The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21

The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21 | Agenda21-460x243 | Agenda 21 Eugenics & Depopulation Sleuth Journal

Agenda 21 is an action plan or blueprint of a desired future. This desired future is shrouded in feel good environmental protective development and innovation or otherwise referred to as the green movement, and/or environmentalism. Sadly, Agenda 21 is an utter ruse for painting a largely Dystopian future as Utopian to many activists and activist groups. There is a larger picture to Agenda 21 that many people either refuse to acknowledge or determined to dismiss the doubt requiring re-evaluation.

Agenda 21 is one pincer of several. Most people don’t realize precisely what Agenda 21 incurs, and many don’t acknowledge that it is a Dystopian nightmare for the vast majority of people. Unless one is a Bureaucrat, Technocrat, Bismarkianist or broadly elitist/statist, and a psychopath-sociopath, Agenda 21 is nowhere near Utopia, its principle underlining tenet is close control and the evaporation or transition of rights, liberties, and freedoms into simply privileges at the discretion of those in control.

Unfortunately, Agenda 21 is much more sophisticated as it is coupled with multiple prongs that encourages its active development and implementation. The first is Bismarkianism; this is a three-stage process using a bait and switch to encourage people of a given populace to tolerate and accept centralized control and expansion of control through central government and governance.
The first stage is socialism as this creates incentives for the populace to support the creation of public-private partnerships, rewarding fiefdoms, and grant the return that pacifies or contents the populace. Once this stage is entrenched, it is used in public relations or otherwise propaganda to progress into national socialism that entails transitioning many of those public-private partnerships into full mergers.
It isn’t much of a stretch that after the next economic crisis strikes that the United States public-private partnerships start finalizing full mergers; and it’s a rather safe bet that the first solid official merger is government-banking, particularly through the Federal Reserve, since with centralized control and advocated public-private government-banking partnership established in 1913 along with the corrupt and un-prosecuted fraud of the designated Too Big To Fail Banks ends with a full public-private merger. Public-Private mergers then repeat the Progressive meme to enable the allowance of the official establishment of authoritarianism/totalitarianism, or effectively the creation of an absent Monarch with Absolute Authority/Despotism.It is rather evident that some readers will be skeptical to this; however, this is intertwined to the approaching democracy or democracy movement. This means that the minority voices, ideas, etc. to be effectively removed from consideration or even value. It also largely transitions Congress into more of a Parliamentary body under the President’s authority than any two bodies with checks and balances separating them. In effect, centralization is able to further entrench itself through welfare and warfare aka security, protection, etc. Of the prongs, this is perhaps the main mechanism driving Agenda 21, as it crosses welfare, interstate commerce, remolded interpretation of the supremacy clause, and national security.

The next prong is the Malthusian and Eugenicist merger and re-imaging of Eugenics through Neo-Malthusianism and women’s health/reproductive health; the Neo-Malthusianism prong is perhaps the most hidden of the prongs beyond its more visible components such as women’s health/reproductive rights and transhumanism. These prongs would not be complete without the supranational/universal movements; this is the principle prong in which Agenda 21 operates as a supranational action plan to be taken locally, largely altering the relationship of local-state-national governments to in effect largely become stewards, regents, or clerks of the supranational body. In this particular case, the supranational body and its subsidiaries are derived by the United Nations.

These make up an non-exhaustive list of the prongs to Agenda 21 and what they effectively are designed to do, which is largely consolidate and expand power behind a centralized authority.Agenda 21 is not compatible with individual rights, liberties, and freedoms; it is a Collectivist movement. One of the oldest battles are individuals versus the Collective; the differences between a collective and a community is, in short, under the basis of a community is a group of individuals who live or reside in proximity to other individuals who work together through cooperation for mutual benefit, protection, and livelihood. Collectives operate under mandates of each individual to partake or otherwise participate in demands of the governing body who categorizes groups of individuals as groups of people for mainly its benefit. This is more like a hive or ant colony than a community, as each and every individual’s benefit to the Collective is determined by its benefit to the governing regime; the individual is of little to no value in such systems.

Quoting a question from the movie Swordfish, John Travolta’s character asked “If you could cure cancer but had to kill one child, could you kill that child?” The Collectivist answer is not only a resounding ‘YES!’ it also dictates that the child would be willing to die even painfully to cure cancer. Why is this relevant? Agenda 21 strips individuals of their rights, liberties, and freedoms and transitions them to privileges at the governing regime’s discretion. The whole march that the United States is conducting towards despotism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism such as the Police State, erosion of the Constitution codifying natural rights limits on government for each individual, and the implementation of privileges rather than rights, liberties, and freedoms are within Agenda 21, Neo-Malthusianism, and the desires of the likely soon to be fully merged public-private partnerships on a local and global scale. In fact, Agenda 21 names every person of the entire populace a piece of capital and resource to be allocated. This is in effect enslavement, and it’s designed to encourage people to love, yearn for, and even advocate for the servitude of all, which is simply a variation of Bismarkianism.Agenda 21 is an action plan that is being implemented at the local level but derived from the supranational institution of the United Nations; it is a plan or blueprint designed to transition each individual into collective capital and resources or otherwise enslaved with privileges it can revoke at any given time largely for any reason it determines. Agenda 21 is shrouded in feel good activism from the environmental/green movement; it’s implementation can mainly be halted through informing other people what Agenda 21 is and what it does.

Agenda 21 is derived by its mechanism sustainable development that centers on environmental accounting and land-use by the environmental accounting measurement of a given development/project, and it names every man, woman, and child as capital and resources to be determined and allocated through and by sustainable development. Bill Gates once announced the only way to bring down CO2 emissions is by bringing down population, consumption, and/or production to near zero. Sustainable Development effectively means stifling class mobility, consumption, and in effect population as these policies will result in widespread starvation, famine, and etc. This makes Agenda 21 an action plan using a mask of its true intentions behind feel good activism to encourage its full implementation largely in the name of environmental welfare.

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