The Federal Reserve Admits To The Crimes They Committed (VIDEO)

The Federal Reserve Admits To The Crimes They Committed (VIDEO) | Screen-Shot-2015-08-31-at-3_02_51-PM-e1442575380409-720x340-460x217 | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank Multimedia

People call websites like The Daily Coin, nothing more than propaganda or “conspiracy theory”. Well, why waste time on “theories” when the facts, as discussed by the criminals, are right in front of you? The criminals have a code of conduct that states they must tell us, the little people, what they are going to do before they do it. This way they can sleep at night with a clear conscience. It is your job to listen to what they say, watch their actions and make your plans to counter what is headed in your direction. You sometimes have to learn new words, like Quantative Easing. These words are used to confuse you or to throw you off course and make it easier for you to watch the football game than to be concerned about your personal finances. Aren’t your personal finances being handled by your financial advisor anyway? Well, does that person have your best interest at heart or are they simply looking out for their family with your assets? Ever thought about it from that perspective?

The people that are awake and aware have watched the criminals in Washington DC and their partners in crime on Wall Street, become more arrogant and unconcerned about covering up the crimes they commit. It is no longer necessary to hide, make “back-room deals” or have secret hand-shakes. No, those days are gone.

Today, it is very simple. Commit a crime, discuss it among your peers and reap the rewards of fraud and financial crimes against humanity. No one notices and no one cares. The regulators are all bought and paid for and the regulations are written by the banksters for the banksters. If one of the banksters happens to get caught or overlook a “regulation”, they simply ignore the regulation/law that the banksters wrote or re-write it in order to accommodate the “mistake”. Once again, reaping the rewards of the fraud and/or financial crime against humanity.

Beginning in 2013 these criminals began telling us they were going to steal the retirement accounts of the American citizens. Google “Jeremy Stein Federal Reserve Cyprus is the go forward model”. The address that Jeremy delivered to the IMF in 2013 spelled it out as clear as your face in the mirror. If you still believe your funds are safe in a bank or the banking system you are sadly mistaken.

In the video below you will hear Alan Greenspan admitting to crimes and watch Ben Bernanke and the “host” of the forum. It is quiet clear they are very uncomfortable with Greenspan’s admissions. And you call me a “theorist”!!

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