The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys

The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys | jfk | Government Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Special Interests
By: Richard Davis, MD |

A Patriot’s Lament, and a Plan of Action.

“All modern tyrannies follow exactly the same blueprint. They begin by cloaking themselves in “legality” as they ascend through a coordinated, incremental, progressive subversion of law.”

I was inspired to compose this treatise because I am a Patriot and I miss my country; although I still live here. I wrote this because I love the promise of what America once was; I got to see it for myself first-hand growing up. I am lucky because I remember what things used to be like. I am sad because I have watched things change… I was born in 1953, just as the thin veneer of our exceptionalism was beginning to lose its luster. My life has traversed the most accelerated period of American deconstruction in her history; and throughout my entire adult life I have watched our progressive descent into the amorphous tyranny we are living in today.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free…” Wolfgang Goethe

I wrote this because the time for watching is over. The evidence of our imminent demise is unmistakable and there is almost no time left to stop our total collapse as a society, a culture, and a people before unthinkable violence is the only remaining tool for change that we have left. Some say I am already too late to make this clarion call; I guess we will all soon see soon enough…

This essay is about a war – a war that has been raging since the Dawn of Man. At its essence it’s a spiritual war – the war between Good and Evil. But its terrestrial reflection is playing out as a war between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. I am one of the Good Guys; so are you. I know, because a Bad Guy would not be caught dead reading this, and here you are. So welcome.

Ever since I was a kid, I have had an uncontrollable, primal, abhorrence for bullies and Bad Guys. Every fight that I have ever been in has always been related somehow to my opposing some form of bully. In my youth this involved calling out the classic schoolyard psychopath that would step in the front of a line, push kids down, steal their lunch money or manifest other petty acts of antisocial behavior. As an adult this played out in my legal battles with banks, state regulators, government agencies, taxing “authorities,” etc. After all, the greatest bully that “We the People” now have to face in America – is the American government itself; along with its integrated support system of corrupt banks, think tanks, NGO institutions and multinational corporate sponsors.

In many ways this treatise is a reflection of my own personal journey of awakening, and how I have had to come to terms with my discovery and ongoing realization that the American Dream is fast becoming the American Nightmare – and of my begrudging acknowledgement of the fact that we have been taken over by the Bad Guys to become the “Bully of the World.”

It’s painful to admit this obvious truth; but it’s no secret anymore. Everyone can see what’s going on. Calling out our tyranny for what it is requires no credentials, only an astute power of observation and a basic understanding of the history of tyrants. and the playbook that they have used for thousands of years to rise to power. I am not an historian, but I have intensely studied history. And we are clearly in the final stages of a totalitarian takeover by a group of Psychopaths hell bent on our destruction. The playbook they are using is as old as dirt – an unerring blueprint for the progressive replacement of a democracy with a dictatorship. Among many courageous and insightful people, Naomi Wolf, in her masterful book The End of America, outlines these steps, and demonstrates beyond the shadow of any doubt that we have arrived at the end game of our existence as a nation unless we rise up now to oppose the criminal cabal that has taken us over, and who are fully in charge of Washington, the Beltway, Hollywood, and Wall Street.

For years, I have watched the progressive destruction of my country… It has been much like watching a horror movie where the Good Guy is being tortured with the Death by a Thousand Page 4 of 31

Cuts. I just can’t remain silent and watch the movie anymore. This commentary is not ‘a lone voice crying in the wilderness,’ but rather a bugle sounding the charge… Let’s Roll:


Folks, We the People are in really, really, really big trouble; and most Americans are completely oblivious to the danger. There is a simple reason why they are asleep. It’s no accident… It’s part of the plan – The Great Game. The following compendium exposes what happened, how and why it happened, and most importantly what we can do about it. It’s organized into 5 parts:

Part I is entitled The Great Game. Here, I connect some of the dots between the way the world really works, who runs it, and why we are in so much trouble. I discuss my views on Psychopathy and Ponerology (the study of Evil); and relate them to our present day slide into darkness.

Part 2 is entitled The Demise of America. This section highlights some of the changes that have occurred. It provides chilling and compelling evidence that the criminal takeover is complete, and an unbridled tyranny is now unfolding before our very eyes. If only our eyes could see…

Part 3 is entitled The Great Awakening, which chronicles the fact that the Good Guys in the US are not alone. Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul likes to say, “Liberty is popular.” He is right. People all over the world are beginning to rise up and confront the Bad Guys. The good news is that we are gaining on them. The bad news is they have a big lead and our time is running out.

Part 4 is entitled The End Game, it’s Either Us or Them. This section deals with our choices, and proposes an effective way for us to peacefully take our country back before the open rebellion that the Bad Guys have in store for us – begins. I think everyone agrees that things need to change, but no one seems to know how to begin. It’s less about fear and more about indecision…

Part 5. Is entitled Understanding our Road to Freedom. This section outlines the legal steps that ‘We the People’ can take to identify, isolate and remove the criminals in charge; and replace them with honorable people who will restore our Constitutional rule of law. It’s certainly a tremendous challenge; but it’s also a great opportunity. But it may be our last opportunity.

The last section of my commentary is entitled Proclamation of our Natural and Enumerated Rights. It is very different from the first 5 sections, and it is the most important. It is a standalone read. The Proclamation provides a central set of organizing principles upon which a platform of sustainable and effective resistance can be erected. It forms the basis for a process of national regeneration and provides the lawful basis for us to act – peacefully, yet decisively.

I believe that people will cease to be afraid to take action once they realize that they are not powerless, alone and isolated. The really, really, really Bad Guys have spent centuries conning everyone to believe this fiction. After all, it has been their only means of staying in power for as long as they have. Today, the really, really, really Bad Guys are using highly sophisticated entrainment technologies to manipulate billions of people into a Stockholm Syndrome mindset to accept their slavery and love their captors. This must stop… The Sleeper must awaken! NOW.

Remember Morpheus’ great line from The Matrix: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” Well, this treatise offers something more – a way out of the Matrix…

Buckle up!!! No matter what, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

 The Good Guys Vs. the Bad Guys

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