciously relentless movement away from a representative government to that of the unelected systems analysts who see themselves as the new force of human development.  

We are having a tremendous impact worldwide: you are part of the worldwide non-partisan grassroots movement to resurrect the individual’s rights.  As non-profit pseudo-environmentalist groups partner with major corporations and foundations to inventory, standardize, and control every aspect of your life – the mask has slipped away revealing the ugly truth.  We are being manipulated with the pretty images of ‘one world, one love’ and finding that the message translates to ‘be passive, don’t resist, be peaceful, accept what is’.  This kind of message, this collective thinking, presumes that some beautiful peaceful god-like new man is being created now.  This is a lie. Social engineering in schools (now called Common Core, but previously Whole Child, or Outcomes Based Education) forms the basic personality of the future men and women of your world.  The idea now is that nations are outdated and unnecessary, and that technology has made the concept of separateness obsolete.  When all people are homogenized there is no need for a separate nation, or a separate homelife, or a separate individualized worldview.  All are one.  The obvious problem with this simple concept is that it assumes that man is good; a lovely assumption not based in reality.  Yes, there are lovely good people, but they have not run the world in the past and are not likely to be directing events in the future.  If this cohort had fully controlled the entire world in 1941 there would have been no safe haven and no resistance. The world is being run as a corporation and we, the individual inhabitants of it, are being used to further that model.  

We’re in a pivotal moment now; that of the awakening prior to the great sleep—if we don’t act.  

What can you do?  Take an active part.  Learn.  Speak out.  Refuse to cooperate.  Expose collaborators.  Do more than you have been doing. If you’re interested in sports, or the arts, or gardening, or exercise or whatever you do in your ‘free moments’ please take some of this time and use it for the RESISTANCE.  Make posters to put up on phone poles in your area.  Expose that regional plan.  Expose behavioral modification in your local school with flyers.  Sponsor a talk by someone knowledgeable about the local issues in your town.  Be that knowledgeable person yourself.  If your town has been rezoned for Smart Growth, or for Form Based Zoning, expose that.  If your university is sponsoring UN Agenda 21 sustainable development courses that subvert our system of representative government, expose that.  Run for local office.  Picket your local schools.  Attend school board meetings.  Read the school books–even if you don’t have a kid in school. Resist charter schools—which are not answerable to the locally elected school board.  Get out and march against the NSA and domestic surveillance.  Refuse to use a ‘smart phone.’  Demand to be heard in the fight against the National Defense Authorization Act.  Don’t be duped by mainstream lies about the Resistance.  Get your town out of ICLEI.  Make public records requests to see how your town has been manipulated by ICLEI’s Climate Action Plans.  Fight them. Refuse that SMART METER. Have the courage to look like a fool to your neighbors when you walk flyers around town. Put that flyer on a doorstep on Saturday morning and feel like a hero. Just do it.



Here’s a note from someone who is taking action in his town.  BE INSPIRED:

Thank you for what you are doing. I am going to put your flyers out in my neighborhood. I am so tired of this crap. I don’t understand why some human beings feel the need to dominate and destroy other human beings. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? I really like the flyer idea, I can get some exercise and reach some people.

God Bless You Rosa!


PS….. I was watching one of your presentations and It really hit me when you asked for a show of hands of people that would have joined the Nazi’s when they came to power in Germany. Clearly nobody in their right mind would envision themselves doing such a thing. Yet, it is mind boggling to me the level of apathy I find when trying to talk to people about these issues. I can see now how the Nazi’s were able to pull the wool over peoples eyes. This A-21 and NWO are hideous. You are right, we all have to make the decision not to comply with this at every possible level, and get busy taking action against it. If we don’t it is exactly like joining the Nazi’s. I would rather die defending my freedoms than live in a country where there are none!


Rosa Koire, ASA, is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute and the author of BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21. She is a retired forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. As a District Branch Chief at the California Department of Transportation her nearly 30 years analyzing land use and property value enabled her to recognize the planning revolution sweeping the country. While fighting to stop a huge redevelopment project in her city she researched the corporate, political, and financial interests behind it and found UN Agenda 21. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan. Rosa speaks across the world and is a regular blogger on her website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. Her book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 is available on Amazon.com, Kindle, and Nook, at her websites: www.PostSustainabilityInstitute.org and www.DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com

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