Ten-Thousand Cops will Protect President Trump from Threat During June U.K. Visit

Ten-Thousand Cops will Protect President Trump from Threat During June U.K. Visit | donald-trump-1024x683 | Politics Trump

(INTELLIHUB) President Donald Trump is expected to travel to the United Kingdom where he is expected to arrive on Friday, July 13th and spend a better part of the following week with top dignitaries and royalty including the queen who he will meet with on Wednesday in Oxfordshire while over 10,000 law enforcement personnel work overtime to protect the commander-in-chief from physical harm as terror tensions runs high.

Out of an abundance of caution, hundreds of machine-gun toting officers will also be on duty during the presidents stay, as seen during the recent royal wedding.

And let’s not forget about all of the military personnel that will be on duty as well.

Over 60,000 people are expected to attend an anti-President Donald Trump rally which authorities feel could get rowdy and that’s not the only protest going on. To boot, as the Express.co.uk reports, there are other protests as well in which clashes are expected.

On Saturday July 14, a hardcore band of Trump supporters are expected to clash with counter-demonstraters outside Downing Street.

Scotland Yard said: “We are preparing for a multi-faceted policing and security operation, involving the protection and movement of the president.

However, withal, some fear the concentration of police forces around President Trump and his entourage may leave a venerable security flaw somewhere else in the kingdom which advantageous terrorists may use.

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